5.14 The Backup Dan – Recap

Here we go again. Using the same justifications to keep Chuck and Blair apart and justify other ‘relationships’. This episode looked actually better than the 100th, surprisingly. I have no idea exactly, but it does. Maybe because it was more eventful and they went to many places.

I’ll give this episode a 6. Not completely, I think is enough. Next week looks… meh. Besides Blair’s gorgeous Reem Acra and Chuck’s ensamble with Boris around this neck. Oh, how much have I missed the scarf.

I lol’d so much when the episode started with “Like a Virgin” by Madonna. Don’t ask me why.

The song is over already when we see Serena reaching Chuck and telling him she has security looking for B everywhere (even on the roof) and not finding her. She wonders where she is and they seem to get an answer when Chuck’s phone beeps and it’s the security of the Empire calling him. Apparently Blair is there, hiding at his place. He seems so happy about it…

He and Serena go in the back of the St. Regis so that his car would pick them up there and they can leave without being seen. They find Nate and Lola (the real Charlie Rhodes that is working for the catering) putting some things in her van. They inform them of the situation and the girl tells them that it’s normal Arthur still didn’t come, there are photographers waiting for BL outside and it’s hard to get near the hotel but that she can get out with her van because she’ll be going out from another exit. Chuck tells her that they may need her van then, Serena suggets that she simply gives them a ride (rightfully). Lola accepts and they get in.

They arrive to Chuck’s suite but Blair isn’t there, Georgina is. She explains that she needed to get their attention and she told one of Chuck’s security that she was Blair Waldorf, so they would call him. She tells them that she just wants to help, she saw Blair leaving the hotel and she was the last person who saw her, they would need their help.

We see Blair in the Just Married car in the garage of JFK then. She explains Dan that she wants to go to the Dominican Republic because there you can get a divorce without the groom and really fast compared to usual US/another country times. Dan wonders if it’s because of Chuck’s blast that she wants to do that (SMH so hard at Dan, assuming assuming assuming like there is no tomorrow, stop judge so fast, PLEASE) but Blair says that she wants to do so because when the video played in the church, Louis changed and became another person so she just wants to be free again now.

They get in the airport, finally and Dan tries to book a flight but they need to wait. Blair complains people are staring at her and that they may tell Louis/send a blast to GG and he may try to stop her, some people in fact have already recognized her. Dan says that’s because she has a wedding dress that they are staring so Blair stops a girl asking to trade the dress with some pants and shirt and the girl recognizes her. Blair quickly tells her they are decoys trying to get the attention elsewhere from the real married couple so the girl goes away saying Dan is terrible. I nod. So Dan gives her his credit card and she goes to buy souvenirs clothes.

Blair gets back with an “I heart NY” shirt and they go to the check in and the woman says she needs their passports that they obviously don’t have with them. Blair shows the magazine with her pic with Louis to the woman, saying that she wants her to give them the tickets without the passports because she can see that she’s the new Princess of Monaco. The girl who talked to them few minutes before interrupts them telling the steward not to trust them because they are decoys and to check how bad the prince is (good girl, high five). Blair decides to call Dorota to get her passport.

Serena spoke to Dan and goes to report back to Chuck and the others. G says Dan is lying that B and Louis went away together. She doesn’t believe Georgina… and G tells them she’d be insulted if she cared they didn’t believe her. Chuck asks her why she still hasn’t left to in a hole and hide (lol). G wants to help but Chuck calls security and G gets a text in the same moment saying that Dorota just entered the Waldorfs, so she lies she is bored and her DVR is empty (lmao I love G) so she goes away. CS are left alone and she tells him she’s sorry Blair wasn’t there, she knew that he hoped she would run to him, he says that maybe he needs to realize that it’s over and that whoever sent the blast at the church has killed any possibility to be with her again. Serena gets a text on Blair’s phone (she was keeping it) and it’s Louis. He’s wondering where B is. With this they get that Dan lied to them.

Back to the airport, Dan tells Blair he told Rufus about her wanting to go to the Dominican Republic. Blair doesn’t like this because she says that Rufus is not like Dorota, she is paid to be silent when she asks her but Rufus usually tries to do the right thing and he’s not trustworthy.

They wait for Dorota and the passport but she doesn’t arrive. At some point a LCD shows footage of Louis talking to journalists and telling them Blair is gone bla bla bla they need to find her bla bla bla. LOL she disappeared for how much, one or two hours and you are already alerting the press? BAH. Blair decides to go away from the JFK because she fears people would recognize her and report the royals, and in fact some of them do. They do and start sending pictures to Gossip Girl.

