Video of Ed On Set – February 6th


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9 thoughts on “Video of Ed On Set – February 6th

  1. Karolina says:

    Question: Will you marry me, Ausiello? We can watch Gossip Girl and hope for Dair together. In the meantime, what can you tell us about the Valentine’s episode? —Alice

    Ausiello: Dan finally opens his heart in next week’s Valentine’s-themed episode, and Blair has a surprising reaction to his catharsis. Or not, if you’ve seen the photos floating around. Oh, and there’s a significant death coming up later in the season. (That’s what we journalists call “burying the lede.”) As for your proposal, my answer is… well, that’s one secret I’ll never tell.


    • mar says:

      I’ve decided not to care about Ausiello and his spoilers. It was him who was teasing about 5×07 and it was him who wrote that 5×13 had the potential to be the greatest tv hour ever – I don’t know what it is he’s smoking but he should quit ASAP

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      I saw this. I was already in bed to care for posting it. lol.

      • Andie1391 says:

        I comment on a different post but it didn’t upload lol so i will say it here… im not entirely surprised cuz of course Blair knows how dan feels it just that she doesnt want to admitt it maybe cuz is her bf ex etc…. but i dont think she will be surprised when dan tells her how he feels…as for the death im thinking is S grandmother or Father, i was considering Jack or Diana but too many deads for Chuck… Bart, the Mother was supposed to be dead then she is not but then she doesnt care about him so she left him.. that’s more painful than the thought of her being dead so im hoping is not one of chuck’s relatives….im still hoping the pics of Dair kissing are just to create speculations or it’s a Dream hoping it’s a Dan dream and not Blairs…:S

  2. Karolina says:

    I thought it’s a dream or something because of this dress and “crown” (how is it called?). But it’s Dan who put it on her head. Maybe to show her that she is still princess for him… I’m so disappointed.

  3. Andie1391 says:

    i am too.. this kind of gestures should be done by chuck not dan who the hell is Dan? chuck can buy her a castle if she wants 😛 hahah

  4. Mama Roach says:

    i just don’t get it. How can ‘Dair’ really happen, when they remind us EVERY f-ing episode, of how much Blair loves Chuck? I mean, where’s the point? They fuck up everything, if Dan and Blair hook up together. Not only the BS friendship, since we all know, Serena’s madly in love with muppet – again, but the DB friendship, if it didn’t work out, even the CD connection, not to mention CB. Seriously, if I were Chuck, I could’t forgive Blair choosing Dan over me. The more I think about it, the more i come the conclusion, that Chuck should just foget Blair. She doesn’t even deserve him right now – he’d to anything for her, if she just permit it. But why choose the love of your life, when you can be with someone, who has written a f-ing marriage vow, which has touches you sooooooooooo deeply?!

    I know, its just a drama series, but just because it is, doesn’t mean, evey character on the show HAS to be with everyone, right? (otherwise we should prepare ourselfs for a CS relationship, don’t you think? Maybe they’re something like siblings, but who cares, since GG has no more logic?)

    Maybe that’s how it all has to end; Serena, alone and desperate, committing suicide, because Dan is madly in love with Blair and her best friend betray her by choosing HER love of the life, Chuck .. being bad Bass again, Nate .. who?!, and Dan and Blair, happily ever after, raising up their 4 children and open a waffle shop in Brooklyn. (Or maybe Chuck being killed in a tragic accident? Can’t see him suffer anymore & he’ll always love Blair .. buh.)

    So, last but not least; I’m sorry for this kind of english crap. Honestly I haven’t spoke english for more than 4 years – but I just have to talk about them, ’cause I have no one to share my passion about CB, lol. So, I hope you get my point 😀

    Lovely greetings, again, from germany! (:

    • Anya says:

      I couldn’t agree more! Why all the change in Chuck? Why have them confess their feelings to one another every week, and then say “we don’t have endgame couples set in stone yet”. They’ve been dragging Dair SL since season 4, and it’s obvious that Blair’s feelings toward Donut stay “friends only”. Plus, she loves Chuck “more and more each day”. Now we know Dan’s the one who sent C&B video to GG, he’s the one lying to Blair, trying to ruin her marriage and her relationship with Chuck. While Chuck is a changed man. If Dair gets romantic I’ll go berserk!

      • Ashley says:

        Agreed. Blair better find out he sent the video soon. But honestly, I don’t think they will get romantic. Dan might kiss her but I don’t think it’s going past that. The problem is, they are trying to string the Dair fans along until closer to the end of the season. And it’s pissing the Chair fans off. Hopefully it will only a few more episode before Blair rejects Dan once and for all.

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