5.17 The Princess Dowry – STILLS

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47 thoughts on “5.17 The Princess Dowry – STILLS

  1. Andrea says:

    Give him the beat down Chuck!

  2. Steph says:

    ow chuck is going at it i guess. go chuckles bye danny boy 😉
    i sooo hope chair is still endgame. i keep believing 🙂
    oh and is that a coffin in the background? seems to me it is. i guess Cece is dead or something…

  3. Andrea says:

    Look over Eds left shoulder. A casket in the background..a funeral :O(

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      That’s surely a wake, possibly for CeCe 😦 when they filmed this, they had funeral attendants/Irish wake attendants casting calls. And in the synopsis says that William (and also the fake Charlie) will come back… I think it may be because of this. After all, she’s been his mother-in-law.

    • meg says:

      its ivy dickens funeral

  4. Lauren says:

    B looks GORGEOUS. And Chuck DEF has something to say.

  5. mar says:

    wow, Georgina looks amazing!!! but there’s something about the look on Blair’s face that I don’t like, hmmm

    • Chair fan says:

      I agree with you mar, it seems like something is wrong… 😦 but we also have to consider it’s a funeral… plus pics are often misunderstanding…

  6. chair says:

    Serena’s grandmather :(( die 😦

  7. Samantha says:

    Why is Dan showing his chest hair? Ew.

    I think it is CeCe’s funeral. :(She has been sick.

    Chair is endgame.

  8. chair says:

    I love how Chuck and Blairs outfits almost always match even when they’re not together. Dan is just irrelevant

    • chairforever says:

      Omg a source says that danblair kiss was just a dream sequence YAY
      But how can ed say Dan loves Blair more than him :/

      • `toomuchpurple says:

        I think Ed was sarcastic. There was another interview from the same event (a video) and the person asked about the show and he was very vague about it. He’s gushed about CB the whole time during the past few weeks, would he change his mind now? 😉

  9. Chair Love says:

    I just want to see donut eat some ! this photo of donut flanked by chuck and georgina is priceless lol God I hope donut is getting thrown under the chuck express that would make my day also georgina is making these last couple of episodes enjoyable for me to think that our blair used to have that much confidence and bitchie-ness about her but untill she is back I am happy to watch georgina wreck havoc on the UES xxx

  10. dd you guys watch the episode and the promo tonight? I hope those new kisses are from the book, but I am in a bad mood now and wont watch any new episodes for sure…

    • chairforever says:

      Me too
      When I saw it I was in depressed mode
      I should quit watching gg until chuck and Blair get together.

    • mar says:

      I agree. The episode was horrible and the promo was even worse. I’m done with GG for now, I’m sorry but I’m not gonna watch Dair crap. Blair was always my fav character and now her personality is completely ruined. I don’t recognize neither her nor the show anymore. I hope that Safran and his precious fanbase will have fun playing by themselves- I won’t be surprised if the next week ratings will be the worst in GG history ever.

    • Laura says:

      there are too many dair kisses in only on ep…i really can’t stand seeing her kissing dan…plus i don’t like that chuck slept with that woman for revenge…it’s like the old chuck is recoming:(

    • Monika says:

      I did…. All this season and season 4 are horrible. And there is nothing i liked in previous GG.
      I really don’t like Blair any longer. She is so changeable (‘ohhh I love you Chuck, but wait, no I love Louis, he is so perfect, no I really love you Chuck, more and more every day, wait a second my feelings change now i love you Dan’).
      The only reason i watch GG is Chair (mostly because of Chuck), now I think B doesn’t deserves C and i feel sorry for Serena ( i’ve never really liked her).
      Writters do everything not to lose Dair fans, and i think that’s the reason they create this new dair storyline, not friends but lovers.
      Watching this show now is driving me mad.

  11. maggie says:

    i really sad watching the promo! why blair do that! that’s freaking grosssssss…

  12. Anya says:

    They ruined my Valentines 😦

  13. chairfan says:

    i think we should acctually just protest now! this is getting too much dair! seriously!?

  14. Steph says:

    eeeew they kissed juk. made me almost vomit my guts out. like FOR REAL? and bad chuck might be back 😮 i hope he kicks dan’s ass.

  15. claudiebam says:

    No comment about the episode, i mean… really dair? What happened to “I love you chuck, more and more everyday…” “I love you chuck, i love every part of you” “You’re the one i never wanna leave” ._.

  16. Missy says:

    Yea..I am in a bad mood about last night too. Mostly mad at the writers and Blair. She runs always with Chuck,wont tell Louis she wont leave because of Chuck,Asks Gods help for Chuck and tells Chuck she loves him more and more every day. ONLY to have her kiss Dan in CHUCKS room??!!! I am not mad at Dan and Blair, I am mad that the writers make NO SENSE.

  17. ishika says:

    hi can anybody post here an authentic link to watch gossip girl online . .. i watch it online as it will air next year in my country . . i used to watch it on cucirca.com n eztvstream.com but both sites are not working these days . .even in youtube somebody used to post it in parts but not anymore

  18. strawberriesandtiaras says:

    Well if I was Chuck i would have done started having fun a bit long ago already. Completely understandable. But he´s still the good Chuck: we know is not really the revenge thing. First, he´s lonely and heartbroken, second: He plans something about Dan, and the lady in his bed is the key to it. I hated it also when that Dair kiss happened. Stupid storyline just to keep both fan parties watching. Very hard to believe already before that she loved Chuck the passionate way and also loved Louis in a “lighter happier way”, let´s just say she adored his title and royalty. And now she swapped one two three the prince Louis with Dan. Two boys in her heart still. Sigh…. make up your mind stupid girl and don´t betray yourself and the ones you love or pretend to love..

