Riding in Town Cars With Boys – Speculation

I don’t know if it’s the obscene hour or the fact that I’m having a bad day but GG’s Riding in Town Cars With Boys upcoming episode seems to be bringing a lot of bad things for Chair fans. I think Blair will decide to stay with Chuck and maybe leave NYC for a while till things cool down. Nate, feeling ambitious all of a sudden, follows them to get the scoop of the newly rekindled romance and of course causes the car crash in a Lady D inspired SL (very creative GG). I’m sure that it’s gonna be Chuck the one who tells the driver to speed it up because the writers feel the need that he always takes the blame. Blair is going to lose the baby and blame it all on him. Of course things with Louis will not work out, as we saw from those bride Blair pics and she will find comfort in another man’s (or lets’s just call him for what he is, a frog) arms. I was actually wonder how Dair will happen (we all knew it was coming) because at this point, Blair was all about Chuck and Louis. And it fits, she won’t be able to even look at Chuck or to marry her prince and will turn to Dan because it’s easier to run from her problems, Blair is an expert at it. I just hope her and Chuck will find their way to each other soon because I don’t know how much Dair I can stomach.

I’d like to know what you guys think because I may have went a little crazy with this speculation, I’m a little frustrated.


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152 thoughts on “Riding in Town Cars With Boys – Speculation

  1. El says:

    I don’t think that she’ll blame it on Chuck, since it’s not like her kidnapped her. It seems like she willingly went with him. Also, it seems like Chuck was seriously injured too, since we see Lily being comforted. Yes Blair does seem to run away from her problems, but I think that it will be a different turn of events once she finds out that Chuck was seriously injured too. I don’t know, it would seem a bit cruel to blame someone who has also being injured, AND when you willingly went with that person.

    • El says:

      Oops, he* / has also been*

      Also, I don’t want to please the Dair fans just yet.. so let’s have some hope! 😛

      • El says:

        I’m also glad to know that someone else is not too happy with the promos for next week’s episode. It seems like everyone else is jumping up and down, right out of the roof lol. I’m trying to be hopeful here, but I don’t trust the writers anymore…

    • Je t'adore says:

      Then why would she return to Louis? And nobody said anything about him forcing her to go with him, I even said she will decide to get back together with him. But I think the shock of losing the baby will make her blame him, you don’t rationalize in those kind of moments.Chuck is injured yes, but aline, while her baby is dead. You need to look at the bigger picture.

  2. Lauren says:

    Well, that speculation is depressing. lol. It sounds more like a rest of the season speculation than just for next week’s episode. heh. Personally, I think CB will reunite & while they’re running off, Louis may orchestrate something in order to make the car crash (this has been rumored), not thinking B’s inside. I don’t remember anything regarding Chuck potentially telling the car to speed up, so…even though I think B will lose the baby I don’t think she’ll blame it on Chuck. I think they might both come to the conclusion that since that happened – and it hurt her – that they really aren’t meant to be. Of course she’ll find out that Louis orchestrated it all at the wedding & ditch him. Unsure about how she feels for Chuck & maybe needing a breather from it all, she’ll finally give Dan a second look & they’ll temporarily get together probably until the last 2 seconds of the season when CB will inevitably reunite for the last time – HOPEFULLY. lol. As far as next episode goes though, I really think it’s going to end with the car crash & that’ll be it. When the episodes come back, we’ll learn that B lost the baby & obvs that she’s keeping distance from Chuck & w/ Louis coming to her aid after the crash, the wedding is clearly back on.

    Those are my thoughts…

    Agreed about DB though. There better be some serious comic relief going on during that time, b/c Chuck will obvs not be trying to “move on” like he’s been doing so far this season. It will be TORTURE to watch them together. For all of us. lol.

    • El says:

      Great post!
      I feel like it would be a cycle of Chuck regressing, progressing, regressing, progressing if Blair left him because of this crash. This would absolutely ruin his development, and progress made so far. Then again, maybe the writers had ill intentions behind it all along. I find it cruel though. Even though he’s a fictional character, I can’t even imaging being someone like Chuck…

    • Je t'adore says:

      lol yes, I was speculating on how next episode will affect the rest of the season too. I like your theory, it’s not as gloomy as mine and I hope I’m wrong. And I LOVE your “comic relief” comment, I agree. We all know CB are andgame, they must be, so Dan is mearly a distraction, a way of dragging things out.

    • amanda says:

      Love your theory!!!! Actually I think this might happen, maybe not the evil Louis part, but the rest looks pretty accurate imo and prob parallel with Chuck words “it was fate, tragedy” therefore we must be apart…

      fml now i’m sad… 😦

  3. Anya says:

    I would expect her to be alone for a while (with Dan as a friend by her side). I mean it’s all too much. Why would Blair want to rush into a new relationship (Dair) after all this mess? I’m pretty sure there will be more Dair but not in a gross way 🙂 Blair doesn’t love him, and that’s set!

