5.13 G.G. – FASHION

Uhm uhm… the fashion for this episode wasn’t that pleasant on Blair’s part in my opinion. Her fascinator at the beginning looked like a teacup and her dressed in total-white didn’t please me much. Basically because I don’t like white. Her wedding gown was nice, but the one she wore in 5.11 was better. No idea why they couldn’t put this one in the other episode and the other one for the actual wedding. Serena’s wedding gown was far better! Let’s just hope the day Chuck and Blair will finally get married that Blair will have a gown I’ll like. lol.

Blair Waldorf 5x13 - G.G. (2)

Diane von Fürstenberg wool wrap coat, $298
Badgley Mischka platform high heels, $100
Loewe suede handbag, £1,295

Blair Waldorf 5x13 - G.G.

Badgley Mischka high heels, $245
Vera Wang – “Esther” Fall 2011


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7 thoughts on “5.13 G.G. – FASHION

  1. mar says:

    I liked the coat, but that’s probably because I’ve got a similiar one, lol. As for the wedding gown – I agree, the one from 5×11 was so much better. But well, wrong groom=wrong outfit, it makes sense. I also loved Serena’s MOH dress and Liliy’s dress.

  2. strawberriesandtiaras says:

    …the day Chuck and Blair will finally get married… 🙂 WOW , reading this I went “sigh” . I hope that there will ever be a scene like that. I can already see Chucks facial expression with a little smile when watching her walking down the aisle. Propably a nother complete season of waiting. Because.. What should they show in season 6? It’s always been about Chair. Serena was always second with Nate and Dan last… Guess I have to learn patience…. Difficult

    • strawberriesandtiaras says:

      and what I really disliked and what felt kind of a betrayal: the peonies ! I felt that these flowers she should only have together with Chuck.

  3. Anya says:

    I wasn’t wowed by the dress either! IMO Wedding scenes were nothing special! (Hope they are saving some good ideas for Chair wedding 😛 )

    One thing I liked – WE NEVER GOT TO HEAR DANS VOWS. I wouldn’t be able to sit thru all that cheesiness he probably wrote!

    • CMH says:

      Bahahahaha! I love you, Anya! I think the Dan/Blair relationship is mostly platonic from Blair’s side. I think only Dan is invested romantically. Just my personal viewpoint.

      She looks at Dan as a wonderful friend, who she can count on for anything. I think Dan looks at her like something else, but she isn’t reciprocating.

      …or maybe I should say that I am really hoping this is the case. lol

  4. CMH says:

    I loveddddd Serena’s MOH dress and I also loved the other bridesmaid dresses, too. I love the romantic color tones used.

    The Vera gown from 5×11 was so lovely! I don’t understand what they were thinking, nixing that one in favor of this one. I, too, hope that the eventual wedding of Chuck and Blair has her in the most amazing gown ever.

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