5.12 Father and the Bride – CANADIAN PROMO


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24 thoughts on “5.12 Father and the Bride – CANADIAN PROMO

  1. Laura says:

    If she actually marries louis because of that stupid pact i will stop watching it…i can’t bear see the suffering,especially chuck…

    • Anya says:

      I agree. I love C&B too much to see them suffer! 😦

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      I can’t bear see Chuck suffering either. But if I have to be honest, marrying Louis seems likely. Of course anything can happen in the 100th like she deciding to not marry Louis anymore. I think despite this CB will always be the main couple. We need to support them in these hard times more than the happy times because this is the toughest period of the season. We shouldn’t let anything obstacle our devotion. We should keep up and WAIT because I am sure the time where they can be together will finally come at some point.

      • Anya says:

        You’re right, but lately watching the show became almost unbearable. ( By the end of 5.11 I was sobbing like a little girl. My heart breaks watching chair getting ripped apart yet again! I mean ENOUGH is ENOUGH. I understand C&B can’t be together just yet (’cause honestly, Serena, Nate and other characters don’t even have decent story lines this season) and so B’s mess of a love life is the only thing that keeps the show alive. I’m just so mad right now. If B actually says I do at the altar I know Chuck’s heart will be crushed. And so will mine!

        Yeah, I know they are not real and all :D, but after all these years watching GG and shipping Chair I simply can’t take this!

      • Anya says:

        Also, we know now that Chuck’s invited to the actual ceremony. I hope he’s there to stop it! If he just sits in the front row watching Blair getting married to Louis… GOD! Can you imagine watching that scene?! >:-( I hope writers don’t hate us THAT much. They basically slap Chuck in the face every week!

        Ed teased that hair fans will be happy by the end of 100s episode. So I guess there is hope for us!

  2. If she get married with louis… gossip girl is end for me!!!!!!!

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      Look, I do believe she may get married to Louis, but this is NOT a big problem to me (Dan is a bigger problem if you want to know). I say this because Louis is a guest. He’ll go away sooner or later. There’s still annullment and divorce. Even IF she does marry him, we know that she doesn’t love him the same way she loves Chuck. You need to keep that in mind and hold on.

      • Anya says:

        I know the producers keep hinting at Dair romantic future (I guess they just have to keep Dair fans watching), but Blair says her and Dan are just friends pretty much in every episode. When Serena confronted her in 5.11 B’s only reaction to Dair was “EW” 😀 If Blouis stays for a few more episodes there will simply be no time left for Dair! They are best friends now and I can live with that. After all Dan knows best that Blair’s heart belongs to Chuck!

  3. Sofie says:

    What do you think about Chuck and Blair’s future? I feel a bit unsure right now if they really will get the happy ending they deserve. Found this chat with a question about Chuck and Blair. This is a spoiler chat, just so you know.


    The first question is about Chuck and Blair. If he means that the decision Blair took on Louis to save Chuck, and it is the decision that will stand forever, I will stop watching Gossip Girl. Don’t they realize that they can’t close the door to Chuck and Blair? My heart is in a thousand pieces!

    I love this blog by the way. You really do a great job and it is great updates and interesting interviews with great quality. Thank you!

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      1) Louis is a guest star. Hugo should have stopped filming a WHILE ago. This means he’ll GO away at some point.
      2) The door for Chuck and Blair will NEVER be closed if we keep being loud and show we still are the biggest fanbase and we care.
      3) We know that Blair wants Chuck but God is “in the way”. Well he is still a presence because we know he’s here but we can’t see him. At some point I guess Blair is going to realize that no matter what pact she has done, God only wants her best. God doesn’t want us to be sad. He gives us what we want if we pray, but he also wants us to be together and create a family with someone we love.

      Josh is also saying those things so that everyone will have faith. Us, the DS fans, the DB fans… he has to say those things to keep the viewers stuck and don’t let them leave.

      Ed also said that we shouldn’t give up on CB. We’ve been here for too long to simply give up now!

