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108 thoughts on “5.11 Promo

  1. El says:

    I have a feeling that Chuck gets amnesia (judging by his condition in the promo). Blair will feel like it’s all her fault, and since he can’t remember her, she’ll leave him alone for good. Then she’ll plan to marry Louis, because “fate” brought it. BUT, she ends up running away to Chuck at the end, since that’s where her ‘heart truly lies’.

    Also, does anyone know where I could get the transcript of tonight’s episode? Does such a site exist?

    • chels says:

      This is exactly what I think. Except, I think before the amnesia, Chuck will be in a coma. Which I guess may explain the time jump.

      • El says:

        Right, but I hope they don’t make the time-jump to be too unrealistic. We know he’s going to be in a coma in the first episode after the break, and most likely the one after that episode (since he appears at the wedding).

        I was very pleased with the writing for tonight’s episode. Kudos to Amanda!!

  2. maddtown says:

    Is it just me or does it look like B’s lost a tooth when she’s crying in her hospital bed?

    So sad. My loves…Let the heartache continue.

    Well, whoever called it with the “making a deal with God to give Chuck up” deserves a pat on the back. Looks like that’s where things are headed.

  3. El says:

    Oh, and before I forget, did Diana say “Jack” at the very end… as in Jack Bass? I wonder how he was involved, and how he knew about Chuck & Blair’s whereabouts. The writers DID hint that he might be coming back to the show, so maybe I did hear it right?

    • El says:

      Re-watched it, and yes, it’s Jack Bass!

      Well this got a lot more interesting…

    • Chairlove says:

      Yeah it was definetely Jack Bass, I recognized his voice.
      Maybe Lily called him ? I mean he is a jackass but he is still Chuck’s family. Well, Lily probably doesn’t have his contacts though..
      I guess this reaffirms that Diana’s secret has to de with being somehow related to Chuck.. I just hope she isn’t his mother because that would Nate slept with his bestfriend’s mother..EWWW..

    • valentina says:

      diana debe ser la mama de chuck creo eso y cuando dijo no me agradescas a mi debeen querer su dinero cuando esta maetido jack es lo peor

      • `toomuchpurple says:

        Can you please write in English? I didn’t understand everything.

      • blairwaldorf09 says:

        she said that Diana has to be Chuck’s Mother, that she thinks so, and that when she said Don’t thank me, they must want his money, Jack is the worst

  4. El says:

    We also have to remember that there’s a time-jump. I forgot about this spoiler and its details, but hopefully they do justice to the C&B scenes.

    • love & chairriage says:

      How far do you think the time jump will go? Do you think it will begin in the next episode?

      • `toomuchpurple says:

        I guess it will be of about 2-3 months. They can’t just do YEAH Chuck is in a coma and then after a week he wakes up. Time needs to pass.

  5. love & chairriage says:

    That episode and this preview have my heart stil in my throat. I know that Chuck is not dead, but I just want him to be okay. I just want THEM to be okay. I do agree that blair is going to feel that Chuck being hurt is all her fault and ask God to save him if she does the “right thing” by marrying Louis. I still am not confident that the baby is dead and I pray that isn’t. That hasn’t been confirmed for sure yet has it? I was on the cw boards earlier and apparently alot of the Dair fans see this episode as some sort of sign for Dair, I just don’t get it. The only thing Dan is good for is making it clear how much Chair belongs together. I can’t believe we are going to have to wait another month. Uggh!

  6. BlairBass says:

    i just want to know what this song is!!!!

  7. Susy says:

    That’s a horrible promo!! It’s so sad to see chuck like that!! And it’s totally insane, because everybody knows that Chuck is going to be alive, we saw Ed filming all those scenes!!

    • El says:

      Well, you’d be surprised. There are quite a few who still don’t know if Chuck’s alive, and are stating that they will officially quit this show if he dies. I guess not everyone checks the blogs lol.

  8. El says:

    Leighton is such an underrated actress. I wish she would get more of the spotlight. I guess the secret is to get a new boyfriend every other week, like someone we know lol.

    • Aly says:

      Yup, she truly is an underrated actress. One of the reasons I want GG to end is because I want Leighton to get better roles, and get recognition for her acting and not for her personal life.

