5.10 Riding in Town Cars With Boys – PROMO


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18 thoughts on “5.10 Riding in Town Cars With Boys – PROMO

  1. bella says:

    its going to be hot

  2. lw says:

    interesting. and where does the baby fit into all of this drama?

  3. maddtown says:

    Ack! Is that Chair kissing in a limo and then the car accident? First of all, be still my heart and then, second of all, please tell me the two are NOOOOOT connected!

    • maddtown says:

      In the words of my little sister after watching the Canadian promo: “It can’t be that easy.” 😦 We both suspect that it is indeed Chair who are in the accident…which of course does not bode well for Baby Bass (it’ll always be Baby Bass to me)…whyyyyyyyyyyyyy Gossip Girl, WHY?!?!

  4. january says:

    looks like the reporters are following them on the bike and chair have an accident 😦

    • chair says:

      I have a feeling Louis sent those motorbikes , cos reporters usually drive those vans
      But I don’t know we just gotta wait till it unfolds next week

      • teeting says:

        I agree. I smell Louis behind this accident.

      • Chair Love says:

        I too smell louis behind this too I think that maybe she also tells louis that they are over because he says to serena “I want blair back” and I could nearly put money on dummy serena telling him were she is then he sends his thugs and they have a accident

    • maddtown says:

      Well, whoever called the Princess Di parallel was right on the money.

      I wondered why Lily was shown to be crying at the hospital and I just realized it’s because she’s Chuck’s “mom.” Hmm, could Chuck be worse off than Blair after the car crash?

      My poor babies (all three of them).

  5. Rojina says:

    Omg I’m so scared I don’t want anything to happen to chair when they finally admitted their feelings please gossip girl why do u do this to chair I’m starting to really hate the writers.

  6. Grace says:


    … And then a giant s!@# happens.

  7. Emilie says:

    In my opinion chair finally shared their feelings… They Will have a car accident and Blair Will lost her baby (who is really loui’s) Chuck might be bad too (due to lily’s reaction) !!! Louis invoveld with this : maybe!! Nate is witness !!
    After that Blair Will certainly blame Chuck , at least she Will regret their reunion !!
    And that’s why she Will go through her wedding but something Will happen of course (something’s comes out) and she’ll not marry

  8. chair says:

    ohmygod i just noticed Louis ugly head in the promo next to Chivy and Lily in the end , i bet his there cos he caused the accident 😡

    • mar says:

      OMG, nooo! you’re sure it’s him? I thought it was Rufus.
      What I’ve just noticed is Blair drinking her tea from a china cup – it’s pretty weird if you ask me. I mean Muppet + china? lol

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