5.13 G.G. – Additional STILLS

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19 thoughts on “5.13 G.G. – Additional STILLS

  1. Nichole says:

    Damn that Dan! Stay away from Blair…in the “real” GG world and in Serena’s dream world! Arghh!! lol

    • Anya says:

      I know! It’s a good thing it’s not B’s dream sequence 😀
      I’m also kinda jealous Chuck is there lol. He should only appear in B’s dreams period! 🙂

      p.s. Dair feels so unnatural to me. Can’t help it! Simply disgusting. Sort of like pairing Serena and Chuck. Cherena. or Suck. 😀

      • Sarah Lynnl Leathers says:

        So agree Dair is so plot driven and not even natural it is to hard to watch them together even as friends.

        But I think Ed/Chuck looks good in the dream, Louis is there to but neither one are trying to get Blair’s attention which wouldn’t really happen in real live.

        After the last episode I don’t feel sorry for Serena because she shouldn’t have started the pretend dating with Dan when she knows he has suppose feelings for Blair.

        But then again Dan falls for everyone so it is hard to believe him even being in love with anyone at all.

      • Anya says:

        Ed looks good every time and everywhere! 🙂
        Serena and Dan pretending to date (and possibly falling in love with each other once again) is to our benefit!:) Less chances for Dair that way.
        I believe Chair and Derena should be endgame!

  2. melane says:

    I ‘ ve been a chair fan for a while now and what I don’t understand is how Blair is going to be with Dan after Louis leaves and not with Chuck ? Is it because she still believes she can’t be with him(God pact) so settles for Dan ? I don’t think I should wacth anymore , I mean how can you be so in love with someone and then be with somone else , that does’nt make any sense. I don’t think Blair really loves Chuck because if she did, why consider Dan as a choice when there is Chuck ? SMFH.

  3. mar says:

    guys, here’s the question: do you really think Blair will marry Louis in the 100th episode? We all know she’ll make it to the altar but will she say “I do” to him?
    I know that everything that happens on the show right now looks like she will, but I’m having a hard time to aknowledge the fact that the producers could actually do this to us, while celebrating 100th episode – it’s kinda slap in the face, don’t you think? On the other hand – it wouldn’t be the first time.. I’m torn

    • Anya says:

      As for me – I’m torn. Guess it could go either way. Blair is wearing a wedding band in what seems to be Valentine’s day episode, so I’ll say – yes. I believe she does marry Louis. 😦 But I still have hope in my heart she won’t.

      I’m also curious to know what other people think! 🙂

      • Nichole says:

        I think Blair will be “legally” married to Louis. I say that in quotes because I am sure it will be for image only at that point. The royals will not allow her to run away and may even force her to go through with the nuptials only to protect Louis from humiliation. It would be better for Louis to divorce than to never have married. It’s weird, but I think that is the route this sham wedding and subsequent marriage will go. She will try her hardest to make this marriage appear real, but I think Louis and his family will get tired and have the whole thing annulled (if they don’t consummate the marriage) or divorce to spare his kingdom and his name from further scandal.

        It is clear that Blair doesn’t love Louis as much as she may have loved him int he beginning. I think she loves the idea of Louis and probably doesn’t even care about being a princess anymore. Poor Blair. I hope her ‘character’ comes back soon and start taking charge of her love life and go after Chuck!

      • `toomuchpurple says:

        Yeah, I’ve come to the point to think she will get married for real too. We saw the pics of Leighton with the wedding band up to when they filmed 5.16. A theory is that in 5.17 CeCe may risk her life because of her illness (we saw in 5.09) and because of casting calls of people attending an Irish wake and the fact that they filmed at the hospital, probably at the obitory. There also where CCs of priests. This may move something in Blair and make her decide that she can’t go on that way and she needs time for herself. Louis will go away and they will divorce or get an annulment both by the church and Town Hall. And at that point give it few episodes for CB to get back together!

  4. Tiffany says:

    Is there any possibility that she does get married, but to Chuck? Or maybe not at all, but that she does run out of the wedding. I just remember several sources saying that there’s a twist, and Ausiello said the 100th episode “has the potential to be the single greatest hour of television ever.” We already know about the royal wedding, that’s nothing new or all that ground-breaking, especially when Louis is the groom. It just leads me to think the outcome is something unexpected, and I have a feeling it may not be what we fear.

    • Ashley says:

      I’m with you Tiffany, I’m going all in.

      I think Blair’s going to marry Chuck, not Louis and that’s the huge twist. Or the ring in the promo picks is just a trick to fool viewers. They’ve done that kind of thing before.

      I honestly do not see Blair marrying Louis. This is the 100th episode, the most important episode ever arguably. They aren’t going to do that to the fans, unless she marries him and then ends up taking off to go after Chuck in the end, which is what Dan could help her with.

  5. strawberriesandtiaras says:

    I was on holiday. Have you seen these pics? And that is not father cavalia.

  6. Laura says:

    maybe she will run out of the wedding because she finds out that the accident was not an accident at all and she gets back with chuck…what do you think?

    • Anya says:

      She’s running from her reception, not the church. And she believes the accident was an accident, the problem is that she thinks God saved Chuck’s life only ’cause she made that deal with him to marry Louis!

  7. Chair Love says:

    Firstly I swear they won’t give donut a new hair cut because they know we hate this one so much lol, omg even when they gel it down it looks like a seals wet ass !

  8. Chuck is the only one who KNOWS how to wear a suit. I swear. He owns that suit (even the tie is a little bit ridiculous) How could he do it?

  9. lakiira says:

    I think the fake priest will “marry” blouis, but its not real because hes a phony and when the “marriage” and blairs new found “beliefs” fail, she will consider maybe she isnt supposed to end up with louis.

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