Interviews Ed Westwick on ‘Gossip Girl’ You just wrapped up a Bad-Ass Boys of The CW panel — do you still see Chuck like that?
Ed Westwick: It’s kind of one-dimensional. Also, what are they implying? Is The CW saying I’m bad? The character is bad? Both? [laughs] I can’t box Chuck as a bad boy any more – he was very much in the beginning because he was a brat and got up to some shocking activities, with date rape and all sorts of precarious activities. But I don’t believe that any more. At the moment, he’s a man on a mission to get the love of his life. Granted, there will be a few covert operations along the way, which are bound to have deviousness involved. So there’s that, but I think after five years, we’ve showed depth. Or at least I hope I have [laughs].


Insider: Tonight’s episode features Chuck in a coma — is that the ideal situation for an actor?
Ed: I think I fell asleep, which was perfect with our long days. I loved that scene in the back of the limo with Leighton [Meester, who plays Blair]. It was so Diana & Dodi — which is why I worried for a second I worried they might kill me. But, no [laughs]. I wake up, I survive, I’m back.

Insider: Fans are as invested in Chuck and Blair today as they were in season one. Does their longevity as a couple surprise you?
Ed: It does, but you’ve seen it before on countless shows. Fans like to go down that road with a couple. Love and relationships are such an important part of our lives, it’s nice to see one played out in fiction. I think it’s great and I hope we can keep giving them something that they want.

Insider: This year, Louis was brought into the action, but for fans, the true love triangle has been between Chuck, Blair and Dan. Did you see that coming?
Ed: It’s been a little out of left field. Penn Badgley’s cute, so I get it [laughs]. It’s an interesting dynamic because that’s a complete 180 from what she likes about Chuck. The whole situation is infuriating for Chuck because he just wants to shake her and say “What are you thinking?!?!” But he can’t. It’s not his style. He’s got to be cool, calm and meticulous about his approach. I don’t know which way it’s going to go – and that’s the thing. We’ve got one more year on our contracts, which will see the show out, and I’m as invested in the relationship as well. I want to know how it ends.

Insider: The idea of soulmates has been thrown around a lot with Chuck and Blair. Is that how you see them?
Ed: Yes, that’s what I feel. But I think Chuck needs to get out of the house because I would not behave in this way whatsoever [laughs]. I would tell him, “There are other people, sort yourself out – you have a lot going for yourself. You’re a good-looking guy with a lot of money, there are other women out there.” I mean, Blair is hard work. But .. she’s really good in the sack! [laughs]

Insider: What has been your favorite part of playing this character?
Ed: The whole thing has been a dream role. A dream to have the success we’ve had. Clothes that I wouldn’t normally be exposed to – fashion wasn’t in my mind in the beginning. I’ve loved the development of his journey – I’ve played every emotion out there and that’s great as an actor. And as a young actor, it’s even greater because I’ve been able to add so much to my repertoire.

Insider: Has there been anything you haven’t loved about playing this character?
Ed: For lack of a better word, the fame at such a young age has been a weird thing. Very weird. Look, I wouldn’t change it for a thing. I’ve had a blast, as I’m sure you know [laughs]. But it is a weird thing at times. It’s offered me an insight into humanity. The culture we live in, in this day and age. Because you see someone on TV, they’re no longer a person – they’re just an object you want a piece of. It’s very interesting. I’m not sour or bitter about it, but I find it intriguing.

Insider: What about the dog? Is it true that you should never work with children or animals?
Ed: Oh god … on that note [laughs]. It’s a lovely dog, it’s just a hassle. Honestly, I would have preferred the monkey. That’s what it was supposed to be in the book. Maybe they didn’t want to pay for the exotic animal license.

Insider: Right, or maybe the writers figured there’s nowhere for Dan to buy a monkey on the UWS!
Ed: Right! “Where did he get that monkey?!?” There’s Jenny, she changed!

Insider: Looking ahead, you have Blair’s wedding and the show’s 100th episode. What are you excited for fans to see that’s coming up?
Ed: First of all, 100 episodes is such an achievement — I almost can’t believe we got here. I’m excited for fans to see the wedding – it’s huge and amazing. You’ve never seen a more gorgeous bride than Blair. She’s stunning. There’s a lot going on in terms of this whole Blair & Dan thing – this is where I feel Chuck is losing the battle. There’s a few approaches and he keeps shooting blanks. I don’t know if he’s going to make a late surge. It’s kind of like the Republican nomination – I think Dan is Mitt Romney. Chuck is Santorum — which is better than being Rick Perry.


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12 thoughts on “ Interviews Ed Westwick on ‘Gossip Girl’

  1. Deeds says:

    No Ed please not santorum!!

  2. rojina says:

    Omg give up this dan BS alreadyyyy sick of it I’m glad Ed agrees chair are soulmates and dan is nothing like chuck heck I prefer louis over dan at least the frog is better than humphrey but really the writers are annoying me just get chair back together its what majority wantss .

  3. LW says:

    i think it’s pretty funny that ed is up on the american republican candidates. i’ve always kind of suspected that he might be conservative (them ain’t fightin’ words, i swear. let’s not get that started) because of various statements he’s made. and also, i think i’ve seen him wear an american flag lapel on a couple of red carpets.

    hahaha. regardless of his politics, it’s funny. and i like him no matter what. 🙂

  4. Andie1391 says:

    the fact that ed said he feels that chuck is losing the battle , makes me nervous!!!

  5. grace says:

    I think he used the republican candidates as metaphor to explain what will happen in the second (and possibly third) arc of the season.
    That Chuck’s determination (obsession, my ass!) to uncover the truth may perhaps lead to Dair, romantically speaking.

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      I don’t think that DB will ever be romantic. Now Serena is in the mix too. I guess there may be misrunderstandings between the four of them for something they see or hear around ep 16/17 (considering the bts where BS seemeed upset with each other). I don’t think he necessarily means that Chuck will lose and give up. Maybe he will see that is not the time (after he’ll finds out the deal Blair made with God) and will wait for her when she’ll be ready.

  6. VID says:

    Is this the last season then?

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      I guess there is going to be a 6th season after this because their contracts end in 2013. He says ‘another year’ as the contract ending. They may have a 13 episodes pick up like OTH did.

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