5.16 Cross Rhodes – PROMO + Canadian Promo


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47 thoughts on “5.16 Cross Rhodes – PROMO + Canadian Promo

  1. Karolina says:

    I hate this season and Dair. This show is ruined. I hope that Chuck and Blair can be saved..

  2. chairfan says:

    my god..! its time that we stop watching gg!
    chuck: you cant compete against me humphrey
    dan:i am not competing..i must be winning!
    this is simply pathetic!

    • Chair Love says:

      I want chuck to crush him this is Gossip Girl remember josh were money talks and humphrey walks ! if I wanted to watch a show were the ugly dumb guy wins I would be watching ?…….
      oh hang on there is no show were the UGLY DUMB GUY WINS !! except for this one

  3. Kinga says:

    I agree !!! Blair and Dan ?? please its pathetic to see them together :/:/:/ Chuck don’t give up!!! We are with you !!!!!

  4. mikela grey says:

    I close with this show…ITALY now hates GG!!!

  5. january says:

    i think i’ve just stopped caring abt this show 😐

  6. FeataArmana says:

    I am officially sick to my stomach!!!! When will this crap Dair thing be over?!! I cant stand this any more, having Dair pushed down my throat. I was beyond disappointed with this episode, I really thought we will get a Chair scene, a good one!! And to top it off, next week’s episode looks even worse! Ugh, I hate Blair more now! I mean what the hell is wrong with her?! Firs,t it was that crap marriage, constantly breaking poor Chuck’s heart. Although I love Chair, they are really the only reason I keep watching this crap, and I know that they are gonna be endgame, but I am finally ready to see Chuck move on ! Really move on from her and try to be happy and at peace, at least for a little time( couple episodes ). Can’t take any more of Chuck’s heart being broken over and over again. It looked like she forgot about her ” ever growing love ” for Chuck. After what she did with donut, she does not deserve him any longer! I hope that when she finally comes back to her senses and wants Chuck back, this time, he’ll be the one to say NO! Make her work for it, I mean enough is enough with the waiting around. Sorry about my big rant, I just had to release my anger.

    • Andie1391 says:

      AMEN GIRL!, u just read my mind , im at the same place as u… Hope this time Chuck says NO to Blair she’s literally a totally different person now… and God what could have been a great friendship they just freaking destroy it….crap hope the character that will die it’s Dan :O LOL hahaha ok no cause i like derena

      • Anya says:

        Hahaha) Unfortunately Dan’s there, parading his chest hair at a funeral. Seriously, his hair is out of control! He’s literally turning into a poodle.

    • Monika says:

      I totally agree with you!
      B just doesn’t deserves C right now or maybe all this season.

  7. KeelynH says:

    I love them… and i know that ppl will hate me for writing this, but i really like Dair.. I had enough of Chuck…….

  8. S says:

    I just hate Dair!!!I keep watching this show only for CHAIR… now,I can’t understand the writers…Chair used to be my favourite couple!!!A single scene with them could make me cry…!I believe this couple IS meant to be together!And now i’m forced to watch Blair making out with Dan…my stomach…Dan doesn’t deserve Blair!!He actually doesn’t deserve either Serena!!!I still believe that Dan’s soulmate was Vanessa..at least with her they had things in common!!PLEASE HUMPHREY, LEAVE BLAIR AND CHUCK ALONE AND F***K OFF!!So angry!:-/

    • Gossip Girl xoxo says:

      I agree… Dan should just back off and go be with Vanessa… I mean, they’re both smart and they both don’t belong on the Upper East Side… They’re soulmates… Like Chuck and Blair…

  9. maya says:

    First of all, last night episode was pathetic, literally nothing happened…
    I hated it not just because of chuck and blair but because the massage this show is sending out there. That the rule of never dating or romantically getting involve with friend’s ex is not true. and simply betraying your best friends is ok…In this case more than ok.
    And true love doesn’t mean anything. This show portraits girls such as Serena and Blair as two spoiled women who can’t even decide who they like. Blair one day says that she can’t imagine it is even possible to love someone as much as she loves chuck. then goes kisses Dan. So not only she is a pathetic loser who doesn’t know what she wants ,betrayal is in her nature. As fro serena, she is a hot rich girl, ans she can’t find one good guy. Her instincts are all screwed up and it is always the men in this series who can see that she is dating a bad guy. There was one prof which could be good for her, but no the writers immediately wrote him off and sticked her with Ben guy.
    Imagine what could it be that Blair and Serena would turn into accomplished girls that all their exes would regret letting them go…
    I hate that the overall massage that show sends out …
    1. betrayals is ok
    2. don’t marry for love
    3. be as dumb as you could be

  10. mama roach says:

    You guys just read my mind. Thank u so much for writing down my thoughts – even though I havent seen the Valentines episode by now but here in germany we have to wait til tuesday for all new GG. And honestly I am not sure if I will continue watching .. As I said in earlier posts, they fuck up every relationship (weather its romantic or not) with that Dair crap. I’d never mind them as the great friends they actually are, but lovers? Oh, come on! Blair cant tell Chuck she loves him more and more every day, then go through with the wedding & THEN suddenly discover her romantic feelings for Dan? That just makes no sense to me & I guess neither to you all 😀

    But, however. as I already said, maybe thats how its supposed to be. I just hope, Chuck finds someone who is worth him & his all consuming love. Either this or a quick death, guess that’d be the only way out if his messy life.
    I just cant stand all this heartbreaking scenes anymore, not only because of Chuck but of my own fragile Chair heart … (maybe I should stop shipping. Didnt get my Phoebe/Cole – did anyone of you watched Charmed? 😀 – happy ending nor my Sookie/Eric True Blood ..happily ever after .. btw, cant wait for the show to return. just random.)

