Leighton On Set – February 6th

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23 thoughts on “Leighton On Set – February 6th

  1. Christine says:

    Atleast theres not a ring anymore ..yay even if she is with humphrey

    • Anya says:

      Really? I’d rather her be married! At leats we knoe it’s a loveless marriage. Dair romance is one thing I can’t accept!!!

      • chair says:

        Right , if she is not with Luis , she should be with Chuck … because there is no reason against Chair ! Dan and Blair are fun, but only as friends …

  2. rojina says:

    Omg these pictures don’t make me feel good she’s holding him and walking seriosly that should be chuck ahhhh frustration really hate the writers now like seriosuly ugh humphrey I hate how his sneaking his way into blairs life while he tries to blame everything on chuck to make him look bad in blairs eyes that will never happen humphrey give it up

  3. Missy says:

    I see some pictures were left out..Shes kissing Dan in a couple :O(

  4. Chair18 says:



  5. Chair18 says:

    Sorry i showed you the pictures
    And now i want to vomit :(:(:(:(

  6. Chair18 says:

    I hope this is Dan’s dream or whatever
    Because what are they doing on a day time with blair’s dress.
    I think it’s donut’s dream about blair who is the queen on met’s stairs like serena said….

  7. CMH says:

    Penn needs a g’damn haircut already. Yikes.

  8. Christine says:

    Wait these pictures are odd they have 3 things that are weird 1 she has no ring on 2 she has her wedding tiara on 3 shes kissing dan. It seems to me she might be making these decisions just to piss of louie and to publicly embarass the royal family. she could be doing some scheming to get him to divorce her so calm down everyone jeez

    • Christine says:

      Oh and i just saw a photographer in 1 of the pics taking pictures of them so that just proves my theory

    • Anya says:

      Well it better be!!! Personally, I refuse to believe in possibility of Dair romantic relationship. Not after all the things Blair said to Chuck, not after his growth, not after 5 freakin’ years of Chair! I’ll be in denial till the end! and I’ll go down with my ship if I have to.

  9. Could this be a promo for his book? IT all looks to contrived…otherwise, it could be a Dan dream sequence.

  10. Andie1391 says:


  11. DorinaNYP says:

    I think that the producers are trying to be funny again and annoy us like they did in the season 2 finale with Nate and Blair http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vViLXlBAWIc 09:21-09:33

  12. rena says:

    Or it’s a production of ‘ the princess and the pauper’ lol you guys!
    No way is dair happening!

  13. S says:

    What the f…ck is B wearing???Looks like Cinderella’s dress!:-DD

  14. love&chairriage says:

    All I know is this better be a joke! A very sick, unamusing joke, uggh!

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