Help us trend Save the butterflies tonight at 7.45pm EST!


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18 thoughts on “Help us trend Save the butterflies tonight at 7.45pm EST!

  1. Steph says:

    Aw i like this 🙂
    Almost brought me to tears because i can remember this so very well. The time when Chuck and Blair were just starting out and so in love even if they didn’t know it yet. I miss those days and the butterflies. All i see in GG is pain. I want them so badly together that it hurts myself seeing them like this. And i sooo don’t like doughnut. oh well i hope Chuck and Blair are gonna make it, i believe in them. i believe in butterflies ❤

  2. FeataArmana says:

    I am sorry `toomuchpurple but after the last horrible episode, we all saw the promo for today’s episode, and it looks much much worse, so i really think we should just stop this , because it’s obviously no use. The writers or Josh/Steph ….they dont give a crap. I mean , did u ever expect that Dair will REALLY happen, like romantically? I didn’t and that’s y I am not gonna even bother tonight. I am not watching today’s episode, I’ll just wait for next week’s promo/episode. Don’t mean to upset anybody.

    • Laura says:

      You are perfectly right…I’m so pissed off right now not only because of the DAIR kiss from the last ep but also for the horrible promo which is desastruous…I mean,Blair not sure if she still loves Chuck after telling him every ep that he is the love of her life and that she loves him more and more every day?And Chuck?I know it is very difficult for him to still fight for Blair but what happened to “you just don’t give up on the people you love”?

      • Steph says:

        so true i agree with you all, the whole Dair thing is just BAD! we all know it’s about chuck and blair, if only those writers knew that again -_- yet i still i have hope for Chair. ❤

  3. mar says:

    I hear you girls:) I’m not gonna watch the episode either, but I’ll be tweeting “save the butterflies” tonight. I am no longer a GG fan but I’m still a Chairleader so no matter what I’m ready to go down with my ship. You must think I’m crazy, lol

    • Chair Love says:

      not at all mar I will go down with this ship as well and I will keep pushing CHAIR right till the end todays ep has just finished I did not watch but I tweeted throughout save the butterflies it felt really good and I don’t feel any anger cause I did not watch it were as last week i did and I swear I was ready to grab my pitch fork and jump a plane to NY ! lol

  4. Maya says:

    Same here … I am not going to waste my time on this mumboo jumbooo… Well , Safran deserve to be out of job cause he is doing a horrible job

  5. love&chairriage says:

    I watched the episode, and I am on the verge of a serious boycott. I can’t believe they really took it there, and I have absolutely nothing to say.

    • Chair Love says:

      thats why i didn’t watch after last week it took about 3 days for me to get my chair mojo back so I was not even going there today still think chair are end game and I know this sounds harsh but i hope chuck blows donut and blair out of the water next week how dare blair confess her undying love for chuck and then tell him to back off donut and yet he can go to chucks house and be a dick and call chuck out enough is enough ! I want to see blair hurt the way serena and chuck are and i want to see it now !

      • love&chairriage says:

        I agree how selfish and ridiculous can they be. They do not realize that they are going to lose out on fans who have watched every single episode faithfully and who are invested in the show and more than anything the ship. I am just so disgusted because I never really thougt it would go this far and if you decide to break out your pitchfork, I am right there with you!

      • mar says:

        I didn’t watch it. And I don’t think I’m going to. All the tweets in my TL say pretty much the same: Blair has lost her mind completely. OMG it’s painful to even read about it. Josh Safran ruined Gossip Girl. It’s not even about the ships at this point… it’s so sad- this guy killed my favourite TV show and he still has the nerve to show his troll face in the previews and he’s happy about himself. I can’t believe it.

  6. magiie says:

    “I want to see blair hurt the way serena and chuck are and i want to see it now !”

    Really-really feel the same way with you!!

  7. mama roach says:

    haven”t seen the episode yet & i honestly don’t think that i’ll watch it … maybe just read the recap, if there is one coming up.

  8. Jusea says:

    I watched last night’s episode and I had to laugh because the Dan and Blair thing was like reading a bad fanfiction, you know the kind where they do everything to get two people together even though they have to ruin everything in order to do so. And there was lots of holes in it as well. I just…I can’t believe anyone would buy it.

  9. GG says:

    The only one thing that i actually enjoy now in GG is Georgina. And the fact that in the end of last episode Ivy called her makes me wonder about new promo( destroying upper east side). Ivy must be telling smth. And Georgina did send the video to Chuck,so now he knows who send it and its definitely as i guess will ruin D/B relationship. Just hope so. And safran really did destroy Blair character. Sad and boring.

  10. rena says:

    OMG if they keep this up, i’ll end up rooting for Cherena and it’s not even funny!
    I loved Chuck last night and Serena was pretty awesome too. I really don’t understand Blair and i have a really hard time relating to her and even liking her lately.

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