The Fate of Blair’s Baby

SPOILER ALERT! As Gossip Girlkeeps the over-the-top Blair Waldorf plotlines coming (Blair’s getting married! And having a baby!), Vulture has been wondering which of these story lines the show will actually see through. Like, could Blair really become a mother? We didn’t actually expect to get an answer to that question when we showed up to last weekend’s fête for the series’ 100th episode (which airs in January), but get one we did, when Margaret Colin (a.k.a. Eleanor Waldorf) let slip that she “had to show up to work to find out that, you know, that she lost the baby.” As if that weren’t confirmation enough, executive producer Joshua Safran gave a coy answer when pressed about Blair’s impending motherhood, saying that she’ll “maybe have a baby.” Guess we won’t be seeing a Chuck Bass Jr. or a Prince Louis running around anytime soon.


I don’t know about you guys but I’m pretty sad about this. What is the point of this? Hasn’t Blair suffered enough? I’d hate if because of this she’ll break up with Louis and return to Chuck. I want her to realize she belongs with Bass because she loves him, not because she’s broken and can’t be with Louis anymore.


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72 thoughts on “The Fate of Blair’s Baby

  1. Annalino says:

    I knew it would happen but im sad,Blair didn’t deserves more drama! I think that’s not fair at all,let’s hope chuck will be there for her during this tragedy.Can’t wait till the creepy prince return to his kingdom,im sick now!

  2. Susy says:

    I totally agree with you… I mean, causing that giant hype about the baby and now letting it die? Honestly I started thinking of a storyline like this after the last two episodes, since they mention Blairs pregnancy only rarely.
    But maybe Chuck is there for her as she gets the devastating news while Louis doesn’t care about her, so Blair realizes that Chuck is the one who’s caring?

    The producers said that the season finale will make everybody craving for season 6. So maybe Chair are finally getting engaged and/or have a baby?

  3. grace says:

    Words fail me to describe how i feel but at the same time it was expected the writers take this route.After all, they are experts in creating unnecessary drama, making wicked mind games with the fans and not develop a story properly.
    Ironically, even knowing all this i’ll watch the episode.

  4. still got hope that is is just a fake spoiler…it sounds just too strange that eleonor would let this slip…if this had been said by some catering crew member or some lower assistant´s assistant from set staff (the ones who´s main task is to get the coffee) then perhaps I would believe it..but one of the main cast?

    • Grace says:

      It may be fake but it may be true at same time.Why the Vulture would wait four days to slip that without being true, while others were in the “Pimp my Dair” fest?
      About Margaret (Eleanor), she was probably the weakest link in the cast and “innocently” slip the information.

  5. lw says:

    what was the point in making her pregnant if she’s not going to have it and it’s not chuck’s? it doesn’t make any sense plot wise…

    i think she’s having it–they probably intentionally leaked this as a foiler.

  6. maddtown says:

    There’s something about this that doesn’t sit right with me either. It’s just too easy. Those filming pics with Blair looking entirely unpregnant, smoking and drinking would have “spoiled” this storyline too, wouldn’t they have? Yet, not a single spoiler site had any insight on what was really happening and we all figured the producers wouldn’t spoil something that big in set photos. We’re now 8 episodes in and despite Blair practically never appearing pregnant in pictures, she still is.

    I may end up dissappointed, but I’m going to pretend I didn’t see this spoiler for the time being. I’m not ready to let Baby Bass go just yet.

  7. Laura says:

    Fair to say i haven’t known what to say recently with the up and down spoilers we have been getting. But i felt the need to comment on this though, i’m still confident the baby is Chuck’s from just thinking back to the spoiler where they said Blair’s pregnancy will effect Chuck in a massive way (or something along the lines). As of right now, it all. That considered, this could go either way, it could effect him this way when she loses it and she tells him it was his or she eventually comes clean and has the baby. Hoping for the last one here and like maddtown, i’m just going to ignore it and still pray they stick it though.

    Plus “had to show up to work to find out that, you know, that she lost the baby.” Sounds really out of context to me. Also Josh isnt going to deny or confirm it either way, his reply is to cause us all to wonder etc. Either that or im just wishfull thinking lol

  8. GFF says:

    This is just a slap in the face for CB fans and what would give us a second slap on the other cheek is if Chuck finds out Blair has been lying that it’s his baby all of his progress will go out the window and he will turn her away. Who else would she turn to, you’re thinking Serena, Dorota? No it will be none other than Dan freakin Humphrey. Thank you Ggwriters for ruining my thanksgiving day.

