Midseason Finale Tweeting to #savechuckandblair


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24 thoughts on “Midseason Finale Tweeting to #savechuckandblair

  1. Annalino says:

    Great Chuck and Blair art! my fingers are crossed for tonight,im tweeting Chair love!

  2. El says:

    Now Ed, will we really be happy with the outcome of the 100th episode?


    • El says:

      ETA: “Dan” at JFK Airport (100th episode).

    • M1504 says:

      Well, I don’t know what to think right now.
      I just don’t want any Dair and that would be really weird anyway.. Blair never said she had feelings for Dan so he can’t be the groom and i can’t even imagine that, it’s beyond me.
      I wonder how Chuck will react if there is any Dair.
      Let’s just hope for a Chair wedding lol

    • BrandNewChairfan:) says:

      Seriously doubt he’s the groom if that’s what your implying. Talk about going from zero to a hundred in 1 second!.

      • El says:


        Nope, not the groom, but who she would run off with (I read some posts on Tumblr about Blair apparently running off with Dan.)

    • Chair Love says:

      whos to say chuck is not waiting for them on the plane ?after all donut delivered her to chuck
      us once maybe he is gonna start shipping chair now lol and him and serena r soooo getting back together xxxx
      What i want to know is who Ivy is batting for cause if she is going to take on CHAIR im gonna be very upset ! lol

      • El says:

        I’ve read a few comments of people shipping for Chuck and Ivy (Chivy as they call it lol). I don’t see it, since I’m pretty sure that she’ll end up with Nate.

      • x0xBlairChuckx0x says:

        yaa..Chivy is Charlie/Ivy.

      • Chair Love says:

        @ El Shit a brick! chuck and ivy ? I can handle dip sticks like louis and marcus and even randoms like eve and that chick starting with R, I would even suck it up and watch Dair for a while but Ivy and our chuck HELL NO !!!! I will not watch that

      • mar says:

        @ El, and that is why I’ve stopped reading comments on any other websites except for this one. I got here all I need ๐Ÿ™‚ Besides I can’t stand Dair fans – they are so deluded, Blair tells Chuck she loves him and they are all like “yey, Dair” – I mean, WTF? Do they even know which one is Dan?lol
        As for CB -did you guys notice this “are you sure?” in the limo? awwww, the parallels!

      • Anya says:

        Chuck and Ivy… Hmmm… Then his head was injured pretty damn BAD.

  3. El says:

    Ahhhh just air already! I feel like we’ve been waiting for ages lol.

  4. january says:

    ed has confirmed chuck will b attending blair’s wedding
    maybe he’s the groom or atleast am hoping he is ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. GFF says:

    Ok I was way off. How can this be? The baby is/was a Grimaldi. A big EFF YOU ggwriters.

    • El says:

      Wow I totally forgot to mention this. So yeah, I guess it’s Louis’ after all…

      Now, what was the point of the dog and Chuck’s “nurturing” aspects brought out with Dan too?

      I guess these were just loose ends created by writers who never really had a thorough plan figured out.

      • love & chairriage says:

        I’m a little late seeing this one, but I think the purpose is even though it isn’t Chuck’s baby, he will still be able to nurture and take care of it because of his love for Blair. I am not completely convinced that the baby is dead, but as other’s have said, if it is alive, then it has to be Chuck’s. There is no way the Grimaldi’s would give up their heir without a fight.

    • Anya says:

      I know. STUPID STUPID STUPID. >:-( I guess they never planned on Blair actually giving birth & they just didn’t want to kill off Chair baby! Fans would be furious!

    • El says:

      I think that we all need to save this in our favorites for the times when people say that Chuck and Blair are irrelevant. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • El says:

        “If Chuck” and “#gossipgirl” also trended tonight! (However, “Chuck & Blair” trended first.

  6. monique says:

    The only thing that would scare me is if chuck was the groom at the wedding. Because that would mean she is running through the streets to try and stop dan or something. I just don’t get why people like them together. I mean what would their relationship realistically look like? The only way it would work would be for one of them to change and that is not cool.

  7. naleygirl says:

    im crying!! it is not possible….FUCKIN GOD! THAT NEVER LED THEM TO BE TOGETHER AND HAPPY.

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