5.15 Crazy, Cupid, Love – STILLS

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35 thoughts on “5.15 Crazy, Cupid, Love – STILLS

  1. grace says:


  2. Lauren says:

    oh no chuck…don’t let it be a DB kiss!!! =(

  3. amanda says:

    THE SCARF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    who cares about DB?! The scarf is baaaaaaack 😀

  4. mar says:

    do you think Donut will try to cop a feel? I wish I could see what’s on Georgina’s phone…

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      I think if someone uploads on HQ soon we may see what’s on her phone…

    • mar says:

      @Laura, you might be right, I think there’s someone with dark hair on this pic and it could be Donut, but it also can be Jack with Diana or even Chuck himself, doing sth he’s not proud of..

      • Laura says:

        @mar maybe you are right…but idk,i dont’t think chuck will go back to the old habits because he knows the only possibility to win blair is to remain good.although it would be great if blair prepares a surprise for him:X

  5. Laura says:

    i hope it won’t be a happy Valentine’s day for dan instead of chuck.that would be the worst thing that could ever happen

  6. Missy says:

    Looks like Georgina is showing Chuck a picture of Dan and Blair :O(

  7. Monika says:

    Blair has her engagement ring? But she run away right? Then why she’s still wearing it?
    I can’t believe that Dair will really happen…
    It is just ridiculous- you know Blair always loves Chuck, she loved ( in some way) Louis because he was her prince charming, kind, generous, and he has everything she has dreamt of. But Dan, really?
    And what about Serena? Blair knows S still loves D.
    Can you imagine B being Dan’s girlfriend? Living in Brooklyn? With DAN? (and his shirt, hair and everything) I can imagine Serena, she is totally different person than B. Blair is sophisticated, posh, glamorous.
    So if she loves Chuck “more and more every day” why she do something with D now, for God’s sake! “Love doesn’t just disappear” right? She doesn’t deserve Chuck right now.
    This Dair storyline is so lame to me…

    • blairwaldorf09 says:

      she ran away but she’s still at least from what we got, still married to the Prince. They can probably annul or divorce (divorce is more of a possibility), but that takes time so she’d technically still be married to him.

  8. Monika says:

    hold on a second …
    Are they in Chuck’s bedroom? 🙂
    And Serena, Blair and Dan too? 🙂 (first and second photo)

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      Yes, because the party Nate throws will be at the Empire where they filmed this episode. I guess parts will be at the real Empire and the usual places they filmed in the past (like in 5.10) and in studio alas Chuck and Nate’s suite. That is why they are there, lol.

  9. chair says:

    The sypnosis says “Blair is playing cupid for someone she loves” maybe its for Serena and Dan??
    I kind of think Dan and Blair fake date LOL I don’t know why but it feels like it, cos why in the world would Blair date a Humphrey

  10. valentina says:

    Woao why is everyone(but blair) dress like in shool??

  11. Andie1391 says:

    OMG THE SCARF! in the pics from spoiler tv looks like the theme from nates party is constance everyone is in their uniform , i think that’s why he’s wearing the scarf not because he went back to his old ways, shame cuz it would be awesome may i just say… i mean bad bass is sexy, evil and hot lol but producers said they will keep chuck mature so i dont think he will be bad again =( so tired of Dair pics i mean really? will they be together in every freaking scene? is Dan freaking stalking why is he everywhere =S Blair looks so tense in every pic what’s wrong with her!? and amazing Georgina still around… Hope blair gets jealous of her being by chucks side… ho ho ho (8)

  12. Chair Love says:

    OMG Donut GO AWAY !!!!!.

    I was going to miss the next ep and tune back in on this one but I’m skiping this one too lol even if it ends well for chair I’m not going to risk the safety of my vision by being caught off gaurd by dair kiss I think this will be were dan puts him self out their I can just see it in the idiots face ! I’m so sick of the way B is acting she is so much smarter but lately she has been more clueless than serena.
    One last thing I’m pretty confident that josh and his minions come to sites like these to read comments and get feed back especially larger and very popular sites like this so on the off chance that josh or one of his minions read this “WAKE THE HELL UP” oh yea and the photo were donut is touching blairs waist is just gross ! it made my hair crawl how can people say there is a connection there I just don’t see it I mean i couldn’t stand louis but when he touched blair it didn’t affect me that way I must be chair addict ! lol

