Speculation Post Day 9: “The end was just the beginning”

It has been over a month since the last time I have written my last speculation post. I know I promised I would write one before 2011 ended, but forgive me because I had things to do (lol). So here I am, few days before Gossip Girl starts again. This hiatus has been kind and not hurtful like some others in the past. The last episode aired was pretty good so it made up for these six weeks of waiting. Episode 5.11 for some reason looks good to me. Not sure about the 12th, but this one… let’s analyze few things.

1. What happened after the accident? Is Chuck alive?

I remember in the first weeks after the episode 5.10 aired, that people were freaking out Chuck may die after the accident. As I said back then, he’s not gonna die. Ausiello also confirmed he was going to be at Blair’s wedding, and we have the confirmation thanks to the episode stills from 5.11, 5.12 and 5.13. I hope people have stopped asking this question because it was obvious he wasn’t going to die. Hehe.

To answer the other part of the question, I’ll say… mmmh.

My take is that after the accident, Chuck takes a while to wake up. Maybe he’s even rushed to the OR to have surgery, I don’t know. This is what the writer’s preview suggests me, and what the Canadian Promo does as well. Chuck is going to be long time asleep. Maybe not coma, but knocked out for a while as I guess from the bandage on his head, that he hit it somewhere when the car where he and Blair were in, went out of the road it was going.

Blair is going to know this from Serena first, as suggested by the promo. “Chuck has lost a lot of blood”, she says. So when Blair is allowed, she goes to check and that is when she sees the situation is not good. We talked about this deal with God for weeks, but what is this about? For what I think, Blair is going to believe God may be the only one able to save Chuck’s life. Not that she doesn’t trust the doctors, but maybe is like God himself shows to her in some way, maybe she’s getting back to her room and she sees the church, I don’t know.

Religion is a confusing thing. We know that Blair isn’t religious, but as my aunt often tells me, sometimes we refuge in religion to seek for help, because we know God can help us. This may sound off to some of you, but I live in a Catholic country where Catholicism is the main religion and when I happen to talk to older people on buses or anywhere else, they often tell me to have faith and believe in God because he will help you with anything, he will heal you if you pray for him, because he is your father. Okay, hope I didn’t sound weird talking about religion on here, but I did mainly to make you understand the way of thought that may lead Blair making the pact with God.

As someone pointed out few weeks ago in a comment, the fact that Blair denies herself of Chuck to save him, sounds weird. Because when you pray God, he doesn’t ask anything from you in exchange to hear your prayers. Mmmh, we’ll see why though is not completely out-of-place because a friend of mine in particular used to do small sacrifices during Easter, or in Virgin Mary’s month (May) in order show God and to herself she could avoid doing something. These small sacrifices didn’t include don’t see a guy anymore, though. lol. They were mostly to not eat chocolate for that one month, or not swore for that period. Blair’s deal has to be something more.

What I believe is that Blair’s deal comes off her love for Chuck. In episode 5.09 Chuck tells her “The worst thing happened, and I didn’t die. Your love kept me alive” after he affirms he survived without her. I think this line is important to explain Blair’s decision. Her love kept him alive. If she deprives herself of Chuck, giving to God all the love she feels for him in order to keep him alive, maybe will be her greatest sacrifice for him and for herself, because she knows and we know how much Blair wanted Chuck all along.

I think this reason, as lame as it may appear to some, is also to delay Chuck and Blair’s reunion. But seriously, who thought they would be reunited after 5.10? We still have 14 episodes left and they can’t do a season finale (or hopefully a few episodes before the season finale) kind of reunion, this early. I’m sorry but this is the truth and I’m sorry if you guys are angry and stuff like that, but tvshow-speaking, a reunion at this point would have produced another break up before the season would end, and none of us surely doesn’t want this once CB get back together… Y/Y?

To get more infos about possible plot play out, read The End of the Affair synopsis on Wikipedia.

2. What happened to Blair’s baby?

Around Thanksgiving we had a spoiler from Margaret Colin (Eleanor Waldorf) claiming that she knew Blair lost her baby. Only one site had that “exclusive”, so I still don’t know how much of that is true/the period is contrived. I think we actually need to see, but nothing is lost until I’ll hear it from Blair.

