Time to Save Chuck and Blair!

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8 thoughts on “Time to Save Chuck and Blair!

  1. love&chairriage says:

    I’m just posting here because I don’t have anywhere else to post yet, but OMG I am speechless!

  2. maggie says:

    i really really HATE the ending of this episode its all crap!!

  3. Alberdien says:

    I know.. G. is gossip girl? I would have never guessed that!

  4. Andrea Salas says:

    OMG !!! I just saw the episode ! i liked it but not so much that she didnt lef with chuck. Im expecting some changes in the upcoming episodes, also i think it was weird how fast the prince converted so diabolical.. it look a little forced that. Anyway, SAVE CHUCK AND BLAIR !!! no dair !

  5. mar (@marlovesblair) says:

    when I was watching the episode yesterday I didn’t like it, most of all because of Blair and her “I do” and also because of the ending. But… after rewatching it this morning, I must say it wasn’t half bad. First of all, now I am sure more than ever there will be no romantic Dair whatsoever. I think that Donut is in denial because of Serena. His reaction when she told him she loved him – he was shocked. I also think that all this Blair BS he thinks he feels it’s just some sort of defence – Serena hurt him so many times, he thinks he got over her – I don’t buy it. Besides Blair knows how S feels about Donut, not to mention B has enough on her plate now. It is cristal clear that Blair loves Chuck more and more every day and they will be together eventually, of that I’m sure. Of course there’ll be a lot of stupid obstacles along the way – first B’s marriage (ugh), then probably sth with Chuck and his family (Jack and Diana will be back).
    What I loved about the episode was mama Waldorf and her attitude, the scene between her and Chuck in the Empire -great. I also liked the way Serena behaved. She was really there for B.
    Last but not least: Georgina! WTF – she’s a gossip girl? hell no! I hope it’ll turn out Georgie is just a decoy because IMO GG was much better when we didn’t know who she was.
    OK, I know it was long – I’m sorry…

  6. Anya says:

    Oh Dair fans must be overjoyed. But wait till next week when Blair and Chuck miraculously end up in the same room. Yet again. We all know Chair is never over. It’s just frustrating how writers keep dragging these stupid SL and coming up with more BS reasons why C&B can’t be together just yet. They are up to the point when their characters don’t even act like themselves anymore! Chuck is a lovesick puppy indeed, Dan is being ridiculous, Blair is plain stupid. 😦

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