ASK Ausiello

Question: After watching this week’s Gossip Girl fall finale, can you please give us some scoop on whether Chuck lives or dies? —Torie
Ausiello:  Considering Chuck is present at Blair’s royal wedding on Jan. 30, I’m going to go out on a limb and say he survives the car wreck. Unless, of course, Gossip Girl is about to venture into Weekend at Bernie’s territory.



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57 thoughts on “ASK Ausiello

  1. BrandNewChairfan:) says:

    I read the Dair spoiler after that which was a mistake. Does this mean Dair will get together in the 100th or is Auisello exaggerating things a bit to stirr up the fanbases? The thought of that happening will be the push I need to boycott for a while.

    URGH, those producers and writers make it hard for me to remain positive sometimes even when I am trying so hard!

    • BrandNewChairfan:) says:

      Actually this is probably just an immediate reaction. Once I’ve had time to think about it, I’ll probably be more rational.

      But this spoiler about Chair is what we already know, lol, because this blog is more ahead then even the journalists!.

      • Chair Love says:

        ” I will unload a scoop about the 100th episode that will make your Dair-lovin’ hearts explode. That’s right, I said explode. As in: This spoiler is so awesome it may actually kill you”

        Well I’m not sure but when I read this word for word It can also be a negative for dair fans like their hearts will explode all over the floor cause Blair marries chuck ! lol and “awesome it may actually kill you” could mean that CB tie the knot or we find out that the baby is ours (as in chairs lol ) that would make it nearly impossible for dair to happen let a lone b end game and that would definately kill them ! mwahahahaha I’m feeling pretty good about our ship at the moment

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      Well he said before 5×07 that CB will have a great kiss but it turned out to be a twist and it wasn’t a great kiss after all. Same with last week, he said Blair would go living with Dan and she remained at his loft only for the morning. lol! So maybe he’s just exaggerating to engage people into still watching. I think this spoiler is somehow related to DB at the JFK.

      • BrandNewChairfan:) says:

        Yeah you are right, he’s probably trying to stir up the fanbases! I’ve had time to sleep on it now and this is probably just another example of Dair fans getting strung along.

      • El says:


        LOL! Well I was never worried about the whole ‘Blair is moving with Dan’ business, since it seemed so exaggerated (as you stated). It also wasn’t even really a “moving-in” situation, since it seemed like all Dan did was clear the bathroom for her lol.

  2. El says:

    Woah, I JUST wrote that I wanted a spoiler from Ausiello! lol

    It’s not a great spoiler though, since we already knew the answer.

  3. El says:

    Are Chair fans really the delusional ones? I mean, really???


  4. El says:

    The best line from this season by far. ❤

  5. El says:

    ^My thoughts exactly! haha

    ^I have a feeling that I’ll still be shipping this couple even when I’m 80. I can already see myself sitting in my rocking chair, with a cup of tea in one hand… and a remote in the other (since well, I only like the Chuck and Blair scenes hehe). Forever reblog!!

  6. Annalino says:

    Some dairios are really disturbing,i bet the guy who killled John Lenon started like this (?) LOL

    I agree with toomuchpurple,i don’t take this dair spoiler seriously,last episode proved for the 545645456 times Blair will always love one guy: Chuck Bass.

    • LW says:

      God Forbid! I’m shuddering right now, thinking about crazy fans.

    • teeting says:


      Chair is endgame, they’re just delaying our gratification. BOO ON THEM!

    • El says:

      Well I think that they just need to say it to string the Dair fans along. Even if Blair does run away with Dan, I don’t think that it’ll be because she *loves* him… She’ll probably run away with him, because he’s her only *safe* option.

  7. Audrey says:

    I’m guessing there’s a murder since Ausiello employs the words “explode” and “kill”. Also “Weekend at Bernie’s is about a murder plot. Too far fetched???

    • LW says:

      well, there was a murder plot…trip paid max to tamper with the limo that he thought was nate’s because he wanted to kill him. instead, c&b ended up in it.

    • teeting says:

      LOL! You’re so right!

      I love that we can make fun of the spoilers, especially since after I read it it about broke my heart. The more I think about it, the more I realize they tell us what they want to get the reaction they’re looking for. Kinda sick.

