5.10 Riding in Town Cars with Boys – Recap

Hey guys, I’m sorry for the late recap but this has been a busy week and I have had few downs due to what is happening in my life and I didn’t feel like writing the recap yet. I hope it will be satisfying because I wouldn’t want to miss a recap.

Of course during the holidays I will still post stuff. I will remain here so I can find the time to manage the blog.

Now, let’s move ahead with the recap. The episode was good, probably the best episode so far. I’ll give it a 8 and this is the first 8 I have given. lol. Amanda Lasher has proven that she is a good writer and like with 5×03 she did a good job.

What did you guys think of the episode?

Chuck and Nate are at C’s suite. Nate walks in and he’s at the phone, when he hangs on Chuck comments about a move his friend has done. Nate informs Chuck he’s leaving for an important meeting in Vermont that evening, and asks him why he’s reading a rival magazine. He sees the article and wonders if Blair is gonna call the wedding off. Chuck is sure that what the magazine wrote is not true, and Nate should know better because the majority of gossip is purely invented. Nate tells him that he should give her a call anyway but Chuck interjects that Louis is the father of Blair’s baby and there’s no way she would walk away from that.

Blair is on her bed trying to put her engagement ring back on her finger. Dorota walks in and explains that when you are pregnant your fingers are swollen so it’s hard to wear any rings. She adds that Louis is back in town from third world and since Chuck has told her how to change him, she should try to talk to him instead of leaving him there at the consulate. Blair is doubtful, though. She isn’t sure she can’t ever leave Louis. Dorota suggests to say the magic words and go on, so that Louis will feel safe again. She wonders what is stopping her, but Blair says ‘nothing!’. “Unlike you I don’t marry the first person who asks me!” Blair says, and Dorota thinks it’s Chuck’s fault. Blair denies it and tells her maid that it’s not true, she admits that Chuck has changed but she needs to make Louis feel she’ll never leave him, and until then they won’t leave the apartment.

Dorota tries to distract Blair with a DVD about prenatal yoga, but Blair doesn’t want to do it. She wants to have her baby “the old-fashioned, way. Fully sedated” and that the only thing that wants to see her doing is clean under the couch. A guy arrives, he has come to give Blair something. He offers her his pen to sign the paper, but Blair refuses with a disgusted face. When she turns to sign the papers, the guy picks up a camera and starts snapping pics. Blair hides behind the paper and Dorota pushes the man away in the elevator talking in Polish. lol.

Blair complains she’s not even safe in her own home and she needs a place where no one can find her, so Dorota suggests they’d go to her house in Queens. Blair interjects saying that “Princesses don’t go to Queens!” and Dorota reminds her that she needs to marry Louis in order to become a princess. Blair is about to answer her when her phone rings. Dan is on the other line and wonders what she is doing, and Blair says that she’s coming to stay with him.

Blair goes to Brooklyn and we got that she orders Dan to clean the house so she can stay there. She’s sipping a tea on the couch and he asks if she is okay because he saw the pics on the newspaper. “Everything is horrible”, Blair says. She adds she needs to reassure Louis that he’s never gonna lose her, but something is stopping her. “Chuck is stopping you” Dan thinks, but Blair says they haven’t even talked to him. Dan says they don’t have to because “they have some strange force field effect on each other. Physicists should study it” (lol even Dan knows!). Blair says he’s right because Chuck has finally become the person she’s always wanted him to be. But she also knows how change Louis back to the prince he was, which means she’s trapped because she has to choose and can’t choose.

Dan suggests to write a list of pros and cons. Blair says that she’ll start with Chuck. The first pro is that Chuck has truly become a good man, but Dan interjects that a con is that he’s slept with all women in New York. Blair says that he don’t have to judge. They talk about Louis’ pros. The first pro is that he is a prince (EH) and he’s the father of her child. She realizes that she didn’t think that was an important factor, but she can make all the lists in the world, that one detail is everything… right? “Louis is the only ending to this fairytale” Blair says, but Dan thinks it doesn’t have to be. Blair asks if it would matter for him that her baby is another man’s child and he says no. This makes Blair decide that she can ask, and asks him to go buy some food because she’s hungry.

While Dan is away, Blair calls Chuck asking for ‘advice’. She tells him that it seems he’s found his way while she lost hers. “I don’t think Blair Waldorf could get lost” Chuck answers. She explains that she’s so lost she wound up in Brooklyn, and Chuck giggles that there are worse places, and that asks if Dan couldn’t help her with this matter. She answers that only him can help her. “Do you think you could love another man’s child?” Blair asks with a broken voice, and Chuck wonders why is she asking him this. She says she’s paralyzed. She can’t move, can’t breathe. He has to help her. Chuck answers that he can’t make that decision for her, she is the one that has to live with it. She asks what’s the right choice, then. “I can imagine it would be a mistake to marry the father of your child” he says, but Blair is unable to answer.