    And I hope Chuck doesn’t get hurt badly in the accident. 😦

    • El says:

      Good point about the new relationship aspect, but actually, it could be one of those situations where the girl is so torn..the guy is the only one there to comfort her.. and then the girl falls madly in love with him (due to his caring and compassionate side). The dumb thing is, Blair has Serena and Dorota, but the writers will just write that Serena is too busy with her 100th new boyfriend, and that Dorota has gone back to Poland to deliver her baby. Who knows what the writers will do…but it’ll be something we won’t like, sad to say.

    • El says:

      Also, don’t worry about Chuck being too badly hurt. He’s one of the main characters on the show, so they won’t write him off.

      • Anya says:

        I hate writers so much for killing B’s baby when Dorota’s still pregnant! What was the point of making them both pregnant when they probably knew B’s not gonna have her kid! Urgh!

        I bet there will be no Dair sex and such… Just a lot of talking. In fact, I think it will be Dan who eventually brings Chair back together. I may be an optimist here. We’ll see. 😉

      • El says:


        Ew, please don’t put the words “Dair” and “sex” right next to each other lol. *shudders*

      • Anya says:


        Lol, I’m sorry! 🙂

  4. El says:

    How about someone call me once the season is over, and bring me a DVD with all of the Chuck&Blair parts? I would forever love you lol.

  5. mar says:

    From what I’ve seen in both promos Dan is the one who reunites Chair. This being said, I don’t think any romantic Dair is going to happen, friendship and support – yes, but nothing more. As for the car accident, I honestly don’t know what to think. Lily’s reaction makes me think sth horrible happened to Chuck and I also suspect that Blair will loose her child but how come the wedding is still on after all that? There must be sth more about Louis that we don’t know, I can’t find any other explanation.

    • El says:

      Even though the wedding w/Louis has not been confirmed as far as I know (only a “wedding” has been confirmed), the writers will probably make it so that he will comfort Blair. Then at the reception, she finds out from a paparazzi that it was Louis who was in charge of the crash…and she comes running out.
      Or maybe not.. eh, I’m not too good w/speculations lol.

    • Anya says:

      Louis will say something like “Schuck is the one to blame for the death of our schild” blah blah blah. He’ll basically make her believe that.

      As much as I hate Louis I doubt he had anything to do with the crash. Probably was an accident.

  6. El says:

    Just posting randomly again lol, but…

    Remember back in 2008/2009 when Chuck and Blair were “THE” couple? I kid you not, but I would be on blogs and sites that were not even about celebrities or T.V. shows, and I would see an animation or icon or signature of a Chuck and Blair scene. Graphics of the “three words, eight letters” scene were anywhere and everywhere for at least half a year after it aired… NO JOKE.

    I remember when people I knew would talk about this show, and I could proudly say that I watched it. Now, if you tell people, they say something along the lines of: ‘Are you kidding? That show sucks. You’re wasting your time.’

    Basically, I miss the good old days…

    • Je t'adore says:

      I’m in this fandom since season 1. We use to run things back in the day, seasons 1 and 2 were very good for us. I remember all the boards and the blogs (some of them I run and some I commented on), it’s a shame that this fandom has gone from being powerful and respected to being put down and mocked. And it’s all the writers’ fault if you ask me.

      • El says:

        Well I think that we could still be “powerful”, but the problem is that half (probably more) of the former Chair fans quit the show. They’ve now started to watch Glee, The Vampire Diaries, and all of the other more popular teenage type of shows. After the latest few episodes (and especially the one coming up), I am starting to see more Chair fans resurface. I don’t think that it will ever be like 2008/2009 again, unfortunately, but I guess we can always keep the faith!

      • Je t'adore says:

        I agree. I will always have faith in Chair and in this fandom, I know many amazing Chair shippers, some of them are still in the fandom and some have adandoned it but even if it’s not what it used to be, I think we’re still the majority. It’s just depressing that people judge us for watching GG or/and shipping Chair.

  7. Anya says:

    I’m sorry I know it’s random, but I’m curious… How old are you guys? 🙂 I’m 25, turning 26 in January. I wonder if I’m the oldest one here? 😉

  8. Chair Love says:

    @ Je t’dore So funny you say that I have a step daughter (18) and she has just moved in with us so we are getting to know each other, she had never watched gg so I pulled out season one and we watched it together, straight away she was a chair fan (with no help from me I promise lol ) so it became our “connection” and now we only watch it together, and she to thinks it is great that I (35) would be into a show like gg lol

    • Je t'adore says:

      Oh my, that is a wonderful story. I’m so glad you two are bonding and that she ships Chair. I’m happy you don’t have a Dair shipper in your family, that would have been a disaster lol. But how amazing are CB for bringing you close? I bet she’s really proud to have such a cool step mom.

      • maddtown says:

        I would be! My mom’s awesome, but she doesn’t know how to work the T.V., so I never got the full shipping experience. 🙂

        My eldest sister used to be one of those annoying Chuck haters during the early seasons though and she’d actually call me to yell at me for gushing about Chuck in my facebook status messages…Oh, the arguments we had over the merits of a fictional character…lol.

        My younger sister, at 18, has much better taste, but I think it’s safe to say that Gossip Girl has been a bit of a family affair for us as well.