      • Anya says:

        Don’t worry. I know we Chair fans whine a lot lately, but we stay united (and positive!) thanks to this blog. You guys are awesome!

  4. Nichole says:

    This storyline is stupid on two levels…the first being, Blair is purposefully making herself miserable because she loves Chuck and told as much to Dan when she said, “I love Chuck so much, but I can’t be with him and it makes me dead inside.” Or something like that. That is intense feelings even for Blair, but I think the point of her saying this was to show that she truly loves Chuck and he is a part of her. Although, the feeling inside could be in line with her grief of her loss. So, why continue with this line of storytelling? Was Blair, at least television series Blair (I have no idea what novel Blair is supposed to be because I have never read the books), always destined to be a tragic heroine? I can’t stand that she is tormenting herself because she feels like she must because of her prayer to God. Religion and faith should’ve never been brought into this storyline. Someone on this site mentioned in another thread about Blair saying religion was for the superstitious, etc. Point being, not Blair Waldorf! So this 360 degree change of character is maddening in the context of the story and of what we come to expect of the characters on this particular show. But, I digress.

    The second level of this stupid storyline has to do with this promo. It looks as if Chuck is going to become even more of a stalker than Dan. I don’t like this at all! Chuck should’ve have to track Blair down on the street, of all places, to confront her. That is just too ridiculous. At this point, they are both 21…adults, that should be able to have a rational conversation that doesn’t involve stalking and lying in wait for the other to show up. This is not even a digression of character, this is a a complete and utter overhaul of character traits at this point.

    My apologies for the rant. I just want Blair and Chuck to be together for good and finally, finally, finally be happy together because they are so obviously being denied this because of the writing. ~sigh~

    • mar says:

      I’ve been reading lots of comments on this blog and the others and on twitter and from what I’ve gathered – fans are furious. I think that the writers deserve each and every negative comment they recieve, because IMO they went waaaay too far with the BS. And involving God to the SL – not cool if you ask me. I try to keep in mind that these are the same writers that brought to us CB epicnes in the first place but maybe they need someone new because right now they are coming out with those ridiculous ideas that are not GG like. Also – and this is my personal opinion – they have never ever brought the pregnancy SL because obviously they had no idea how to work things out, they just wanted their OMG WTF moment with the pregnancy test in the end of 4×22 and they got it but what we’ve got right now is a miscarriage shoved under the carpet. Gee, I’ll stop right here, cause I could go on endlessly with it. They just need to stop ruining CB!! sigh

      • `toomuchpurple says:

        Expressing rage is good. You can do it via twitter writing them for example. You know they’ll read you. The important thing now is to still remain here. Furious or not, they need to know what we think. If they saw us furious they may rethink about choices for the future. They need to know what we’d want and what we don’t and why we are angry.

      • mar says:

        oops I’ve got so carried away that I didn’t notice I’ve lost one word (lol). Obviously: “they SHOULD have never ever brought the pregnancy SL ..”.

        Also, I agree with @toomuchpurple, the fact that JS feels like he needs to explain that there’s nothing they can do about the episodes that have been already written (I’ve read it in one of his most recent interviews) is a proof he can hear us!

  5. Andie1391 says:

    Heyyy guys i have to say…im a big fan of this web site!! pretty cool, interesting and amazing andddd there’s a cool vibe here cause i’ve been in other ones before and oh god… very rude people…well first of all i need to say im a big fan of GG since the very beginning of the show i discovered when i was in my room at 12:00am they’re repeating the pilot so after that i was stuck…!!! lol and then Chuck and Blair SL started damn it!! AMAZING those too..!!! i think we have to give the writers and producers the credit for still knowing that CB have great chemistry, cause it changed the show a lot first i thought dan and serena where endgame and look what happend after season 2 they dissapeared and nobody care u know i didnt even missed as a couple idk what i would do if they did that with chuck and blair… after every season is about them even when they are having hard times or good ones it’s always about how much they love each other…..soo for the ones who want to give up on the show or stop watching DONT! cause i think that the fact that we care and that we are loyal fans and a big fan base is what been really important for the producers to not destroy them forever like they did with dan and serena, i know they have screwed things up a lot of times but after all they always find a way to reunite them so let’s HAVE SOME FAITH!! pleaseeee and remember also that if u stop watching it’s affecting ratings etcc.. and WE WANT ANOTHER SEASON!! (well at least i want another one lol )

