5×18 Promo

Viewer Discretion is Advised, Dair sex.


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59 thoughts on “5×18 Promo

  1. Patience says:

    I just puked all over my computer screen.

    Gossip Girl is over for me now :[ I’m just gonna pretend it ended when Chuck told Blair he loves her way back when.

    • CMH says:

      I’m with you, Patience. I can’t stand how bland Blair has become (what happened to Queen B?!?!) and I cannot stand the complete and total lack of chemistry between Blair and Dan. There is no chemistry. There is nothing short of Dan’s awkward crush and Blair having some kind of mental breakdown.

      Not to mention, this is the ultimate betrayal to Serena.

      WTF are the writers thinking? This whole relationship seriously came out of left field… I am seriously grossed out by the show. I cannot even watch past eps without being haunted by the current state of GG affairs. Meh… I take GG seriously since it is one of just a few shows on television presently that I actually like, hence my getting worked up. Haha!

  2. maggie says:

    blah.. not gonna work for me. They can’t do whatever damn they can do. it can’t change my heart! Chair forever my curious is just Chuck Happiness. keep NOT watching. it’s work.

  3. Hannah says:

    I am actually laughing at this promo. Of course Dan and Blair have no sexual chemistry; they lack any romantic chemistry at all!

  4. ashlee says:


    Did anyone else notice how the Hump told Blair to “say it again” when she said his name at the end of the epi? It was depressingly similar to 2×25 when Chuck told Blair “I love you” for the first time and she told him to “say it again” between kisses. I’d love to think it was a coincidence, but the GGWriters LOVE symbolism and parallels so…

    At any rate, at least we can look forward to seeing Dair fizzle in bed. Maybe Blair will finally realize who truly satisfies her needs–CHUCK!

    • Je t'adore says:

      Yeah, we noticed. Proves the writing is bad and that they’re recycling from scenes considered epic in order to shove Dair down our throats. Sadly for them, Blair and a door knob have more chemistry than DB. Sucks to suck, Dair, doesn’t it?

      • strawberriesandtiaras says:

        yes, I thought that,too. But its not epic at all. when he said “you said my name, say it again” I instantly thought “muppet” and had a picture before my eyes of the animal creature playing the drums from Muppet Show. Just another ridiculous moment of Dair. I just cannot take this for serious and somehow I believe the writers also don’t really. Otherwise they would have given them more depth and passion and hot glances. Just look at this idiot. “you said my name”. yeah..wow. That’s far beyond epic or I love you. he makes a fool of himself. again. If this scene wasn’t so annoying I would have laughed out loud and shook my head.

    • maggie says:

      they just recycle the storyline ohh desperately scriptwiter.. make me laugh..

    • chairforever says:

      Chuck has only said “I love you” to one person and only one which is Blair
      And Blair has only said “I love you” to only Chuck
      she’s said she loves nate, Louis and Dan but she’s never actually said it to their I
      Therefore CB are meant for eachother ❤

      • Milou says:

        She did tell Nate she loved him on at least 1 occasion, remember the pilot? “I love you Nate Archibald, always have, always will”. They even recycled that line in the 100th.

  5. when you compare the Chair infamous “piano” scene…nothing compares. I smell disaster for Dair.

  6. ErinJul says:

    It can’t possibly last! Anyone that’s been watching this show from the beginning loves Chuck and Blair together (aka the real fans!)

  7. CMH says:

    I really wanted to simply wash my hands of the show after tonight. I was legit grossed out. However, this blog talked me back into just sticking it out. I’ll just have to drink some Pepto before the April 2nd episode to ensure I don’t barf all over my television. 😉

    And a little note to Penn Badgley: GET A FRAKKING HAIR CUT, BRO! It looks like a greasy pseudo-mullet.

  8. chair says:

    ohmigod, i typed this before but i accidently crossed the page out before i clicked post comment 😦
    Im so glad i didn’t watch tonights episode, nor the previous one, and not planning to watch the next one either. Maybe 5×19 if the leaked script is true then
    First of all: this promo is highly disturbing. I really didn’t believe that Safran would take actually take DB that far, as in them two having sex.
    Second something just doesn’t add up
    1) Penn said in an interview that 5×20 (the DB kiss with Blair in a pink gown and a crown) was just a dream sequence and told the Chair fans not to worry
    2) The leaked script , well if it is true, which i believe it is says that Dan and Blair are very much still friends?
    3) Dan and Blair are already together on the show

    stupid writers and there fucked up writing , i apologize for my language but im really frustrated, angry, sad and also disappointed at the same time.
    But i will not give up on CB so easily, i mean they’ve come so far and
    “Chuck and Blair will never be over”
    p.s i hate Joshua Safran that troll

    • Ashley says:

      Yeah, I was wondering the same thing about the 5×20 dream kiss and the rumor that in 5×19 Dan and Blair were only still friends. Totally weird. Nothing makes sense.