  9. Chair Love says:

    @ Je t’adore thank you, if she turned out to be a dair shipper i would of sent her back to her mum lol ( just jokes) but yes CB has given us a bond that hopefully we can build on so fingers crossed xxxx

  10. Chair Love says:

    I sure will and if there is one thing she will learn by watching GG with me is that I only back winners CHAIR to the end xxxx

  11. Chrys1130 says:

    Just popping in to comment. I’ll be 25 tomorrow and my wish’ll be for Chuck and Blair to reunite for the LAST time, if not before, then by the season finale. I swear I see them both blaming themselves, Blair taking it as a sign that Chuck and her aren’t meant to be and hitching a train ride back to the fairytale delusion because she can’t cope with losing the baby and Chuck, and again, blaming herself for everything. Chuck will be beside himself, memories of how his father died resurfacing, guilt that it all happened, blaming himself for the baby’s death, so he’ll step away from Blair, agree with her that it was a mistake. After that idk what happens. If she runs out, what makes her run? She finds out Louis was somehow responsible for the crash? And is that before or after she’s already married? Then there’s the question, where’s she running to? Chuck? Has she gotten over blaming herself (and possibly him?) and if she has, she’ll probably be met with resistance by Chuck or worse, another jenny scenario when she gets to his penthouse, gosh no, everything I think of, does not bode well for Chair in the near future. I just feel like they’ll push each other away, she’ll take comfort in Dan, then towards the end of the season, they’ll have Dan confess his feelings, and since the writers hate us, the’ll be having Blair seriously thinking about whether or not she feels anything for Dan, but of course she doesn’t and my hope is she goes to Chuck and proposes, having bought back the ring herself (okay I let my thoughts get away from me, but I at least had to daydream about happy Chair)

    • Anya says:

      I agree up to the part about Blair seriously considering DAIR. Eww 🙂 And I sure hope Chuck will be the one to propose! With a new ring. 😉

      And happy upcoming birthday to you!

    • amanda says:

      I think you’re right about Chuck and Blair’s reaction to the loss of the baby… hmmm I think I read a spoiler about Dan confessing his feelings for B on the next episode… which it’s not so bad imo cause that will accelerate Ban’s arc (yeah, i’ve come to accept they’re probably gonna happen because let’s face it, writers are fucking stupid ugh) and after three-four episodes (that I will never ever watch) we could finally move on from this nonsense and head to a chair HEA

  12. mar says:

    How stupid the writers can be? I’m afraid that the answer is: veeeryyy 😦
    Blair blaming Chuck for the accident makes no sense at all IMHO. If they let each other go once again I will not stand it! I’d rather see Blair being blackmailed or put in some major scheme by her psychotic fiancee (I’m pretty sure that there’s sth really wrong with that guy) than see CHAIR splitting sadly AGAIN, the moments after they reunite. Apparently, “I’m the crazy bitch around here”, lol! But I want some old GG good stuff, not some melodrama that will break my (and CHAIR’s) heart once again!
    BTW I’m 26:)

    • Anya says:

      I agree! This show used to be so much FUN! Not it’s mostly heartbreaking. We barely see Chuck and Blair happy. It’s like writers try every single thing possible to make them suffer.

  13. Chrys1130 says:

    @Anya thanks! And trust me it’s hard for me to even imagine dair, but there’s going to be DB, I know it. I just don’t want it to become dair. And about the proposal, I want Chuck to propose properly too but with how guilt ridden he’ll be I think it’ll fall on Blair to make that move, but I will honestly take a proposal any way I can get it lol.

  14. GFF says:

    OK I’ve come back after calming down and I was pretty upset that they would make these characters want to reunite whilst one of them is still engaged (I’ll leave the baby factor out of this just like everyone else has though I do believe Chuck is revealed to be the father in the hospital after crash). This reunion is just rushed for the mid season finale. It would be good if CB established that yes they want to be together again, Blair will break up with Louis and they slowly take their time building up a relationship again eg. Continue couple therapy. This provides material for the remainder of the season but let’s face it ggwriters would scrap that idea on account of it being boring for tv.

    And another fact about Dan I just remembered is that he really is a good friend and goes all out for them. BUT!! The thing I didn’t like is how he can also be a sell out. He would freeze out Serena his first true love, Vanessa his life long best friend, fall in love with those other female guest stars not important to name. When things go wrong he’ll turn his back. Did you see the way he talked to Serena at his book party? Basically calling her a ho not wanting to give her the time of day and she had to remind him that he was once in love with her!

    You think he won’t be any different with Blair when things get tough with them? Well…no, knowing the ggwriters they’ll take extra care with DB as they’re now “4 years in the making” crap! But still fact remains that Dan is known to be a SELL OUT!

    (I know there aren’t many Vanessa fans and she did unforgivable things but c’mon that’s your best friend since childhood you’re willing to burn down bridges with the drop of a hat.)

    • teeting says:

      I agree. Dan is not this “bestfriend” that others seem to remember. I feel really bad for his treatment to Serena of late, and I’ve never been much of a Serena fan.

