5.17 The Princess Dowry – EPISODE PREVIEW


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78 thoughts on “5.17 The Princess Dowry – EPISODE PREVIEW

  1. grace says:

    I hate Joshua Safran! I hate him so much it… it flames… flames on the side of my face…breathing-breathl-heaving breaths.Heaving breaths… Heathing…

  2. LFA says:

    Greatly ALTER the FAMILIES we’ve grown to love???! I feel a letdown coming*sobs*…AGAIN.

    • Anya says:

      Gonna mess things up even more basically.

      And FYI Safran people who are CHAIR are not going to watch your show. None of us are interested in Dair and CBD triangle. This SL is stupid, irritating and offensive to long-time fans of the show.

  3. Chair Love says:

    JOSH you suck !
    So what he is basicly saying is after this ep it will be donut 5 and chuck still 0 cause they will proberly shaft him again for blonut so sick of this crap looks like another ep that I will miss can’t watch this crap and the only other thing i will say is
    “1.01 viewers josh you jerk fix it !”

    • mar says:

      well, the ratings were updated, it’s 1.00… I’m pretty sure they’ll be even lower next week. I will not watch this episode either. The preview was bad enough to make me sad and angry again and these are not the emotions I want to have after watching the TV show.

  4. Chair Love says:

    why are they not releasing any other episodes yet they are normally 1-2 ahead ? and the way blair was walking to dan at the start with her drink just made me sick she is really making me sick I can’t stand it standing there thinking that she can have what she wants while every one else suffers and carrying on about cyrus and her F%#@*%# marriage ! EVERY ONE IS OVER THIS SHIT BLAIR WAKE UP ! and stop acting like a spoilt little biaatch

  5. Blair Bass says:

    he must be smoking the samething nate is because i sware this show is like one long acid trip

  6. Monika says:

    Yeah so now when Blair is with Dan she try to release herself from Louis and that marriage? And she can’t do this for Chuck?
    Serena just loose her grandmother and she is in love with Dan, so why Blair doesn’t support her, be with her in such a hard time? No meanwhile Blair plans her future with guy Serena loves. Nice
    I really don’t recognize Blair’s character and whole this show.

  7. Monika says:

    Oh and Safran is sooo satisfied and excited like he’s create an amazing show…

    • ishika says:

      @ monika lmao at your comment . . safran should rather hang himself for ruining such and amazing show which was sexy n scandalous n potrayed their life and elite n enviable. . he made it into a soap opera which potrayed their life as miserable tragic n also he ruined our favourite couple

  8. Annalino says:


  9. ishika says:

    as much as i would be hating for this to happen i guess chuck n georgina would plan something to bring dan down georgina for her reasons n chuck for blair n the unpredictable outcome would be dan’s status be uplifted in blair’s eyes even more and blair “loving” dan even more . ..i guess this dair crap will continue till 5.19 atleast . .. . lets see what happens after that . .

    • mar says:

      of course! Safy is going to pimp his Dair as long as possible. I bet that when Blair learns it was Donut who had sent the video, she’ll be like: Muppet did it out of loooveee. But if Chuck had done this, all hell would have broken loose.

  10. ishika says:

    in the sneak peek of the episode also blair and dan are together almost like a couple . . i cant comprehend blair’s actions anymore . . how could she do all that to chuck .. in last episode she asked chuck to give her time to figure out some stuff and in the meanwhile she is being lovey dovey with dan ??? so is chuck just an option for her? as much as i cant wait for a chair reunion , i dont want this blair to be with chuck . . she totally is not worthy of chuck’s love at the moment

  11. ishika says:

    and i dont understand those people in whose dictionary dan is described as a “great lover” . . he doesnt even have the patience to wait for the “love of his life” to be with him . .what he replied to blair when she said “whatever it is it will have to wait ” that “what if i dont want to” chuck promised to wait for blair in 4.09 when she had to leave him in order to be powerful then in 5.14 when she asked him to wait for a year he agreed instantly to wait patiently and even in 5.16 when she asked to give her time he gave it to her . .