  6. Andie1391 says:

    ok that was my GG obession talking, now my point of view of the last episode, u know maybe most of u will think im stupid or something but i liked the episode a lot and i like the “god”storyline yeah i think it’s stupid that blair left chuck just because of the promise she made with god, but what i think it’s believable it’s the fact that she’s scared that something may happend to chuck , and besides living that experience at that point she’s willing to believe anything cause he survived after all, love the first scene with chuck and blair, amazing!!!! the look in chuck’s face when he saw her the music at the background playing beautiful, the flashbacks in the limo sigh* just broke my heart cause the scene where they say they love each other looks so real and intense and blair’s face like she wanted to cry omg love love love….. also i think it’s amazing that chuck doesnt care anymore he was practically telling louis he still love her everytime they were together lol helping him to find the secret that blair was keeping… and how open is he with blair now like ” i wanted to be there for you after the baby” or his reaction when blair came to the empire, like u can see how relief he feels and then what he told her “Thank God blair, did u know what u put me through” something like that….he’s just so open with her right know about his feelings that i think it’s freaking AMAZING!! that’s why i love it the episode was ALL about chuck and blair’s love! how much they love each other and they are epic guys dont stop the CHAIR LOVE! follow me on twitter Andie1391 as u can see i love talking about them hahah

  7. Chair Love says:

    Cockblocked from God ! *rolls eyes* Really ? lol
    I’m so over watching chuck eat humble pie, I love blair but I will say that I did love how they had chuck walk straight past her after seeing her kiss louis cause by then I was beyond return lol *screaming* Poor chuck ! and then when he did walk past her I was thinking “yes chuck hold you’r head up” I saw blair look at him she looked so sad *sighs* all was forgiven and my loyalty returned. (omg my emotions are everywere lol)
    I’m looking forward to the next ep it looks like we will get a little comic relief instead of the tearful plots we have had to endure of late, and the return of georgina and jack should be fun as well josh said jack and chuck are on good terms this time and going back to the crash the doctor did ask the nurse to contact family for a blood transfusion and chuck lived so did some one step up and give him blood ? jack or maybe someone else ?
    Of course I can’t wait to see how chuck does this after all he’s Chuck Bass !

  8. Andie1391 says:

    LOL i can’t wait either !! the last scene i saw chuck and jack together was so funny!! remember that time where he and rina’s father where fighting a he helped Chuck, it was hilarious!!!! my consern here is Elizabeth Hurley character i hope they dont come up with the she’s the real mother of chuck cuz it’s looks suspicious….:O

  9. Chair Love says:

    LOL @ Andie 1391 *Hullucinant Mushrooms* that was great It would be really nice if jack is growing up too and him and chuck can form some sort of relationship I would love that

    • Andie1391 says:

      LOL i knoww!!! it would be amazing hahaha cuz chuck can be really funny too!!! so imagine chuck and jack like hanging out or getting drunk idk things like that omg… BASS-WORLD

  10. rachel says:

    Hey love this blog btw! Really holding out that chair will hopefully happen by valentines day, its almost painful to watch blair with louis!

  11. Chair Love says:

    Been watching some of last episode and I watched the chuck and donut scene at the end and I just loved it lol I can’t believe donut stood there and tried to lie to chuck and then swearing to chuck that he didn’t know why Blair was walking away from chuck mmmm bad move donut now chucks gonna make you pay ! lol.
    @Andie1391 Bass world sounds great to me could you imagine the kaos chuck and jack could cause the UES good kaos of course ! lol

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