      “(I know there aren’t many Vanessa fans and she did unforgivable things but c’mon that’s your best friend since childhood you’re willing to burn down bridges with the drop of a hat.)” This is something I point out to Dan-fans all the time!

  15. and…. I am not seeing everything so dark… I believe that Chair get together from next episode onwards, that Blair is in fact going to marry Chuck (perhaps some more obstacles in the next three episodes to go through) and that she will have THEIR baby. Who says she will loose it? You don´t see any baby bump yet, so why should we see it in the next few episodes? perhaps after her wedding the bump is growing? stay positive 🙂 We know the belong together..fairytales and happy endings !!!!

  16. Cacao says:

    I agree, I’m really upset already after everything they can even be happy one day

  17. Susy says:

    I think she’ll blame it on nate. As i commented on the other post, it was never confirmed that the wedding they filmed was between blair and louis. Moreover i never saw set pics of hugo becker or roxanne mesquida!

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      Hugo was on set when they filmed the wedding. Matthew Settle also posted a pic of him dressed as a groom few days ago. Roxane was MIA on the other hand, and so the actress who plays Louis’ mom. I really don’t know.

  18. Annalino says:

    So many speculations lol I think Blair won’t blame Chuck ,it doesn’t seems logic,he’s not driving the car and she’s obviously with him in the limo because she really wants it.

    She will blame herself “if i hadn’t…..my baby would be still alive”,i see her depressed and she will have saint Dan who will be more than happy to support her,i have no idea how she will reacts with Chuck at the moment.

  19. but there are pictures of blair with roxane from weeks ago on internet. just we never got to see thoses scenes yet. I assume they take a lot of pictures of scenes that they will never show on tv just for us, the longing audience, to talk about. could be that they take pictures of louis in the groom´s outfit. but who really knows if they didn´t make it all up and if louis will be the person that Blair says “yes” to? could be there will be no real wedding with louis but just some dream and then a time jump and blair marrying somebody else or not at all, could be that the first part until the “yes” will take part or whatever. I also think that Chai will have the car crash and then the episode ends they leave us waiting until january to see what goes on next. that´s torture 😉 grrr..

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      Those are for sure for episode 12. We have no idea if the affair of her with the priest will be unveiled on that ep, that may cause Beatrice not to go to the ceremony… no idea.

  20. Greta says:

    Hi.Please can you tell me were you saw Lily crying?? And I really hope that Blair won’t blame Chuck.It would tragic after all his changing up and everything..Please writers don’t mess up everything!

  21. i am really dissapointed from this season. this is the worst season ever. seems as if all the characters are gone searching around helpless for their path and something or somebody to hold on to with blindfolds in a dark room completely left on their and waiting until the writers can make up their mind where their path lies ( they seem like zombies). Worst one is serena, she seems totally unstable. they screwed up this complete character, to me the most stable person seems to be ivy/charlie. all the others…writers have let them gone off track. also dan..he tuned into an ungrateful brat. every characer of the main cast has severe problems liying within themselves. where are lilly and rufus? they were reduced to only mere hollow staffage figures/ decoration. no more waffles (lol) and family breakfasts. sigh… it´s all not so very encouraging but I will keep up positive thinking…after all, they told us that the 100th episode was going to be fun… …decribe fun

      • El says:

        I have a feeling that they wanted it to be “light” and “fun”, but then the writers became lost…and couldn’t get themselves out of an already deep hole. Blair’s pregnancy was one of the worst storylines on this show. I know that it could possibly be Chuck’s, but I am more mad at the fact that they have barely mentioned the baby!! Especially since this is her first child, you’d think that they would portray her to be more caring and nurturing. What do they do instead? They show her to be very selfish by only caring about her situation with Louis, and trying to reverse Chuck’s progress in the process.

      • Anya says:

        I agree. The writers just didn’t want to center our attention around B’s baby (show her with a big bump buying baby clothes) ’cause they knew she’s gonna miscarry! It will be bad enough as it is… 😦

  22. mar says:

    they also said that the whole season 5 will be fun… I’m finding it hard to remain positive. All those pics of Blair at Vera Wang and at her bachelorette party – she wears this hideous ring (I’m pretty sure one can see this diamond from the space) and that indicates that the wedding with Louis is on. I’m afraid the writers will put us through hell before we get our chairytale, I just hope there won’t be Dair or they’ll play it out “Friends” style (Joey and Rachel SL). The idea of Queen B with Donut is equally repellent to me like the whole Blouis thing.

  23. speculating about a possible amnesia…just read some comments on the post before where somebody said it could be that blair has amnesia after the car crash. yes, that could be. perhaps she forgot about the last few weeks and everybody tells her that she is marrying louis, so she get´s on with her wedding plans and dan comes as a friend to try to convince her that she actually loves chuck or other way round..chuck doesn´t recognize her..but I suppose then she wouldn´t go on marrying anybody else.No. propably no amnesias what so ever.
    yes, they said the whole season 5 would be fun… sorry, I didn´t get the fun part yet…they also said that the last episode we had seen concerning what Blair finds out about Chucck will leave CHAIR fans very happy and mad as well. ? Why should we be mad? I don´t understand. i am mad only about the new promo and what it could mean for the baby and Chair

    • maddtown says:

      I wondered about that too. I suspect she was confused about where the episode ended and was actually referring to 5.10’s ending…

      I think she was thinking of Chair reuniting and then crashing when she made that particular comment. Just what I suspect.

