5.14 The Backup Dan – PROMO


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17 thoughts on “5.14 The Backup Dan – PROMO

  1. Anya says:

    Urggh. Somehow I’m not excited to see this! On one hand, there’s going to be a Chair scene (most likely another one of Chuck’s unsuccessful attempts to make Blair come to her senses), on the other MORE DAIR and sad Chuck and Blair lost and confused and heartbroken Serena and stupid Donut I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE.

    The producers promise lots of fun. Those bunch of trolls! They always do! They keep saying it will be light, and carefree, and oh so funny. SAVE CHUCK AND BLAIR YOU MORONS. >:-(

  2. mar (@marlovesblair) says:

    “he’s terrible” hahahah, true that!

  3. Karolina says:

    For me, even if Dan gets a chance to be with Blair, he will always be in Chuck’s shadow.
    By the way- I’m so tired of watching Chuck fighting for Blair… How long will it last?!

  4. Mohammad says:

    So that how people get done with the Gossip Girl,Like me!!!!!
    The show is just getting boring like the dark and white movie !!!! I don’t know how people get from nemesis to so in love ^^
    in the beginning of season 4 Dan was like “They deserve what they get” and now ….

  5. mikela grey says:

    Vote for Chuck and Blair we make heard our voices after what the authors have done. Sorry my english but I’m italian. ushttp://it.eonline.com/news/watch_with_kristin/tvs_top_couples_tournament_vote_sweet_16/290410?cmpid=sn-000000-twitterfeed-365-kristin&utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=twitterfeed_kristin&dlvrit=51396

  6. Andy says:

    I am actually upset by Blairs actions last night. I dont think she deserves Chuck right now. She needs to grow up and needs some character growth as Chuck has had. Everyone is mad at Louis..but why? She did this to him, she was un faithfull and lied. I dont blame him. She needs to face the consequences of what shes done. Chuck has shown her how much hes changed and how much he loves her, now she needs to either step up or let him go.

    • Monika says:

      I agree with you:)
      Another thing, Blair knows that Serena loves Dan but she run away with him. She hurts Chuck, Serena and Louis ( of course i don’t like him but i understand him as well)
      BTW she hurts Chuck all the time in this season…

  7. strawberriesandtiaras says:

    Yes, I was speechless,too. Blair shocked me.You cannot blame Louis for behaving like that towards her. I would have done the same or told her to get lost before the wedding restarted. Really, I never thought I would say that, but I felt sorry for him. She used him to become a princess and he was way beyond second choice always. She hurt his feelings really bad as well as she did to poor Chuck. Aaaagghhhh…those stupid writers seem to squeeze out every last drop of this neverending story and turn Blair into someone I don´t think she actually is/was and Chuck into a submissive and always understanding dear little boy. No big baby mourning from Blair, that´s tragic, but bad gesture from those writers. wanted to make the whole story interesting/cliffhangers etc.. and then they let the baby die because they didn´t need it any more. Disgusting. Also there´s no big passion during the whole season from her discounting her pact to god. Every episode I wait for a rewarding steamy and hot scene if you know what I mean, we had those scenes and the erotic tension throughout the the first 4 episodes. And this Dan…. come on.. as somebody already posted, this comes to my mind every episode: this grumpy jealous guy said they got what they deserved.

  8. love&chairriage says:

    Andy you are so right, Blair is being completely childish and irrational. I am so appalled that she went through with that sham of a wedding that it’s not even funny. She just better hope that when she comes to her senses, Chuck is still willing to have her.

  9. Chair Love says:

    I’m speechless !
    I knew we would have to endure dair in some form but it wasnt till I watched 100th that I realised that they don’t care (writers) anymore that chair are a awesome pairing, they don’t care that dan is the love of serena’s life they are gonna shove dair down our mouths no matter what.
    I’m in no hurry to watch this episode or the next couple this “light season” in my eyes is heavier than last year and we are only half way there.
    @Andie totally agree with you regarding Blair and that makes me feel worse because this whole season she has been a mess the writers are writting her so out of character and chuck too it’s driving me crazy so much so that I would be happy to watch a whole episode about rufus/lilly just to have a break from all the heart ache.

  10. Blair Bass says:

    gossipgirlsss. com/gossip-girl-5-14-promos-the-episodes-so-new canadians-use-old-clips/

    ^^ this is the canadian promo

  11. Anya says:

    Have you seen Canadian promo? It’s out in really bad quality. Another heartbreaking scene between C&B! It’s official, I’m NOT watching this! Writers has gone too far trying to piss Chair fans. Honestly! They can have all the Dair action they want. Maybe like 3 people will be watching the show!

  12. Monika says:

    I’m just disappointed with the end of the G.G. episode….
    Chuck was great! Chuck and Eleanor scene was great too!
    And in the end she run away with Dan, after she told Chuck that she loves him (again !) and she marrying Louis becouse she try to protect Chuck…
    It’s ridiculous and senseless.

  13. Laura says:

    I have to agree with you all, I’m really disliking the way there writing Blair. For me, someone who likes to believe in signs and took the car crash as one. How many did she need in the 100th episode to tell her not to marry Louis, like seriously. In fairness i don’t blame Louis either, she was pretty naive to think after everything shes done to him and declaring her love to another guy on there wedding day, that he could just forgive her like that. Chuck is who i feel sorry for as well, poor guy was not going to stop the wedding or have it ruined for her because he wanted her to be happy (Yet AGAIN) and when Eleanor comes and tells him Blair should be marrying him he goes, puts his heart on the line to have it broken again and was literally going to walk away and have her marry Louis. Yet everyone seems to blame him for the GG Blast and everything else. Not even going to start on Dan, hes so quick to judge Chuck yet hes worse than him by far recently!

  14. ishika says:

    cadnadian promo :

    “i cant stand the thought of u with anyone else i dont care what it costs ” ❤

  15. Steph says:

    Dan is just the back up that’s all. even if Blair and him would end up together (so hoping this doesn’t happen cuz i can’t possibly vomit more then at the moment they kissed). so yeah he would always be in Chuck’s shadow. speaking of Chuck, omg i adore him so much. but i feel so bad for him, Blair doesn’t deserve him! i’m really mad at her for still marrying Louis, i don’t get it. I’m not mad at Louis and i don’t feel sorry for her cuz after all you reap what you sow. she just needs to grow up and quit playing around. I hope she realizes what she has with Chuck, it’s a big love. But at this time, i’m feeling the love only comes from his side. I’m a big Chairshipper but i’m gonna say it: if Blair doesn’t want Chuck any longer (and goes to that mullet, Dan) i really do hope the writers will let Chuck move along cuz it hurts me to see him like this. But i still do hope that Chair will be brought back and that it will be forever this time.

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