  11. Anya says:

    My heart was broken on Valentines day. Why is this happening? What future Dair relationship can possibly have when Blair is all things Dan claims to hate about people? Derena didn’t survive ’cause Dan and Serena came from two different worlds, he couldn’t stand upper east side with its values and scandals. Now he wants to be with Blair. Really?! And Blair (all of a sudden) wants to be with Donut?????????????? She’s married and in love with Chuck! At least she claimed she was like in EVERY episode. F#ck you writers! You ruined my favorite show for me! I’m not watching GG until the Dair cr#p is over.

    • mar says:

      AMEN! same here Anya! ships aside, I feel offended as a viewer! I’m not gonna watch this crap, I don’t trust the writers anymore and I love the idea of NOT sending any messages to the writers, no tweeting, no trending, no watching – a boycott. They need to know that they can’t mess with us any longer.

      • Anya says:

        Well, I live in Moscow, Russia so I usually wait till Tue to download & watch GG episodes. I didn’t even bother to watch the last one. And I’m not planning on watching next one either. I’ll just read this blog and wait until Dair phase is over so I can tune back in. I hope number of viewers drop drastically, so that the GG writers get our message! I unfollowed them on twitter as some other fans suggested. They can kiss me goodbye if C&B are not reunited by the end of this season. And meanwhile to somehow satisfy my Chair cravings I’ll rewatch some of the old episodes.

  12. mama roach says:

    That awkward moment, when yo sit in front of your computer & yell [ignoring the fact of a fictional drama series, lol) ; “GO AHEAD AND DIE, WRITERS!”

  13. BabyChair says:

    I’m done with this show…PORTUGAL now hates GG!!!

  14. Check out Ausiello spoilers

    Question: Now that they shared that amazing kiss, where’s Dan and Blair’s Gossip Girl story going ? —Ivana
    Ausiello: If the previews for next week’s episode weren’t clear enough, allow me to spell it out for you: D-A-I-R I-S O-N. Beyond that, all I can say is if Chuck is looking for a way to hit Dan where it hurts, he’s currently bedding the right woman.

    About time Chuck fights back! Poor Dan won’t know what hit him….

  15. maggie says:

    it’s really dissapointed. i’m not watching this episode i still NOT watching until this getting better or say godbye when its getting worst.. but i still lurking this site.

  16. Chair Love says:

    OMG donut humpty you make me sick !
    What the hell is this rubbish it is bloody BANdiculous and who the hell does donut think he is trying to take on chuck I want justice ! I want chuck to ruin him and at the moment I really don’t care how blair feels about it cause she is running around acting like a tart, the writers are really making a mess of CHAIR to the point that I have deleted them from my twitter cause I just can’t stand to listen to their crap oh and I did the same to Josh1.0 yesterday and then when i went to twitter today one of Josh1.0 was retweeted it read *Trust #chuckandblair* so I’m thinking maybe I was not the only one to do this lol I mean what do we do first Josh 1.0 describes us as being a angry mob with pitch forks then he wants us to *Trust#chuckandblair* SHIT ME A BRICK ! we do trust CHAIR it is you josh1.0 and you’r minions that we don’t trust.
    Finnally regarding ban I say let the writers get their hands on them , ban shippers love nothing more to remind us of the hotel and jenny but none of them even realise that donut has already betrayed Blair he sent that blast on her wedding day and they arn’t even a couple yet he is the reason louis turned nasty and Blair is in this mess pay back is a bitch donut and I hope chuck serves your’s nice and hot!

  17. Ashley says:

    This is a joke. Dan and Blair haven’t been recognizable all season, and this is the low point. Dan has become a pathetic little dog that follows Blair around and tries to keep her from her friends and the guy that really loves her. And Blair….actually, I shouldn’t even call her Blair. Who is this person? Because I don’t see Blair anywhere. I see a weak and pathetic girl who won’t fight and is just giving up on everything. This is just sad. I won’t watch until they fix it. As is I haven’t watch since episode 12 because of the butchering they’ve done on Dan and Blair. But this is just the lowest of the low.

  18. grace says:

    No comments about the last episode because it would be redundant.
    I think in the next two episodes Chuck will be trying, trying and trying to get rid of the Donut but epically failing and honestly i can’t hardly wait for Jack and Diana because apparently this is the only thing that will keep Chuck/Chair Shippers sanity intact.