  12. ishika says:

    dair fans who are loving the show at present are seriously biggest hypocrites . . all they want is blair and dan to be together . all the time dair fans claim dan brings out blair’s positive side . . what sort of positive side is this i mean blair was a fiercely loyal friend and if she would crush her friend’s heart by being with the guy her friend loves that will be the death of the real blair waldorf who would have done from anything to everything for her loved ones . . all dan wants is to have blair all by himself . . he wants to be her best friend and her lover . . he doesnt care about the fact that she is losing her best friend since childhood whom she needs n who needs her too. . when chuck n blair were together in season 3 in 3.09 i so loved it when he locked them together in th elevator to make things right between them. .thats what real care is all about . . all the time dan does favours to blair n makes her feel she owes him big time . .

    • Chair Love says:

      And do you notice that blair is acting the same now with this marriage chuck knows her so well he would know that she is on the verge of blowing up just like she was back in 3.09 I think chuck called it the calm before the storm but he knew what she needed and he fixed it before she lost it by locking them in the elevator till they worked it out, now you see the same thing happening in the present blair is quiet looks in control but she is on the verge of losing it and stupid dan the donut poodle head has no idea why? BECAUSE HE DOESN’T KNOW HER AT ALL !

      • ishika says:

        @ chair love yor comment reminded me of that dialogue of chuck something like “when that calm breaks there are going to be pieces of blair all over the wall” it just cracked me . ..n even i feel donut knows nothing about her . . .its just a claim “dan loves me for me” ok what did chuck love you for ? chuck has loved blair’s positive n negative side . . . n dan has only “loved” the weak n non-independent blair . . i am so pissed

  13. ishika says:

    dair fans call dan’s love as :”selfless” “sacrificing” . . i really cant remember even a single moment in the history of GG when dan did something for her without letting her know . . he always makes her realise that he has done a lot for her n is worthy of her . . chuck onthe contrary has done so much for blair without letting her know . . a few instances that i can recall easily : one in 2.24 when he helped her become the prom queen n let her have her perfect night just for her happiness . . . in 3.04 when he paid the photographer to take photos of her n make her feel like a queen . . special .. in 3.20 it was shown that he submitted her application for columbia . . also in 5.04 when louis was about to leave her (courtesy dan’s book) he convinced him not to do so ..
    dair fans are all the time like “he bloody sold her for the hotel” . . i know it was the most awful thing n myself hated chuck at that moment but it was 2 years ago n chuck has changed a lot since then . . we have to get over that . . if they can get over the facts like dan loved serena n vanessa n hated blair then why cant they get over this hotel storyline . . they just see what they want to n ignore all the other things

  14. mama roach says:

    dont really care about what they say. at least it isnt even very much. i was just wondering of how big the dair fanbase really is since a lot of DB shippers are former CB shippers ..

    oh and as for the unpredictable outcome. i think they’ll show that dan send the video. i can almost hear blair saying that dan only did what he did to protect her. dont think she’ll blame him since he isn’t chuck, lol. i want to throw up.

    oh, and i gotta question for you; is there ceces coffin really standing in the middle of lilys livingroom??

    • mar says:

      mama roach,your last question cracked me up – thank you, I really needed a good laugh! and bee tee dabz I guess the answer is YES! LOL

      • mama roach says:

        you’re welcome, i guess :D:D i don’t live in the US, so i have no idea .. is it normal to exhibit the coffins in the living room, so guests can leave their glasses on it? LOL.

