5.14 The Backup Dan – CANADIAN PROMO

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7 thoughts on “5.14 The Backup Dan – CANADIAN PROMO

  1. Laura says:

    poor chuck…what the hell is wrong with blair?i can’t stand seeing her with the horrible dan…but also i think chuck fought for her enough…it is her turn to do it and realize that no matter what,her happiness is only with chuck.i hope this crazy shit won’t last too long because i don’t know how long can i bear watching chuck and blair separated and suffering,especially chuck…do you agree?

    • Steph says:

      omg laura i totally agree with you! they put chuck through hell 😦 i hope blair soon realizes that she should be with chuck. i can’t understand why she still chose to marry that frog! i’m soooo mad! i feel bad for chuck. so i really hope she will come around, if she doesn’t too bad for her. as much as i don’t want chair to end i sure don’t want to see chuck like this anymore. it’s so heartbreaking seeing him putting his heart and so much more out there each and everytime while blair is just ignoring this. i don’t get why. and running off with the pauper sure wasn’t logic either. well i’m gonna repeat it again, i hope she comes around cuz Chair is just the real thing.

  2. i can’t watch this..omg. I’m so sad,i want my old chuck and blair togheter..is not right do this!! what we do to deserve that?!?
    So..i hope that she don’t do something of wrong with our “Lonley boy”

  3. Chair Love says:

    Over this shit I’m not even going to watch because I’m really starting to not like our B at the moment she is being so damn selfish the writers are going to drag this out and what she goes to chuck any way because we all can see that happening this will be the 15th episode that chuck will have to push shit up hill for her and you know What shits me the most is that GGwriters can’t even have dair or blouis without shafting chuck why couldn’t they make the first part of the season about dair and blouis and let chuck go and change into a better man and then have dair lose to louis and then this half of the season they could of bought chuck back into the mix build up to wedding finale it crashes and burns because chuck gets her back then season 6 chair together baby, wedding, or anything but they are happy and strong and then tie up derena serena gossip girl ! Is that to much to ask ?
    So F#@*%@# Mad !!!

    • Andie1391 says:

      LOL totally agree with u they like to mess with us..!!! I can’t stand blair right now,what the hell is she doing!?? reallyy….After all she been through, wanting chuck to be open with his feelings and told him she always be with him and she’s his family for this? i will be very pissed if she suddenly falls for dan it will be RIDICULOUS! i cant even imagine dair being a couple.. and as you said i Chuck has fought enough for her… i hope he move on and blair realize what she lost… an amazing HOT man lol so it will be her turn to fight for him.. idk why but i suffer more when chuck it’s hurt or heatbroken…idk why…i can handle blair being sad but chuck kills me…….CHAIR

      • mar says:

        girls, pls we can’t give up now!!! we’ve been through so much and the writers still make us suffer and I know it’s not right but we need to stay strong for our ship!
        I am not very worried about all the Dair spoilers, like: “D&B will be holding haaands”- of course they will, they pretend to be royal decoys and there’s nothing to be excited about for Dairers. I also hate what the writers have done to Blair, and don’t even get me started on this whole royal wedding crap – but I don’t know, maybe I’m still shocked after 5×13 or something but my faith in CB is now stronger than ever. I feel bad for Chuck, of course, but I don’t want to see him with any other girl. Blair is acting crazy, but I think it has a lot to do with the fact that she lost the baby, she’s not herself right now, she’s wearing a sweatshirt and leggings for god sake! Chuck needs to be strong for both of them, so pls no new love interest for him.

  4. maggie says:

    for God Shake.. all of this make me sad but when i read this
    my day bright again….

    5.19 sounds good…

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