    • El says:

      Well I don’t think that he wrote those words in a literal sense; he used them to make the Dan fans jump up and down with joy (which is understandable, since I bet that he’s getting a lot of e-mails to write spoilers about Dair after the last episode).

      It would be an interesting plot though. Which characters would you say are involved in it?

    • Chair Love says:

      Na I would go for a “explode” if it was Donuts loft ! lol and murder , I would watch that as well as long as it is not chair, lilly or monkey xxx but saying that it’s proberly a exagerration I’ts more likeky that Rufus waffle machine will “explode” and the murder will be donut finally murdering those poodle curls and getting a haircut !

  8. BrandNewChairfan:) says:

    People get way too into shows wishing for characters to die. I am as obsessed with Chair as the next person and sure I’ve had some mostly jokey thoughts of Dan and Louis getting pushed in front of a train Charlie Harper style but I don’t want to see them actually killed off. At the end of the day they are just characters and I wouldn’t take pleasure in any character dying because death is death and it’s depressing – in case this seems random, it’s clearly in reference to the above comments concerning some fans crazy wishes.

    • El says:

      Yes, I agree with you!! I probably dislike Louis more than anyone (I have to put my volume on mute 99% of the time), but I’m not writing for him to get into a plane crash. It’s pretty ridiculous to even think that, even if it’s a fictional character.

    • Chair Love says:

      they know the only way they will EVER get dair end game is if chuck is no longer the one and only for B they are just pushing shit up hill cause i think if chuck died GG would be very close behind xxx

      • strawberriesandtiaras says:

        I agree. no chuck, and that means also no chuck&blair in love = no more GG on televison

  9. El says:


    I can’t stop laughing…

    Dair fans are calling other Dair fans “immature” for their recent thoughts about Chuck. I’m glad that at least Chair fans can be respectful of each other, and work as a cohesive group !

    *Sits back, puts feet up, and puts hands behind head… Oh, and sips tea.* (snicker)

    • Chair Love says:

      bahahaha @El you crack me up but I have to agree I love our chair ship and the way everyone has seperate fan bases and pages but when the show starts look out because it becomes the biggest ship that this show has no one else comes close xxxx
      YAyyyyyyyy I love being a charion ! lol

      • El says:

        Yupp, and that is why I don’t really think Dair fans can ever exceed the amount of Chair fans. More than half of the Dair fans just want this couple simply because they want something new on the show for once. If I had a penny for every time that I read that…

  10. Karolina says:

    What is the title of next episode? I read somewhere it’s “The end of the affair”… I guess it means the end of chair’s affair…

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      The title is unsure and should be with a question mark at the end. Michelle Trachtenberg said in an interview that CB will always have an “affair” and The end of the affair movie is not exactly literal. I guess the end of the affair regards the Act of God. GG titles never exactly mirror the plot of the movie/book they are taken from, and above all, Chuck and Blair’s ‘affair’ will never be over if you ask me.

      • strawberriesandtiaras says:

        Yes, it can´t be called the end of the affair concernng CHAIR because they two have no affair, they have a endless true love. And after all their love-“affair” game hasn´t really begun again yet. They are the only reason I used to love watching GG.
        Today I kept thinking all day that GG really changed this season, but in a boring and annoying way; concerning storylines and characters. Some of the main ones (firstly Serena) really turn me off. I´s seems like it is a complete different sort of television series since beginning of season 5. Now they are keeping out any real love scenes (not only the body showing steamy sex scenes but even not one really passionate kiss of whomsoever in the past 10 episodes- chair kiss in the theatre wasn´t the kiss I actualy hoped for) and kinky scenes. And I don´t mean only CHAIR. The strange scenes with Nate and Diana climbing around on her desk were everyhing else but sexy. Remembering Nate and his gorgeous body in episode 1 playing around with Blair. In season 1-4 there were so many scenes where the characters exchanged meaningful looks and sparks were flying and their converstions were cheaky and witty and funny. What the producers now may call maturing seems as if the writers think the audience got all too conservative bourgeois. So many times after the last week´s episodes I was eye rolling and thought I could have used my time for better things..(excuse me, but if it doesn´t change back to the the old GG and CHAIR( because they two used to be the ones where goosebumps are created)then it means the GG affair with me.

