TVLine: More on GG’s 100th episode

Gossip Girl | At the show’s 100th-episode party, I presented director Mark Piznarsky with a concern I’ve seen shared here by some fans — that the wedding-centric outing will offer little for those folks not fascinated with all the Blair/Dair/Chair drama. If you happen to fall into that camp, he said there’s still good reason to tune in on Jan. 30. “Listen, everybody has sort of been with everybody [on this show], so everybody has feelings about [the wedding] – Is Blair going to get married? Will she go with Chuck? Will she go with Dan? And her first love was Nate, in the pilot, and they’re all there,” he noted. “So while [the episode] is kind of centered around the wedding, yes, there are big beats for everybody.” Now, as for whether the wedding itself goes off without a hitch, one of the cast members I interviewed did make reference to something that happens at the reception. Hmm….



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29 thoughts on “TVLine: More on GG’s 100th episode

  1. grace says:

    It’s a freaking smokescreen.

  2. El says:

    I can’t stop laughing…
    Louis, Chuck, Dan, and now Nate too? Blair, please do tell… what’s your secret? I wish I had 4 guys that I could “choose” from hahh!

    Does this director know that Safran is confident about a season 6? lol

    • BrandNewChairfan:) says:

      I think he was kidding about Nate. He’s too busy with Ivy, Serena or the next cougar that comes along! lol.

      • El says:

        but this is Gossip Girl… you can never tell when they are kidding or not! LOL

      • `toomuchpurple says:

        Well if they aren’t kidding bad for them. Their promotion is turning people off big time! By this mood by the end of January they’ll be the only ones watching their show.

  3. teeting says:

    “Listen, everybody has sort of been with everybody [on this show],”

    Wait a minute, Nate too? Bahahaha!

  4. mar says:

    “one of the cast members did make reference to something that happens at the reception” – wait, does that mean that B actually goes through the wedding vows? I’m sorry, but the second she says “I do” to that stupid Louis, I am done with GG. For good!!! How the writers could do this to Chair???

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      Remember Margaret (Eleanor) told TVL that Blair will walk 2 times down the aisle. Probably one is fake (dream perhaps) and one is true. Or one is with a person and one with another one.

      Blake said there will be a big dancing scene at the beginning of the episode… what if it’s Blair’s wedding but nothing is what it seems?

  5. january says:

    even the running scene, blair seems to be running from her reception not from the church

  6. GFF says:

    So it looks like things won’t bode well for BLouis but remember that Ed said CB fans will like the 100th ep very much. Putting the pieces of the puzzle together I reckon 5×10 cliffhanger it is revealed that Chuck is the father and something bad happens to Blair at the end. And then there is a big reveal in the 100th ep at the reception where Chuck actually FINDS OUT the truth ergo we have Blair running away to him.
    Now this theory is reaching but if Chuck knows that he is the baby daddy in 5×10 I don’t see how the wedding still proceeds. And the writers would not have built of this baby drama only to reach to the conclusion that it’s Louis’ anticlimactic much!

  7. teeting says:

    Is there anyway we could get a forum on here? I love talking CB with you all 🙂

  8. teeting says:

    Loving the purple BG btw!

  9. Missy says:

    Hopefully she will find out her marriage to Louis at the reception wasnt real and she can re think things..anywhich way the story line right now sounds stupid

  10. Chair Love says:

    Grhhhhhh I’m so over this dan crap why is he even getting a mention the only way I can see her going with dan is if blair loses the baby we find out the baby is chucks and he walks away from her angry because she lied to him about it, these writers need a slap why did we have to end up with dan he was serena lap poodle for the first 4 seasons now he is level pegged with chuck for blairs heart what a joke, if dan had of tried this crap before chuck was a “new man” chuck would not stand for this stunt he would of shut him down from the get go ! .
    Chuck is trying sooo hard to be good and be a better man and he will properly lose blair any way (for a little while so that all the dair fans can get a look in ) makes me want to barf ! lol so pissed that they can sink our ship and still let serena walk around like the it girl dating random men instead of trying to win the “love of her life ” back, and of course we can’t forget Milf boy nate who sleeps with anything that walks past him why couldn’t they have the drama one season is all i want just one whole season (thats if we can’t have forever),of in love happy chair after 4 seasons of broken hearts they deserve some happy time, Soooooo piss of back to serena poodle and stay of our ship !!!!!

  11. BlairBass says:

    im at this point where i don’t want Blair to be with Chuck because he is way to good for her.

  12. some weeks ago they casted some doctors and nurses… well so a hopital scene will surely come up soon in GG, but why and for whom is stll unknown…I very much hope it´s not Blair and her unborn Baby that need care. Could also be Chuck…and Blair noticing what she could loose…

  13. chair says:

    @Chair Love HAHAHAHA “serena poodle” reminds me of his ugly hair!

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