Kristin Spoilers

Brendahere: Gossip Girl please! Louis is the worst. Please tell me there is hope that she’ll ditch him for Dan? Or Chuck? I don’t even care which one!
There is more than hope, my friend! I can tell you there will be a pretty epic scene involving Dan and Blair in one of the upcoming episodes that shows he’s still very much an important part of her life. And there will be a Blair and Louis scene that shows Chuck may be even more important to Blair than anyone.



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14 thoughts on “Kristin Spoilers

  1. Rojina says:

    Okay at first I was like what dair scene bit as I read the spoiler it makes sense Dan is an important friend thus an important part of her life and chuck is the one. ” chuck may be even more important to blair than anyone” says it all that no one like Dan can ever replace chuck for Blair they are endgame 4sure. Ugh but I hate how they drag this blouis and dair story lines pathetic ESP Dan as the one for Blair stupid we All know chuck and Blair have the most chemistry passion and nothing can Tear them apart it’s just annoying to chair fans that have to watch these annoying scenes . Chair ftw 🙂

  2. Anya says:

    YAY is all I have to say! 😀

  3. Laura says:

    I want Chair,not Dair or Blouis!!!

  4. -S- says:

    Now it’s obvious that Blair is going to end up with Chuck!!!!!Chair!!!

  5. Susy says:

    She’s finally saying out loud what everyone already knows!

  6. GFF says:

    Yay for us good news! But seriously I tried to be nice about this DB but now I’m losing my patience with Dan because he is the most CB (cock block) for CB! The irony!!! Just GTFO!!!!! Please.

  7. BabyChair says:

    Chair all the way…

  8. Milou says:

    mmm.. since it’s a Blouis scene that will show that chuck is more important to her than anyone, I’m afraid it will be a scene where Blair asks Louis to postpone the wedding untill Chuck is better or at least untill they know if he’s going to be okay.. Probably saying something like she can’t have her wedding while one of her ‘friends’ is in the hospital..

    I hope I’m wrong, lol..

  9. Missy says:

    ^^ I think its lame after all Blair said to Chuck in the last episode she would even still be engaged to Louis. They better make it believable because I am not seeing this as interesting.

    • Rojina says:

      I know what u mean. Last episode made it clear that she loves chuck more than anyone which we all knew!! But I get the point why the hell would they play with this dair thing its pointless, tiring , and annoying and I can’t picture blair with anyone but chuck hopefullt we’ll get our chair happy ending

  10. Chair Love says:

    Wow I’m starting to get really excited “best hour in television ever” and now this spoiler by a obvious dair shipper now all we have to do is get wetpaint on board ! (they are obviously still on a dingy in the middle of the atlantic with the rest of the dair shippers ).
    I am now thinking that maybe our 4.5 years of heartache and turmoil could be nearing an end, could it be a Chair wedding ? after all the first part of the season has gone our way (if you put all the other crap to the side) chucks apology, his self sacrifice (letting blair think he was still the same), therapy and blairs realisation that chuck had changed and her heartbreak thinking that he had to give her up to be good, the most heartbreaking phone scene I have ever watched, a declaration of love from chuck for her and her baby and then the realisation from blair that all she ever wanted was him and that he was the one she never wanted to leave.
    I’m happy with the pace the writers have chosen to take on this in the past Chair have reunited over hate sex and through schemes but this time it is honest and full of love chuck has finally let go of his fear of being alone and embraced his life even when he thought blair was lost to him he did not sway back to the dark side he stood strong and blair has realised that chuck was her fairytale this whole time.
    Now to just sit back and watch it all unfold

  11. i really just dont understand why are the taking this louis bullshit further. . i mean its not a hidden secret for the writers as well that everyone hates louis . . why are they letting their show go downhill . . and this dair crap sucks as well . . come on we all knw that chuck is blair’s one and only love whether she is going to face it or run away from it but this the truth and she can never love dan then what is the point of pulling this damn storlyline . . its not even interesting . . the only love triangle involving CB that i have ever enjoyed is the chuck blair nate love triangle . . the princess and two hot princes whom will she chose . . that had suspense drama momentum hotness . . these chuck blair louis or chuck blair dan triangles are pointless and dont even arouse any curiosity as we know who will blair choose so it rather annoys us as how long we ll have to wait to see our OTP CB to reconcile

  12. and frankly dair can never hav an epic scene . . . i mean their is no chemistry b?w the two . . it all looks so forced . .

  13. and at first when i started reading this i was like “damn again we ll have to go through this dair BS” bt the end was such a great relief i can’t express in words . . i really love kristin for this (u know for not acting like the cast and crew of GG that they are oblivious abot chair”s future)i love for this simple straightforward and honest spoiler ❤

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