  15. ishika says:

    and this is something i dont understand how dis that happen . . how can anyone go from loving chuck and blair to dan and blair .. i mean come on dan seriously ??? can dair ever have the magical dynamic chemistry n have the passion thad chair had . . can dair ever have piano sex scene of 4.07 or limo scene of 1.07 can ever blair say to dan “i love u so much it consumes me” can they play that game where dan would play cheating bastard n blair scorned woman . . n no offence to his monetary limitations but can he ever get blair’s favourite things from different parts of the world ??? they can never ever match up to what chuck n blair had i dont even understand the point in having them together

  16. ishika says:

    since the beginning of season 4 the writers are trying to make us believe few things like chuck n blair are not fit or healthy for each other or they dont belong together or they are not meant to be together . . or they dont deserve each other or that they dont have a real n heart to heart connection . .in the beginning when chuck was gaga over that boring eva we all felt sorry for blair then we saw their reconciliation with which started a sexual relationship eventhough it had few of my favourite chuck blair moments it made few people believe that they just have that sexual connection n all. . then blair had to stop seeing him in order to become powerful . . then that raina episode when we again felt sorry for blair (n apparently dan was their for her when she was upset) ..all this time people felt that chuck didnt deserve blair . .then we had that glass punching scene which so many people blew out of proportion n went to the lengths of calling their relation as abusive . . then now in this season when chuck has evolved n has become a better person blair is acting foolishly n we all feel somewhere she doesnt deserve chuck . . n they just wanna show “dan is always their for blair” n “theirs is a sweet relationship” they never faced any real obstacles thats why people call it so perfect . . lets see when obstacles come their way how much will they stand by each other

  17. Missy says:

    I just can not believe this show… We need to spread the word and NOT WATCH on Monday. Send how upset we are thru ratings and viewers!

    • Chair Love says:

      I agree Missy I don’t know if you tweet with save chuck and blair but i do and we had a great time last week tweeting and not watching I still haven’t watched it and I wont be watching the next ep either if you do tweet I’m @chairiobaby.

  18. love & chairriage says:

    Something no one has really mentioned is the whole Jenny factor. I know she isn’t on the show, but what kind of loyalty does Dan have to his sister by hooking up with her arch enemy? I mean really. So not only Serena and Chuck will be hurt but Dan’s OWN sister. How can they possibly have a real future. This is just getting more and more ridiculous!

  19. Guys even the author herself thinks this is ridiculous. I’m glad she’s forecasting a gloomy outcome for Dair.

  20. strawberriesandtiaras says:

    Hello @toomuchpurple 🙂 I´ve been missing your many comments here for a long while already and I would love to hear a podcast from you about your thoughts. You always got so much into interesting details, that I would never have thought of. 🙂

  21. BabyChair says:

    I agree with you Missy.
    We need to spread the word and NOT WATCH on Monday… NOT WATCH… NOT WATCH…

    And BOA SORTE writers lolol

    • Anya says:

      I know a lot of people want to watch it for Georgina. I’d really love it if they just downloaded the ep. next day and watched it then! If the viewer numbers go up again the GGWs will just keep pushing more Dair down our throats claiming we all love it! We need to prove a point here.

  22. strawberriesandtiaras says:

    here are my thoughts of how it could be next episode: I believe it´s quite possible that CeCe knew all the time that Charlie is Ivy actually and Cece nonetheless will have have written in her will that it is Ivy to inherit a big deal of the money because she was the only person who really stayed with her when she needed someone and cared for her even if she wasn´t a real family member after all and didn´t do it because of the money. So Carol and Lilly and Serena will be thunderstruck. I don´t know what Blair and her family has to do with all that (as Safran said the GG families will be altered) But kissing around with Dan (where is her husband?And where is her chaperone? Also very strange that she is allowed to be in NY for so long) will probably cause her family to pay the fine. And here Chuck will get back into the game paying the fine to save her family even though she´s staying with Dan and probably shouting at poor Chuck that he bought her. And the video? She will be telling Chuck that Dan sent in the video because he loved her for real.

    well..we´ll see how it all goes…and where it goes to…

    • ishika says:

      oh wow really nice theory . . . i swear 🙂 🙂 i think that “selfless thing” that blair will discover in 5.19 that chuck did would be paying the dowry or doing something(as usual without letting blair know) that would lead to dair to get together only for blair’s happiness . . .