    • chair says:

      This is what I think will happen following what you said about blairs amnesia:
      ive seen in dramas where when a person loses memory they usually forget the most important thing in their mind which to Blair is most likely Chuck, so blair gets memory loss after the crash and forgets chuck. Louis is there at the hospital telling her he’s her fiance so they go through with the wedding and during the wedding blair regains her memory so she runs back to chuck, explaining where someone saw Dan helping blair get off the car infront of the empire state building and running inside
      im just stuck in my own chairytale 😦

  24. and did any one get any info where actually the real daughter of carol is? is she dead? runaway? shy and at home? will this mistery ever be solved

  25. grace says:

    Princess Diana parallel, “The End of the Affair” movie theory and Serena’s car crash recycling.
    And that’s all i have to say about it.

  26. BrandNewChairfan:) says:

    It doesn’t add up with what Ed’s comments were about the 100th episode – If this did happen, I’d hate the writers forever if they did this ESPECIALLY since there have been NO hints whatsoever about Dair.

  27. BrandNewChairfan:) says:

    Maybe Blair won’t blame Chuck. MAYBE she will blame herself because Chuck possibly gets more hurt than her and blame herself for losing her baby and believe she puts everyone she really loves in danger. She’ll decide to stick with Louis so that she can keep her distance from Chuck for his own ‘protection’.

    Besides Louis’s unimportant, lol, he can die as many times as he pleases.

    • maddtown says:

      This is pretty much where my suspicions rest on the subject. I think Blair will return to Louis out of guilt. She might feel like she owes him something now that she has inadvertently taken something from him.

  28. kalinesska says:

    I have some toughts about the accident. Meaby nothing really happened bad. I mean paparazzi was running after their limo, but it can be miisleading. In last episode we saw Cece was sick, so the scene with Lily in hospital can be about her not Chair.

    • chair says:

      But Louis was beside her and Charlie/ivy
      Hm maybe they entered the same hospital which explains why Lily is hugging Charlie
      But why isn’t she hugging Serena :S:S

      • S says:

        Its Rufus beside Lily and Ivy hugging…Ive checked a few times and the hair and suit match up…Makes sense for Rufus to be with Lily doesn’t it??

      • El says:

        Yeah, I see Rufus too.

        I’m pretty sure that Lily is there because of Chuck. I don’t think that it’s CeCe. I didn’t really watch the episode (only the C&B parts haha), but from what I read, apparently she only faked her fall because Ivy’s secret was about to be revealed.

      • chair says:

        oh my bad yeah you’re right

    • Anya says:

      Then why a wrecked car?

  29. wow, we are really a passionate CHAIR shipper family…100 comments along this post so far.. really a pity that wordpress doesn´t offer a sort of forum, I bet you have lot´s of work reading/checking and uploading all our comments every day 😀 but so at least no annoying DAIR shipper´s comments get posted here. Great job ! I love your blog 😀

  30. El says:

    Did you all know that in the Gossip Girl books, both Serena and Blair end up with no one? Apparently they ‘hold hands and walk into the sunset’ together, or something like that.

  31. El says:

    I didn’t want to post underneath a comment above, because it would get too messy, but just wanted to write that it’s so great to see that C&B fans range in ages. I think that’s why I love reading everyone’s opinions here. You all understand a relationship, and understand the real issues, such as the definition of abuse. More importantly, you guys don’t write “but he sold her for a hotel” a million times, so for this reason alone, you all are super cool in my book! 😀

  32. Trashika says:

    Hey ive always been reading ur comments but never really commented
    I love CHAIR

    Hi guys 😀
    Chair forever ❤

    • Chair Love says:

      I knew Serena would play a part in this ! if she wanted B to be happy she should of said nothing to louis B obviously does not want to see him she should respect that, she really annoys me when she gets involved in things she should stay out of it and go make up with her donut so he will leave our B alone.

  33. ive jus changed my name 🙂

    I have a feeling that mayb blair doesnt lose the baby! mayb that spoiler was out just for us 2 believe that she lost the baby.

  34. Hey guys!
    Im new here..ive always been reading ur comments n spoilers
    i wld love 2 be a part of this 😀

    Chair 4ever ❤

    • El says:

      Welcome! Glad to see you here. I like your name by the way!

    • GFF says:

      Hi there! I love coming on here and seeing all the CBers unite. And all of these different theories are so fun to read. And your spec on Blair’s baby being save is what I wish for a thousand times (only if it’s Chuck’s). Unfortunately NY mag who revealed Margaret’s slip is quite a reliable source and I’m not sure if ggwriters are that devoted enough to protect their secrets for the 100th by leaking a foiler.