    • strawberriesandtiaras says:

      and two many Dair kisses is the next promo. What the f…. are the producers thinking? Did we Chair shippers ever get such a promo with Chuck and Blair kissing around? It is a bit very far over the top. one kiss…allright, if they think that´s their grand new story..but that? oh please

  19. strawberriesandtiaras says:

    Perhaps you already have them. here I found a few more stills like the ones your post here is about :-)http://blairandchuck.blogg.se/

  20. chairfan says:

    what crap is this? @missy
    i so agree with you..

  21. Jessica :) says:

    two many kisses for the next promo. i hate it! i seriously hate Gossip Girl already!! most specially the writers! i hate them! >.< ugh. i just watch it because of Chuck and Blair.. and now Blair's acting stupid so I'm just waatching it because of Chuck ONLY CHUCK! 😐

  22. GG says:

    How pathetic is that. Im in real shock. For real,you must be kidding me,for 5 years no one knew who gossip girl was and now just after few series when gossip girl is finally revealed Dan find out who she is,how is that? I mean this is silly,it would be better that no one knows in gg cast who she really is. And about this awkward Dan/Blair love thing. How on earth is it possible that someone change their mind every 5 seconds? Its sooo unrealistic. Never met in my life such a person who loves someone as much as B loves C as the producers show us and does everything not to be with this person. And actually choose a lousy guy. I even liked Louis more. Maybe she will be with Dan so Chuck will let her go,who knows. But for now,this is the worst season,i liked DB more when they were friends and she hated him a little bit. They should have stayed way.

  23. Laura says:

    i think that they will do just like in the 2nd season…they’ll bring chair together in the last episode so that their happy story continue in the sixth season if there will be a sixth season…what do you think girls?

    • Chair fan says:

      Laura, I’m pretty speechless (in a negative way of course, because of this gross episode) but I hope you’re right with all my heart!!! I had already heard a very similar speculation and it actually fits: there are lots of elements of the second serie: the car accident, a funeral, Blair getting with a guy who’s not Chuck in the second half of the season so that we think it may be something serious and eventualy we find out it wasn’t that much… I don’t know whether we’re right or I’m just keeping my hopes up, but I don’t want to believe we’re totally hopeless and done…

  24. ChairEndgame says:

    What do you think about the paternity test? Was Louis really the father or could there be a time when it comes out that chuck is the real father? sorry if i have missed an important point, i don’t understand everything of the episodes (my excuse is that english isn’t my first language :D) Anyway they ruined the season, when they come back in the finale they will go on with this crap in season 6 or there will be no other season and we only have a 30 seconds happy end =(

  25. strawberriesandtiaras says:

    yeah, a 15,2 second end quick little kiss end. AND I assume a sort of open end… where its not clear for all couples… perhaps even for Chair…with some two meaning like last words from GG like in end season 4. So that the producers leave themselves everything open… perhaps a season 6, perhaps not, perhaps a movie, propably not. Not.

  26. Laura x says:

    Don’t really know where to start about the hideousness of last nights episode. Surprisingly it wasn’t the fact Dan and Blair kissed either. Will the real Blair Waldorf please stand up? Like seriously, where the hell is she, where is the Blair Waldorf we all know and love.

    I don’t understand how she loves Chuck more and more everyday, is married to Louis, is trying to set up Dan and Serena the entire episode and then kisses Dan, in Chucks room no less? And decides she loves Dan too and hes worth risking everything for, literally everything! She risks losing Serena her best friend, Chuck the love of her life and her marriage (dowry) and risk having to pay ALOT of money and end up poor.

    Chuck… i just felt sorry for, he clearly just wanted to be with the only person hes ever loved on Valentines Day. But has matured enough to let her get out of her own mess, and then finally be able to move on and be together. But nope Blair kisses Dan, and makes it crystal clear to Chuck that hes not worth the risk but Dan is, which is nothing more than a spit in the face (probably worse actually, so don’t blame him going off and sleeping with Alexander)

  27. Ashley says:

    This episode was a slap in the fact to Gossip Girl fans. Chair and Derena fans shouldn’t be the only people pissed about this. They have destroyed Dan and Blair’s characters all season. What I don’t get is why anybody would be happy about that. As everyone already mentioned, they are unrecognizable. If you are real fans of the show, this should upset you no matter who you ship. Anyone can see how messed up Blair is at this point.

    • Anya says:

      True that! Chair and Derena shippers are THE MOST loyal long time GG fans. They don’t deserve all this. Don’t you just “love” how they made Serena admit Dan was “the love of her life” and Blair spill her feelings for Chuck just to shove Dair down our throats just a few episodes later.

  28. bri says:

    Blair please come to your senses!!!! Chuck is the one for you!!!! We all know it!!!! A world with no Chuck and Blair is pointless!!!! Omg I’m obsessed with Chuck Bass!!!!!! I ❤ love luv him!!!!!

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