5.13 G.G. – Wedding Sneak Peak

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27 thoughts on “5.13 G.G. – Wedding Sneak Peak

  1. ishika says:

    again in this video i feel that nate and serena are extremely self absorbed . . . nate should be the one to help his “best buddy” chuck but he on the contrary has almost left him to face this storm alone . . chuck has always been there for nate when he needed him . . nate should actually help chuck to get the girl he loves and he is rather being indifferent which sickens me .. serena is absorbed with her dan love that she doesn’t bother that her best friend is not being with the guy she loves and who would avtually make her happy. . . both nate and serena seem to be happy in the promo when they should be mourning for their respective best friend’s losses

    • Anya says:

      I know! Serena knows Blair is marrying Louis for all the wrong reasons! She know Chuck loves Blair. And she did’t B her Chuck stopped by.

  2. Not a good way to start the day. I want Chuck at the end of the aisle not boring Prince Louis!

  3. mar says:

    OMG, I don’t feel like watching the episode at all! You’ll probably think that I’m crazy but this scene almost broke my heart. Everything looks so beautiful and instead of Chuck there’s this stupid Louis waiting for Blair down the aisle. No matter how the writers are going to solve it, I can’t, i just can’t – it’s just too much. I’m gonna go and cry now.

  4. I can cry.. i’m agree with @ishika!! CHUCK MUST STOP THIS WEDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Chair Love says:

    exactly mar I watched it and every one was in it but chuck I am so PISSED! this is meant to be the big 100th and Chuck is the character that everyone loves to hate or just plain loves *sighs* he is the it character and he should have the damn lead in this episode and what do they do they are gonna make him beg B again and leave brokenhearted again and put donut front and center again with these stupid vowels.
    Deep down I am really hoping that Chucks alliance with the priest is only something like the priest helping Chuck get B alone so he can talk to her, but *Chuck like smirk* I will say the darker side of me is screaming at Chuck to bring that shit and take them all down a peg or too cause frankly they are all being asses
    Nate his BFF looks like he hasn’t got a care in the world “wake up man chuck F-ing needs you” !
    Serena has been commenting this whole season to Blair about how well chuck has been doing, she knows Blair loves Chuck and she knows the secret “for crying out loud Serena tell Chuck” !
    Donut well for me he takes the cake he can stand there and lie to Chuck to his face and tell him that he doesn’t know what is going on he deserves the full warth of Chuck Bass but I don’t want chuck to go bad again so I’m happy if Georgina takes care of him
    Blair well I don’t even know how she can smile it just looks really fake.
    thanks for listening to my rant this sneek peek just broke me lol for a bit

  6. hanni says:

    i was thinking about this and i actually think this will test Chuck. because this is the first breakup after him turning good and like safran said it will become a struggle for him not to regress but means hes still trying. I think its good that they broke them up this time so we can see chuck come out on top. and i was sooo worried that chuck will go bad i have this hope in me that hes just doing to get to talk to blair. its chuck bass wouldnt he be suspicous of why the priest is doing this? but we can already see the difference in chuck. he hasnt gotten drunk and/or slept with anybody, when everyother time he has. this is going tobe prove that chuck has changed. he needs to be tested!

  7. hanni says:

    and with the whole Jack coming back aswell to “uncover more secrets” the other ones destroyed him but i think its going to show as that he handles it in a whole diff way again. at first i was like what more family drama for chuck? but now i feel like its a good thing. their proving to us that chuck has changed. or atleast i hope i still have faith in these writers!!

  8. Chair Love says:

    I do agree hanni my frustration is how much does he have to suffer we have watched 10 episode already (11 including the last of season4 when he gave B up) he has had to deal with his therepist being paid by louis, donut writing chuck dead alone in a closet, then having to help dan admit his love for Blair the kiss and then slap the apology the list goes on throughout the season and blair realises that he has changed vows to b with him and the car crashes and he wakes up and she wants nothing to do with him even superman would be a villian at this stage in the game but wait theres more………………..
    Now he is being cockblocked by none other than god himself to me this isn’t being tested it’s being put through the wringer xxx

  9. mar says:

    @Chair Love, I’m with you! I don’t get these writers! The whole fanbase has been practically begging them for months to fix Chuck and Blair, their ratings are lower and lower but yet they refuse to drop that crap. And now, we are being forced to watch Blair on the most important day of her life, walking down the aisle, to marry the guest star who we all basically hate! I don’t feel rewarded!!! No matter if she says “I do” or not – I will never forgive the writers for ruining such a great potential for what could have been EPIC CB scenes, for giving a baby and a wedding to the guest star!
    Of course other SLs make no sense either – none of them. As you said – Nate and Serena act like they don’t give a f..ck about what’s going on wich Chuck and Blair – and they are their best friends??? If my BFF was going to marry the guy she doesn’t love because of sth as stupid as B’s pact, I would do everything I can to help her not to make the biggest mistake of her life, but S is totally ok with Blair’s decision. And don’t even get me started on Donut. So he’s suddenly Louis’ bestie? where the hell did it come from??? And as for Chuck… – they’ve put his charater through so much! Enough is enough! We deserve to see him happy for once!! And if there must be someone hurting because of Blair – well, Donut is the perfect choice!