The simplest answer is that Blair lost her baby. According to the writer’s preview, two months or so have passed since the accident and we’re now on New Year’s Eve. Blair has a flat stomach in all the three episodes and forward, so everyone’s thought when those set pictures were released was that she had miscarried. This is natural to believe now, but what if she didn’t? What if the baby was born prematurely?

We don’t know what happened after the accident yet, and I have no idea if there’ll be room to show a miscarriage if it has occurred. Plus, would Blair get married just three months (the two passed + January) right after she has lost her baby? I don’t know… my mom told me she lost the baby after me and that some days she still thinks about it even if almost 18 years have passed. Miscarriage is a serious thing, they can’t just mention the baby is gone and leave Blair acting as if it never happened. It wouldn’t be right.

So what if in those two months the baby made it?

Your question now may surely be “where is she/he?” … good one, but I thought about this too (wasted mind, lol). Remember when they had casting calls of nuns/monks? Since Blair is seen at the church with few different outfits, what if Blair (with Dan since PL filmed those scenes together) go visit Blair’s baby other than for some more praying God/thanking God, or they don’t pray, they just check on Blair’s baby?

Other than PL on that set late at night there was also Hugo. What if… since that one church they filmed for this episode is not the same of the wedding, maybe they weren’t going to do things related to their wedding… mmmh.

BD where talking about a certain secret in episode’s 5.11’s sneak peak. What if it’s that one?

To add more sense to this shallow theory, I’ll say that in the city where I live years and years ago it was used to take unwanted babies or babies their parents couldn’t take care of, to a church called of Saint Patricia (translated). People used to give their newborns to the nuns so that they could take care of them while they looked for a job… you have to know I’m talking about a century ago too, where people were really poor and made a lot of children, and couldn’t take sadly care of every one of them.

This is just random and a speculation, of course things will change if we have the confirmation the baby didn’t make it.

Blair (and maybe Louis) may hide their child to avoid a scandal (since is not nice for a Catholic to have a baby outside marriage, no matter you will marry your baby’s father *smh*) after the accident, because paparazzi may have pictures of Chuck and Blair in the car and could create a big gossip story around them… hehe. Then, at Blair’s wedding, Georgina could unveil the secret and reveal everyone that Blair has had a baby and maybe Louis is not the father? Maybe they tried to talk a little of this story so that we would go on without it and kinda forget it, to take it back in the most unexpected moment and surprise us? They’re always for OMFG. That could be why Blair possibly runs away?

What if Louis blackmails Blair into marrying him, or he’ll take away her baby from her?

You tell me. I’m going to speculate about the wedding in the next days, so be prepared.

And above all, don’t lose faith. I know things are hard to bear and that you have had enough, but giving up now in the half of the season when things get surely annoying and intricate, is not that great. We need to support our couple in order to keep our status of most liked GG couple. We know our fanbase is big, don’t we? Let’s not forget why we love Chuck and Blair, and let’s not get depressed IF Blair marries Louis. There’s still annullment. lol.


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27 thoughts on “Speculation Post Day 9: “The end was just the beginning”

  1. Sarah Lynnl says:

    I think the priest will be a fake one and the marriage won’t even be valid if it does happen and if it does there is annulment and we all know Chuck/Blair love only each other. Cant wait to see what G is up to with Chuck and the priest that Beatrice is with so it should all be good if they would just not show so much of Dan

  2. chair says:

    I love your speculations! 🙂
    not gonna lost hope for CB , they have to be endgame

  3. Christine says:

    It all sounds good but the whole hiding of the premature baby and louis blackmailing her with it sounds kinda out there..sorry lol

    • blairwaldorf09 says:

      but if you think about it Louis has been venturing out of that “prince charming” mold he had been in before. Trying to frame Blair’s friends for the whole GG gossip tips thing. If he’s desperate enough he might do it.

  4. Lauren says:

    oh wow. I honestly think the baby just didn’t make it. I really hope though that the show doesn’t just shove that aside in the fury that is the Chuck/Blair/Louis issue here, because while that’s huge, she still did miscarry. Anyways, I think the “secret” DB are talking about is the fact that Blair got back together w/ Louis when everyone else was well aware that she was on the verge of being with Chuck for life. So…yes.

