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Gossip Girl‘s highly anticipated 100th episode aired tonight, with Blair’s (Leighton Meester) big royal wedding to Prince Louis, and it was full of shockers galore. So did she go through with it? Which guy(s) were left devastated? Did anyone see that twist coming?

I have exclusive scoop on what happens next—and why Blair did what she did!—from all three of Gossip Girl‘s big bosses: Josh Schwartz, Stephanie Savage and Josh Safran

source: eonline.com

Blair did indeed say “I do” to Prince Louis.

Only glitch? She also ran away from her own wedding reception with a man named…Dan Humphrey (Penn Badgley).

Wait, no, that can’t be right. Gotta fire up the DVR and re-check that.

Wow. Yep, that is actually what happened. Mind. Blown.

While more than a few Gossip Girl fans might have presumed Blair would ditch Louis (pre-vows) and head off into the sunset with Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick), those crafty writers threw out a big ol’ curveball.

So why did Blair do it? Savage explains: “Part of it was coming from Blair’s character and really trying to follow and be consistent with her thought process and her emotions up to this point. And her willingness to stick with her plan and to take this to the end of the line. And as we started to think about the story that actually generates, if you kind sort of let your mind percolate into things that might happen in the future, it generates a lot more story this way.”

To that, Josh Schwartz lovingly teases: “Plus, we really just wanted to piss off those ‘Chair’ fans so they don’t destroy my Twitter feeds on a weekly basis.” Savage is quick to point out that Chuck and Blair had “some great great moments in tonight’s episode and there are many more to come—They are not by any means done!” but Schwartz still (smartly) predicts that at least a few diehard Chair fans won’t be happy. “They’re going to come with pitchforks! I probably will just not go online tonight. I mean, it’s funny, on Friday we aired the last episode ofChuck [which Schwartz also created] and it was so nice and everyone was so lovely and now tonight will be…the opposite. They are coming for us.”

Of course, it’s precisely that kind of fierce fan intensity that has helped Gossip Girl reach the big 100,  and what happens next is sure to keep everyone guessing, and tuning in.

“You’re going to see how [what Blair did] impacts everyone,” Safran says of the very next episode. “Chuck and Serena together dealing with Dan and Blair together.” As for Louis, who went all-out villain during the wedding, telling Blair there is no love between them, Safran says Blair will face “all sorts of consequences” from her new husband. “This is not taken lightly.” Dun dun dun.

While Safran wouldn’t reveal much about where the Dan and Blair storyline is going, he teases, “That story’s going to go in an interesting direction.”

Another huge reveal in tonight’s episode? The apparent reveal of Gossip Girl‘s identity! If it really is the show’s on-again-off-again villainess Georgina, does that mean Michele Trachtenberg is now going to narrate the series? No, says Savage. “You’ll definitely always hear Kristen Bell‘s voice as Gossip Girl because the idea was never that that voice was attached to a specific person and that one day, Kristen Bell would be on the show and you’d recognize that voice as Gossip Girl. So whenever we hear Gossip Girl, we hear Kristen.”

Regardless of where your shipper heart lies, you gotta admit tonight’s 100th episode was a storyline of epic proportions, and surprises.

“We wanted it to feel big,” Schwartz explains, “something that would feel like it was pushing the buttons in terms of the core series mythology and core characters, but would also feel shocking and something that would really work as a springboard for the whole back-half of the season.”

So how much longer will Gossip Girl go on? Sounds like it could very well end after next season. Schwartz tells me, “Our philosophy has always been that these kinds of show aren’t meant to run forever…This season I think has been one of the best seasons of the show and there’s a lot of creative vibrancy to the show and you want to go out on top creatively. So next year the actors’ contracts are up and perhaps that is a natural time to end it.”

As for who Blair might ultimately wind up with at the very end of the series, Savage tells me: “I’ll just say that to the credit of Blair the character and to Leighton the actress, she has so many layers and possibilities that you can really see how either of these guys would be a great fit for her.”

See…We can all just get along! Down with the pitchforks, friends!

—Additional reporting by Tierney Bricker

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8 thoughts on “eonline: Josh Schwartz teases what’s next

  1. Anya says:

    Here we go again. Blair hitting the rock bottom. Being married to the worst possible version of Prince Louis, taking off with Dan, wearing (his?) sweatshirt, when all she needed to do was call Chuck! Her pact with God SL should be over now, she did marry Louis. Time to move on!

    What else is there? Will this cr#p ever end? Seriously?

  2. Laura says:

    “Plus, we really just wanted to piss off those ‘Chair’ fans so they don’t destroy my Twitter feeds on a weekly basis.” – Lovely, nice to know our passion and love for this show is appreciated. Really makes you feel like continuing to watch the crap they keep putting Chuck and Blair through.

  3. Blair Bass says:

    this actually made me cry

  4. Milou says:

    I think B just called Dan as a friend.. I could understand why she wouldn’t call Chuck right now.. as she just married another man.. In her situation (just a little far-fethched, ahum) I probably would have called (on of) my best friend as well, and not the man I really loved.. And allthough I don’t like it, I think they are just anticipating a 6th season, so they don’t want to bring Chair back together all to soon.. they don’t want to lose thos (few) Dair fans for a next season..

    Btw I’m a huge Chair fan, but have been a Derena shipper since episode 1.. so I loved this episode, Serena finally wanting him more then he wants her.. I didn’t want them back tohether after all Serena did.. But I did want them to be endgame eventually, just like Chair. And after tonight I finally feel that is possible.. And all the better for Chair if that where to happen.. with Dan out of the picture! 🙂

  5. Milou says:

    Btw, did you all see the editing in 14:34min.. that was bad!!

  6. blairwaldorf09 says:

    Um I’m sorry Josh who? Haven’t you been so self absorbed in your show Chuck that you just abandoned Gossip Girl? So I have no idea what you are talking about, I seriously just..did not like last night’s episode at all, like none of it.

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