there’s something to be said….

…. about people who don’t actually watch Gossip Girl and yet bash the shit of Chair. And it’s always Chair and Chuck bashing. I mean, I could try to understand if you watched most of Gossip Girl and therefore have developed an unhealthy urge to bashed this ship and the character. But, that’s not the case…

You don’t watch the show, you don’t know the plot, you don’t understand the characters, you have no idea what the rest of us are feeling… Yet, this somehow gives you some right to what? Bash the fans? Act like you’re above it all? What right do you have?

You aren’t seeing this show from Chair fan’s prospective, and that’s your problem. You think you’ll get the show from a few vids from youtube and that will be that? No.

You don’t get it because you haven’t watched. You don’t get it because you aren’t really part of the fandom, no offense. You don’t get it. At all.

This ship wasn’t just created out of thin air. Mind you, Chuck and Blair were friends prior to getting together, scheming partners if you will. And this was in season 1, people. I will tell you the story of how they got together and… oh wait you don’t watch the show. Did you know any of this? Or are you so quick to make judgements?

This ship exist because the fans fought hard to keep it alive for nearly 5 seasons. This ship has gone through hell and back. Which is why I refuse to give up. Give me a real reason why you ship your ship and I’ll give you mine. I can already tell you my list is longer.

My ship, this ship… has been through it all. What exactly do you know about this ship? Nothing, that’s what.

A bit passive aggressive, no? Well Gossip Girl brings out a lot of feelings… And I’ve been seeing crazy things. And I’ve been writing more and more Chair/Gossip Girl post on my blog via tumblr… This is also featured on my ranty blog…. Also I don’t want people to think I’ve abandon the show or writing for it completely… not the case.

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32 thoughts on “there’s something to be said….

  1. Ashley says:

    Great article. I see this a lot, and I also see a LOT of Dair bandwagon fans that haven’t even watched a lot of the show and then ship Dair. Or just decide they like Dair from youtube vids and go into GG shipping them and acting like there’s all this buildup to them getting together. Uh, not. Dair didn’t even remotely exist until the end of Season 4. EVERY relationship that started all of sudden like that on GG inevitably ends. The ones that last are the ones with a story over all the seasons, i.e. Derena and most of all Chair. Chair has over 4.5 years of development, angst, and build up and you cannot hate them or comment on them if you don’t watch how their story develops over that time and how much they’ve gone through. Such haters.

  2. I get it too it’s so annoying for us to see their hateful comments when they keep bringing chuck’s past like as of they know what the situation was, what the actual characters were going through ex chuck who is broken and in need of someone to love him and that one is Blair who showed him another way away from pain and suffering, the minute they got together in Victor Victrola they both felt it they completed each other chuck supporting/loving Blair 4 who she is the strong, determined, independent women while comforting her when she felt scared and Blair loving chuck truly not judging him, blaming him for everything when everyone did helping him to become a man in a way his father never was a man who carries people,carries her. I refuse to let them come here and say Dair fans were there from season 1 complete lie after everything CB went through their bond became stronger bc true love is not easy and GG writers made sure of that but in the end if two people are meant to be together eventually they’ll find their way back we all know it they may think they won now but it’s not over yet. We have proved we are the biggest, most passionate fandom let’s not forget that so don’t give up 🙂

  3. maggie says:

    yeah we REFUSE to GIVE UP! Because we’ll already watched this show for 5 years! we know every detail of history and our chair history is not happend in just 4 episodes of freaking stupid storyline.

  4. chairfan says:

    season 5 is the worst season ever! it doesnt even make sense
    in the first 14 episode blair was in love with chuck and now just in 3 episodes she’s in love with dan and even sleeping with him literally..? what crap is this even if i was a dair fan this wouldnt make sense..!
    dan loves her for her? seriously? what about chuck as if he didnt love her for her?! bullshit..

  5. maggie says:

    Blair doing “stupid thing” with donut while she’s still married. Can scriptwriter do something worst than that? i’m proud chuck who’s still respects the married constitution. The scriptwriter wants us to hate blair so they can continue the bullshit of blonut and give chuck other random girl… i’m not gonna give up!

  6. Anya says:

    IGNORE them.

    You know, these so-called Dair fans will just disappear after this DB ark is over! The fact that they even open their loud mouths after like what 2 episodes of Dair pisses me off, too! No respect for Chair and chairleaders. No respect for GG history! Chair fans watched this show for 5 fricking years! Never gave up on Chuck and Blair. Never shipped them with anyone else. Even when things were getting ugly! We stuck with CB through thick and thin. I’m proud of Chair fans. Please, stay classy. We’re above all this.

  7. thetvduck says:

    Dair is the most ridiculous match-up since Chuck bedded little Humphrey, no doubt about it. Hopefully they will put a stop to it before their bad sex leads to another baby, because I don’t think I can survive watching another car crash.

  8. Chair Forever says:

    What was the ratings for last nights episode?

  9. love&chairriage says:

    You all are absolutely right I have been seriosuly feeling like giving up. It’s hard to see things being the same after Blair getting pregnant by someone else, marrying someone else, and then even TOUCHING Dan. BUT I have been watching since day one, loving CHAIR since they were even thought up. I refuse to give up as well and I am glad I have you all to keep my eyes on the prize!

  10. GFF says:

    ITA. People are so hard on Chuck they like to target him TWIST things and turn it around on him! Just bloody well GTFO!!! I’m so mad at that!

    I can’t believe what’s happening with CB has affected me so much. I get this bad feeling every time I think about DB as I’m sure the rest of you feel the same. Does this mean only good things can come for CB let’s say around 5×20 and beyond…pleeeeeeeeazzzze!!!!!

