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29 thoughts on “5.13 G.G. – EPISODE STILLS

  1. bella says:

    blair is wearing the neckles that chuck gave het

  2. mar says:

    I have never imagined that Blair’s wedding pics will bring me to tears but I guess I need to face the fact that 100th episode will be probably the last I’m gonna watch. GG used to be my guilty pleasure, now it’s more and more painful to watch…

  3. Susy says:

    Blair doesn’t look happy at all!
    I guess Chuck wants to make sure she is alright with marrying that dork… And georgina is there to scheme, as usual, only this time I really love her for doing it!!

    BTW: The frog looks like penguin in that suit. And those shoes!!!!! And serenas hair is hideous!

  4. chair says:

    OMG ! She is so beautiful ! second picture is my favorite !

  5. Lauren says:

    Good lord. I think I just died. Angsty CB r gonna kill us this episode. *fans self*

  6. Raphaela says:

    Mon Dieu, Blair is going to marry Louis??
    How so??
    And the priest who will perform the ceremony is not the lover of Beatrice??
    Georgina talking to Chuck ????
    Aiii anxious episode 100

  7. Girls i can cry now! if blair get merried with louis..chair is end for me, because i think that also if she became louis’s wife and at the end of season returns with chuck,there’s not the same thing!! she must says NOOO!! or i think that gossip girl lose a lot of fans…

    P.S. i really wanna see this episode, truste me i’m not ready to see louis and blair togheter!! 😦

    (i’m sorry if my english is wrong! i’m italian and i’m studing it..i hope that all my text is right) thx you.. i wait some of yours ideaa!!

    • * say and trust… sorry XD

    • mar says:

      I feel the same way!
      Plus it’s a royal wedding for the love of god – if she says “I do’ and then wants divorce or if she runs away from the altar – it would be huge scandal and I think it’s way too much even for GG, it’s like a soap opera in its worst kind. They’ve just gone too far with that SL and it’s ruining GG for me.

  8. grace says:

    Based on the Stills, the 100th episode should be called ” A Bunch Of Cockblockings”.

    Save Chuck and Blair them!

  9. Alberdien says:

    This storyline is getting pretty boring.

  10. GFF says:

    Now the question is who is Blair looking back at from the altar, Chuck…or Dan? (-___-)

    • Anya says:

      I’m guessing if Dan walks Serena down the aisle, he must me standing behind Louis. Blair’s looking at somebody sitting among the guests.

      I also doubt Chuck’s invited to the ceremony. 😦

  11. meg meh says:

    Big spoiler.
    11×05 Hospital. Blair lose her child. Chuck will me fighting for his life. Blair will be pray for him. She promise something God. Blair meet with Dan.She returns to Louis. The next Charles visits her. He will be begin her!!! Georgina back.
    12×05 Blair bachelorette party. The policeman arrest her for smoking marijuana… The next Chuck talk with her. He ask her if she is sure of what she does.
    13×05 is wedding day.
    Georgina seduce father Cavalio ♥ somebody get caught them.
    Chuck visits Blair. But she once again chose Louis. The next is a WEDDING. Mystery will issue. Dan will play a significant role in the church…The episode will be ended when Blair runs out of the church ALONE. And happy going somewhere

  12. meg meh says:

    This spoiler is of course only a guess!!!!!!

  13. Anya says:

    I’m going to cry watching Blair getting MARRIED for all the wrong reasons. HATE HATE HATE Blouis >:-((( I’ll make my own pact with God if he hits Louis with a falling chandelier or smth.

  14. Chair Love says:

    well donuts unexpected Role in the wedding ? looks like he got the role of best man (bahahaha) that’s bound to make dair fans hearts explode lol, what a joke hasn’t louis got any friends ? .(Sorry couldn’t help myself)
    As for our CHAIR the more spoilers we get the more confidence I have that it will turn in our favour.
    On twitter @Rauhlprincess mentioned that B has her heart pin in her hand in the photo with her louis and chuck I can’t see it but it does look like she is holding something, which has got me thinking in 2×25 she told chuck that she loved him so much it consumed her and practicly begged him to confess his love to her and he walked away leaving her in tears and thinking that was the end, my minds thinking that blair may give her pendent to chuck before she walks down the isle showing him and us viewers that she indeed intends to marry louis but chuck will always have her heart, leaving all of us screaming and crying foul and then BAM ! she gets to the priest and loses her nerve running off looking for chuck.
    You know the writers are gonna mess with our heads but the more they try and push dair and blouis down our throats the more I believe we are gonna get our CHAIRxxx

  15. Anya says:

    Serena, Dorota, Eleonor all look do happy on the photos. B looks so sad on some of them, well almost ALL of them. 😦 Why doesn’t anybody notice that?! She’s not going to be happy with Louis!

  16. sammy says:

    Dan: Blair, what are you doing here? Everyone is looking for you. It’s time for the cake.
    Blair: I’m not going back in there.
    Dan: What? Blair, it’s your wedding. I know that it’s not exactly what you wanted but you can’t just leave. That’s not very Blair like.
    Blair: Who is Blair? I don’t know who I am anymore. I can’t go back in there after hearing Louis’s vows.
    Dan: You didn’t like them?
    Blair: Are you kidding me? The vows were beautiful. That’s why I can’t stay.
    Dan: I don’t understand.
    Blair: You never do. I never knew that Louis loved me that much and in that way and I, and I don’t. I realized that when he was reading his vows and all I could think of was Chuck. 3 years ago I promised him to always be there. For better and for worse. For the darkest time. And it was all I could think of when Louis was giving that amazing speech.
    Dan: Blair…
    Blair: I’m a fraud. I’m a very bad person for letting myself go through with this wedding and for leading Louis on. I didn’t know that he loved me this much and I can’t love him back..not in that way. I can’t love anyone. I don’t want to.
    Dan: You love Chuck.
    Blair: I do. I read in a blog and i dont know if its true … i am very sad that she will marry louis 😦 WTF writers!

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      Where did you find this? Never read anything before… may be made up. They don’t seem so them, honestly. Don’t think it’s legit.

  17. Missy says:

    So this is a different dress then the dress shes wearing in the one where she runs out of the hotel..so must have been a dream

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