    I really like that quote you pointed out though! The whole “your love kept me alive”. I never considered that she’d come back to that, but I can see it now. heh.

    Interesting speculations!

  5. valentina says:

    I don’t think B’s baby makes trough it.

  6. Anya says:

    Hmmm. I doubt Blair would hide her baby in a monastery. 😀 Writers probably killed it and want us to believe Blair did her mourning and crying in 2 months that had passes sinse the car crash.

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      This would be another example of lazy writing but they did it with her ED, I expect them to do it again.

      • Anya says:


        Personally, I don’t get it. If the baby is dead, and she can’t be with Chuck — OK… but WHY ON EARTH would she still be marring Louis? She doesn’t love him. She’s not having his child. Just ’cause she finds his vows (written by Dan) romantic? Writers has gone mad.

  7. Raphaela says:

    I highly doubt that Blair has given her to drink Would anyone or hid somewhere.
    I think she really lost the baby already …. Chuck once nearly died …
    I believe that Blair has made ​​some kind of promise or what she believes more to help Chuck.
    She really loves Chuck …
    Now Louise blackmailing Blair … I think not!
    But this and the face of Beatrice (Blackmail, lies and betrayals)
    Anxious to see the upcoming episodes!

  8. firieness says:

    Great speculations – nice read.
    About the baby – I think Blair will lose the baby and the writers do this whole 2 months time skip to simply avoid dealing with it, which is really lame. Plus this whole promise to God doesn’t make much sense then just an inspiration from this old movie “End of Affair”. I think if they would try to be more realistic they maybe could show that Blair feels guilty for losing the baby and since it was Louis baby, she feel she owns to him to continue with the marriage. That for me sounds more reasonable.

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      Maybe if she loses the baby, her guilt towards Louis may be one of the causes that leads her to go through with her wedding.

      • firieness says:

        That makes sense, but writers of GG seem not to care much about their storylines being reasonable 🙂

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      These pics are from January 10th, but of 2011, not 2012… that part they were filmed appeared in 4.17. You don’t have to worry. lol.

  9. Sarah Lynnl says:

    I think also they are using the time jump to show DB getting closer gag me now because even if Blair decides she does feel something for Dan I would never believe it.
    Plus she should be telling all of this to Serena especially if she did lose the baby.
    Either way her feelings for Chuck are more than they could ever be for anyone else. Which Dan had left when Vanessa did plus I’m sure the D/S fake dating is to protect Blair so that is why I believe someone is blackmailing are threatening Blair.
    So want to what G has on Louis and his family also if she knows anything else about Jack/Diana who I believe will help save Chuck when he needs more blood. Also I want to his real mom E to come back even though she betrayed Chuck in season 3 because I believe there is more to her storyline plus how much of what she told Chuck I wonder was the truth

  10. Del says:

    pics of wedding are out….

    is it the same priest?? he seems different to me.

  11. Andie1391 says:

    i love ur speculations haha!!! and i will always love chuck and blair!!!! love the show and love them they’re the best couple ever, cause even they have hard times they keep coming back to each and thats real love to me, to be able to forgive everything cause im watching a story like c and b in real life with some friends of mine and keep telling them “that’s love” lol cause after all they keep coming back!!! YEAHHH CHUCK AND BLAIR FOREVER!!!

  12. Mimi says:

    http://gossipgirlonline.ru/ Look at the third article!!!

  13. QueenB says:

    I think we are all immersed in the story of Chuck and Blair, but with abortion, among which are waiting if the wedding takes place or not and desesperscion tants, I think we missed an important super figure in this story, someone knows something about Diane and Jack Bass, might be of interest for the next chapters, anyone has heard anything????

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      I guess if they’ll appear again on the show as I think, they may be filming it in February… so maybe we’ll know about their story towards the end of the season :/ I want to know too. Diana may be a member of Chuck’s family imo.

  14. blairwaldorf09 says:

    I think your speculation is honestly plausible. Especially the whole blackmail thing since Louis is very much out of that original “prince charming” mold and if he lets his sister influence him, well it does seem like a way for it to go. Not sure about them hiding the baby but it is royalty and of course they are very big on their image and stuff. So that could work too.