    • Chair Love says:

      It could mean the end of the affair that dan has in his head ! haha he looked to be comforting serena in the promo maybe the heart of his will tug him back that way well i hope so

  11. Karolina says:

    Thank you 😉 And sorry for my English 😉 it’s not my native language.

  12. El says:

    LOL! I love how this person used the second scene. 😀

  13. strawberriesandtiaras says:

    sorry : then it means the END !!!!! OF THE GG affair with me.

  14. El says:


    Will the owner of this tumblr page please stand up!??!!

    “I actually think Chuck deserves more praise because what he was letting go of was an actual relationship, not an idea of a relationship. like Dan did.”

    “What epic moment did Dan and Blair share that made her so happy that all of a sudden Blair/Happiness equates Dair? I don’t know what you can’t get. I don’t know how many times Blair has to tell you that Chuck makes her happy. He’s the only one she’s ever wanted. You heard it yourself.”

    “He was hopeful to start a family with her and her baby because it didn’t matter that it was another man’s, his love for Blair exceeded that, exceeds everything. Do you even get it? But Dan, he said he’d do the same for Blair but that scene at the hospital where the woman he loves is possibly in a coma and dying he showed no fucking emotion. I couldn’t believe in that moment he possibly loved Blair. ”

    THE TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      Yes, I love Anne. If you have the chance to read her others essays/answers to Blerena, Blair, Chuck and CB… do it!

  15. El says:

    “Chuck Bass = CB = Chuck Blair

    Blair Waldorf = BW = Bass Waldorf

    Can you be more meant to be, my perfect ship? ❤
    KenToufan 7 hours ago"


    WOAH. How come I am just noticing this? 😮

  16. Chair Love says:

    Alright I have had time to ponder and I want to share a few of my thoughts with you…..

    When the season started josh did say this “The triangle in our minds is sort of Chuck and Louis and Blair,” reveals Josh. “Dan’s role in it is sort of surprising … I don’t know if it’s necessarily romantic with Dan and Blair.”
    So with that said I am going to wash away all my dair worries and focus with the problem at hand which we all know is the frog prince.

    So now we have a confession of love (chair) and a decision to leave the frog prince (blair) and of course the accident.
    After seeing the episode were Blair tells chuck that it is her that brought the darkness into chuck life and now louis I think she truly believes this and after seeing her in the chapel praying I think it is safe to say that she is going to make a pact with god not to take her chuck from her world and in exchange she will marry the frog prince, believing that she can survive not being with chuck as long as he is alive and safe were as if he dies it will be the end of her world remember her quote “It woudn’t be my world if you were not in it” (4×02)

    Now we have 2 episodes till the big day I think the first episode back (5×11) will focus mostly on the both of them in hospital it may even have the time jump in it, I have been thinking this whole time that this time jump will be through the eyes of blair but what if it isn’t what if it is through the eyes of chuck while he is in a coma he could be dreaming about the future of his new little family that he thinks is his because that is what was decided prior to his accident and then wakes to hear that blair has decided to marry louis again, not knowing that she made her pact and because he lived she intends to honor it.

    Now for the hardest subject blairs baby as much as I want our little chair family I’m finding it hard to fit the baby into the picture this is for many different reasons the main one being that I can’t see louis walking away if the baby is his which will make more sense at the end of my rambling LOL

    So now we are up to episode 5×12 this episode we may see blairs girls night were we have seen photos of her drinking and smoking and looking like she is going to get arrested chuck tries to help her but she refuses his help because she is still wrapped up in her “need to stay away from chuck to keep him safe” world we may also see at the end of the episode were blair sees chuck nearly get hit by the cab this may be a turning point for her she may start to realise that sometimes accidents will happen and it is not nessasarily because she brings the darkness to her and chuck but she won’t act on these feeling just in case she is wrong.

    So now we have the big 100th starting with blair having a dream that she is running away from her wedding to be with chuck but she can’t find him waking up she thinks this must be another sign that she should marry louis so we carry on with the worst wedding build up in the history of tv, but there is good news because I believe chuck is going to fight for her by now he might know that the limo they were in was ment for nate and had been tampered with blowing blairs “i bring the darkness” thoughts out of the water so he is on a hellbent mission to make her see sense. We also know that georgina is back maybe louis has done his reserch and he will bring her in to the pic to try and keep blair using dirty tactics but it blows up in his face because she goes to chuck and lets him in on what is going on remember the actress did say “she must be team chuck” in a interview could there be a hint there for us chairs fans.