Chuck and Serena arrived at the Waldorfs meanwhile. They see Blair’s luggage still there so they get she hasn’t fled the country yet. They hear a noise from Blair’s shoes closet and notice it was closed with a black ribbon, they open it and find Dorota inside trying on Blair’s shoes… lol. She explains she was bored locked inside that she did it to pass the time and that G did this to her and she told her the wrong place Blair was. She tells them she was at the airport and now she went to a hotel and she’s waiting for her to take her passport there, she only said something about Elizabeth Taylor and both CS get that she wants a divorce. She says Louis kept calling saying he wanted to know where B was and in fairytales that meant locking her in a tower forever (lmao). Chuck takes the passport and he and Serena leave to reach B’s hotel. They don’t know that not too far Georgina is in another car watching them.

DB arrive to a hotel in Queens and Blair is worried the hotel clerk recognized her. She complains that she wonders how did she go from becoming a princess to flying coach then go to a hotel room with him. Dan gets mad because she’s been ungrateful for what he did to her and that she’s yelling at him the same way she yelled at him when his book came out bla bla bla and B says she only read the part that never happened bla bla bla he wants to leave and says bye but they heard a knock and Blair says that is not a Dorota knock.

He opens the door and Serena and Chuck are out there, they wonder why he’s there. They ask where is Blair and she goes out of the bathroom and assures that they didn’t tell Louis she was there. S says that Dorota gave them the passports and asks why she wants to do this, B answers that Louis doesn’t care about her and just wants to keep her hostage, Chuck also wonders why she went there with Dan and he asks he doesn’t know and is about to leave when S wonders why Dan didn’t tell them he was with her. Dan justifies himself that B asked him not to tell anyone but Blair interjects saying that she didn’t know he spoke to S. D says Serena is “anyone” – seriously now? – and S says she’s not anyone, she’s Blair’s BEST FRIEND. Dan seems butthurt when B adds that she just technically needed the car to leave.

Dan opens the door to leave and he finds G outside, she takes a pic of them. Serena’s clutch falls and phones and a camera goes out of it, G recognizes it’s the cam with the vid of CB on it that she gave to Chuck few hours before. G says that then the mistery of who sent the vid to GG is solved, B looks at Serena with disapproval.

Chuck assumes S did it to set his fall but S tells them that she did it for the two of them, she said she didn’t do it to hurt her. But Blair choosing to run away with Dan knowing how she felt about it and not telling her, hurt her too. S leaves and Chuck and Blair are left alone. Chuck tells Blair that he can chart a flight and they can be to the Dominican Republic before sunrise, but Louis arrives to stop the party.

She says that is not even a day from her marriage and she’s already breaking her prenup and staying with her illicit lover. Blair says things are not what they seem and wonders how did Sophie find her and jokes that maybe there’s a GPS locator in a button of her dress (lol). Louis’ mom tells her that now that she is the Princess of Monaco privacy isn’t an option anymore. She says Gossip Girl seemed to know more of where Blair was than her own mother. B says that she’s not going back to Louis and Sophie tells her that if she doesn’t, she will have to literally pay the consequences that consist in a dowry. Chuck looks surprised and asks her what century does she think they are and Sophie bitch just ignores him and adds that if she refuses to come, her mother will have to sell her company to cover the price of the dowry.

Blair tells Chuck that she is sorry she blamed him for releasing the video. He says that it’s understandable because everyone knew he was the obvious choice. He’s now glad she knows now and that they can start over, but Blair shakes her head. He kneels down and tells her he’ll protect her from whatever threat Louis and her mother will do to Blair (awww) and that he is willing to pay Blair’s dowry. She doesn’t want him to buy her freedom from Louis, though. He says he doesn’t care how much it will cost if it will mean getting rid of them. “I’d do anything for you” he adds, but Blair says she doesn’t want to get out of this marriage that way, she made a promise and she needs to keep it. Chuck wonders if she’s talking about the promise to God and tells her that she broke it the moment she left Louis, and he’s still standing. Blair says she wants to handle this on her own because she doesn’t want him to pay her freedom to Louis.

“When and if we end up together, it has to be as equals, with nothing over our heads. That’s the only shot we have.”

Chuck says he can’t stand the thought of her with anyone else. He doesn’t care how much it will cost and where did they have to go “I just want to be with you” (awww 3). She says she promises Louis won’t lay a hand on her and that she’s sorry but it has to be this way. She looks at him one more time before going out of the room, leaving a devasted Chuck behind.

Blair goes to Dan at the bar, she says she wants to apologize for treating him like crap and that she knows he has done things for her bla bla bla and that she knows he wrote the vows and that they were nice and that it’s obvious that he cares more than Louis “as a friend, of course” she says, not seeming in denial AT all, but Dan seems hurt (ouch!). She adds se has weird ways of showing her gratitude and bla bla bla. She tells him he should cut his hair and that now she has to do what she has to do with Louis.