    • El says:

      Yes, that’s what I am afraid of (that she’ll turn to Dan). I would definitely stop watching then, especially since if they’re a couple…OHH I better stop before getting that mental picture. -____-

      • teeting says:

        they’re pimping Dair pretty hard and I’m afraid we’re going to see soon. Which is really salt in the wound if Dan’s the one to comfort Blair after the “almost” wedding and losing the baby.

        I’m worried what this will do to Chuck if it happens. If this somehow messes up his progress I’m gonna flip! He’s been FLAWLESS this season! How will he react to Dair?! God, and why in the world did the writers make OUR CHUCK verify that Dan “loves” B? Really?

        Someone tell me I’m wrong, please.

      • El says:

        I think that they showed Chuck not being angry that Dan “loves” Blair (refraining from rolling my eyes too much) to possibly foreshadow the moment where Dair actually does happen (again, trying not to roll my eyes too much).

        Dair would be a disaster all around. Chuck would obviously not be okay with it, since we hear him saying that ‘he can’t imagine the day that he won’t love her’ in the next episode. Also, we have to remember that he was the one that let Blair go, and have her fairytale.

        Let’s not forget about Blair and Serena’s relationship. We just heard Serena’s speech to Dan a few episodes ago, and it seemed like the writers were trying to bring back Derena.

        I will be really annoyed if there’s no baby, and if Blair ends up with Dan. Why show Chuck’s growth so much? What’s the point if there’s no baby, and if he won’t get Blair?! I know Chuck’s not the main character, but there were so many hints showing such positive events in the future.

        AHHH is all I can say lol. I guess we’ll just have to sit back and *patiently* watch (as if we haven’t been patient for ALL of these months)…

  9. Andrea says:

    We already all figured she would lose the baby, the writters dont want her with a baby. Which is sad..her character is growing and maturing to. SO she wont have her baby and wont have a wedding to the prince. Whats the point of any of these storylines now?

    • El says:

      Actually, IMO, they’ve shown Chuck as the one who is maturing and growing. Blair has been regressing. I kind of knew in a way that it COULD be bad news with the baby plot, since they made Blair act so childish (combined with the fact that they barely mentioned her pregnancy).

  10. Anya says:

    I knew it! 😦 Poor B. Don’t want her to go thru something like that!

    WTF is wrong with you GG writers?!!!?!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • El says:

      Everything is wrong with them lol. They are lost at the moment, and are confused with that to do IMO. Dan on the bestseller list? Nate in charge of anything?? Blair in love with a man who came back with one of her shoes? and Serena.. what the heck is going on with her? I can never tell, since she’s always doing something different in each episode!

  11. BrandNewChairfan:) says:

    I think there’s something dodgy about this spoiler. Unless it comes from TVline, Eweekly or even Eonline, I am not going to trust it 100% until I’ve seen it happen.

    • El says:

      I like where you’re brain’s thinking. 😉

      IMO, I feel like I should just expect the worse, instead of remaining positive. Every time that I stay positive, if anything horrible happens, it always makes it x1000 times worse to watch.

      • El says:

        oops your*

        Btw, I noticed that your username is “BrandNew” Chair fan. How/when did you become a fan? I’m interested to know. 🙂

      • BrandNewChairfan:) says:

        Oh I became a Chair fan after I started watching all the seasons of gossip girl in August. I was dying for something to watch and ended up falling in love with Chair as soon as I watched the burlesque scene and even when they were scheming together in earlier episodes. They have such amazing chemistry, I don’t know how anyone could ship them with anyone else!.

        And I would rather feel negative about the show after the bad things happen then continually feel negative until it actually happens! Better to have hope first and then despair afterwards.;

      • El says:

        Awesome! Nice to read your story.
        There are plenty of C&B scenes on YouTube, so they are there if you ever need to re-watch episodes. 😛

        Plus, it also helps that they put GG on Netflix now. I’ve been reading quite a few posts where people have become addicted to this show (never though I would read the word “addicted” in relation to this show again, to be honest lol), so that’s pretty awesome.

  12. just looked through twitter account of GGwriters.. does this give us anything?

    Did Blair read Dan’s book? The entire thing?
    24 Nov
    Gossip Girl Writers
    @strawberryrai: No, she did not…

    asiannicensweet Phouvy Heidmann
    @GGWriters How many episodes are you contracted to write 22 or 24.
    Gossip Girl Writers
    @asiannicensweet: 24 episodes this year!

    is Louis’ accent REAL?! #burningquestions
    23 Nov
    in Antwort auf ↑

    Gossip Girl Writers
    @tessgifto Yes, Hugo is French. (LOL, I don´t know, but that does not make it any better))

    Will Diana be back?
    23 Nov
    in Antwort auf ↑

    Gossip Girl Writers
    @ximchuckbass Sooner than you think… but not in a way you expect!

    will we see Jack Bass again?
    23 Nov
    in Antwort auf ↑

    Gossip Girl Writers
    @AnnieA_20 We sure hope so!