    • Milou says:

      The only explanation that I can think of is that everything what has happened in at least the last few episodes all have been
      A) Dan’s dream
      B) Blair’s nightmare
      C) a part of Dan’s new book

      I’m fine with all three just as long as they get dair out of the picture asap..

      • Deidi says:

        I thought so too, but now I no longer believe in it.

        Dan wouldn’t give his character in the book sex problems. And if I remember Chuck died in inside (?) and the new book is a sequel.

        Maybe it’s a dream, but I believe much more that they have planned a Chair reunion because they thought the show ends this year. And then when it was clear (or at least it hinted) that there is another season, was needed they need more drama -> Dair -.-

  9. january says:

    haven’t watched gg since 5×14

    whats this leaked script of 5×19??

  10. Anya says:

    At this point I’m just hoping they will end Dair as quickly as they’ve started it!

    And by the end of this season Blair will be with Chuck (tho it’s harder to believe now that we know BD actually go as far as having sex) or at least be single!
    I dread they are trolling with us tho. Just like B didn’t care about all the nasty sh!t Dan did to her (seasons 1 to 5!) she may just ignore their lack of chemistry and the fact they are horrible in bed. I know it sounds stupid, but that what GG is these days STUPID! There will be this episode (I guess it supposed to be hilarious and delicious) and then things get better in Blonut sex life IDK. Only thing I DO know – no way I’m watching until this crap is long gone and forgotten!

  11. Karolina says:

    Is it real?

  12. january says:

    thanx for d link

    these writers are just so messed up, dan and blair is just gross
    turning blair into serena, nothing else

    • chair says:

      no worries 🙂 i really hope that script leak is true *prays*
      i know right LOL it use to be Blair who stuck with one man (Chuck) and Serena with many many different men.

  13. mar says:

    I’m so glad I was team Victrola yesterday! I can’t stand DB. Not after 5×10 and 5×13. I just don’t get it and I can’t see how the writers may fix it. Also it pains me to see Blair like this, trashing herself in Brooklyn, acting like a crazy person… it just doesn’t make sense whatsoever…

  14. gigi says:

    I hate DAIR! They are so disgusting and make me sick!!! This show makes no sense anymore!!!

  15. AdoreCB says:

    Does anyone know the Ratings for yesterday Episode? I Hope under 1million. So the ggwriters can See what they have done.

  16. mama roach says:

    I am sorry, but am I the only one who laughed so hard watchling the promo, that I almost broke my ribs?

    That Video isnt coming between Dair, but bad sex is .. oh my |D

    Guess, B’s got an itch only C can scratch.

    • Ashley says:

      No you’re not. LOL I am cracking up right now. It’s so disgusting yet so hilarious to me. It all looks so forced and weird.

  17. Annalino says:

    Holy crap!!! this promo traumatized me for life ewwww,so gross,i need a drink!

  18. s says:

    Disgusting!!!!BLAIR HAVING S.E.X WITH HUMPHREY????????????????????????????i can’t believe my fu**** eyes with all these bullshit!!!Blair Waldorf having sex with Donut??Urggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!Stupid writers!!!They don’t know how to create a character and keep it stable!!I hope all these stuff end soon!!! I totally not watching a dair sex scene.. 😦
    The only thing i liked from this promo was Blair’s quote “THAT WAS TERRIBLE!!!”Helloooooo????!!!You have Humphrey in front of you!!!He can’t be compared with Chuck!!!Hope she starts to realize that only with chuck she haves the chemistry!!Dair sex scenes are only to laugh!!

  19. Chair18 says:

    For me, the next episode is the last with that dair crap.

    I think that it’s gonna be like in some others series.

    Remember, in Friends, when Rachel and Joey tried to be a couple but it doesnt work out, it wasn’t natural and in Grey’s Anatomy, when Izzie and Georges sleep together it was horrible so they break up.

    All that to say that Dan and Blair are going to break up because there is no chemistry so that’s a

  20. Chair18 says:

    For me, the next episode is the last with that dair crap.

    I think that it’s gonna be like in some others series.

    Remember, in Friends, when Rachel and Joey tried to be a couple but it doesnt work out, it wasn’t natural and in Grey’s Anatomy, when Izzie and Georges sleep together it was horrible so they break up.

    All that to say that Dan and Blair are going to break up because there is no chemistry so that’s a sign for them that they are just Friends …

    I tried to convince myself about that.

    I hope it will be over soon.

    Although about Chuck’s story i think that he Will find out that jack wasn’t blood compatible so that someone else saves his life (Diana).

    Any thoughts to go away from that stupid dair we have to get focused on the one who’s still here==> CHUCK.


