Speculation Post Day 11: The Princess and The Dowry

Tonight will air the last episode before the 5 weeks hiatus we’ll have to endure. How is going to end? Will we have a cliffhanger like last year in 4.17? Hope not, but I don’t know. I want to try to gather few thoughts on possible things happening tonight, then I’ll post something in the next days about my visions on  what’s to come in my opinion.

Putting what we have seen in the second part of episode 5.15 and 5.16 and in the promo for 5.17, I really think tonight there may be some obstacle that could slow down DB’s action. I don’t think they will be over before episode 18 or 19. I give them max 6 episodes to be done, we know that they will end before the season finale, this whole arc has no logic, yet it has a sort of if we speculate on it in more closely. But that’s not why I started this post, I’m going to discuss this soon.

Last episode Cece died, in this episode we will see what she left to her family in her will. This reminds me of last time a funeral + will lecture happened. It was 2.15 with Jack and Chuck, accompanied by Nate and Blair too. This time there seem to be deeper secrets, but I have no idea which ones, to be honest.

For C&B, this episode will feature other kinds of things. In the Canadian Promo, Blair said her heart belongs to someone else and bla bla bla – I already told you I’m going to discuss this more in another post. There’s also some talking going on about Blair’s family possibly having to pay the dowry because of something Chuck or Georgina (since they are entitled to scheme together in the synopsis) did.

My guess is that: Chuck found out Dan sent the video at the wedding. I want to believe he did send it, but since it’s Gossip Girl you can expect that it turns out he didn’t (you need to think they could do that). Chuck thinks that this may stop Blair from being with him, but Ausiello already said that the video won’t stop them.

Then what would be?

I guess Georgina is bored and wants to help Chuck in a subtle way. I do not think she will reveal herself as Gossip Girl, nor that Dan will reveal her. I think someone else could receive the picture G took of BD on Valentine’s Day. The only person who saw it besides her and Serena, was Chuck. But she already did send him the details of who sent the video and I think this won’t bother Blair too much because she knows her wedding failed and her groom was a fake. Who could possibly stop them and how can Georgina do her job without sending the picture personally and be discovered as GG?

I can’t remember right now who wrote it, but I guess it were the writers on twitter, but Blair’s assistant Estee wasn’t done. At the end of 5.15 we see her covering Blair on the picture took at her wedding with Louis. She is clearly in love with Louis and if she finds out Blair is disrespecting her marriage, she may get mad and think “this woman doesn’t deserve him!” (lol well I would say that Louis doesn’t deserve Blair but that’s another story).

What if Estee receives the picture from Gossip Girl and blackmails Blair she’ll send it to Princess Sophie and Louis? Maybe she does it before asking her, because she is mad Blair dared to betray her husband. It can be possible, can’t it? That is the reason why Blair may have to pay the dowry. There could exist a clause in her prenup about affairs while she’s being married. There may be something stating that if she does this and there are proofs of this, she will have to pay anyway.

What if she told Chuck she couldn’t be with him because she wanted to protect him from this? She didn’t want him to pay the dowry to close the story (and of course the storyline on the show, lol)?

I have no idea if Estee is in the episode, but I guess she is (possibly) since they said her story wasn’t done. On SpoilerTV her casting call was rumored to be “recurring” so she may be in two episodes. We will see, this is just pure speculation.

There was another person claiming that Chuck will pay Blair’s dowry on twitter. It may be likely, if that’s the case. Because apparently none of the characters could afford the price because it’s too high, but he can because according to what Stephanie Savage said once, Chuck could never become poor because he has enough money to use in his life.


He could do this in secret and save Blair’s family from this, without asking anything in return. This season Chuck has shown that he just wants Blair to be happy, if this will ease her worries, then let be it.

Speaking of Chuck, I think the episode may end with a cliffhanger for him. Next episode Jack and Diana will come back, they may give him a call at the end? I really don’t know. About C&B’s future… I don’t know what to expect either. This is part of the other post I will write soon. You’ll have to wait!

We’ll see. Hehe.


