Kristin Spoilers – February 9th

Maura: Please, something, anything on Chuck and Blair on Gossip Girl! Or just Chuck? I’ll take anything.
A source tells us that Chuck will continue to wrestle with his feelings for Blair (even though she’s currently distracted by Dan), so the Bass-meister certainly hasn’t let her go yet. But in even juicier scoop, Chuck is going to learn some “surprising news about himself.” Get ready, y’all.



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14 thoughts on “Kristin Spoilers – February 9th

  1. Andie1391 says:

    Noww this looks interesting….and i mean the part where will learn some surprising news about himself….i think he’ll find out he’s more rich than he knows something like that…… Hope it’s a good SL for him… not so happy about the “hasn’t let Blait go yet”…:S

  2. I think he will find out Diana is his sister.

  3. Alberdien says:

    Maybe he’s gonna find out that Diana his aunt or something

  4. Alberdien says:

    Sorry, I mean: maybe he’s gonna find out that Diana is his aunt or something. Remember that strange phone call in ‘Riding in town cars with boys’?

  5. sweetiepie says:

    i think the “surprising news about himself” part will have something to do with jack and diana

  6. mar says:

    I think that Bart and Diana had a baby and Chuck will find out he has a sibling. there was this photo of Ed and a sweet little boy, maybe that’s his brother?

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      That’s possible… but Diana and Bart look really alike, quite like Jack and Bart do. The boy with Ed on set could also look like a younger version of him. Is weird that Bart and Diana who have both blue eyes, had a son with dark eyes/hair. I mean the writers may be stupid sometimes but their castings for parents have been quite good.

      • mar says:

        you are amazing, you know that? you are absolutely right – Bart and Diana have both blue eyes, I have never thought of that detail. In that case – maybe Diana is Bart’s and Jack’s sister? And this little boy is Chuck’s brother because he’s Elisabeth’s son? Something tells me that this is not just a random kid and I really like the idea of Chuck having a brother, lol!

      • Andie1391 says:

        Omg there’s a pic of ed with a little boy?? so sweet if he has a brother remember how cool he was with erick!! he was the only one who didnt judge him i think that will be amazing for chuck but let’s see what writers come up to =S hahaa

      • `toomuchpurple says:

        Yep 😛 It was a pic snapped indoors 2-3 weeks ago when Desmond started filming again. They filmed at a hospital, apparently. This little boy was called “sick boy” so may also be just a guy he meets or himself as a young boy.

  7. Chair18 says:

    I think you are all right.

    But maybe it’s also gonna be about the blood transfusion mentionned in the episode 5×11.
    A doctor said : “do you find a family member for blood transfusion “….

    Maybe Chuck is gonna find out it’s Diana who give it to him that’s why Jack called her….

  8. Chair Love says:

    I’m so excited about this change in direction I feel like I have been giving too much energy towards donut and his issues and it is soooo nice to be seeing the end of this wedding story line so now just to get rid of dair which will properly take the writers the rest of the season lol .

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