5.11 The End of the Affair? – SNEAK PEAK


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hey, you! Thank you for stopping by. I'm Tweety, and I am a girl who loves writing, reading, and watching stuff on TV and write reviews about it. I currently study languages (English and Spanish) @ University here where I live in Italy. I dream to become a teacher or something more impossible, like a writer. For the moment I only write stories on my laptop and review a lot of books. Speaking of which, I'm really into YA despite I am not a teenager anymore, and if you have suggestions, I am always open to hear your book advice! :D

7 thoughts on “5.11 The End of the Affair? – SNEAK PEAK

  1. grace says:

    ” Feign some happiness”.

    No comments.

  2. T-Chair says:

    What truth is she talking about?

  3. Christine says:

    Shes prob hiding the fact that she lost the baby and doesnt want anyone to know but its obvious

  4. Chair Love says:

    I think maybe he knows about the pact with god or what ever crazyness she has come up with in her head regarding chuck and not being with him.
    I’m so over him being the BFF were is S ?

  5. Nichole says:

    Is Dan a stalker? Seriously, he is EVERYWHERE!!! I am over it! B, stay away from him!!!

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