    • Anya says:

      I agree about the video part 100%! Blair will defend Dan. Sickening… (

  23. Jessica :) says:

    im done with the show. it’s not Gossip Girl anymore.. tsss. I can only stand it is because i love Chuck and Chuck alone!

  24. Chuck and Blair says:

    you know people in wrong situation always make the worst decision of their life and we all know Blair is in the same situation..of course she made her worst decision of her life time..i mean choosing Humphrey…don’t worry Chair fans sooner or later she’s going to understand she cant live without Chuck….

  25. mar says:

    so I’ve seen a sneak peek on yt and it wasn’t a good idea… Looks like Blair and Donut are oficially a couple? what she basically tells him is that he needs to wait an hour while Cyrus is trying to get her an annulment and that she hopes this is the last time they have to wait. I feel like I’ve been living some nightmare you guys- can you believe what’s happening? I think that show might be cancelled soon because there’s no way the ratings will go up.

    • ishika says:

      yeah exactly thats what i dont understand .. she is kinda dating dan n asking chuck to wait for her????? if she is actually so in ove with dan why doesnt she simply reject chuck i think i will have more respect for her then . . but the way she is treating chuck is something i just cant take . . this is the so called “positive” side of blair which dan is bringing out . . .

  26. S says:

    Pleaseeee girls, all of you who live in NYC go find Safran(who is called a scriptwriter)and kick his ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m very far to do it by myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Can’t we just organize or something and sent hin a complain email??I want gossip girl BACK!!!!i want real blair back!!!!!!I want the crazy bitch back!!!!!<3<3

    • Chair Love says:

      I think we have to ride out the damage now because they shoot so far ahead most of the next ep and the last ep would have already been flimed or confirmed when we were watching the wedding hoping that it would turn in our favor.
      Josh and his minnions have really stuffed up this time and I really think he is sitting there right now thinking WTF have we done (though he will never admit it) but hay thats what happens when you base you’r season on a ship war He has just signed the dotted line were GG will now go down in history as one of the shows that could of been in the group of elite eg. Friends, cosby show etc, instead it will be remembered as the show that dropped it’s ass ! .
      CHAIR will always be remembered as one of the few great pairings ever long after the show has finished people will continue to use CHAIR as a eg of a epic couple so in my eyes no matter how the chips fall now we still win cause CHAIR will live on forever xxxx

  27. Patience says:

    I mean Louis and Blair would have a better relationship right now if Dan hadn’t sent the video in…. he is the one who made Louis hate Blair. DAN ruined her marriage with that video just so he could have her to himself. Chuck was willing to let Blair go and be happy.

  28. BabyChair says:

    I didn’t watch the last one episode and I won’t watch the next one, too.
    But… as a Chair big fan
    I have this feeling, or should I say hope, that this whole story of Blair with Dan, is a big scheme to get a marriage annulment. That’s why she ask Chuck to wait for her. She is just using Dan…
    Well… as I said I’m a Chair shipper

    Beijos XOXO

    • chairforever says:

      Im with you Babychair, I really really hope this is all blairs scheme to get out of her marriage.
      Even if it isn’t, I belive chuck and Blair will find their way back to eachother.
      but until then I will not be watching GG
      Because I couldn’t care less what happens in it unless its got to do with chuck and Blair 😀

    • Team Chuck! says:

      Let’s really hope it is just a Blair scheme!

  29. Ashley says:

    Not watching GG until this Dair OOC crap is over. I’m sick of it. I haven’t watched since ep. 12 and I’m not going to until this is done with. I seriously felt myself start to throw up watching that promo. The REAL Blair would never do any of this crap.

  30. GG says:

    Ogh yeah,wait until you watch canadian promo. Blair says there that her heart doesn’t belong to Chuck anymore and belongs to someone else. Then she kissed Donut. Would wanna know the ratings for that episode.