      • El says:

        Yes, I agree with you, but I’m also conflicted. I am being greedy, and only want a season 6 for more C&B scenes… However, I feel like her talent can be used more effectively in a show/movie that has more quality. She’s not really getting much recognition for her personal life though (well besides the news about her legal battle with her mom). She does appear on People magazine’s websites from time-to-time in their Fashion section, but just not on the grand scale. I also haven’t seen her on (popular) magazine covers lately, which is a shame, since she can take such strong photos! Not only the photos, of course, but it’s always fun to read her interviews too.

    • Chairlove says:

      I completely agree !
      I don’t understand how Chace and Blake are ALWAYS the one nominated for Gossip Girl ?! Hell, even Penn would be better but everyone who watches Gossip Girl can admit that Leighton and Ed are the best actors.. I don’t understand why they are NEVER nominated..
      I guess it’s just a popularity contest.. Chace & Blake are the “eye candy” of the show (even though for me Ed and Leighton are still better looking LOL)

      • El says:

        Well Leighton did win the “Teen Choice Awards” twice before. How do they nominate the actresses though? I don’t remember there being a poll. I think that Blake won it for her movie roles that she did during the previous year (hence, more popular). It does seem like a popularity contest, but to be honest, that’s how Hollywood works.

  9. valentina says:

    el bebe lo pierde lo dijo la mama de ella y chuck no quedraa con amnesia espero ansiosa el 16 de enero este mes sera infernal esperando . no podre i love chuck bass

  10. El says:

    So Chuck and Blair were in Nate’s limo, which was wired by Max…?
    I’m guessing since Nate wouldn’t listen to his story.

  11. Chair Love says:

    OMFG my heart is on the floor and this episode has left me with a empty feeling were my heart should be !
    No I will rewrite that the preview for the next ep is the reason I feel like my heart has fallen out of mt chest Ed and leighton are really the core of this show can’t really say to much more cause I can’t string a sentence together that makes any sense my head is all over the place was the car they were in meant for nate i know ivy sparked the GG blast (and is now taking over donut on my hate list) but the fluid on the floor?

  12. El says:


    I was too busy being amazed by Leighton’s acting skills, that I didn’t see that ring on her finger. Since it didn’t fit (in tonight’s episode), how does it fit now?

  13. LW says:

    Did anyone else notice that the camera panned to show gas leaking from the limo before chuck and blair got in it?

    the writers led us to believe that the crash was caused by the paparazzi swarming the vehicle, but really, that was narrative misdirection.

    there is something to the gas leaking–the camera wouldn’t have shown it otherwise.

    do you know what that means?

    somebody intentionally tampered with the limo, knowing that chuck and blair would board it. Who would do such a thing? Hmmm perhaps Prince Louis? He seems quite likely seeing as he was MIA that night, which leads me to believe that he was lurking around.

    • LW says:

      on second thought, trip paid somebody to mess with nate’s limo and they accidently messed with the one c & b got in. this is further evidenced by nate’s exchange with his driver, who was like “oh we’re going to the airport (or something like that” and nate’s like “no, that’s not where we were supposed to go!”

  14. mohammad says:

    i think the time jump is right in the next episode! there is a scenes that Blair and Dan are walking together ! (Blair is seems to be fine) So i think (i have to tell I’m not good with suggestions :D) Chuck will be in coma and the loss memory is so cliche and they wouldn’t do that so if Chuck going to be alive Why Blair is with Louis ? i really don’t have any idea because we seen it’s not about guilt or unborn child! of course if the Time jump is about to be after Child Birth the things will be really different
    Meanwhile I’m just so happy the Dair is not going to happen

  15. Missy says:

    Just had a thought… We saw Chuck hit by a car in filming pictures(I know he cant catch a break) Maybe its from that point he gets his memory back? Something big to make him remember.

  16. Anya says:

    OK. I HOPE Chuck doesn’t suffer from memory loss. Would be too cheesy! I mean c’mon!!! Blair asking God to save his life (probably in exchange of her marrying Louis) is cheesy enough. If the love of your life lives you should spend every waking hour with them, not marry someone you don’t love!

  17. Mipanqueque says:


    MAX was checking out his car on min 29 of the episode the writer was making it clear chuck and blair got into the wrong car! the orange plates!!!!!!!

    this is also confirmed by Nate’s (or should i say Blair’s) driver when he thought they were going back to the upper east side!