    • Anya says:

      You’re right. Chair shippers (even Dair shippers) NONE of us wants Blouis. This season is the worst! What a great SL it would have been if B’s baby was a Bass and she left Louis for Chuck! They ruined that for us.

      The only thing that keeps me hopeful is Ed’s interview. Remember he said Chair fans will be happy by the end of 100th episode? I believe in Ed! : )

  10. Anya says:

    Guys, I’m nervous about this. I don’t know what I’m going to do if they are actually married by the end of G.G.!

    I understand writers wanted to celebrate 100th episode with something special. Then give us, loyal Chair fans of so many years, something GOOD. Stop torturing us, seriously!!! Watching Blair about to get married to this joke of a character… *cries*

  11. Chair Love says:

    @mar get me the petition and I will sign it because I want donut humpty to pay lol (I’m so angry) he is like a snake with a poodle on his head lurking around B he is always there I’m just sick of it that’s another thing driving me batty why is he always there? he is like a fly to shit these days him and blair get scene after scene together I mean they didn’t even explain how dan found out about the pact with god did they? and then to top it of josh 2.0 comes out and says they don’t have endgames now I would nearly bet my house on the fact that josh1.0 knew his endgames by the end of season 1 and I’m not a director but surely u can have a endgame even when you don’t know when the show will end but I will give josh1.0 this, Mybe he is just trying to keep the dingy of dair fans that are floating somewhere out in the atlantic happy

    • Ashley says:

      I do not believe that they don’t have endgames. He’s lying to placate shippers. They know exactly who’s going to be endgame and it’s not going to just come out of nowhere. I’m not saying they know how exactly the show will end, but they know who the last couples standing will be. Show creators usually mislead people, it’s part of the game.

  12. Chair Love says:

    @Anya I do remember Ed saying that and I do know we will get our CHAIR it’s just so frustrating I feel like this season so far has been a big “let’s put chuck through the wringer show” and I’m just over it and I feel so strongly that Ed/Chuck both deserve to have a happy 100th as well if they all couldn’t be happy they should of used a nother storyline for that episode

  13. Chair Love says:

    or used chuck as the groom then it would of been worthy xxx

  14. mar says:

    @Chair Love ok, the vision of the actual snake with the Humpty hair on its head – ROFL!!! Although I can def see the resemblance:)))
    @Anya, you are right – Ed said this in the interview so maybe there’s still hope?
    Also, when I’ve calmed down a bit I figured that they usually release a sneak peek with the scenes, that are not so relevant. So either the strategy has been changed or maybe, maybe they really have something great for us? naaah, I don’t believe it. If there’s anything good, it’s probably good for the mysterious Dair fanbase – I was lucky enough never to meet even one Dairer but apparently Josh 2.0 eats waffles with them every morning or sth since he is so eager to please them.

    @MariR he says: you know the world is really a mess when the most honest person we know is Chuck Bass

  15. Missy says:

    Ed said we would cry “chair fans” he said he was crying. So..I think they will be happy tears :O)

  16. Missy says:

    PS Ed said we would be crying at the END of the episode :O)

    • Andie1391 says:


      • Anya says:

        Ha! Like they care about our tweets ((

        He said Chair fans will be happy.
        He said there will be tears.

        So, I’m hoping he meant happy tears! 🙂 *fingers crossed*

  17. mar says:

    a few entertainment journalists saw the 100th episode today. They can’t say anything specific but they all say that the episode was great. Tierney Bricker from E!Online says: “Lots of Chuck and Blair action” – that’s what I’ve gathered from Twitter + the pics from 5×14 posted in another thread…
    OMG maybe there’s still hope…

  18. Chair Love says:

    Hay CHAIRions Just thought I would let you know that I feel better today and I’m very much calm and collected now and looking towards the rest of the season sometimes I am pretty protective of our Chuck and my dark side gets the better of me lol xxx

  19. B says:

    Just read Safran said Chuck and Blair will never be over….Can we say Xoxo…

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