5.09 Rhodes to Perdition – Recap

This week’s episode didn’t disappoint. Like last week, I had low expectations because the promo didn’t excite me as much, but I was surprised. Chuck and Blair weren’t surely the main part of the plot, but the few scenes they had were powerful. We’re seeing as the episodes progress that the story it’s still them. No matter Blair wants to marry Louis, she can’t deny she’ll always be connected to Chuck and he will always be connected to him.

Sure, this leaves room for next week… that’ll be hard because I have no idea what to expect either. I may be disappointed if something bad happens as I think, but more than disappointed… sad. I don’t know how I will handle it because it will be the last episode before the break. We’ll see.

I’ll give this episode a 7. What did you think about it?

The episode starts with Blair and Dorota in Blair’s room. She is sending thank you letters to the people who gave her gifts at her shower, and she’s annoyed someone gave a machine to make margaritas because she doesn’t look like someone who makes a margarita. lol.

Dorota asks Blair if the wedding is still on and what’s going on with Louis, Blair answers that she’s trying to figure out their relationship and that he’s away doing missionary missions with Father Cavalia in some country without a plumber… she says she wants to try and fix him and make him get back to his prince charming attitudes. She doesn’t want one of the Grimm brothers, she wants Prince Charming. Dorota justifies it saying that prince also fall from their horses, that maybe what happened to Louis is that he and Chuck swapped bodies quite like in Freaky Friday. This lightens a lamp in Blair’s head and so she leaves the room to do her plan while poor Dorota is left with the thank you letters.

Blair goes to the Empire where she finds Chuck sitting on a carpet to do fitness exercises. He is apparently doing yoga with fashionable green socks (lol) and she greets him with a “Namaste” that made me remind of Lost’s Dharma Videos ngl. “Sorry to interrupt you getting in someone’s yoga pants” she says, and a Tibetan Monk appears from behind the wall. That is what the casting calls for monks were for, then. Blair seems surprised, and Chuck asks the monk to leave them alone for a while.

“Can you tell me how you went from Charlie Sheen to Charlie Brown? From Bar to Mitzvah?”

Chuck answers there’s no answer. It’s an evolution. He asks her what she really wants, and Blair explains that she wants to understand how to get Louis out of the darkness and bring him to the light again like he did. If he changed, then Louis can too. Chuck shrugs and passes a hand on his forehead, he’s frustrated and imo thinks Blair is having a crazy idea. Kinda my reaction to her words too.

Chuck and Blair go to his therapist and he asks if he’s comfortable having Blair there. Blair complains that their conversation up there was all about Monkey and Chuck says that he’s worried that his dog licking himself means he feels lonely. Blair is annoyed by the conversation, she just wants to get her answers.

The doctor asks what she is looking for, she answers that is a nice bait but she is familiar with therapy because her father is gay and she was bulimic. She wants the doctor to tell her how he changed Chuck. Chuck insists there’s no answer and Blair spats back that there is an answer but he probably is reluctant to give it to her because he doesn’t want her to fix Louis. The man asks if Blair wants her fiance to become more like Chuck, but Blair denies it. She just wants Louis to become the man Chuck is now since he is turned in what Chuck was before. The doctor thinks she is confused.

Blair says she is only confused by Chuck’s refusal to disclose, and if he is a good person why he isn’t telling her what did he do to change? For her it’s obvious he hasn’t really let go. “You mean the intimacy between you?” the doctor asks, and Blair agrees. Chuck says that he let go of her, but Blair wants proofs. He says he can’t say how, but if she doesn’t believe him she can call Harry Winston because the night of the Spectator lunch he left the engagement ring he had bought her on the steps of their store.

Blair seems really taken by surprise because she didn’t expect that. She excuses herself she forgot she had cake tasting and she hurries to leave. She seems sad of what Chuck did, and she didn’t get that she is the one that is not really willing to let him and their story go. Chuck isn’t willing either but he’s trying because he just wants her to be happy.

She then comes back to her house and is tasting some cakes with Dorota. She tells Blair she needs to choose three cakes from which she’ll then choose the one for the wedding, but Blair doesn’t seem convinced because her groom has lost his sweetness… bla bla bla Chuck enters the room and Dorota excuses herself and the Asian woman working for the Queen of cakes, and they leave Chuck and Blair alone.