    So Trip and MAX duo of mass destruction trying to take Nate out and took our beloved chair out in the process!

    so much to process the wait is killing me *note 41 days to go OMG i wont see it till next year!! 😦


  18. Jasmine says:

    you all write very good speculations. I do think all the same. amnesia sounds really possible. And also we have seen blair praying in the promo and quite likely giving god her word to let chuck alone and marry louis only chuck stays alive. I found the way she pronounced to Dan that it is Louis´s child a bit strange. perhaps it´s Chuck`s Baby after all. so many things still a secret. And I really dislike Serena with every episode more. Good to see that Dan got strong and told her in her face that he has a feeling for blair that does not go away that easily. very hard words to digest for serena who used to get every guy she wants to pay with..She behaved very bad several times to him and nate… and on top of all…the actress herself.. She cannot really act very well, she always looks the same from facial expression, her boring way to talk and (sorry) I don´t find her so attractive as every magazine seems to see her. She is good looking, but no big beauty. In my opinion I find that Blair is really more beautiful than her

    • Jasmine says:

      I also think still that the bay stays alive. Just remember the hint where lilly tells Chuck that she hopes for him, that he will once have somebody to love like she loves him (and he is her “child”). Even if louis is the biological father, Chuck will be the Dad of the baby that will be born. (So I hope)

  19. Susy says:

    There’s a short scene in the promo where we can see Blair wearing that green-yellow outfit. Isn’t that the same she wore in the filming pics where she blair looked out of the window & gets scared because she sees that chuck is nearly hit by a cab??

    • mohammad says:

      That right and that why i cant figure out why Blair goes to Louis we thought maybe because she blame chuck for losing the baby she goes to Louis again but we saw that is not the case!
      so wtf will happen to make blair go to Louis ??

  20. Christine says:

    Well obviously chuck isnt dead because that just wouldent happen. i dont think the time jump is coming because we obviously saw chuck shooting scenes in the weeks before blairs wedding like when she got arrested and when she was filming in that blue outfit thing..all of which we havent seen yet. And remember theres only 2 episodes before the wedding so if hes in a coma it cant be for that long. Also i really hope he doesnt get amnesia cause that would be heartbreaking . The only thing i cant figure out is why blair ends up going back to marry louis..cant call it.

    • El says:

      I keep forgetting about all of these set pics that we’ve already seen. I can’t keep track of them all lol. It’s getting really confusing now!

      & I agree with your last sentence. It’s not adding up. I can only think of the scenario where Chuck gets amnesia, and Blair finds that this is the right time to leave him for good (since he can’t really remember their history together).

  21. LW says:

    so did blair’s baby survive?

    i still think it has to be chuck’s. i mean, why would the writers make us live with knowing that its louis’s? yuck!

    here’s the deal, i think there’s a chance that while she’s at the hospital and they’re checking her out to make sure she’s alright, they check the baby out and somehow match its dna up to chuck. maybe the test she got earlier was wrong?

    • El says:

      I didn’t really believe Blair for some reason, because she kept saying “Louis” over and over again…like she still was denying it.

      BUT, I wouldn’t see a reason for her to lie, since she clearly wanted to be Chuck (and by telling him that the baby was his would have assured her, because it would have led to him being with her the first time that she had asked him). It’s kind of confusing…

      I mean, why would she ask him if he could love somebody else’s child, and be heart-broken when he said that she should be with Louis? I felt that if the baby was really his, then she would have mentioned it in last night’s episode.

    • Anya says:

      Why would they do that??? We have to be realistic here. Baby daddy is Louis. The writers told us we’ll know for sure before the midseason break. So there we have the answer.

      And I’m pretty sure the baby died.

      • `toomuchpurple says:

        They said before the first half of the season ends. I guess the ending of the first half of the season is 5×13 because the hiatus is very short.

  22. Alberdien says:

    There are filming pics of Leighton when she’s wearing that blue jacket . She definitely has a baby bump there!

  23. El says:

    Which website’s ratings count?
    I’m getting two different demo ratings.

    Well the ratings didn’t really go up as I had expected. :/

    • El says:

      P.S. I see some Dair fans bringing this up, but…

      The episode with the lowest amount of viewers is titled “Memoirs of an Invisible Dan” lol. Here’s the promo: /watch?v=5WYIDwGnu6E Now if I remember correctly, Dair fans were jumping up with joy with the possibility that Dan could be the father, and so it can be argued that this episode had many hints of Dair, right?