      • Je t'adore says:

        This is a place where every Chair shipper can voice his or her opinions, speculations or frustrations and it makes us happy that so many people visit our blog and “talk” to us. I agree about NYmag, they are a respectable source and I don’t think they would have released the spolier it it wasn’t true.

  35. chairisendgame says:

    hi im new but someone pointed this out via youtube comments:
    the accident looks like its serena and louis in the car..based on the heavy police escort i’m almost sure its louis..an then he asked serena to help him with blair and then lilly and charlie at the hospital with who looks like dan (cryin)…just sayin..an then that would explain blair still goin through with marrying that horribly boring prince ..out of guilt

    ^ maybe the writers just want us to think its Chuck/Blair that got hit?

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      I agree that they want us to think it’s CB but considering the set pics and who filmed at the two hospitals in October/Nov 1st, I guess is someone between Chuck, Blair, or Nate. On the first hospital set, there were Blake Penn and Chace (around Oct 11th) and that was also the day they filmed at the Empire the party of Charlie’s introduction in NYC’s society. On Nov. 1st they filmed at the hospital again (or it was the first time since for the Oct. shooting no guest star tweeted they had to be extras on GG, while right then they did and there was the Doc. with special abilities) and Blake was there in her dress of the stills, EL were also there and were undercover. Matt and Kelly also were there late in the night, but their outfits in the pics they both tweeted when they were on set, don’t match the outfits/hair they have in the stills. It is confusing.

      I capped the two promos and in one frame looks like lights behind Nate’s car, so what if it’s Nate? I guess we have to wait and see.

      In the promo btw it’s Lily hugging Charlie and Rufus next to them, not Louis.

      • S says:

        I also believe it could be Nate. Only because I’m sure Chuck or Blair knew they would get followed and may have been a little better at sneaking out..also it would be way to obvious to be them.
        My guess is Nate leaves in his Limo and maybe is following Serena and Louis and Paps think either limo is with Blair but it may not be at all..
        I also thought that if it was Louis and Serena maybe that’s why Blair feels she needs to continue with the wedding. She’ll feel guilty and blame the accident on her actions
        I’m leaning more toward Nate thou..
        I know there’s a pic of Blair in a hospital gown but it could be possible i guess that she was getting treated for anxiety from the crash… would Still make her feel guilt and go back to Louis
        I know a lot of people speculate she looses the baby but I don’t see how that’s keeping the season light…

      • strawberriesandtiaras says:

        and there are also pictures (you propably know them already) with leighton wearing a hospital dress underneath her grey huge sweater jacket and also a dark grey jogging pants underneath. at least it looks like a hospital gown. and the same jogging pants and the same sweater Ed is wearing on adifferent set picture rom the same day.they have those strange oversized clothes to cover their actual outfits. I have seen those pictures a few days ago but cannot remember where.

  36. T-Chair says:

    Thanks El im glad i can talk to ppl about chair n gg.
    Im from India n not many ppl watch gg.
    I was in love with chair right from season 1 :D, I just hope season 5 gets better.
    And Dair is pathetic i hope its just friendship n nthn more!
    Chair has 2 be Endgame or else gg will lose many viewers including me.

  37. strawberriesandtiaras says:

    i found the picture with the “perhaps” hospital dress and also the wall behind could be a hospital building

    and: you see chuck in front of just that buliding with the red wall in his coat. perhaps it´s not chuck´s and blair´s accident after all….

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      They actually were at an hospital like I said. In Harlem. Sources tell that EL, Blake and Penn were there. Then left and returned at night and also Matt/Kelly were with them.

      • strawberriesandtiaras says:

        I just see it now… the grey pants is no pants. could that in fact be her velvet robe (the one that chuck once was weraring in her room in season 4) Then it looks as if it is in fact her with a hospital gown and her velvet robe.

  38. Monika says:

    I’m worried and i’m angry…
    It is just 10 episode, even not a half of the season and i think it’s just too soon for Chuck and Blair to reunite. Don’t forget we still have wedding in episode 13 and Hugo was on set and Dan had this silly tuxedo (for example Rufus had a normal suit so i think Dan will be important person on this wedding)
    I simply adore Chuck’s character from the very beginning and now i love him even more. He is totally different person, kind and caring and i can only dream about man like him.
    I’ll be furious if the writters hurt him again (Blair said that she love him but she changed her mind or Dair happen after all or she go back to Louis ar something like that).
    I’m worried about this accident i don’t want Blair loose her baby ( even if the baby is Louis, Chuck will love her no matter what, with or without baby ) i don’t want C to get hurt too:(
    Sorry again for my mistakes english is my second language:)

    • chair says:

      Maybe Chuck will stop the wedding , well atleast I hope so. From an interview regarding the future of chair : When I relayed some readers’ wish that Chuck “ride up on a horse and whisk the bride away,” he shared, “I’ve actually been taking riding lessons … but no, it’s not going to happen. The horse part, that is
      ed never said that whisking the bride away wasn’t going to happen
      But he could just be stirring up debate cos the writers told him to do so

  39. Raquel says:

    Hi, I watch GG in Brazil.
    I just reed all the speculation, and I have to say and I’m sooo desapointed…It’s all so sad.
    I can’t not belive I’ll have to watch a roll season that blair and chuck are not toghetrer…again…
    And Dair??!! Come onnn!!!They are soo diferent! I hope we are all wrong because if blair and chuck doesn’t stay togheter again i swear I will give up on gossip girl..( i said this a million times before! lol )

    • Anya says:

      Yep, Dan and Blair together is the weidest thing to me! It’s like shipping Chuck and Serena, or Nate and Lily… Just the thought of it makes me nausious.