Blair wonders what Chuck is doing there and he asks why did she walk out of therapy. She justifies herself by saying she had cake tasting and that she isn’t done yet. Chuck explains the doctor believes she was upset that he had returned the ring, but Blair gives him a lame excuse that the doctor has too many doctorates… Chuck tells her he returned the ring because she asked him to let her go. He wanted to move on to give her the happy life she deserved.

“All this time I’ve blamed you for pulling me into the dark. But I was wrong. It was me who brought out your dark side. I’m sorry.” Blair says and then she walks away leaving Chuck in the foyer.

Chuck reaches Blair in her room and tells her she never pulled him to the dark side because she was “the lightest thing that came into my life”. She wonders then what did it take to let her go and find a new side of himself. “I only turned dark and desperate because I was afraid of losing you. Your love kept me alive.” “But you survived without me” she says, and he answered that the worst thing that happened, he didn’t die. He had to find a way to move on with his life.

“I only want you to be happy, I’m just sorry it couldn’t be with me.”

They are interrupted by the old cake maker who brought cake samples to show Blair. She believes Chuck is the groom, but he answers her “I’m not the groom” and walks away. Blair seems saddened by the scene. This episode had many wedding foreshadowings like this. The ring mention, cake tasting and the groom…

Cut to Chuck and Nate at the Empire, Chuck compliments with Nate about his editorial on The NYSpectator. Nate is happy because he felt comfortable being in control. He asks Chuck how was his day with Blair and if he teached her how to turn Louis around. Chuck explains he told her the truth, and Nate comments he should work for the Spectator. Chuck says he wished he had the courage to do it sooner and he’s resigned.

“I finally became the man she wanted, and she’s already chosen another one. I’m too late.”

Nate asks him if he stills loves her, and Chuck answers he can’t imagine the day he won’t.

Blair is on her bed and tells Dorota she’s sick because of the cake she ate, while Dorota tries to cheer her up offering her to find the timezone so she can call Louis, but Blair doesn’t want to and asks Dorota to go.

“Long after the clubs have closed, disco inferno rages on. For some, it’s burning desire that keeps them awake at night. For others, it’s the flames of uncertainty that plague them. If you’re going to play with matches, make sure you don’t leave them around to spark the flame anew. Disco isn’t actually dead, and neither am I.”


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34 thoughts on “5.09 Rhodes to Perdition – Recap

  1. Sarah says:

    Love your recap. I think next week is really going to keep guessing and make the hiatus even more worst. I’m not worried about Dair because Chair will overcome it all in the end. I just know Dan will keep something from Blair which would have her in Chuck’s arms instead of his but I guess he has to learn the hard way like the Prince.

    • grace says:


      I wonder all the time if Dan will be all “Stay away from my woman” just like Louis or the writers will protect him.

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      I guess until Louis is here we should worry for DB, but I am dreading the 6 weeks hiatus. I am totally in the dark about what will happen at the end of the midseason finale, but it already upsets me.

  2. grace says:

    I don’t know whether i think the episode good or bad because after the last events i’m kind of numb.

  3. El says:

    Thanks for the recap!

    I wish Blair had told Dorota her true feelings at the very end. That would have been a great cliffhanger leading to next week’s episode.

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      Definitely. I think Blair didn’t open to Dorota and neither Serena because she is really confused and doesn’t want her friends to know that she is. Because she is like this. She wants everyone to believe she’s alright with her choice, but she isn’t and she doesn’t want to appear weak and doubtful.

  4. mar says:

    guys! check out the sneak peek /watch?v=nujhJRSsRm8

    seriously, how stupid serena can be????

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      I don’t find Serena stupid, I just think she doesn’t know the whole story and what’s going on with Blair. She doesn’t know about Chuck’s apology, that CB kissed in 5.07, what Chuck told her in this episode. I would wait to judge her behavior.

  5. Annalino says:

    Great recap,the chair scenes were so sweet and heartbreaking,especially when the old lady thought chuck was the groom*creys

  6. BrandNewChairfan:) says:

    I don’t know where all this Dair is coming from. Nor seen a hint of it in the show besides from Dan’s unrequited pining. Anyway I liked this episode quite a lot. I am a bit anxious about next weeks ep but I am in wait and see mode.