      The point is, it doesn’t take one episode to bring back the viewers. Honestly, they need to bring a guest celebrity to bring some viewers, because many of them still think it’s a horrible show now.

      Also, even though a lot of people watch it online, it doesn’t really mean that much (unless we can assume that these people will buy the DVD later on, and contribute to sales somehow). If there are no viewers, then ad companies will not want to contribute anything.

  24. kalinesska says:

    but AMNESIA ? again, really? I know that he was pretending that he lost his memory in Paris last season….. but still. I think that they will came up with sth else.

  25. BrandNewChairfan:) says:

    I am quite stunned by that last episode. I want to throttle Serena so badly when she was helping Louis! Urgh and back to selfish Serena again.

    Chuck will be fine, all I hope for now is that Blair will run out on Louis at their wedding because really what reason does she have to marry him? :/

  26. january says:

    no canadian promo this week??

  27. T- Chair 4ever says:

    Isnt the Canadian Promo out?? =/

    • chair says:

      I saw on a site that said the Canadian promo will be out in January because they want it to be a week before the episode airs

  28. bitmma says:

    I know that Blair almost certainly miscarries.. but if she doesn’t maybe the dna test was wrong. Maybe when shes at the hospital and their checking out the baby they mention the blood type but it doesn’t match Blairs or Louis… so maybe she gets another DNA test. Probably just wishful thinking on my part, but if the baby does live there is no way it can be Louis. The monarchy of Monaco wouldn’t just let their heir stay with Blair. Again I am way ahead of myself and the baby probably doesn’t even make it.

  29. kalinesska says:

    I have really crazy IDEA about DIANA and JACK. Do you renember that when Chuck saw her first time he tought he know her. Meaby she is his mother? I know it’s almost impossible. but other way why she was so worried when Jack called her to tell about accident, and why he would actually do that if she was a stranger to familly. Hmm… and the fact that she burned her teenage photo which was in Bart Bass’s files. that’s interesting!

  30. Andrea says:

    Please let Blair and Chuck be togehter! why is it so hard? And don’t let Louis back in to Blair’s life! He a total fool and I hate him. I hope Chuck will just magicly wake up and feel all fine and then they will get married and have a baby, now that Blair lost Louis’. But im quiet sure that is never goin to happen, becouse as he said in the episode preview “not so fast, this is Gossip Girl” 😀

  31. Andrea says:

    and is there soon comming a Canadian Promo?

  32. Alberdien says:

    @ kalinesska: I was thinking the same thing!

  33. BrandNewChairfan:) says:

    I am just going to say I don’t think Chuck will have amnesia. 1) It’s a stupid idea, lol and 2) the writers like torturing Chuck and amnesia would be way tooo painless!. Not as painful as remembering and watching Blair go off and nearly marry Louis after everything.

    • El says:

      …but this is Gossip Girl. They go for the crazy, even if it’s so far-fetched. You never know what they’re going to do, but I’ve come to the conclusion that they don’t even know what they’re doing 99% of the time lol.

      • BrandNewChairfan:) says:

        I just don’t feel like amnesia is the route they will go but what do I know? I think Blair will definitely try to protect Chuck in a weird way by agreeing to still marry Louis.

  34. El says:

    I just want to know why Blair still has that engagement ring on her finger (while she’s praying to God). I guess it just magically fits now…

    This Louis drama is Reeee–diculous if you ask me.

    • blairwaldorf09 says:

      I don’t think it didn’t fit, I just think that it was getting tighter. She was wearing it before the accident too, I noticed it when she put her hand up, before the crash, it was there.

  35. Maria says:

    Remember- the writers said that the Blair and Chuck re-connect will be great, but will not compare to the interaction between Louis and Chuck. i believe Chuck will spill out every feeling he has for Blair and state his case as to why Louis and Blair would never work. Blair may overhear, who knows?

  36. LW says:

    maybe she doesn’t really go off and marry louis? maybe they’ve been throwing out foilers? maybe she marries chuck?

  37. BrandNewChairfan:) says:

    Louis please just GO already! I feel like he’s been dragged on long enough. Is it just me or does he get more and more annoying with every episode?