    I honestly would prefer for her to have a premie baby than a miscarriage because even if they skip the two months, she wouldn’t ever truly be over it.

  15. Steph says:

    i’m reposting my post here cuz it kinda belongs here too, enjoy!

    The title of the episode the End of The Affair refers to an old book
    I give you all a little synopsis from Wiki! And after that my thoughts.

    The novel focuses on Maurice Bendrix, a rising writer during World War II in London, and Sarah Miles, the wife of an impotent civil servant. Bendrix is loosely based on Greene himself, and he reflects often on the act of writing a novel. Sarah is based loosely on Greene’s mistress at the time, Catherine Walston, to whom the book is dedicated.
    Bendrix and Sarah fall in love quickly, but he soon realizes that the affair will end as quickly as it began. The relationship suffers from his overt and admitted jealousy. He is frustrated by her refusal to divorce Henry, her amiable but boring husband. When a bomb blasts Bendrix’s flat as he is with Sarah, he is nearly killed. After this, Sarah breaks off the affair with no apparent explanation.
    Later, Bendrix is still wracked with jealousy when he sees Henry crossing the Common that separates their flats. Henry has finally started to suspect something, and Bendrix decides to go to a private detective to discover Sarah’s new lover. Through her diary, he learns that, when she thought he was dead after the bombing, she made a promise to God not to see Bendrix again if he allowed him to live again. Greene describes Sarah’s struggles. After her sudden death from a lung infection brought to a climax by walking on the Common in the rain, several miraculous events occur, advocating for some kind of meaningfulness to Sarah’s faith. By the last page of the novel, Bendrix may have come to believe in a God as well, though not to love him.
    The End of the Affair is the fourth and last of Greene’s explicitly Catholic novels.

    source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_End_of_the_Affair

    CLEARLY GG gets there inspiration from here.
    Bendrix is clearly CHUCK and Sarah is BLAIR. Henry ofcourse is that not so amiable but oh so boring LOUIS! Some things don’t ofcourse compare BUT especially this part TOTALLY DOES AFTER WE REWRITE IT! (ps i so want to read this book now for more possible clues)

    Bendrix alias CHUCK and Sarah alias BLAIR fall in love quickly, but he soon realizes that the affair will end as quickly as it began. The relationship suffers from his overt and admitted jealousy. (yeah they have that thing going on frequently don’t they) He is frustrated by her refusal to divorce (in this case marry that frog LOUIS) Henry, her amiable but boring husband (am”en to this!). When a bomb blasts Bendrix’s flat as he is with Sarah, he is nearly killed. THIS IS TO BE REPLACED WITH WHEN THEY ARE TOGETHER IN THE SABOTAGED CAR AND THE CAR GETS INTO AN ACCIDENT CHUCK IS NEARLY KILLED. After this, Sarah ALIAS BLAIR breaks off the affair with no apparent explanation. THIS WE ALREADY KINDA SAW IN THE CANADIAN PROMO!
    Later, Bendrix ALIAS CHUCK is still wracked with jealousy when he sees Henry ALIAS LOUIS crossing the Common that separates their flats. WELL NOT THAT THEY HAVE CLOSE FLATS BUT THIS MAY HINT ON BUMPING IN TO EACH OTHER FREQUENTLY. Henry ALIAS LOUIS has finally started to suspect something, and Bendrix ALIAS CHUCK decides to go to a private detective (LIKE HE ALWAYS DOES THAHA) to discover Sarah’s ALIAS BLAIR’S new lover. Through her diary, he learns that, when she thought he was dead after the bombing, she made a promise to God not to see Bendrix ALIAS CHUCK again if he allowed him to live again. AND THAT WILL BE THE REASON THAT BLAIR WILL LEAVE CHUCK JUST LIKE WE THOUGHT! I’M ALREADY FUCKED UP ABOUT THIS YET I KNOW IN MY HEART THAT SHE WON’T MARRY THAT AFWUL LOUIS!


    Dair shippers i’m sorry but they don’t stand a chance. It has and it will always be CHAIR! these are my final words sorry for the long post! Love you all! xoxo, steph

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