    • Andie1391 says:

      LOL NO GIRL I FEEL THE SAME!, i can’t explain the feeling when i see chuck touching blair waist, there’s a scene in 3×18 at dorotas wedding where chuck grabs blair by her waist omg love that scene love the way he touch her… dan is an idiot he doesnt even know how to touch a woman….the problem is that i really like them as friends but this is just making me hate dan so much,i like b and d relationship like when blair says he’s a donut or that he looks like a muppet… i even liked chuck and dans relationship never gonna forget the “Are u gay?” or “Good bye friends!….Dan” LOL hahah f….k those were good times..:P im still gonna watch every episode since im addicted cant help myself hahaha im excited about what they say about the script!! possible chair reunion by the end.. and im pretty sure it’s real cuz s1 no chair s2 happy chair, s3 OMFG chair, s4-an almost chair reunion and amazing goodbye, and so s5 has to be another CHAIR happy ending..!!:P

    • i completely agree even from the beginning i always loved chuck rather than Humphrey even though he did some stuff that he wasn’t proud of either but he manned up and accepted his wrong choices. I don’t recall Humphrey apologizing to everyone about his STUPID BOOK and blaming CHUCK 4 everything when he doesn’t know the truth I bet he wants to make chuck seem bad in Blair’s eyes so he can have better chances I DON’T TRUST DAN AT ALL. Chuck has always been HURT but blair made him forget about his pain and suffering she made him believe in love she showed him that he could truly be loved by someone & this was why he was so afraid in the beginning to admit he was falling in love he was afraid of losing someone else but once he overcame this chair was invincible it still is thats why they always overcome all these obstacles in the end it makes them stronger. SO EVERYONE be patient we will get our chairytale and this time we won’t have any obstacles because nothing can tear them apart ever again no Humphrey can come between the most epic couple NO ONE CAN even the writers secretly know this thats why they are teasing us they are waiting for an epic conclusion CHAIR 4 THE WIN AND 4EVER

  13. Anya says:

    Ooookey. More nasty Dair scenes. Meanwhile B is still married… Makes total sense. NOT!
    Poor Chuck! Blair and Dan is as gross as Chuck and Jenny. I hope this doean’t go too far!

  14. jenny says:

    how come she’s still wearing the ring???

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      lol, Blair and Louis got married on January 21st and episode 15 is Valentine’s Day. It’s less than a month later and to get a divorce it may take few months. Plus, I guess for 2-3 episodes she’s going on with the staged marriage to make everyone pretend she’s okay and that her marriage is happy. She needs the ring still.

  15. chair says:

    omg eww, if you zoom up to the pic Georgina is showing Chuck, its Dan kissing Blair :\
    im guessing Blair tried to play “cupid” for Serena and Dan, and Dan wanted to show Blair his feelings so he kissed her? then serena walked in on it or something & georgina also took a picture.
    and maybe she was threatning to use it against Blair and Chuck did something selfless to save her ? therefore explaining that “leaked script”
    i dont know, just some speculations
    Dair is nauseating 😦

  16. chair says:

    Perhaps it is a high school reunion. G and D are wearing uniforms and scarf . Is it ?

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      It’s a VD themed party with school uniforms. Even the real Charlie Rhodes (in the other stills) is working as a waitress and has a school uniform.

  17. grace says:

    I think everyone should be in mind is that whatever happens to DB will be in a very sad scenario.Blair is in a loveless and unhappy relationship and unable to be with the man that she loves because she watched ‘The End Of An Affair’ and ‘Pushing Daisies’ too much.If i were a DB fan i would not be celebrating with these stills,interviews,articles and spoilers.
    As for us, we can only support Chair, Chuck and Blair.

  18. strawberriesandtiaras says:

    has anybody seen the film from the title? crazy stupid love? A middle-aged husband’s life changes dramatically when his wife asks him for a divorce. He seeks to rediscover his manhood with the help of a new-found friend Jacob, learning to pick up girls at bars. —- I haven´t, and i cannot see any resemblence, maybe just the title

  19. Jessica :) says:

    who cares about Dan! Finally Chuck’s scarf! OMG. it’s back! lol

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