  40. Monika says:

    @chair i hope that too, but it’s whole ‘i love you but i leave you’ just making me mad lol 🙂
    If Blair tells Chuck that he is the one who she has ever wanted and after that she’ll go back to Louis or start dating with Dan i just can’t watch this show anymore…

  41. chair says:

    @Monika hm yeah I really can’t see why Blair is going back to Loius after she said to Chuck his all she ever wanted. The writers are rushing things 😦

  42. Missy says:

    Gossip Girl set pictures from Yesterday..more chuck and Blair :O)


    • mar says:

      wow, I was hoping for some set photos from yesterday – thank you for posting this Missy! Let’s hope we’ll get some pics from today and tomorrow as well 🙂
      I wonder why this wedding car was still there…

  43. Steph says:

    i’m Steph, 23 and a Chair fan from when their story began.
    I agree with most of you who say that the first two seasons were TOP now it seems indeed that the show is dragging…
    And we are all very desperate for MORE Chuck and Blair moments and love 🙂 Cuz they are just the IT couple and no prince or pauper shall destroy that, they just really really really belong together and i hope the CW writers realize that soon. as for what will happen next episode geesh i don’t know but i hope Louis will get kicked back to Monaco soon cuz i can’t stand him and his snobby attitude. sorry Louis fans out there somewhere but he’s just JUK!

  44. claudiebam says:

    Everything will be ridicoulus if Blair confess to Chuck and then, for another stupid reason, they can’t be together. I mean, WTF? The writers haven’t any better idea? -..- And why the hell Serena never understand blair’s feeling? >.< so frustraiting. Seems that only because Louis is a prince he has to be perfect .____.
    Btw I really like the new Chuck u.u and Blair should be with him, not dair or blouis.. only chair.

    About Blair pregnancy… no comment: no sense if luois is the true father and no sense if she lost the baby.

    So annoying these episodes =(

    I'm Italian, sorry for my bad bad english T_T

  45. AdoreCB says:

    Hello i’m new here 🙂
    Normally i just like to read what you guys wrote. But i think I have to Share this


    I Don’t Know if someone of you Saw this pics . But i think now it is clear that the wedding is still between louis And Blair :(((

  46. mohammad says:

    if the cw is broadcasting gossip girl chuck will not end up with Blair!!
    i don’t know if they will put them together or not ! but in the end ,at least after the next episode promo and the wedding pics, I’m sure the chuck will not be the one for Blair and that is why i’m going to give up the show
    sorry about English,I’m Persian

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      I don’t think you should give up in mid-season. There’s still many episodes if 5.10 won’t end up well for CB.

      • mohammad says:

        i dont know why someone think dair is ok
        in the 5 season the story was about them (Chuck & Blair) why would they even think about dair !!!
        really in USA fan want them together (Dan and Blair)???
        and that dude Louis !!!!!!!!
        this why i’m not excited whit show anymore!
        i think they dont have any more good story for show and of course they dont want to follow the books

      • `toomuchpurple says:

        I agree they don’t have any good story anymore, and it’s better if they don’t follow the books or otherwise we would have Nate and Blair now XD. I think people who want DB together are tired with the show as well and see DB as “new” and the possible reediming quality of this show, which I don’t think it is. CB fans are still the majority of the GG audience, and we stay because we are sure in the end we’ll be getting our endgame. People think differently about the show, and my thought changes as well as the days go by.

    • maddtown says:

      Hey Mohammad. Cool beans, I’m Persian too! Well, Canadian-Persian actually. 🙂

      I totally disagree with you on Chuck not being the winner at the end of all of this. I think the writers have always understood that they struck gold with Chuck and Blair. They just have limited talents and they seem to think that the best part of Chuck and Blair as a couple was the chase…so they keep breaking them up so that they can chase after each other again. On the plus side, they always do exactly that (chase each other) until they find their way back to each other.

      Haven’t you seen all of the marriage hints they’ve been giving us since season 2 as well? Remember Chuck saying “Stop trying to play the wife”? Remember how he tried to propose twice? Remember how last week he was mistaken for the groom? The writers might be saying all of this junk about always having plans for Dair, but if that’s the case, let’s not forget that they have always had bigger plans for Chuck and Blair!

      • mohammad says:

        that’s right , but if they want to dair happen i think chuck wouldn’t love blair anymore (or at least like past.)
        Blair is chuck true love but Dan have great personality and if he really love Blair wouldn’t screw up that love and relationship so what will left for story Serena , if they (writers) want Serena break them up , she wouldn’t be Blair bff anymore and Dan wouldn’t be her lover anymore and story will be more BORING and chuck will end up with no one cause he love Blair from high school (season 1)

  47. anotherfan says:

    What I dont understand is the sneak peek. Why would Serena help Louis when she brought up Chuck in episode 8, where she told Blair about how Chuck saved her party. You would think that Serena was rooting for Chuck.

