Eonline interviews Ed about Chuck and Blair and the future

So we’re hearing this Ed Westwick fellow is kind of popular.

Understatement of the century? Probably. There’s no denying that Gossip Girl‘s Chuck Bass is one of TV’s most iconic characters, with his outrageous outfits, snarky one-liners and ability to straddle the line between leading man and villain. There’s a reason he’s called the Dark Knight. Another reason he’s so popular? He’s one-half of one of the show’s fan favorite couples Chuck and Blair, also known belovedly as “Chair.”

We sat down with Westwick to talk about what’s ahead for Chuck and Blair (Leighton Meester), Chuck’s ability to defeat death, his feelings about Chuck’s evolution over the series and whether or not he’s ready to say goodbye to the show…

source: eonline.com

Are you surprised by how invested the show’s fans still are five seasons in, with your character especially?
Ed Westwick: Yeah, I am. I mean, it’s nuts. It’s still nuts. I was at the premiere for J. Edgar, this film I did a couple of months ago, and we were coming out of the premiere, which was at Mann’s Chinese Theatre, and I was crossing the street to the Roosevelt hotel where the cocktail reception was. I had to get a police escort acros the street and I was like, ‘What is going on right now?!’ It’s daunting, but it’s amazing that everyone’s really still digging the show. It’s great. We’re still having fun doing it, so it works all around, I guess.

Obviously, I have to ask about Chuck and Blair. What can you tell me that’s coming up for them?
What can I tell you that’s coming up? There’s a wedding. I mean, look, with regards to, for my character of Chuck, she’s his muse, she’s his obsession. It’s drawn-out, but it’s so like heavy. He’s so into her. It’s such a big deal for him. It’s taken on a thing, like she is the air that he breathes, I guess. He wants any cost to find a way to be with her and that’s what he’s doing for the rest of the reason, is trying, trying and trying. Of course, when something’s like that, sometimes you try bad methods, you try bad approaches. That’s kind of the flavor of our show anyway, double-crossing and what not. I still don’t know where it’s going to go, he’s just on a mission. What’s kind of interesting is he’s not devious in other ways like he was for the first three or four years and there was a bunch of stuff, like family that he was trying to figure out. It’s not really at the forefront of his mind now. It’s just how do I get to be with the girl. But if it was me, I would tell her to go and get lost a million years ago because I don’t care…there’s other people out there. That’s kind of what I want to do: I want to grab Chuck Bass and say, ‘There are other people out there, man. It’s not cool!’

Can you tease Chuck’s role in the 100th episode at all?
There is a wedding. There’s a car accident. That already happened. It just all goes together. Well, obviously, I survive that.

Death is kind of Chuck’s bitch at this point. He’s escaped it several times now. 
[Laughs.] He’s the man of steel. It’s like that film Final Destination. That’s what it is! I’ll make the transition to Final Destination 55 or whatever. He just can’t be killed. I’ll just keep the franchise alive.

Looking at everything the writers have put Chuck and Blair through, do you think a happily ever after is even possible for them?
It’s an interesting question, because you think about it in yourself. I mean, how much is when enough’s enough? We’ve probably both been through relationships where so much has happened. It can be tainted, but it can just be too heavy. No matter how much you’re in love with someone, things can just be too heavy. And if it were me, as I was saying, you just need to pack bags, move away, you’ve got the money, go live in Tahiti or something. There’s no need to be there anymore. Of course, it’s what everyone wants to see, but I think that’s the interesting and alluring thing: how do they get them to come together, or will they?

Why do you think fans are so invested in Chuck Blair? What is it about them that has turned “Chair” into this iconic TV couple?
Look, for everything they have going for them, the money and the wit and everything, they’re still kind of an underdog couple because they’re still battling an uphill struggle: the external influences of everyone else in their world trying to get something from them or trying to get them. It’s tragic in that way. It’s kind of funny because I’m going to do Romeo and Juliet, the film, and in a way it kind of resembles that. That’s a romance tragedy and, in a way, Chuck and Blair are a romance tragedy. So much has happened that if they can’t get it together then that’s the tragedy because they do love each other and there’s been so much external influence. It’s everything else going on around you when you know it should just be you two.

