Leighton On Set with Blake – Dec 14th

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42 thoughts on “Leighton On Set with Blake – Dec 14th

  1. Christine says:

    Uh oh she still has the ring on …guess she got married:(

    • BrandNewChairfan:) says:

      They’re not filming in order

      • Smallville944 says:

        yes but if you notice she has a wedding band on her finger whih means it’s after 5X13 ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      • `toomuchpurple says:

        The marker says it’s 5.16, but she has also gloves covering so it may just be to make us believe Louis is there, but is not true because like I said the gloves may do the trick.

      • Christine says:

        Yeah but theres only 2 episodes from when we return to the wedding the first episode is prob in the hospital setting then the second is her bachelor thing with her getting arrested then the wedding is right after that . It seems they are going in order kinda but idk for sure

    • mar says:

      @Christine and on the right hand? WTF? Is she married? if they are going to drag Blouis SL after 5×13 then I’m done. I’ve suffered enough.

    • Smallville944 says:

      and my Bet is she will say yes and marry him in 5X13 and that Louis will be around beyond 5X13 and that by 5X24 they will break up and get divorced or something and then i think she will reunite with Chuck in 5X24 so i would give it til the season finale

    • Ashley says:

      She could have married Chuck. It doesn’t have to mean she married Louis. That would be a twist.

      Or it could possibly be that like someone else said they are releasing the pics out of order.

  2. vasso says:

    where is her bump????shouldn’t it be visible by now??? wth?

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      If there’s a baby, it should be born/dead by now. Guess whether it lived or not will be seen between 5.11 and 5.13.

  3. mar says:

    one more thing: is this the same outfit? http://www.tvfanatic.com/2011/02/gossip-girl-spoiler-pic-blair-and-louis/
    I’m confused…

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      To me, it looks like it. But those pics were only used as paparazzi pics on a magazine in episode 4.20.

      • mar says:

        exactly, at first I thought that maybe they are shooting some scenes that will show the past (like the ones with Serena in boarding school in 4×11) especially that I saw pics of Serena and Georgina both dressed in sth that looked kinda like high school uniforms- but then again why does Blair have THE ring?

  4. AdoreCB says:

    Isn’t that the Same Coat And the Same shoes like in this Picture ?

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      The coat is surely the same but what she has under isn’t.

    • mar says:

      it’s intriguing why would they use the same coat, the same (or very similiar) scarf and the same shoes? BTW I looove Serena’s black boots ๐Ÿ™‚

      • `toomuchpurple says:

        They’ve used the same shoes more than once… she had these shoes in 3.14 and 4.07 for example. It’s not that everyone goes to see that ๐Ÿ˜› lol. The coat is weird that they’ve used it again. I mean for the guys, they’ve worn the same coat/shoes and Ed the same suits (but inverted sometimes) for a lot of episodes. At least one a season. For the girls is different because one is pushed to judge their fashion more than take a look at the style of a boy. No idea. They don’t think we pay all that attention, but we do!

  5. DorinaNYP says:

    I hate it when they’re messing with us a

  6. GFF says:

    And some more messing with our heads! I did not expect Blair to go through with the wedding. Maybe Serena is telling her off for hanging out with Dan since she’s MARRIED! Ugh. Seriously any upcoming DB arc better be exactly that. Just an arc. 3-4 episode phase and then rightfully return to CB.
    Honestly not being bias but DB never had a better build up than CB. Two people who are both intelligent and appreciate the arts do not make an amazing couple in the TV world. That is flat out boring. DB could have been a worthy competitor for CB but it is too late in the game. I can’t watch DB developing a deeper relationship without it feeling like its being shoved down my throat. GG is ending soon and CB have been the focus for five years. I have to remember that when I got the CB blues. Which is pretty much everyday!

    • Grace says:

      I don’t know what they want.If Blair actually marry with Louis,what’s the point about all this ‘Pimp My Dair’ fest and Blair and Serena fighting? Dan having an affair with a married woman? Another unnecessary drama shoved down our throats?

      • love&chairriage says:

        Do you actually believe that she and Louis are married? Could this possibly be before the wedding or at least just pics to throw us all off? I cannot possibly believe that they would put us through this travesty.

      • Smallville944 says:

        i dont think thats happening i think its just friends between DB

  7. love&chairriage says:

    I was just rewatching season 4 and up until the middle at least, Dan practically detested Blair. Like episode 4X07 where Dan releases the video and says that Blair and Chuck “deserve what they get” . How can the possibly pretend that these 2 have any sort of destiny or that Dan truly loves Blair? It’s just ridiculous to pull this nonsense out of nowhere. So he hates her for 4.5 seasons and now she is the love of his life? I call BS.

  8. mar says:

    it feels like GG producers love to mess with us but all this Blouis BS has been here too long already. I don’t get it – each time when either Blair or Chuck had a different love interest it never lasted longer than 5 episodes, not to mention it never has been as serious as marriage is. The writers seemed to understand that they shouldn’t have dragged such SLs longer.
    Maybe those pics of Blair wearing her ring are there to mislead us but it doesn’t change the fact that there has been a beautiful bridal shower and other wedding preparations and it was all for Blouis not for Chair and I hate it. Also we’ve seen all those stunning flower decorations of church rails and a wedding car and we’ve been told it’s for Blouis as well so if it’s true and Blair will marry Louis it will be like a nail to my Chair coffin.
    It’s really hard to remain positive these days but I’ll wait till January 30th trying to hope for the best although it may as well turn out I’ll stop watching GG at all after that episode, sigh…