After a while, Lily comes to Chuck’s. She grateful he let her set up some things for Charlie’s society introduction party that will be hold that night at the Empire. Lily asks him to come there too, but he asks that he’s going to remain home that night. She says that if it can help, Blair won’t be attending. Chuck answers that he is not interested in Blair’s schedule, but Lily seems worried that as the wedding approaches, things would get harder for him. Chuck says that he’s fine and it’s nothing he can’t fix with a night of scotch and a socialite. Lily offers her help saying that he shouldn’t burden his feelings alone, but Chuck isn’t sure because he says that if she really wants to help she’d know that it would be hard to do it. Lily says that it doesn’t matter, she isn’t scared of him. She adds that her love for him is unconditional and that even if he’s her son only by marriage, she loves him a lot and hopes he would feel that same love with someone someday.

Dan comes back and he has brought pizza. He asks if Blair has decided Chuck, but she says there are some risks even he isn’t willing to take. Then the problem seems solved. Dan says congratulations and Blair seems to start crying but she says that she isn’t and that Dan just smells like onions (lol). He wonders why then she doesn’t marry Louis either and Blair asks “be alone?” (lol Dan even expected her to take him as an option?) she just wants to be happy but she doesn’t know anymore. Dan answers that he think he knows how to make her happy.

Chuck realizes what he wants and then goes to Brooklyn to look for Blair. There he finds Kermit aka Louis that is banging on Dan’s door, but no one is opening. Chuck says this should be fun “The prince and the pill popper”, he think he knows where Dan keeps his spare key because the last time he crashed at his suite, he told him. Chuck soon picks up the key and opens, but they realize they aren’t there anymore. Chuck walks away fast while Louis stands there like a stupid as per usual. *shrug*

Dan takes Blair secretly to the Empire. She believes he took her to watch human sacrifice giving the atmosphere of the room. He asks her to stay there and he’ll be back, but Blair doesn’t want to trust him bla bla bla. Dan goes out to look for Chuck who just wants to know where she is. Dan opens the door and she’s sitting on the couch.

Blair thinks Chuck has something to do with this meeting, but he says Dan arranged it for them. Blair wonders what “them” (us) is he meaning. “The ‘us’ I should have fought for when you called. The ‘us’ that is not just you and me, but you, me, and your baby” Chuck explains. Blair wonders why then he suggested her to choose Louis, and Chuck says because he thought he would be selfish if he was the one to tell her to break up her family. “That was the moment you chose not to be selfish?” she asks, and Chuck says that timing has never been their strong suit. He had it all wrong. And even if Louis is the father of her baby, she shouldn’t be with Louis, she should be with him. Blair asks why. “Because I’m going to love your baby as much as I love you” Chuck says, and Blair is happy of his answer (and all of us, of course! Gah).

The moment is interrupted by Blair’s phone. It arrives a text from Gossip Girl, apparently someone has spilled that they are hidden there and the paparazzi are coming. Blair doesn’t want any photo of them to arrive to Louis before she can talk to him about the situation, and she wants to leave the room. Chuck tells her he’s gonna come with her, extends his hand for her to take it, she takes it, and he brings her hand to his mouth to kiss it. (AWWW). Nate gets in the room to check that his friends have read the blast, and Chuck tells his bff that they need to leave immediately.

Nate tells them he has a car waiting for him in the garage, and Blair says a car is waiting for her too, so they leave the room as a nice married couple (Sweet). When they go out, Lily is talking and they silently leave the party under Charlie’s worried eyes for the paps. They reach the garage and Chuck shakes Nate’s hand and wishes him a good trip. Chuck and Blair reach one of the cars and get in, while Nate from the background seems very happy for them (YO Nate is CB’s cheerleader!). But there’s bad news. There’s a stain of oil on the floor. The car is rigged for sure.

Chuck and Blair are in the car, finally. Nate is behind them in the other car and notices the paparazzi are being aggressive. Blair tells Chuck she needs to tell Louis that the wedding is off face-to-face. He asks if she’s sure she wants to do this. “A prince, a wedding, a fairytale, this all you’ve ever wanted” he says with an anxious tone, but Blair says “You’re all I’ve ever wanted. I love you. I love every part of you. You’re the one I never want to leave”. Chuck smiles happily because that is a nice comfortation that after all those months they haven’t been together, she still wants him. They kiss and Chuck seems kinda worried, scared, I don’t know. Probably he’s just scared/happy and hasn’t realized yet what is going to happen as soon as Blair leaves Louis. The way Ed delivers his lines seemed to suggest me that.

