Josh Safran Interview with THR

The Hollywood Reporter: Blair seems to be entering into a new phase, especially with her spirituality. How long will that last?

Josh Safran: Blair very much believes that this pact she has made with the powers responsible for saving Chuck, she will move forward with that belief undeterred. When we started the season, we talked very much about works that were meaningful to us and inspired us and some of the works that came out of that conservation were The Talented Mr. Ripley and The End of the Affair. We knew from the very beginning we were going to tell a story much like the Charlie/Ivy story has been inspired by The Talented Mr. Ripley. Blair’s always had faith, in all different ways, whether it’s faith that someday my prince will come or faith that she went to confession in season 1. The sacrifice she’s making is for the greater good of the man that she loves.


THR: But it’s more significant than in previous episodes or seasons …

Safran: Belief is a very powerful thing. When people have it, it’s very strong and very deep. This is definitely that for Blair.

THR: The episode revealed that Nate was possibly the target in the car accident that hospitalized Blair and Chuck. How will that resolve itself?

Safran: That will actually play out in the next episode actually, believe it or not. Nate will discover just why he was a target. It definitely is a culmination of a major story for Nate and sends him off in a new direction.

THR: The real Charlotte Rhodes (aka Charlie) is revealed at the end of the episode. How will her presence affect the Charlie imposter Ivy and everyone connected?

Safran: The real Charlotte Rhodes is unaware, obviously, of Lily and Rufus. The three of them don’t understand what’s happening, but the real Charlotte Rhodes will continue to be on the outskirts of this world, sort of unknowingly, for the foreseeable future.

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THR: Dan and Blair pulled one over their friends, who thought there might have been something going on. Any meat to that in coming episodes?

Safran: The first half of the season was a romantic triangle between Chuck, Blair and Louis. That triangle definitely becomes a square: Dan firmly plants himself on the battlefield. [In regards to Dan writing the wedding vows, it] doesn’t mean Blair finds that out.

THR: Dan is working on a second book. Anything to be gleaned from that?

Safran: The second book is a primary part of the second part of the season. The book that Dan is going to write next is harder for him to discover than the last one. Someone intervenes in an unlikely fashion.

THR: There was a period of time that passed after the accident. Will Blair still deal with the loss of her baby throughout the season?

Safran: We were conscious of course to give a time jump in the episode. Obviously Blair very much mourns in that episode and she will continue to mourn, but we wanted to get a little bit of distance from the actual event. What Blair is going through is very, very painful and to watch that is also very, very painful. She’s also trying to come to grips with it. She might let loose a little more than she normally would at her bachelorette party — and someone might take advantage.

THR: Serena and Dan embark on their pretend relationship. What’s their future?

Safran: That fake relationship may come to mean more, not be fake, to at least one of them. If not, both.

THR: Gossip Girl isn’t heard from until the very end. What does this mean for Serena, who was unofficially anointed the replacement, and the Spectator?

Safran: With the absence of Gossip Girl, Diana (Elizabeth Hurley) got what she wanted. She got rid of Gossip Girl. In her absence, Serena is becoming a new version of Gossip Girl. Now that Gossip Girl is trying to come back, the question is: Is there room for two in the Upper East Side world?

THR: What’s next for the gang?

Safran: Georgina Sparks (Michelle Trachtenberg) is coming up in future episodes. She begins in the 100th but she’s around for a while. Having Georgina is always fun; this time, you have her husband and her son, so it’s Georgina in her Machiavellian ways pushing a stroller — or rather having her husband push the stroller. It kicks everything up into a higher gear. There’s a Valentine’s Day episode coming with a unique, fun party. There’s also an event in the episode following that that’s comic but also emotional for our characters. And then after that, we have probably our most monumental, life-changing event in the second half of the season. Not only does the event in the 100th episode change everything, but they’re changed forever again in episode 17.


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4 thoughts on “Josh Safran Interview with THR

  1. Laura says:

    Maybe in the 17th episode Chuck and Blair finally reunite…for ever:X

  2. Andie1391 says:

    OMG stopp doing thiss cause if dan and blair start something i will literally die lol i dont like them!!! just pleasee!! i hope it’s about C&B reunion!!! =) Cuz god ed and leighton where amazing last’s night episode!!! and i love that it really was about their love (L)

  3. mar says:

    I feel depressed after watching the last episode (I felt sorry even for Louis, although I hate the guy) and also after reading the interview with Safran. It’s such a crap I don’t even know where to begin with.
    1.I hate what they do to Blair – she used to be bitchy and bossy, she always knew what she wanted and she used to take matters in her own hands. It was her who said: Signs are for the religious the superstitious and the lower class – did the writers forget about it?
    2. I don’t like the whole idea of Blair suddenly being religious and I don’t like the way they show it. The scene with Chuck being almost hit by a taxi was ridiculous and why exactly is she coming to church with Donut? Are they praying together for another sign? I don’t think that any priest would ever tell her to stick to the promise that she made while being temporarily insane – she has just lost her child and she was afraid she was going to loose Chuck as well.
    3. I don’t know how the people who call themselves Blair’s friends not only allow her to stick to this stupid plan but also cover for her, although knowing she’s going to be miserable for the rest of her life
    4. and finally DONUT! do they seriously want to force Dair on us? Blouis was/is not enough?

  4. maddtown says:

    I agree ^^. Last night’s episode was TERRIBLE. One of the worst I’ve seen this season. The writing, especially, was incredibly cheap and lowbrow and don’t even get me started on this incredibly lame “pact with God” plotline.

    And usually, I just find Louis to be the boring, blah one ruining an otherwise good moment, but last night, EVERYONE was boring and lackluster. It felt like I was watching a particularly lame episode of Days of Our Lives.

    Way to go out with a fizzle, Safran.

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