  9. Rojina says:

    Hey guys I noticed she’s wearing the ring when they have the boots and that’s only when they rehearse the scene before they film the real one idk but I think they are trying to mess with us thinking she married Louis. And when she is wearing the green hills u can’t see her hands it’s either in her pocket or covered with gloves and there r some pics she has the rings but we can’t see her legs completely I’m guessing she has boots there too but they are not showing it to make us think she is actually married and stuff. I kinda think my theory is right because notice in the pics with green shoes leighton’s hands are not seen. This has got to be a point it’s like the scene with chuck and Nate season 2 finale they r messing with us. I hope lol

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      I agree. When they have the boots Blair has the rings, while when she has the gloves she clearly can’t wear that big canary thing under the glove. lol. So it may be to make us believe she has gotten married, but truthfully she hasn’t. Same goes with the filming pics of the day before and the ones where she runs away.

      I guess the missing hat could be a sign too. In the episodes before the wedding, she has them. Now if she became a princess I guess she should still wear them… right? Maybe it’s an indication. They don’t want us to know if she married the frog or not.

  10. ChairFan says:

    There was another photo that surfaced with Blair in a red dress and she was also wearing a wedding band. I honestly rather have Blair marry Louis than sit through some ridiculous Blair and Dan story line for the second half of the season. I still think somehow if they do get married that the marriage wont be official the marriage licence could totally be a fake and they would probably find out like in the season 5 finale or something. Dan’s so called feelings still don’t make any scene to me they did come out of nowhere and the writers would seriously not go down that road to make Blair and Serena fight again. I just don’t see Blair fighting over a boy especially someone like Lonely Boy.

  11. Beata says:

    maybe the wedding will be fake. You remember priest?? Something is wrong. And Georgina also will be there.

  12. GG says:

    What about if they go back in time and not actually go into the future ?Maybe thats what they meant when they gave us a hint with the
    ” time jump”.

  13. caroline says:

    If Blair married Louis I am done….!!!!!!!!

  14. Milou says:

    Why does the wave in the top picture look like a ‘royal wave’ to me?


    See the comparison? Or is it just me?

    I really hope it’s just to throw us all off, just like the weddingring..

    However, as someone else allready said, I’dd rather have them go through with de BL storyline rest of the season (not saying I would like that, blegh) and have her finally be together with chuck at the end of it, then having to see her get together with Dan..

    • maddtown says:

      Agreed. Anything but Dair.

      Just as a fun fact…I was filling in a friend of mine on the parts of the show she’s missed as a very casual viewer and when I mentioned that Dan thinks he’s in love with Blair now, she was like, “WHAT?! EWWWW. That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard in my entire life. That sounds so forced because they don’t match AT ALL.” Of course, I told her I loved her at least twice as much as I did before she hated on Dair, but it made me think that many a casual viewer is still rooting for CB without caring enough to make their voices heard. ๐Ÿ™‚

      I say the writers have to know this isn’t a natural evolution for the characters and that DB would never stick…

      • mar says:

        I don’t want any Blouis in the second half of the season.
        And as for so called Dair, I think it will happen, BUT:
        1. not in a romantic way and
        2. as someone pointed out Blair may pretend that she’s with D, just to protect Chuck from Louis and his family (just like she used Dan to help Louis at the pink party) and I really hope that’s the case.
        I am so sick of Blouis, 5×13 is the deadline for Louis to GTFO. And I don’t think that after 5×10 Blair would suddenly start to have feelings for Donut – I think we can all be pretty sure about it. All these Dair fans may keep on dreaming – that’s what they do best- and we’ll get our Chairytale, hopefully without Blouisville along the way…

      • Ashley says:

        I seriously, seriously doubt the writers are planning anything real with DB. It wouldn’t make sense, Blair loves Chuck. I agree that Blair could be using Dan as a decoy to get Louis and his family away from Chuck, but that’s it.

  15. Stav says:

    I hate Blair’s outfit in these pics!She is like wearing her robe..:-(

  16. Ashley says:

    Okay, so here’s my theory:

    Blair takes off from the wedding with Dan as a DECOY, nothing more. That’s why they were seen filming at the airport. This is so Louis and the paps don’t bother Chuck or target Chuck. And THIS is the spoiler Ausiello was talking about that Dair fans will like….this fake running away together LOL. All the pieces add up. Including why Serena looks so upset.

    Hell, she could even be pretending to have married dan which is why she’s wearing that wedding ring, but that might be going to far and too crazy. I agree the ring is probably something to throw us off.

    My other theory is that she runs away with Dan as a decoy, and he takes her to a secret location where she and Chuck get married. And that’s why she’s wearing the ring, but she doesn’t tell anyone about it at first. I know this one is completely off the wall.

    But my point is, either way, whatever is happening with Dair would be completely staged/fake, as usual.

    • Anya says:

      I think writers still hope for season 6. Which means no happy Chair ending for us. For some time at least… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ So I’m thinking they will come up with tons of crazy stupid stuff like MORE Blouis, or Dair… I know Chair fans will have to be patient and stay optimistic no matter what happens next… >:-(

  17. Smallville944 says:

    Okay here’s my Theory i think that Blair WILL Marry Louis but by the end of the season they will be divorced and i think in the season finale she will have to choose between Chuck or Dan and they’ll pull an OTH during season 5 finale/season 6 premiere and we wont know who blair chooses until season 6 (if it happens) and it will turn out she chose chuck in the season 6 premiere 9again if it happens which is unlikely)

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