When the possibility of a Dan and Blair romance was brought into the show, did you kind of go, ‘Really? Dan and Blair?’
I wasn’t like, ‘Really?’ because they had to do something. It’s season five. There are moments when I’m like, ‘Really? Come on!’  Because if it’s me, if I hate someone, I rarely am going to 180 it and be like, ‘I love you!’ That doesn’t happen for me. But in the world of television and the world of where we have to make stories that work, I guess you have to say anything’s possible. I think they have been smart about it. The character of Dan’s changed a lot. I find it funny because, even though I work on the show, I would not behave in anyway like these people. Maybe that’s what we like because it drives us nuts, like, ‘What are you doing?!’

How do you feel about Chuck’s evolution over the course of the series and season five?
I’ve enjoyed it so much. In the beginning, he was just this kind of brat, this total brat and I enjoyed it a lot. I had a lot of fun playing with that and then we explored it and realized that there was this heart that had just been beaten down so much. Or a heart that had been ignored that it no longer knew how to beat really. Then this thing with Blair really was the ultimate kind of growth of that. The only thing that came out of everything was this girl embodies everything that I need in order to live. Look, it’s been really good. There’s things I miss. I miss the cocky one-liners. They’re still there, but it’s kind of in a different way now. I think in a way, he’s probably the most mature out of all of them, especially this season, which isn’t fun! No matter how old you are, people still obsess over one person or are so in love with one person and if it’s a soulmate and you feel that kind of connection then that’s what’s going to happen. Look, he’s got his business under control. He’s the youngest successful business man ever. Doogie Howser.

There’s always a lot of speculation going into each new season about who will return. You guys are contracted for six years, so could you see life going on with Chuck Bass beyond next season, should the show get a sixth season, or do you feel like that’s a good endmark for the show?
Yeah, I think that’s the end.

So you’re ready to say goodbye to Chuck Bass and the bowties?
No, no! I think that will be the end of that and then it’ll be time for me to do something else.

You filmed J. Edgar and are working on Romeo and Juliet, are you hoping to transition to film or are you open to doing more TV after Gossip Girl?
Absolutely, but I never say never to anything. I’m just happy to be doing a job that I love. This is a fantastic job to be able to do and a fantastic industry to work in. I love working in America, I love being part of the industry out here. But look, it’s been a fantastic experience with the show and if we do one more year, I’m sure it’ll be a great culmination of everything. I’m definitely ready to mix it up and do other things. I’m an actor; I want to play roles, not a role.

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13 thoughts on “Eonline interviews Ed about Chuck and Blair and the future

  1. blairwaldorf09 says:

    when one of your leads says they are ready for the show to end, there’s something wrong XD

  2. chair says:

    Even Ed Knows how ridiculous Dan and Blair is LOL

  3. Vicky says:

    Wow, he really doesn’t sound that enthusiastic or optimistic about chuck and Blair being together anymore… 😦

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      That is his opinion, remember. He didn’t spoil anything so we can’t know in the end what’s gonna happen.

    • Ashley says:

      I think he’s just saying in real life he would have given up by now, but then he talks about how Chuck won’t and he’s going to keep fighting for her. I didn’t see anything that says he doesn’t think they’ll be together.

      I also loved how he said the Dan/Blair thing is weird on Dan’s part. LOL I’ve always thought the same.

  4. mar says:

    I think it’s Ed’s guy opinion – Blair is engaged and pregnant, if it was for him, he would have given up on her ( in the real life) but it doesn’t mean Chuck will give up. After all she’s the air he breathes:)

  5. GFF says:

    Had a feeling he wouldn’t be gushing about CB the way he used to. Bear in mind him telling Blair to get lost is what Ed would personally do – this sounds like his past relationship with Jessica rumours of her cheating and him dumping her so I reckon this relates.
    The way he talks it’s so obvious he’s not into the show anymore. He keeps answering the same questions. It’s a shame really.

  6. Lauren says:

    Well, don’t like that he’s basically done with CB, but love the upcoming SL for Chuck regarding Blair!!! =D Plus, he doesn’t understand how DB could possibly ever make sense. lmao Perfect. Plus, omg, Chuck regarding Blair…and not being devious, just fighting for her to the death? Oh man, it’s gorgeous. *heart flutters*

  7. chair says:

    WTF? Just 5 seasons ? .. Chuck and Blair must be together !Can he make films and record gosip girl at the same time? It’s EZ for him to say goodbye to Chuck Bass but we love that ,,TV’s most iconic characters, with his outrageous outfits, snarky one-liners and ability to straddle the line between leading man and villain. ”
    Sorry if my English is bad I’m from Serbia 🙂

    • Sarah Lynnl Leathers says:

      To he seemed to say he was willing to do both movies and tv. Plus he isn’t giving up on Blair and love how he thinks the DB relationship even in rl is stupid and something that would never happen even to him.