  19. Anya says:

    At this point I’m absolutely lost. I don’t want for C&B to get together at the very end of the show! I want to see them together and happy for some time at least! They deserve it after all the cr#p they’ve been through! But now we’re in for some Dair, then there will be something else. It becomes less and less likely C&B reunite. 😦
    She married Louis, told Chuck she loved him, then jumped head first into Dair like 5 minutes later! I’ve never been more disappointed in Blair. It’s like her character is ruined for me, I don’t like the person she’s become! This is so sad. Heartbreaking! I also don’t want their reunion to come out of NOWHERE, like Dair just did. 😦 😦 😦

  20. valentina says:

    no dan y blair no no compatibles imaginenlo queen b con lonely boy noo terrible eso no nada que ver me dan asco ver esas imagenes juntos nada que ver chairs for ever
    chuck espera a blair ojala salga la verdad pronto para que blair vuelva con chuck y no que no me den ganas de no ver mas la serie pero no puedo es una adiccion es mi vida
    chairs <3love you

  21. Chair fan says:

    Chuck:” Did your feelings change?”
    Blair:”I don’t know…”
    WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?? I swear if they go on this way I’m done with show and I think I wouldn’t be the only one… Blair just cannot have feelings for a donut, whom she considered only a friend two episodes ago…

    • Chair Love says:

      I know ! what the hell and then it looks like they have a kiss fest after she tells serena she is not going to go there.
      Now I’m going to be honest if I were chuck at the moment my whole hotel would be full of pros I am sad that he took whatever her name is to his room but quietly smiling because I know it wasn’t because he has taken a step backwards if anything it’s because he now knows that donut is going to make a play for B so he is doing some intel for future reference as well and why shouldn’t he use his best weapon shit I’d tell him the sky is purple if he was waving it in front of me lol

    • mama roach says:

      & this, ladies & gentleman, is exactly the point I just dont get! I know, people change, grow up & stuff like that, but, please!, can anyone tell me, how Blairs feelings can be changed in at least less then a month?! I dont even care about CB, I just want to know how it is possible to switch off feelings that easy & quick 😀

      Did anyone of you recognized Blairs gaze when the elevator doors closed & she turned around to look at Chuck?!

  22. Laura says:

    What are the writers thinking?! What the hell did they do to blair?! I don’t even know which show I’m watching anymore definitely not gossip girl…
    I never heard about a show where most of the fans wanted it to end, i thinks that says enough.

  23. chairfan says:

    right now just sitting and remembering season 4 finale when chuck and blair were dancing together…
    feels like that didnt even happen..
    after the 10th episode why did the writers give us so much hope!
    blair is treating chuck like sort of backup!
    this is the worst thing that can ever happen…
    ps: why are dan and blair kissing again and again! dair sucks!
    chair forever alive in our hearts ❤

    • Gossip Girl xoxo says:

      I agree completely… Dair sucks!!! I’m voting for Chair too… Poor Chuck, he loves Blair so much and she goes off and kisses Dan of all people. Her best friend’s boyfriend!!! I mean, WTF?!?!?!?

  24. Gossip Girl xoxo says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!! Dan and Blair?!?!?!?! NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!! I was and still am praying that Dair is never gonna happen! Please God please! Chuck don’t give up on Blair!!! And Serena control your man! If Dair happens I’ll stop watching the snow. I mean, c’mon, how can’t Chuck and Blair not end up together?!?! They’ve been through so much together…

  25. Chair Love says:

    two days after my first post on this thread and I’m still screaming for chuck to have justice ! I will not stop till i am heard ! lol one thing that safran said earlier that sticks in my head is that blair will have decided by the end of the season who she wants so we have about 8 eps left their is no way BLONUT can go that distance for that long I suppose we should be glad she is not with chuck now cause these feelings could of appeared in the last season and that would be just to much for me.
    I think we are sitting pretty good at the moment even though it doesn’t feel like it she will chose chuck this season and if they don’t get 6 cgg ends with chair together and if they do get 6 CHAIR together and happy supporting other characters to find each other I mean we will have serena donut nate lola and possibly Ivy in the race for a couple finish and I do mention Ivy for the 6 because she has been with cece for 3 months now who is to say that cece will die knowing Ivy secret and decides to leave her in a very comfortable position it’s not like lilly needs the money and that would show carol mmmmm this could be good

  26. Justjaney says:

    I feel very Chuck today…and wanted to say “How could you do that me Blair?” Sad, sad and more sad!

  27. S says:

    When i was watching the kissing scene OMG i was screaming and cursing the writer’s and Blair…i can not imagine how a person’s feelings change so quick..I used to loveeee Blair but i sware today i felt sorry for Serena and,of course, Chuck!How many times will he be hurt by Blair again??GG writers SUCK!!:(

  28. Laura says:

    girls…i saw the episode preview…is chuck giving up on blair or what?i can’t understand very well what’s he saying…

  29. M1504 says:

    Can.. I.. vomit..
    and how about firing Josh Safran?

  30. Annalino says:

    Im so disappointed that i can’t find my words!! i swear those writers are really dumb,they think pairing dan and blair is a good idea?! let’s boycott this crap and see them sinking with their fucking shit!!!



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