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7 thoughts on “Speculation Post Day 11: The Princess and The Dowry

  1. grace says:

    I’ve not seen a speculation post for a long time, glad you made.
    About the episode 5×17, i honestly don’t give a damn because regardless of who is responsible for the Waldorf Family bankruptcy (Georgina, Chuck, Estee, Uggie, Meryl Streep, Brangelina, Hugo Cabret …) doesn’t matter anymore.
    Whatever,I mean, let it be what it is.

  2. firieness says:

    Great speculation post! Missed it lately 🙂
    I think that Estee may be involved with making Blair pay the dowry, because I don’t think it will simply be Georgina & Chuck as they already seen the pic of DB kissing and didin’t post it or anything. Also the synopsis says that they scheme, which I think is aimed at Humpty aka Muppet aka Hair, goes wrong so it wasn’t their intention to put Blair in this position.
    I hope that they will start on Annual Chuck Family & stuff storyline soon – I’m curious about who Diana is and if Chuck has lil stepbrother as some pics from the set of Ed and a kid suggest…

  3. Lauren says:

    Personally, from the DB sneak peek – not even considering that god-awful Canadian promo – it’s clear she’s already made up her mind to be with Dan. Chuck believes Blair should know what Dan’s been up to, because he’s also pissed. I really think that’s his only goal in the episode, to reveal Dan for who he is, but Blair being as trusting as she is believes Dan over anyone else, especially Chuck. She’s only seen Dan as a good guy this season, as opposed to everyone else who have hardly seen that side of him at all. Anyways, I think Dan WILL frame Chuck somehow. I don’t know how, but whether or not B believes either of them, she’ll break it down for Chuck that she’s supposedly not in love with him anymore – only 3 weeks after she professed her undying love her him at her wedding, nearly ruining the whole thing, mind you – and goes to be with Dan. Realizing that she hasn’t chosen him and wanting her to be happy, even if it’s not with him, Chuck puts a lid on his raging temper and pays the dowry so DB can be together. That way it’s not him “buying” her from Louis for himself, but just granting her freedom.That’s a vague idea of what I think could go down. Everything else I haven’t a clue about, but I’m really going to try to focus on that other SL, b/c not only does that seem to be the only unpredictable part of the episode but it won’t cause heartbreak & will probably make a ton more sense. We’ll see.

  4. Lauren says:

    Oh, and as far as Estee goes…I really don’t think she’d be appalled to see a pic of DB kissing. I think she just wants Louis to herself so bad that she doesn’t really care about the marriage. She just is searching for something to break them up. She’d be more eager to get something to use against Blair than to be shocked and thinking Louis could do WAY better – like herself no doubt. I think she already thinks that.

  5. strawberriesandtiaras says:

    I am happy to see you writing again. I enjoy so much reading your posts 🙂
    Yes, let´s hope that there is a a good reason for “Dair”… Although I knew we will very likely to have to wait till the last episode to get our Chair back, i really didn´t expect this. That Blair would throw her true love over board so quickly..she better has a good reason for this..
    I will be watching Victor Victrola now…. and then go to bed with sweet dreams

  6. Chair Love says:

    I have a very strong feeling that jack will enter in this ep too cause I really feel that after this chuck will sell the empire to save her mum feeling guilty for outing blair and dan with georgina and then he will hopefully walk away from her believing that she has moved on and the arc with jack will start and blonut can have their moment but then she will find out what chuck did and that dan knew and then we might be able to grace GG with our presence again.
    I am worried about jack though josh said that jack would not be there to cause drama he will be helping chuck discover some family stuff but this is the same man that said this season would be lighter so we never know

  7. love&chairriage says:

    I hate to say it, but I couldn’t help watching Gossip Girl tonight. For some reason I was under the impression that I loved GG more than Chair, but nope I was wrong. After watching today’s episode and even more terribly watching the previews I am done. This has gone waaay to far. I am literally sick to my stomach with rage and not to mention disgust. And at this point I can honestly say that I never want Chuck to take Blair back at all!!!! He needs to move on to something bigger and better. OAN the other parts of the episode were actually prett decent IMO. I don’t like the real Charlie at all she is dull as hell. Wasn’t too surprised about Ivy getting CeCe’s money but I was shocked about her putting Lily and Rufus out. Kind of surprised that Jack gave Chuck blood. Super surprised that William is allegedly Charlie’s dad. Too much to mention. But as far as Chair…I just have nothing left to say…

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