5.10 Riding in Town Cars With Boys – Candian Promo


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38 thoughts on “5.10 Riding in Town Cars With Boys – Candian Promo

  1. maddtown says:

    I just passed out…but I cried a little first.

    Chuck + Blair + limo + the heartfelt “You’re all I ever wanted…I love YOU” = me dead.

    I love Chair. Like, a lot. 🙂

  2. GFF says:

    I know it’s good that CB decide to be together again here but this just doesn’t feel right. So that all of the blame can be put on both Chuck and Blair for losing the baby?
    The writers are pushing the boundaries of CB’s love and are pushing the boundaries of the fans’ love for CB. How can I ship a couple who I have to defend for constantly?
    I’m sorry this is not the reunion (if you can call it that) any of us deserve.

    • maddtown says:

      I’m not sure we or anyone else in the fandom can blame Chuck and Blair for the loss of the baby though. That would be like blaming Princess Diana and Dodi for their deaths, (which, if you recall, no one did because they were immediately pointing the angry finger at the royals). Chair are not driving the car and the only thing they are guilty of is not being able to stop loving one another.

      I say we lay the blame at Louis’ feet. It’s really HIS fault that he’s a royal and that, because of that, the paparazzi are about to turn our beloved couple into Princess Di and Dodi…except the casualty will likely be their baby.

  3. chair says:

    Chuck loves Blair so much he doesn’t care whether the baby is his or not, he’s willing to accept her no matter what

  4. teeting says:

    With all the spec that could be bought up right now, this is what it sticking in my mind the most: Blair confesses Chuck is who she’s always wanted and she loves him. Endgame. IMO that only means that Chair will happen, for good, at some point. I have renewed faith, hopefully to sustain me thru the supposed Dair relationship.

    • maddtown says:

      Yes, me too. It is now, officially, five years of Chuck and Blair being steadfastly in love with each other. Also, Chuck being mistaken for the groom (and the sorrowful way he corrected the mistake) is about all the foreshadowing a show can give without outright telling us that Chuck and Blair will be married one day. They are beating us over the head with the marriage hints, so someone just try and tell me these two are not endgame…

      Chuck is being set up as the rightful groom, in fact, in every way and every episode since the beginning of season 5. He is [becoming] the ideal spouse and Mr.(Not)Perfect, as his foil, is there to remind us, as much as Blair, of how better suited for the job Chuck is. Hell, Chair are even already going through a weird form of marriage counseling together.

      Now it’s just a matter of figuring out WHEN Chair will get married…in January, in May, or in season 6. The sooner the better if you ask me.

      • teeting says:

        “Chuck is being set up as the rightful groom, in fact, in every way and every episode since the beginning of season 5.”

        Yep, inevitable. Chair is endgame and all this foreshadowing (I died a little with the “groom reference!) makes me just as steadfast in their love as they are!

        So yes, when will we get this? IDK, but I’ll be here every Monday till we get it!

  5. bella says:

    reminds me of princes diana,,, the paparatzi cheasing them and the accident and dont forget the death of a baby

  6. lw says:

    uh i think the car wreck is chuck and blair. you can see as they’re talking that they are in a moving vehicle.

    i wonder if blair loses her memory and that’s why there’s a time jump!

  7. El says:

    Ehhhhhh, but then why does Blair go through with the wedding?!!! I just don’t get it. I guess that’s why I am not jumping up with joy right now.

    However, I DID mention before that none of the producers had actually mentioned that Blair would be getting married to Louis. In the article, the writer had written the word “royal”.

    I’m actually not sure if we got confirmation on a royal/Louis wedding elsewhere, but I don’t remember reading it anywhere.

    Also, even IF the writers/producers/directors had mentioned the word “royal”, who’s to say that it couldn’t be with Chuck? After all, doesn’t he have enough money to buy a nice chuck on New York? lol

    [[[So, does anyone remember any of the producers/directors mentioning that ‘Blair is getting married to Louis’ in the 100th episode?]]]

    I’ve only read the article that states that there is a wedding.

  8. Chair Love says:

    Sounds great to me maddtown I would love to see a may wedding and then a whole season6 of happy wedded CHAIR xxxxx

  9. El says:

    Btw, LOVE the new blog layout and color! Great job, Tweety! 😀

  10. mar says:

    first of all I don’t understand how the wedding can be still on, after this beautiful confession of love?! and second of all – seriously? I will have to wait 6 effin weeks to see what happens next??? I hate the hiatus!

  11. Anya says:

    OMG! So does it mean Blair decides to marry Louis because she blames the loss of her baby on Chuck and their reunion? That would be horrible!!! : (((

  12. OMG that just made my day my weak my month my year CHAIR FOREVER ❤ ❤ ❤

  13. kalinesska says:

    hmmm. you know what I thinking this can be also Nate’s fault. he is running the Spectator now and he was in limo behind the one that crashed. Paparazzi could be from Spectator. I think that it would really affect all characters.

  14. Andrea says:

    I feel the writters are obsessed with Royal everything. Now a Lady D like thing? Prince William like wedding? come on..original please?

    • El says:

      Lol Yeah, but perhaps they think that they’ll get more hype/attention this way. That Blair/Louis picture in the newspaper was pretty gag-worthy.

  15. Annalino says:

    I see nobody talked about the possibility for Chuck being the father.What if when he tells “just because Louis is the father doesn’t mean you have to be with him”,Blair will answer “it’s yours”? anyway,i can’t wait till next week for the Chair scene!

  16. I have looked up the title at wikipedia. i remembered watching that film. it was with drew barrymore starring and in the story there were two teenage girls that got pregnant and had their babies. one of them actualy hoped for a girl and became a boy that she couldn´t accept in the beginning. after that then the girls sold drugs etc. an had problems with their lives7partners. but i cannot see any resemblence yet so far.

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      My sis watched that movie several times. The actor that plays uncle Jack is also in it. It has a good ending, the point was that the main character argues with her dad who is disappointed in her because she got pregnant so early. She is also disappointed in herself because the father of her son is a drug addict and she thinks he’ll never change. After years she goes to his city to make him sign a liberatory to use parts of his real life story (because she was writing a book about her life) and he does something good for his son and makes her rethink that probably her ex fling isn’t that unchangeable. The movie ends with the protagonist reconciling with her father and riding in a car singing their favorite song of when she was 15.

  17. sory, not “became” a boy. she HAD a boy

  18. BrandNewChairfan:) says:

    Why is an accident ANYONE’s fault? I think it’s tragic but I don’t understand how an accident could be Blair or Chuck’s fault unless they are clairvoyant now and can foresee future events.

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