Speculation Post Day 10: What is going on, Princess Peach?

I really feel not in the mood to write much tonight but I decided to try because I don’t digest well when someone is too negative. I’m negative in real life already, I try not to be towards fiction because tvshows are fake, changeable. Not many people think like me, so I’ll just respect their way to think and I’ll just try to comfort them. Right now I’m feeling as a mother (or a sister, or a friend) who is just trying to give people something to hold on to – as always.

Read more under the cut to see what I think about today’s set pictures.

The pictures are here by the way.

I didn’t post the exact pic on this blog because sorry, I wanted to avoid hurt to your eyes, lol.

Are DB together?

I wouldn’t say they ARE together, I mean, have you seen her big gown? Like someone wrote on twitter, she looks like the Princess in Super Mario. Plus, what about that tiara and the little minions? So, I wouldn’t exactly fear they are. It could be well a dream, or a scheme.

I’m fairly sure they are filming 5.19. I can tell because Norman Buckley has to direct 5.20 and he wasn’t on that set (or I didn’t see him). Plus, Chace and Ella (the real Charlie) were also filming and as someone noticed, she had her coat from the January 31st filming on. So it may still be episode 19.

Remember what happened last year during 4.19?

It was the episode where Blair and Louis tried to keep their meetings secret. At the pink party, DB kiss and we see their kiss on a phone, Blair explains they did it to make everyone believe she wasn’t with Louis (his mother was looking for him via her royal employees).

Blair is caught in her wedding with Louis. Louis asked her to fake her smiles for the press to protect their loveless marriage. Basically, Blair would have to just pretend 24/7 to be happy with Louis, which we saw she isn’t. Don’t you think that at some point she’ll break and she’ll want to try something more effective to end her marriage, since I think her unplanned trip to go to the Dominican Republic we’ll see in tonight’s episode, won’t go well (because imo she won’t be able to leave NYC).

What to do then to try to have a final divorce and untie herself from a life of unhappiness?

My answer is: do the opposite of what her now husband asked her, which is not to fake anymore her relationship by 1) remove both of her wedding band and engagement ring; 2) publicly show the medias that she has another man. Guess it fits. She can easily get attention with that puffy pink gown if she wants, right? And if that is not a dream.

She wouldn’t ever try to use Chuck to do that. Everyone knows already that she loves him and wanted to runaway with him and even get married with him instead of Louis. Plus, she may still be afraid of the consequences her pact with God may have with Chuck… she may still fear that if they get together, he may be hurt (which I hope they’ll resolve soon because that is IMO bs, but I can understand Blair).

Then you know who is left. Dream, scheme… there are many possibilities.

I just don’t think she would change her mind and heart about Chuck. We’ve heard her say she loves Chuck SEVERAL times during the last few years, during the last episode too.

Serena was with Dan during S1 and a bit of S2. We’ve seen DS was done after a while and so Serenate had the chance during S3 to “try to be together. This is not the same situation. Blair’s feelings aren’t as changeable as Serena’s for her guys. The problem with S is that she is able to love more guys at the same time because she feels both for Dan and Nate (well at least until the half of S4). Not that Blair can’t, but in a different way. She is not in denial. We know she loves Chuck.

I could explain this saying that she’s publicly trying to get attention so that the medias would think that she and Louis have marriage problems. The medias usually notice this bs on stars (and so do I, lol) when there are rumors they may be breaking their engagements/marriages.

So I guess since Louis asked Blair to stage their relationship and always smile to the paps and talk lovely about their marriage if she would be interviewed, her weapon to spat back on him would be do the contrary of what he asked… that is publicly show herself kissing someone in the light or not wearing her rings anymore… something that would make Louis’ and his mom’s blood boil with shame. Blair is betraying her HUSBAND publicly.

She also has to keep her decency so she couldn’t do this with Chuck. Everyone knows she loves Chuck and wanted to get married/runaway with him. It’s no secret. Maybe and I say -MAYBE – she is doing this to “protect” him and pushing Dan in the possible humiliation she may get, because she DOESN’T love Dan.

It’s like those pics may scream to a People mag:


I hope this gives you hope. Remember that Chuck is not going to stop, he’s going to fight for Blair.

Have faith!! And help us to trend Reunite Chuck and Blair tonight At the very least, show your disappointment tweeting GGWriters, JoshSchwartz76 and CW_network.


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6 thoughts on “Speculation Post Day 10: What is going on, Princess Peach?

  1. sweetiepie says:

    Your speculation gave me hope… and do you remember at the end of season two when they where filming the kissing scene with Chuck and Nate to fool us??? They really try not to spoil anything… And that whole Dair story will never happen, because everyone knows that she loves Chuck!!!

  2. Anya says:

    The whole thing is weird! Blair’s in a ridiculously big pink gown, tiara, and Dan is in his plaid shirt and messy hair. Obviously, they are not having a Dair date!

    Just like the runaway pictures weren’t exactly what they seamed, this is not necessarily what it looks like. It’s GG.

  3. Steph says:

    Love the speculation, i basically was thinking the same as you 😉

  4. Chair_fan says:

    I don’t like being negative, but these are prooves, not speculations… “Question: Will you marry me, Ausiello? We can watch Gossip Girl and hope for Dair together. In the meantime, what can you tell us about the Valentine’s episode? —Alice Ausiello: Dan finally opens his heart in next week’s Valentine’s-themed episode, and Blair has a surprising reaction to his catharsis. Or not, if you’ve seen the photos floating around. Oh, and there’s a significant death coming up later in the season. (That’s what we journalists call “burying the lede.”) As for your proposal, my answer is… well, that’s one secret I’ll never tell”… :(( What should I think now?? he practically confirmed what we had thought at first… 😦

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      I don’t think so. That is 5.19 and Ausi’s spoiler (as well as Kristin’s from earlier) are up to 5.17. Don’t you understand they want to appease both fanbases? Huh.

      • Chair_fan says:

        of course I do, and that’s why I hate spoilers as much as I love them sometimes, but the problem is that this time he could refer to something that begins in 5.17 and goes on in the following episodes… I mean, which other surprising reaction could Blair have, connected to the photos we saw?? 😦

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