    • El says:

      LOL I hear ya.

      I found the scene (with Serena) to be quite comical, because both of them are weak actors. I didn’t really find it to be believable.

      • BrandNewChairfan:) says:

        Urgh, Selena was back to being her typical selfish self and looked like a fool later on. The only one I disliked more than her in that episode was Ivy and I think the reason is obvious.

    • El says:

      I just wished that Dan felt the same about Serena lol. It was embarrassing to see Serena give him the ‘I still same care about your hints’, but he was just like ‘Whatever, I love Blair now.’ LOL

  38. mar says:

    I guess no one even bothered to inform Louis about the accident since he didn’t come to the hospital. It was beyond funny when Chuck left him at the loft and then when he called Serena. The guy seems lost when his mommy is not around.

    • El says:


      The last line made me laugh out loud (literally). 😀

      I totally didn’t realize that Louis wasn’t there/no one told him!

    • chair says:

      I laughed at that scene too also when Blair completely ignored Dan saying “I wouldn’t mind”

  39. El says:

    At least now we know that Blair won’t blame any negative events on Chuck. If she had lost the baby, then she would have known before the praying scene (since she’s not on her bed).

    So now what? So confusing…

  40. GG says:

    On 12:16 when Blair told Dan that Louis is the father of her child he did lower his gaze in a strange way. Like he was hiding smth. I think that it is possible that Dan swap the letter of a DNA test cause he was the one who had it before he gave it back to Blair. Or maybe Dorotha did change it,she also acting strange,texting Chuck and thanked him for smth, and she definitely wants B to be with L. But this situation with Dan made me think about it as a actual possibility.

    • El says:

      Yeah, but for Dan to have swapped the letter, he would have to go to great lengths to have everything identical, such as the signature, writing, etc. Plus, I think that they’re portraying him to be the good guy for a reason, since I think that’s where they’ll start the Dair relationship (i.e. since Dan has been so good to Blair the whole time).

      One thing that I strongly disliked was how Dan had the ‘I only want her to be happy’ line. Why is it that he’s been getting a few of Blair/Chuck’s old lines/references? It’s kind of annoying, since they seem to be recycling some of Chuck and Blair’s scenes/lines that should be left alone!

  41. GG says:

    And maybe because Dan felt guilty he made this decision to make the things up.

  42. GG says:

    Yeah bur B didn’t see the original one didn’t she? but anyway we would need just wait and see,maybe it is a Louis child after all.

    • El says:

      ^Interesting theory nonetheless, GG.

      Hopefully we get Ausiello’s spoilers sometime soon. I would e-mail him with a question. but I don’t really have a question that he would be likely to answer lol.

  43. claudiebam says:

    Please D: I don’t want a Dair >.< never and ever. Would be so forced, too forced! Moreover I don't believe Blair can do this to Serena (most of all I HOPE)

    About Chair situation, i think B -make a deal with god- (quoting "running up that hill" xD) so, she promise to marry louis if chuck will survive. But i can't imagine chuck's reaction. Set photos shows some chair interaction and C will be present at blair's ROYAL wedding. Too many question in my mind: why the wedding isn't in Monaco? Why B has a peonias bouquet? Why she doesn't appears like a bride of a royal wedding? .____. Bho

    Sorry for my bad bad english. At this moment (in Italy) are the 2.15 am, and I'm tired, very tired @_@.. so i hope you can understand me despite my endlessly "bug".

  44. Chair Love says:

    Ok Iv’e found the song and it’s not really a song but rather and ode/verse it is called southern sky and it is sung by John Reynolds here is the link
    I”m not to good at copy and paste lol I hope it works if it doesn’t you can look up Position Music, Inc. and search for the title and artist and it should come up.
    A little bit more of history John reynolds produced a emmy award album called “music of Ireland” which features A song called “Lullaby for the dead” it is from this song that he got the melody but he has changed the words or vice versa I’m not sure here are the full lyrics for it

    There’s a white moon hanging in the southern sky
    A new sun rising in the east
    And the bird on my window sings the same sad song
    But the west wind sings for me.