    So chuck will go to louis and we will see the showdown and that is were I get a bit lost but maybe we will see this happen
    @savechuckblair on Twitpic”> ( hope I did that right).

    I know this is very far fetched but it is what I see in my mind at the moment and i will say lastly if the baby lives (which I really hope it does) there has to be some way that it ends up being chucks I just can’t see how they would write louis walking away from the air of the monoco throne.

    thanks for listening to my ramble I hope it doesn’t freak any one out it is just my thjought at the time xxx

  17. Chair Love says:

    Damn the link did not work it was a pic of chair getting married ( and it is a pretty good one sorry !

  18. mar says:

    I know it’s kinda random but I just need to say that I absolutely love reading all of your comments, CHAIR fanbase is the best – no doubt about that. It is so great that we can go through this ridiculously long hiatus together! All this new posts, comments and speculations – it just makes my day! Kudos to all of you, xoxo

  19. strawberriesandtiaras says:

    Since patience is not one of my strong points, this mid season break could become somewhat of a challenge for me 😉

  20. mohammad says:

    i have a question : do you think they would do dair in this season?
    really i’ thinking for awhile that maybe they want to Dair happen to Bring more viewer !!!!
    I cant figure out why chuck is not with Blair if he is alive and healthy ?
    what is dan doing with her at JFK ??????

    • Chair Love says:

      I will never acknowledge dair untill blair does no matter what spoiler sights say blair don’t see it I don’t either lol and if I sway from this statement I expect my fellow charions to pull my head in ASAP xxx

    • mar says:

      well, if Dair happens not only will it not bring them more viewers but many fans will stop watching GG (me included). This SL makes no sense at all. Blair loves Chuck and I don’t think she will jump into a relationship with Donut after all that happened (and is yet to come )between her Chuck and Prince Boring. Dan knows both B and C for years and he is aware that they are meant to be and any other person is just a distraction. So I’m hoping he will soon understand that there is only one girl for him – “dreamy blonde with the legs” 🙂
      As for JFK scenes I think he’s helping Blair as a friend because there’s no way she would leave Louis for the Muppet.

      • mohammad says:

        I actually want more for CB and I think for that and for a good Season finale they wouldnt be together until season finale
        like a friend said they (writer) Like to torture Chuck and They will do that!! as you must see the set pic of Blair And Dan (green Hat ) and Chuck is there with that upset look

      • maddtown says:

        @Mohammad. The picture of Blair in the green hat, as per the promo, is from 5.11 so there is no way that Blair is jumping from being distraught over Chuck and praying for his recovery to deciding she likes Dan.

        This is only further proof that Dan and Blair will only ever be suited as friends (I personally don’t even think they’re plausible as the super “buddy-buddy” friends they’re being portrayed as, but I know to choose my battles more wisely than to complain over a friendship).

        I’m not really sure why Dair fans would even want Blair to be with Dan at this point when the show has made it abundantly clear that Blair will ALWAYS choose Chuck.

        I mean, really, you can’t even argue it. Blair always chooses Chuck and there has been no indication that that trend is about to change. I’d be gone if there had been.

        In fact, Blair spends more of her time in other relationships pining after Chuck than she does actually bonding with the temp-boyfriend. So why anyone would want to bother shipping a temp-relationship is beyond me.

  21. claudiebam says:

    Please! No Dair T_T

  22. Ashley says:

    I’m not worried about Dair because if there’s one thing this show is founded on it’s Chuck/Blair. The writers, the producers, and the actors all support them. The Dair s/l I’m convinced is a plot device to eventually lead Dan back to Serena. Dan was about to get back with Serena last season but they decided to wait and then she got with Ben. And Serena is obviously in love with him.

    Blair has never seen Dan in that way and I think that these spoilers that so many Dair fans are assuming are good for them actually will turn out to be nothing like they think.

    And i keep hearing Ausiello is a Dair shipper? Since when? I haven’t ever heard him say anything pro Dair. He referred to them as “you Dair shipper”..that doesn’t seem like he’s on their side.

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