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      I do think Serena may be a little jealous that Blair is in Dan’s loft, perhaps. That is why she helps Louis. JMO.

    • Steph says:

      I think Serena will help Louis because she sure doesn’t want Blair to end up with Chuck (because she might still think he’s not right for her, she wasn’t always supportive in the past of CB i reckon) and she even doesn’t want for Blair to end up with Dan. Cuz she still loves Dan after all. And she’s jealous of the thought that her best friend might steal her one and true love. So ofcourse she helps Louis, it only helps herself i guess. Btw i’m guessing the wedding will still be Louis/Blair BUT something will happen causing Blair to turn into a runaway bride. I guess Blair won’t be with anyone for a while and take some time for herself. That might leave the path open for a fairytale endgame between her and our lovely Chuck. I hope this will be the endgame cuz they deserve to be with each other. Like i mentioned before, i sooo loved them from the beginning. And i’m not the only one there are still a lot of Chair fans 🙂 makes me happy. The only thing that makes me slightly a bit unhappy is the fact that the storylines are getting a bit BORING. I’m hoping the show will improve and if it doesn’t ah well. i’m still gonna watch it cuz i’m longing to see my golden couple back together 🙂

  48. Natasha says:

    So ive read each and every one of the great comments above and now my head is spinning in anticipation with how this CHAIR story will pan out..

    I do truly believe that CHAIR will end up together in the long run and i do believe that Chuck is the father of the baby. *keeping in mind both blairs ‘not so happy face’ when viewing the paternity test results (she almost appeared to look afraid of the results) and the fact that the audience has yet to see the results on paper either.

    also, just because im a MAD chair fan, i still think the HARRY WINSTON ring is not completely forgotten just yet.. That rock will come out to play again eventually and he will propose with it.. PROPERLY and in the way he deserves too… Let Louie and Dan have their play with B… We all know who she really belongs with.. C!


    • maddtown says:

      Ooh, I like the ring idea. That was such a beautiful ring. So elegant…I was sad to see it go (as was Blair apparently!).

      I’m not sure what ring Chuck will use, but I am as confident as you are that it will happen.

  49. Natasha says:

    @ Maddtown – Hmm.. so so many speculations but i am confident Blair will get her real prince in the end.. Why? Because he’s Chuck Bass Hehe.

    *starts re watching season 1* – I cannot help myself.. Trying to find key parts in CHAIRS connection from the beginning.

    Thanks for the feedback.. keep it coming guys.


  50. Steph says:


    jihaaa 🙂


  51. Natasha says:

    YES @ STEPH!!!!!!!!

    I could not agree with you more!!!



    • Steph says:

      indeed 🙂

      i can’t even believe they are trying to put Dan and Blair together. i’ve heard rumours about B temporarily moving in with him and he’d be her help while figuring out which guy she should choose, Louis or Chuck. yet while being at it, Blair would fall for Dan. that’s what i read somewhere. but for real? Blair and Dan. just the thought of it makes me sick. When they shared that kiss a while back i was like WTF is this? i was in shock and feeling weird about it. i was like omfg this can’t be true? while Chuck and Blair’s first kiss in that limo. oh boy, that was some chemistry.
      So Dair is a NO NO to me!
      i admit Dan is a good guy and he could be the one for someone but not for Blair. it’s Chair all the way baby!

      and yeah i hope you enjoy it 2
      i certainly think i will enjoy it but only 2morrow 😦
      i’m from belgium so i watch it online and since there’s no livestreaming thing i can’t watch it 2night. plus when it’s being broadcasted in the US it’s about 2 am here thaha :d
      yet it’s gonna be sooo hard for me 2 stay away from the pc cuz i’m dying on this episode like for real. i’ve been waiting soooo long for some Chair time and some more drama so i’m hoping this ep will live up to my expectations 😉

  52. Natasha says:

    Oh My goodness @ Steph, I couldnt agree with you more.

    The thought of Dan and Blair just does not sit right with me nor do i think it makes sense for character development nor the shows storyline and growth. For goodness sakes, before we know this show is going to get and strange as True Blood (which is a great show by the way). in addition to DAIR being weird, i think BLAIR dsnt fit well with any body else BUT chuck period. To be honest, i think not only CHAIR fans but GG fans are so drawn to this relationship, it has become the epitome to the shows success.. in the last two seasons anyway!

    Anyhow, i truly think that GG writers know how to drag this out as long as possible (this means more ratings and chasing in). Smart really.. BUT i think we all know that Blair will get her true dark prince in the very very end.. And of course Serena will end up with Dan..

    Enjoy the EP. I will be downloading it today and look forward to discussing the EP with you guys.


  53. Erin says:

    In the next Episode Will Chuck Bass Surivive from the car accident but what’s going to happen to Chuck Bass

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