    They have taken out the third line in the promo but it is definately the same song if that makes sense, and all though I cant find it yet I’m pretty sure I have heard this verse before in a old ode or poem I will keep looking

  45. Chair Love says:

    Just did some more research and the song was wriiten and also sung by John reynolds xxxx

  46. Monika says:

    I just don’t get it…
    Chuck suffered enough… His childhood without a mother, father’s dead, loosing Blair again and again, he had been shot and now car crash and almost die….
    I swear if now (after Blair’s ‘I love every part of you’ and Chuck accept another man’s baby, more he love that baby) Blair leave him and marry Louis or run away with DAN (???) i will quit this show.
    CB is the only reason i still watch GG. I simply don’t want to see Blair with Dan and Chuck misery.

  47. mohammad says:

    guys i hve a theory, if chuck lives, there is no way he couldn’t be with Blair unless memory lost or like last time he fake it
    and if he wake up and remember every thing “all i want is u” and want be with Blair like one friend said the royal family want their royal heir so that would be hard for Blair and the reason to be with louis so what will happen with chuck?
    if every thing goes well and Chuck and Blair ends up together why Blair run away from wedding?
    and most important thing if this is a royal wedding why is not in Monaco????
    But there is some pics that shows Roxane Mesquida is in the bachelor party so wedding is The royal one But why dan is every where?????
    I think the Dair fan will be pleased in the 5.13!!!!!

  48. Steph says:

    Thank you for voting!

    Chuck and Blair: He’s the love of her life! 81.74% (9,496 votes)

    Dan and Blair: Their chemistry is the best thing about Gossip Girl in years. 17.26% (2,005 votes)

    I need more evidence to decide! 1% (116 votes)

    Total Votes: 11,617

    hurray for Chair eat your heart out Dair shippers 😉
    yet at least i give Dan some credit (but not that much either thah)for helping Blair and Chuck

  49. Missy says:

    LOOK at these set pictures and look at 10 seconds in on the promo..same :O)



    • `toomuchpurple says:

      My first thought is that while Chuck is at the hospital DB go to the church to pray/give offers as a gift for God so that Blair’s prayers will be accepted by God.

      Remember that day they had 3 different clothes changes? I think it may show how the time will pass and show them go to the church on a basis, week after week. I think this may be an explanation of the 3 different pics. I also think the pics of Ed crossing the street may be him being an allucination and Blair ‘relieving’ him having an accident.

  50. Andrea says:

    We dont have to give anything to God for him to hear our prayers. Jesus dies for our sins, we accept him into our hearts..we have that fellowship with him. We cant buy our way to God or into Heaven and we Can not pray our way to God or into Heaven.

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      I agree with you but sometimes we also need to give him something to thank him for his help. For example when she was young, my mother had a great pain in her head. She told me it was something that could damage her, but she and her family were fervent Catholics and always went to church to pray. After few months the pain disappeared and my mom and my grandma went to the church to offer something to the Saint they always went to pray for my mom’s pain as a thank you.

  51. GG says:

    when Serena had an accident in season 2 or 3 i think,they also did a time jump. On the next episode after car crash she was fine. So i guess after this episode in hospital there will be a time jump. And by the way did you read the The End of the Affair plot ? In there when the bomb hit the house she prayed to God that if he stay alive she will give up they relationship and get back to her husband. Make sense to me since we saw her kissing Louis. And by the way in the end of the movie she still choose her lover saying to him: quote: “that she has felt dead without him, and can no longer keep her “promise” to God.” Sound interesting to me. Will see.

    • GG says:

      *if he stays alive)) sorry didn’t check before post it,my bad.

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      Yes, I thought about that a while ago but until I wouldn’t have the proofs (as scenes/spoilers from an ep that would make me believe they’ll go this way) I didn’t say anything about it in the specific. The act of God and praying God sounds related. We also have pics of Blair with Beatrice at the church and the priest is also there. Chuck is also there but imo until episode 13 Blair is gonna see allucinations of him.

  52. chair says:

    Brendahere: Gossip Girl please! Louis is the worst. Please tell me there is hope that she’ll ditch him for Dan? Or Chuck? I don’t even care which one!
    There is more than hope, my friend! I can tell you there will be a pretty epic scene involving Dan and Blair in one of the upcoming episodes that shows he’s still very much an important part of her life. And there will be a Blair and Louis scene that shows Chuck may be even more important to Blair than anyone.
    ^ guise we have hope :’)
    i know this is totally irrelevant but i didn’t know where to share this with everyone so i just posted a comment

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