She comes back home and Louis is waiting for her in the foyer, her mother is also there and she told him she’s willing to do anything for her daughter because Waldorfs do not give into threats. Blair tells her mom she’s okay going through with it and that she’s ready to leave for the honeymoon with Louis. Eleanor tells Blair that she doesn’t have to do that, Blair says she has to because she doesn’t want to ruin her family to save herself. She has to do it for just a year (because after a year the prenup options are changeable and the dowry too if I recall). Her mother hugs her and then Dan arrives to bring her dress back. Blair says thank you again then she and Louis leave the penthouse. They go outside and they kiss for the press, Blair’s face is highly disgusted as she does this… Poor Blair, seriously. I hate the royals.

Serena and Chuck get back to his suite and he sees the last GG blast showing Blair and Louis out of her place. He asks Serena why did Blair choose Louis, “I would have done anything for her” he adds. Serena says she knows but that in the first place he didn’t have to send that video to GG, and he asks doesn’t she mean she shouldn’t have? S says he can stop pretending now, she found the camera where he left it in the bridal chamber and put it in her purse, she thought it was worth lying and saying she had sent the blast, if that would have made CB get back together. He says he wasn’t lying, so Serena supposes that if they both didn’t do it there must have been someone else that did it…

Few thoughts on why Blair doesn’t want to be helped by Chuck:

Blair doesn’t want him to pay her dowry because:

1) She believes she has to get out of this situation alone
2) She doesn’t want to be “bought”
3) She has pride! lol. And maybe she thinks she deserves it, which she doesn’t.

She has taken Chuck from granted in 5×08. She isn’t fully sure he would pay that without nothing in return. I don’t blame her because that’s how Blair thinks. She is afraid of starting whatever real relationship with Chuck like Serena said. She is afraid of being hurt again and that Chuck’s changes may not stick. It’s understandable. She is afraid he wouldn’t give her freedom for a while if he would “free” her.

I think this second half may parallel the first. In 5.07 Chuck kissed Blair to show her that he didn’t change so she could be with Louis and be sure of that. In 5.08 she thought he wanted to crash her party but she realized thank to Serena that Chuck just wanted to avoid her party crash by Dan, that imo here is appearing messy and lying.

I have no idea if Chuck will ever pay her dowry, but like someone supposed few days ago in the comments, what if? Now that they put that there I wouldn’t see it off. I really have no idea what Blair could do to go out of her marriage with Louis, I don’t think we’ll have to wait another year to find out. I hope this situation is resolved soon.


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10 thoughts on “5.14 The Backup Dan – Recap

  1. chair says:

    I can’t vote for ,,Seemed fine to me.” I think it was fantastic ..Blair was so funny.I like that G is back … And Nate and Lola .. I like it,like it :)I don’t like only Queen B in castle prison. I know that at the end of the season Chuck and Blair will be together.

  2. Andie1391 says:


  3. Anya says:

    Well, Dair remain just friends. I’m incredibly happy! Keep them that way lol!)
    Chuck didn’t send the tape. Great!
    Maybe Dan did it! That’s better than great!)

    On the whole marriage situation – maybe that’s what Chuck is going to help Blair with? She’s not wearing a ring on the set pics anymore, right?
    I loved C&B conversation this episode (I was preparing for the worst)! Finally she hinted at a possibility of them getting back together! I mean she said “when and if we end up together”.

  4. mar says:

    great recap, as always! As for Chuck and the dowry, I’ve read that theory that maybe he’ll sell the Empire to pay it off- if it turns out to be the truth, how awesome would that be?

  5. Andie1391 says:

    I liked the episode a lot… like most of u said i was hoping something worst but instead it was good…i really like dan and blair’s friendship but that’s all i think they will make an awful mistake if they hook up, it wont be the same after that…love the chair scene at the Hotel… Chuck stop!! u just want us to fall more and more with u every Monday! u’re giving most romantic lines ever lol… a lot of lines where so funny last night.. i loved the “In which century u think we live? or “Why would blair be in the roof? lol so many quotes and blair had pretty good ones too……can’t wait to see chuck and blair together i hope they dont wait until the season finale to get them back together i remember i read a comment that said chair would have hot scenes so im waiting for that, as for the dair photos in the met steps i hope it’s dans dream or something….=S

    • Andie1391 says:

      Im not…we know Blair knows of course how dan feels… i dont think she will be surprised…as for the death… i think it can be S grandmother or her father cuz they’ve said he will come back… i was considering Jack or Diana but seriously,, Bart, the Mother and now the Uncle or Diana that God only knows what kind of relative is she of chuck’s……it’s too much pain for chuck even though he hates he’s uncle….haha idk what to think i mean im really expecting to be Dan’s dream the pics we have seen of them kissing….=(

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