  11. Chair = Epic True Love says:

    Chuck and Blair forever

  12. TEAM CHUCK says:

    What’s really pissed me of was when i read somewhere, some stupid dair shipper wrote ”chuck and blair it’s all about sex, no loving” excause me but is this a joke? Are you effing kiddin’ me?! My head was about too blow up when i read that STUPID comment. Like come on, even if they’re shipping dair fine, but don’t start that BS that chair is just sex. Have they’ve

    • TEAM CHUCK says:

      Sorry haha i pushed The post comment. Anyway have they’ve seen 2×23, 2×24, 2×25!!!, 2×13, 3x01x 3×06, 3×09, 3×12!!!, 3×13, 4×02, 4×08, 4×09, 4×22, 5×06, 5×09, 5×10 and there is plenty more! So how can Blair change her mind? How can i continue too respect her when she’s breaking chuck’s heart over and over again. I love
      Chair and they are The main reason i still Watch The show. But i am serioualy very disappointed in Blair i can’t even tell… So as for Now, i’m just going too support chuck!

      Chuck ftw ❤

    • claudiebam says:

      omg, how can peaople say something like that? They’re crazy and totally not objective.

    • maggie says:

      ignore them they always search a reason to take us down. But it not gonna happen. I bet in the deep of their heart, they really begging that blonut can have just 1 sex like chair… but oh wait they deserve bad sex…

  13. Milou says:

    omg.. they just mocked the `I love u scene´ between C&B at the end of season 2.. with the ” oooh you said my name.. say it again.. say it again..”

    Made me feel sick.. And really felt I needed to vomit after seeing them kiss.. again.. blegh. And what the hell was the I love you but I’m not in love with you all about? How many episodes ago chuck was the only person she wanted to be with for the rest of her life?

  14. Gossip Girl xoxo says:

    Awsome article! I love it! And I think is completly true… P.S. I’m Chairs’ biggest fan… I pray that they end up together, far away from Dan…

  15. Mugatu says:

    I JUST WANT TO SAY FIRST OFF THAT I LOVE THIS WEBSITE!!! IT’S AMAZING, But honestly, this is ridiulous. I’m a huge (and I mean huge) chuck and blair fan – to the point where just a simple chair scene actually effects my life, for better or for worse. I know a lot of people who watch the show every week, watch it whenever they can, or have only seen a few episodes or just starting watching it, and not one of them dislikes chuck and blair. If you compare the fan base of dan and blair to chuck and blair, there’s a huge difference. Almost everyone loves chair. And as much as I don’t like dair as a couple (I love them as friends though), I accept them. We all know that chair will end up together – there shouldn’t be any speculatiom about it, it’s just how everyone knows it should be. Chair isn’t the only “ship” on the show, and the writers aren’t just trying to please chair fans – they want to make every fan base happy. So no matter how much you hate dair, suck it the fuck up. You know (and even dair fans know) that chair is endgame, so accept the fact that every gossip girl fan deserves to be pleased. If you want your ship to be respected, respect the other ship. AND HONESTLY, IT’S A SHOW. I think everybody needs to be reminded that it’s not real. It’s okay if you legitmately hate a couple or person on a FICTIONAL TV SHOW, but thinking about it all day isn’t going to get you anywhere.

    • grace says:

      If the writers need to please the other fan bases, i would not be surprised if we have Chuck/Serena, Chuck/Dan, Chuck/Nate, Blair/Monkey, Rufus/Waffles, Rufus/Ivy, Jack/Nate among the others.
      But as you said yourself, it’s just a TV Show and no one will die for it.

    • Ashley says:

      Good writers don’t try to please every single ship fan-base, they stick with what makes sense and what has been developing since the beginning. It says a lot that they had to have Blair have a miscarriage, get married to Louis, and make a promise to God not be with Chuck in order to get her with Dan. There’s a reason most of the reviewers are saying this season is the worst of GG and it’s badly written. No matter how you look at it, it’s not just about the ship. It’s about horrible writing just to please a minority fan-base.

    • Ashley says:

      And I loved Dan and Blair as friends as well. It’s when they had to do all these ridiculous plot twists and basically change the characters for them to be together that I had a problem with it.

  16. scotch4u says:

    Hi, long time lurker here. It seems the recent GG events have driven a lot of lurkers to the forefront : )

    I don’t know if it is right to say it on this forum, but the recent behaviors of Blair (or how the writers wrote her) does make me wonder if I have been a Chair fan at all. I think I am probably a Chuck fan all along. I suspect a number of Chair fans are Chuck fan without realizing it.

    I support Chuck to move least for now. Even if Blair and Chuck get together at the Season Finale, I will have a BIG question mark of how long it will last this time. Sorry to lose faith, but the writers have killed whatever they have built between Blair and Chuck. The audience will no longer be convinced. Blair changes her mind every 2 episodes. One day she loves Louis, and suddenly she want to run away with Chuck, then she no longer loves Chuck and loves Dan. Even if Chuck and Blair got married, who knows if Blair will run away the next day, kiss some other guys and get a divorce ?

    Hope you don’t mind me venting here…

    P.S. Thank you for the great site.

  17. Michelle Morison says:

    aaah I am seriously in pain. I soo badly want Chair to have a happy ending I only watch for them. Their scenes are so emotional. I think Dair is happening now so Chair can be endgame. I really beleive that Chuck will pay off the dowry and blair will finally come to her senses an Chair will live happily ever after. Please someone tell me I am right?

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