Blair says that they have to go to the consulate so she can tell Louis that the wedding is off, they can then go to Switzerland or Tokyo, but Chuck tells her they don’t have to go anywhere. They can raise the baby right here in their city. A pap flashes a photo of them from behind Chuck, and Blair asks him to turn while Nate in the car behind them realizes that he took the wrong car because that car had to take Blair and Chuck back to the UES. He sees their car crash and soon goes out to call an ambulance.

So what is Chuck and Blair’s situation? They don’t appear in the last few minutes of the episode, but Lily says that Blair woke up while Chuck still hasn’t. In the promo we are sure from what Serena tells Blair that Chuck is not looking good and has lost a lot of blood. He is probably in a coma that will last few months, hence why the time jump in 5.11 (as I think).

“We all like to think we are in the driver’s seat of our own lives. But the truth is, the idea that we can control our fate is an illusion. You can choose the most loyal friends, the dream job… the truest love. But at the end of the day, out fate is decided for us. All we can do is have the strength to cope with the hand she deals us.”


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15 thoughts on “5.10 Riding in Town Cars with Boys – Recap

  1. Megan says:

    Great recap! I loved the Chuck and Blair reunion,I’m just mad the writers are setting up even more obstacles for them. It’s irritating.

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      The obstacles are utterly annoying, but in a way I justify some of them just because I don’t want that CB get back together to be broken up again after a while. When they’ll get back together, it has to be for good.

  2. sarah says:

    Loved your recap! Chuck and Blair and overcome all of the obstacles that come their way, Now to endure that and this hiatus too!

    Thanks I needed a break from the http://www.portraitmagazine.net/ poll. Now to get back to voting for our favorite couple

  3. Lauren says:

    That is an interesting speculation…that the time jump is when Chuck is in the potential coma. I like it!

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      Ausiello said there would be a sort of time jump after 5.10… so I guess he’s referring to that since the accident happened in mid-November shortly before the original date of Blair’s wedding, and the wedding postponed should be on January 21st, so…

  4. Chair Love says:

    Thanks for the recap always a pleasure to read and very happy to hear you will still be posting during the break I swear this page is the first I go to (even before FB and twitter) every morning while i have my first coffee of the day, I was dreading the thought that there would be no movement here till January (sighs) now I can go on with the rest of my day happy xxx

  5. opal says:

    Chuck and Blair has to end up togehter! Gossip Girl isn’t Gossip Girl if Chuck and Blair aren’t togehter, I’v evne road it on my wishlist for Christmas. But really, they have to, Chuck can’t be with anyone else? and it would just be sad if he ended up alone.

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      I don’t think Chuck will end up alone. There wouldn’t be a point in his story because the past proves that these kind of characters after passing through an evolution in the end are rewarded with something, in many cases the woman they love. So I don’t think he will end up alone, even if he doesn’t end up with Blair. But I do believe he will end up with Blair.

  6. Jasmine says:

    To “use” all those GG4 free time in the evening I started watching the seasons from the beginning all over again (for the third time now). I made my way through seasons 1 and 2 and starting with 3. I looove the white party costumes. Chuck looks so very aristocratic and good looking and also Blair is just beautiful. I am watching those 2 seasons all over again because I hate the Eva and the Reina / Elle story and try to avoid it. Chuck falling in love with somebody else …grrrr…I don´t like watching that. (although the scene on the bridge at night in Paris is just epic..wonderful…although it makes me scream out..”girl,…what are you waiting for? Get him back! ” But it´s like I seem to scream that at Blair all the time..especially since this seasons started.

  7. Grace says:

    I’m still feeling a little bit fragile.
    Chuck and Blair briefly together,professing their love for each other,making plans to raise the baby (in Switzerland,in Tokyo or New York) and then…
    Let’s wait until January to find out if the baby is still alive and Blair probably making a “Divine Proposal” to save Chuck’s life.

  8. Sophie says:

    Hi does someone know what episode this quote comes from?
    “You know, sometimes love needs to face obstacles to become stronger. People need to be tore apart from each other and say goodbye. The only thing to do then, is move on, and start over. If that love was really meant to be, it would come back, stronger than before. True love always wins against the things that want its death.”

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