      He isn’t going to be giving up on Blair and hopefully he will be do some of the things the Old Chuck would do just in a better way to go with his growth development.
      Agree his character is the only one who has shown any growth compared to all the other characters

  8. firieness says:

    That’s really cool interview, mainly because he seems honest in his opinions and not delivering false praise of the show. It is Gossip girl after all and the storylines are either unrealistic or even more unrealistic cuz it’s a tv show 🙂

  9. Steph says:

    The title of the episode the End of The Affair refers to an old book 😉
    I give you all a little synopsis from Wiki! And after that my thoughts.

    The novel focuses on Maurice Bendrix, a rising writer during World War II in London, and Sarah Miles, the wife of an impotent civil servant. Bendrix is loosely based on Greene himself, and he reflects often on the act of writing a novel. Sarah is based loosely on Greene’s mistress at the time, Catherine Walston, to whom the book is dedicated.
    Bendrix and Sarah fall in love quickly, but he soon realizes that the affair will end as quickly as it began. The relationship suffers from his overt and admitted jealousy. He is frustrated by her refusal to divorce Henry, her amiable but boring husband. When a bomb blasts Bendrix’s flat as he is with Sarah, he is nearly killed. After this, Sarah breaks off the affair with no apparent explanation.
    Later, Bendrix is still wracked with jealousy when he sees Henry crossing the Common that separates their flats. Henry has finally started to suspect something, and Bendrix decides to go to a private detective to discover Sarah’s new lover. Through her diary, he learns that, when she thought he was dead after the bombing, she made a promise to God not to see Bendrix again if he allowed him to live again. Greene describes Sarah’s struggles. After her sudden death from a lung infection brought to a climax by walking on the Common in the rain, several miraculous events occur, advocating for some kind of meaningfulness to Sarah’s faith. By the last page of the novel, Bendrix may have come to believe in a God as well, though not to love him.
    The End of the Affair is the fourth and last of Greene’s explicitly Catholic novels.

    source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_End_of_the_Affair

    CLEARLY GG gets there inspiration from here.
    Bendrix is clearly CHUCK and Sarah is BLAIR. Henry ofcourse is that not so amiable but oh so boring LOUIS! Some things don’t ofcourse compare BUT especially this part TOTALLY DOES AFTER WE REWRITE IT! (ps i so want to read this book now for more possible clues)

    Bendrix alias CHUCK and Sarah alias BLAIR fall in love quickly, but he soon realizes that the affair will end as quickly as it began. The relationship suffers from his overt and admitted jealousy. (yeah they have that thing going on frequently don’t they) He is frustrated by her refusal to divorce (in this case marry that frog LOUIS) Henry, her amiable but boring husband (am”en to this!). When a bomb blasts Bendrix’s flat as he is with Sarah, he is nearly killed. THIS IS TO BE REPLACED WITH WHEN THEY ARE TOGETHER IN THE SABOTAGED CAR AND THE CAR GETS INTO AN ACCIDENT CHUCK IS NEARLY KILLED. After this, Sarah ALIAS BLAIR breaks off the affair with no apparent explanation. THIS WE ALREADY KINDA SAW IN THE CANADIAN PROMO!
    Later, Bendrix ALIAS CHUCK is still wracked with jealousy when he sees Henry ALIAS LOUIS crossing the Common that separates their flats. WELL NOT THAT THEY HAVE CLOSE FLATS BUT THIS MAY HINT ON BUMPING IN TO EACH OTHER FREQUENTLY. Henry ALIAS LOUIS has finally started to suspect something, and Bendrix ALIAS CHUCK decides to go to a private detective (LIKE HE ALWAYS DOES THAHA) to discover Sarah’s ALIAS BLAIR’S new lover. Through her diary, he learns that, when she thought he was dead after the bombing, she made a promise to God not to see Bendrix ALIAS CHUCK again if he allowed him to live again. AND THAT WILL BE THE REASON THAT BLAIR WILL LEAVE CHUCK JUST LIKE WE THOUGHT! I’M ALREADY FUCKED UP ABOUT THIS YET I KNOW IN MY HEART THAT SHE WON’T MARRY THAT AFWUL LOUIS!


    Dair shippers i’m sorry but they don’t stand a chance. It has and it will always be CHAIR! these are my final words sorry for the long post! Love you all! xoxo, steph

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