    • firieness says:

      Considering the decreasing trend, I think it will be 0,8 – 0,9 mln which makes me wonder whether CW will actually extend it to 6th season…

      • Monika says:

        I’ve just seen the Canadian promo…
        Her heart doesn’t belong to Chuck anymore and belongs to Dan?
        I think she said something like this the first time. I am BIG fan of Chair, but right now watching GG makes no sense to me.
        Okay, Chuck hurt Blair by this hotel thing and sleeping with Jenny, but since that he became totally different person.
        Blair hurt him much more and too many times. In seson 4 she choose career, next pregnant and marriage with another man, she gives Chuck a hope and leaves him again, she want him to wait a year for her and leaves him again for Dan.
        I think Dan and Blair will sleep with together in Monday’s episode….
        Watching Chuck this season is just heartbreaking. Blair’s behaviour is annoying. I watch GG mostly because of Chair, so as I said watching this show makes no sense to me.
        Another storylines is boring so i won’t watching this. I hope ratings will be worst and worst…

  31. GG says:

    Canadian Promo:

    Chuck: “I love you.”
    Blair: “But that doesn’t mean that I’m in love with you.”

    Chuck: “Dan is been trying to keep us apart…” and then i don’t get what he is saying.

    Dan: ” You don’t realise what you’ve done. ”
    Chuck: ” Yes,i do. ”
    Dan: ” You’ve bankrupt the Waldorf family.”
    Chuck: ” You’ve framed me. ”

    Blair: ” I told Chuck he doesn’t have my heart anymore. I realise it belongs to someone else. ” And the a kiss.

    Also I didn’t get what Chuck were saying to Serena,quality was not so good.

  32. maya says:

    Before previous episode , I complained about the massage that this show is sending and the image they are showing of women.
    Now , that I watched Canadian promo, I absolutely hated it. So Blair over one night realizes that her heart belongs to dan and the way she kisses him groosed me out.
    Nothing makes sense anymore…
    Oh well Safran managed it again. he totally ruined OC then and GG now…
    I am not watching this show any more and by the way ratings are dropping the show will not have a season 6.
    Oh and usually the actors that play that have betrayal rules like Dan and Blair.. Their career will sink with the show.
    Dan he is no actor and he will not be anybody and Balir I mean this girl doesn’t even know how to dress up in real life.
    Very sad

    • Chair Love says:

      oh well I didn’t know josh lead the downfall of OC makes sense though he could ruin a pot of boiling water given half the chance !

  33. chairfan says:


  34. Missy says:

    That promo..DONE with this show

  35. Chair Forever says:

    Why arnt the other episode titles out?? or stills?? Maybe theres sumthin good in store for chair??

    • Chair Love says:

      I thought the same but it is because we have a hiatus after 5×17 so they will realease them like they did in january I suppose not sure how long hiatus will b though

      • Anya says:

        At this point I hope it’s FOREVER. I believed in my heart that Dair is not happening (I mean considering everything that happened up until 5×16), but Safran thought differently I guess! And right now I dread season 6 which is happening (it was pretty much confirmed GG is not getting cancelled). It’s like they don’t give a sh!t about their fans. Just doing whatever, coming up with more bullsh!t SLs, ignoring the facts, forgetting common sense, just ruining everything! I could’ve sworn Chuck and Blair were headed for a reunion. But now everything is f#cked up. Blair’s in love with Dan all of a sudden. Now no matter what happens next Chair will never be the same! Gossip Girl will never be the same. I hate Safran with all my heart!

        I hate him more and more every day. If it’s even possible to hate somebody that much! Urgh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Team Chuck! says:

    I USE TO LOVE CHAIR but now…
    I’m feeling sick in my stomach watching the canadian promo, i guess chair is over because how i see it now, Blair doesn’t even deserve Chuck anymore, she can have that awful lonely boy. I hope Chuck find someone worth his time! Or at least get revange by hooking up with Serena maybe? That would pisses Blair off… Haha.