    XOXO Chair 18

    • claudiebam says:

      Really, you read my mind xD

      but i also think isn’t possible (about dair)

      Speaking of chuck, i’m really courious about his relation with diana >.< but just now we've to wait till April 2 -..-' so annoying

    • chairforever says:

      Did you see the ausiello spoiler chat ? He said they would overcome the wedding video thing and have a bigger obstacle. Now its revealed that their obstacle is sex
      Lol proves how shallow their “love” is
      Blair has an itch only Chick can scratch.

  21. GG says:

    What about new ausiello spoiler:

    Question: Is the sex problem Dan and Blair encounter on Gossip Girl the new obstacle for Dair you referred to in last week’s Ask Ausiello? —Oscar

    Ausiello: It is indeed. Those resourceful kids will quickly find a solution to their sad sack woes, although I can’t really see them sustaining said solution on a long-term basis.


  22. GG says:

    And by the way where can we see ratings for gg episode x17? Would really wanna now.

  23. GG says:

    I found the ratings and actually I’m quite surprised :

    CW 27 of February :

    Gossip Girl 5×17 1.16 m

  24. Deidi says:

    Okay, so the last spark of hope, that it all is just a dream or a false show-reality is gone . 😦

    I liked Dair in season 4 and I think I would not mind if they had not been working the whole damn season on a Chair reunion. Chair is simply epic and Dair should be just a phase, like Eva or Raina. And as much as I would like to see Chair as Endgame, I also hope that Chuck will Blair not welcome with open arms when she comes running. That what she was doing with Dan, especially the way she has chosen, is inexcusable and I would like to see that Blair and Dan falls hard and painfull -.-

    (sorry for my bad english, again :))

  25. grace says:

    For me the problem is not the sex itself but how can be a person professing undying and growing love for someone and in a couple of weeks that person is no longer in love with this another person.
    Is there an explanation?

  26. s says:

    Dan has sex problems!!!LOL!!!:D:D
    Chuck would never have such problem!:)

  27. Cameron says:

    @grace that is my problem with it! if they had worked the dair thing in season 4 when chuck was off with reina and serena with her professor or whoever else, then that would be fine. but dair is not worth all the collatoral damage it has created with chuck and serena, and everyone else routing for chair (hello – even b’s mom wants them together!)… plus, it has caused a bunch of plot wholes and contradictions in the characters (especially the whole “i love you more and more every day” to “I love you, i’m just not in love with you.”) wtf is up with these writers?

  28. Gossip Girl xoxo says:

    Chuck don’t give up. Good always overcomes evil. And Dan, you stupid whore, go to hell and leave Blair and Chuck alone… This has been the worst GG episode yet…

  29. Chair Love says:

    sorry i just can’t stop laughing ! just watched the promo what did blair think ? that every one was as good in bed as Bass *sighs* silly girl you threw a Bass away for something that resembles Nemo and now you are stuck on the wrong side of the bridge having average sex and as for you donut if you hadn’t of cut chucks grass he might have been able to help u with you’r problem as we all know you are the one with the problem cause blair sex drive was fine till she went to bed with you ! lol

  30. Amandine says:

    Once the “real” Blair realises that Humpty is a “dud Root”, she will go and beg for Chuck to take her back. What does Humpty have to sustain her insatiable needs? Power? Money? Charisma? Good Looks? “The best sex she’s ever had?” Definitely NO!
    I don’t know how the writers are going to stave off disaster with these two because basically they have ruined the nucleus of the show just to get them together. The flood of collateral damage they have done (so many viewers including myself) switching off, will be impossible to overcome.
    Bravo GG Writers for fundamentally being the “crazy bitches” around here.

  31. Milou says:

    I´m sooo &$%&$% upset with the writers.. I feel like we´ve been waiting all season for the prince to be gone and most importantly for C&B to be back together, so this show would finally be fun to watch again. And that waiting for soo many episodes (over half of the season) for them to be together would be worthwhile because we would get to see them together for at least part of the season.. And now what have they done? Bringing them back together for 5 mintes, only for them to have a carcrash and ultimately having B saying she’s in love with D all of a sudden?? So now we will have to wait yet again for stupid dair to be over until C&B can finally be together?? So now maybe in the season finally we will get to see another 5 minutes of Chair?

    I read a comment from somebody on youtube, that made some sence to me.. That the writers at first were preparing for this to be the final season and so bringing C&B back together. But then it was hinted that there might be another season coming and they decided they needed more drama (=dair) to fill another season. But it’s just so disgusting, blegh!

  32. S says:

    ❤ GEORGINA SPARKS!!!!!She is my only hope to give an end to this Dair crap and finally reunite Chair!!!!!!Go Georgina,Go!!!!:) 🙂

  33. Carly says:

    yeah, ive got a good feeling about Georgina bringing C and B bak together!!! she’s good at getting what she wants 🙂 Dan and Blair= Ew. How stupid can Blair be to choose Dan over Chuck?!?!?! id rather see Blair with a tree than Dan!!! His hair is ugly, he talks weird and he’s a loser with a goth of a sister anyway!!! ugh!!!!!! GO BACK TO CHUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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