    • BrandNewChairfan:) says:

      Oooh I loved your mention of the wedding foreshadowing. I thought for a moment with the whole groom moment “was that foreshadowing something?” and I am glad you’ve picked up on more things than I did. That is quite positive! At this moment in time I am going to grab on to anything positive I can get. The negatively is threatening to depress me!.

      • `toomuchpurple says:

        As I see it, there are many positive things for CB. Probably not now or sooner, but perhaps next year we may get good things. Foreshadowing must serve something or wtf!!

  7. El says:

    OH. WOW.

    Some Dair fans are really passionate with their Chair hate. –__–

    When Chuck told Blair, “This means war.” …. I think he should have told the Dair fans that, because based on the Tumblr and blog posts, there’s a lot of hatred going on.

    • El says:

      P.S. I think that it would be hypocritical to say that no Chair fan has ever gone a little too over-the-top w/their Dair hate (cough, me cough lol), but I don’t think that we’ve topped their level.

      Seriously though, it’s not fun reading the comments on any C&B blog/site posts anymore.

      • El says:

        *To clarify by “C&B blog/site”, I meant the T.V. sites that post any article about them, or any general article about the show.

      • BrandNewChairfan:) says:

        I’ve seen some pretty nasty Chair fans too but yeah some people can just be pure craaazzzzyyy. I still say online or not, it’s never an excuse for rudeness or bullying.

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      Behind a computer everyone feels powerful.

      • El says:

        Yupp, but it has gone OVER the top after the promos for next week’s episode were released last night.

      • El says:

        Power in numbers is the most important, imo. I feel like if there were a lot of C&B fans writing positive things on other blogs and sites, then perhaps it would help them realize that no one cares about Dair lol. I know it’s not going to happen though. :p

    • Anya says:

      I’m more annoyed with Dair fans’ comments than the actual Dair we see on GG (I mean not much of anything happens between Blair and Dan), but the stuff Dair shippers write is just URRGH. >:-(

      I get VERY mad when I see their anti-Chair comments. But I find it stupid to get all hateful and write something back. After all, we all know C&B love each other. And they are endgame. So let the haters talk s**t all they want!

  8. El says:


    SO Blair is moving in with Dan………. but she wants him to help her choose between Chuck and Louis?

    The writers need their Christmas break NOW. Hopefully they can take a vacation and clear their heads.

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      lol imo it will last few days to escape the paparazzi. Probably not even one day. The important (?) thing is that lol Ausi said it too, she only wants him to help her choosing XD

    • BrandNewChairfan:) says:

      LOL, love how it’s because she needs his help deciding between Chuck or Louis and he’s not even an option so there’s no need to panic. I’m just glad this came from Auisello and not e-online otherwise it would be purposely be rephased to make us all think Blair’s moving in with Dan because’s suddenly in love with him.

  9. El says:


    ^That’s exactly what I feel about Chuck and Blair lol.
    (& Blair looked the best back then! They’ve really changed up her style, and it’s understandable since she’s older now. Her style/make-up/hair back then was perfect! Now her style is a bit questionable lol.)

  10. El says:

    It’s funny how the promos for next week’s episode is getting more attention than this week’s episode, but in the entire season so far. I guess they did a really good job with the promos! I am afraid for next Monday though, because I predict we’ll all be either super sad, mad, angry, or well all of the above.

    • Je t'adore says:

      Remember that yesterday we talked about the power of the fandom? Well, there you have it.

    • mar says:

      El, I agree with you and I’m afraid of Monday’s episode as well, mostly because we will have to wait 6 weeks for the next one. I think that maybe I shouldn’t watch 5×10 untill the begining of January at least, and divide the hiatus in half…?
      Gee, I should get a life and stop obsessing about CB this much, lol

  11. El says:

    Next week’s episode will be written by Amanda Lasher. She wrote episode 3 (from this season). This was the episode w/Blair’s confrontation w/Chuck.

    /watch?v=2sQzIrTry2A (youtube)

    So I guess this makes me less worried, since I quite liked that scene. Although it was mainly due to Ed&Leighton’s facial expressions and emotions in their voice… but still, at least she wrote in that scene. 😛

    • El says:

      She also wrote these episodes:


      Amanda Lasher, you’re forgiven for all of the Dair parts that you have written, since the above scenes are two of my most favorite ones!

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