    For now, i’m team CHUCK <3, as always. Loved Blair, but now, even Serena is less annoying.

    And as for watching the show, well.. Nothing last's forever. I'm not watching it until i read that Chuck has found happiness or got back together with Blair. And that Blair made a seriously apologize to Chuck. Like he did to her.

    • Chair Love says:

      we all feel the same but hang in there I’m hating on blair so much right now I’m sure I have developed an ulcer ! lol

  37. after this promo..i want chuck and serena..ahhahah now!! I can’t belive that the Dair’s shipper are so stupid, how the people can forget FIVE YEARS OF PURE LOVE….are you kidding me? please REUNITE CHUCK and BLAIR!! and give us a BEAUTIFUL end of season!!

  38. Emma says:

    Yes dair fan are so stupid and rude you know when you go on gossip girl section on tv fanatic you can’t even Believe how horrible the commentes there I feel safe here among my people chair for ever .

    • Je t'adore says:

      Yes, we know, that’s why we stay away from those kind of boards. It’s better to ignore them, they are bitter because they know that even if they got Dair now it won’t last long. I refuse to believe that after almost 5 years of Chair they leave us with Dair being endgame, and I’m sure DB fans know it too. And we appreciate all the people taking refuge here, this is why we created the blog and it honors us that you guys are so devoted to this place because we are too.

  39. I… am … speechless……!!! My throat feels tied up. That just cannot be true. Leaving Chair aside – (cause I am a big fan) – and just seeing the whole hing completely unbiased and objective: This new storyline just makes no sense at all. She fell for Dan just to quickly to make it seem believable.

  40. love&chairriage says:

    Between this and OTH I am on the verge of boycotting the whole CW!

  41. s says:

    I’m sure and you must all be sure that this Dair crap is going to end soon….Chair will be back as it’s the only way to continue the show…!!Serena, Nate, Donut have no interesting storylines!!Chair is the only storyline that keeps people devoted to the show…!!!
    I promised myself i wouldn’t watch ep.16 but i was very curious and i downloaded it…the results????I was standing in front of the screen and yelling Blair and Donut…the only thing i could do was laughing and laughing with Blair’s decisions and feelings..Please REMIND me is gossip girl a sci-fi or a drama???All these Blair feelings remind me of sci-fi!!How could anyone say the one day i love Luis,the other i LOVE you so much CHUCK IT CONSUMES ME and the next day my heart belongs to you Dan????!!!PLEASE FUCK OFF!!!!!Blair is not anymore the crazy Queen Bee we used to love…she is turning more and more like Serena..Blair used to be my icon…now i prefer Serena after all these!!As of all you say how many times can B hurt Chuck??Chuck is always there for B,he literally changed his personality for her and she keeps rejecting him with the ugliest way…!Those scriptwriters keep ruining and ruining the show!Ep.17 totally NOT watched!!!We will be watching and tweeting Victor Victrola!<3<3

  42. Anya says:

    Victor Victrola. Soon. I’m excited! ❤

  43. strawberriesandtiaras says:

    Does anybody know how long the GG break takes? I didn’t know that there was going to be a break after 5×17. Where did you read that?

    • strawberriesandtiaras says:

      I found it. The info is already one month old:
      5×18 filming news from Joe Lazarov, Gossip Girl Director and Producer: “GG is curently shooting 5×18 and that there will be a another mid-season break. 5×18 is currently scheduled to air late March”.

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      It’s sure there is a break. It goes for 5 weeks, 5.18 will air on April 2nd.

      • mar says:

        I’m so happy about the hiatus!! congrats Failfran, a devoted fan feels relieved because GG takes a break, is that what you wanted for your show?

  44. Deidii says:

    I can’t believe it still. This all seems so artificial and too staged. The promos reveal ever so much, almost too much. Yes, hope dies last, and I cling to every bit of …

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