5.09 Rhodes to Perdition – Discussion Post

Like El suggested, post here your thoughts about tonight’s episode!!

Did you like it? What do you think of the promo for the midseason finale?

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7 thoughts on “5.09 Rhodes to Perdition – Discussion Post

  1. lw says:

    i thought this episode was really good. but the way they didn’t mention the baby was super weird. i dunno, i thought at several points that she was going to tell chuck he was the father.

    didn’t someone say a few episodes back that we’d know for certain if chuck was the father or not by now? was it ausiello or some other spoiler person? can’t remember who, but i don’t think i dreamed that.

    chuck has turned into such a nice guy. i am personally happy about the introduction of stability and healthy personalities.

    • maddtown says:

      I haven’t seen it yet (so I should probably stay out of this thread for the next hour), but I have to agree with you and add that I am pretty pleased with the writers so far this season. They’re horribly mean to us online with all the Dair stupidity and shady spoilers, but they actually seem to have Chair’s best interest at heart this season and they haven’t built Dair up to be anything more than friendship (which, I’m convinced, will ultimately be all there is between them).

      The only thing I’m not sure they’ll do right by us with is the baby, but one can still hope. 😦

      Chair are more in love than ever and, more importantly, they are rebuilding them from the ground up and making them MARRIAGE quality (Dair=friendship, Chair =marriage…all signs point to it). Chair are endgame. Mark my words.

  2. El says:

    I wish they had explored a bit more with the therapy session; it was very short, and could have had more depth to it. I absolutely loved Blair’s reaction after she found out that Chuck had given the ring back. I also loved how Blair came into the camera, and the background music was great too.

    For some reason, I wasn’t satisfied with the episode. I loved the therapy scene and the one in Blair’s room (especially), but I was kind of expecting more. :/

    Seriously though, Ed and Leighton deserve so much more than this show. They’re the only two actors who can act on the show, and do such a fine job!

  3. christine says:

    I loved the episode tonight there were so many emotional chair scenes and I got to see that blair still loves chuck so much. Next weeks episode looks soo good. I think that chuck and blair decide to be together then they both get into a car accident where blair gets injured and ends up loosing the baby. Then after realizing that her baby only died because they both were together she decides to put chuck on the backburner and continue with the wedding even though her feelings are still there.

  4. Susy says:

    I was kinda disappointed with 5×09, since it was mainly about the rhodes & not about blair & chuck.
    Seeing the promo for next week really shocked me. I’ve got some theories that I’d like to share with you:

    1) maybe nate gets into the crash & chair get closer when they’re worried about him.

    2) maybe louis gets into the crash and blair feels guilty

    3) It has come to my thoughts, although its pretty weird: what if the writers tricked us and the wedding isn’t Blair & Louis, but Blair & chucks?!?

  5. kalinesska says:

    I like it… I think that chair moments were so epic an honest and I hope that it’s not Blair and Chuck who are going to have accident next episode. it can riun all things between them if blair lose her babe then.

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