    If Chuck and Dan can respect & accept each other even as they ship their own ships, maybe you can too? We’re all in it to win it, xoxo GGW
    23 Nov via HootSuite
    Antworten ↓

    LilyRoller UnderCoverRollin
    von melissadeq1@
    @GGWriters I’m sorry guys but your writing feels different in every episode.No character consistency. You want constructive criticism -here

    GGWriters Gossip Girl Writers
    @Brenda33331 We believe in people’s capacity to change when they recognize their mistakes. Otherwise all hope for humanity would be lost.
    17 Nov

    • El says:

      Well I think that we should take those tweets w/ a grain of salt. After all, it’s probably just one writer answering all of them.

  13. need a good laugh for a change?
    this made me lough out so loud several times that I thought my neighbour next door would start complaining any moment

  14. El says:

    -New writer for 5×09
    -5×10 writer hasn’t been so Chair friendly (or at least she seems to be the writer of a few Dan-Blair episodes)


    • `toomuchpurple says:

      It’s true Amanda isn’t that of a CB writer, but she is good usually. She knows how to write Chuck imo. We’ll see…

      • El says:

        She may be good with the Chuck scenes, but we’re all looking for good Chuck&Blair scenes. 😛

        Plus, it will be the last episode before a super long break. I am not that patient of a person lol.

    • Susy says:

      Andrew McCarthy is the Girl who played Lilys dad in “Valley Girls” (2×24) and the guy from Lipstick Jungle. I never knew he was a writer. maybe it’s a misstake??

  15. El says:

    I never thought that I would say this, but I actually need to thank Joshua Safran. -_- I had no idea that he wrote episodes 2×01, 2×25, co-wrote 4×02, and 4×22. The only part that I can’t forgive for is 3×22, but since he wrote that with Stephanie Savage, I’ll let that one slide lol.

    Wow, I really had no idea that he wrote two of my most favorite Chuck and Blair scenes. I kind of feel bad about my comments now lol.

    So the next time that I feel the urge to post a bad comment, I need to re-watch these parts:


    Quick, someone pass me the tissues. ;(

  16. El says:

    So many creative people out there! 🙂
    The 28th couldn’t come sooner…

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      Really pretty, I reblogged it!

      • El says:

        Wow, I can’t believe that it already has 164 notes. For the whole day yesterday it only had 5 notes.

        Hm, I guess this is the place to get free promotion for C&B stuff hehe. 😛

        Keep up the awesome C&B graphics everyone! You all never cease to amaze me. I wish I had an ounce of such creativity.

  17. mar says:

    guys, I wanted to share with you one of my fav yt Chair videos, it always helps me to keep the faith in our chairytale plus it’s light and fun, just like the season 5 was supposed to be…

    • El says:

      I don’t intend to be rude here, but I cannot watch any video with Louis in it. He ruins it. :/
      I did try to watch it though, if it counts. I had to stop watching at the :07 mark lol.

      • mar says:

        El, u don’t think I would post blouis video here, do you? Go to 1:13 🙂

      • El says:

        mar, oh I see. 😉 I thought you wanted to torture me by having me watch Blair and Louis kiss, blech hehe. That’s pretty awesome how the creator edited that video!

    • wonderful..that´s what I really miss. every time I watch one of the last 8 episodes, I feel I am watching a complete different series… where has my GG, with it´s Chair and Passion gone to? Will it come back sometime in near future?….hmmm….

  18. Limo drivers, taxi drivers, car drivers and overnight shoots at JFK. What’s going on?

    • El says:

      Aw, Chuck and Blair are going on their honeymoon. Now that is what’s going on. 😉 I wonder where they’ll fly off to…and no, Louis and Dan can’t be passengers on the plane lol.

      I wish I lived in NYC. Yup, JUST so I can be on this show and meet Leighton and Ed haha.

  19. El says:

    1) That’s it… if Chuck and Blair don’t end up together soon, I am throwing away my DVD’s lol.

    2) Does anyone else think that they should have introduced the baby plot after this episode:

    Just imagine.. there would be no Dair… no Blouis… AND
    it would have happened at the best time (i.e. after their little “I hate you” game, but they realized that they love each other).

    If only…

    3) LOL at this;

    4) Oh man! I just read the funniest thing ever!!! Imagine if someone did a Kanye at Blair and Louis’ wedding, except instead of Kanye, it was Dan LOL.

    Dan: “Imma let you finish, but Blair and Chuck have the greatest love of all time… of all time”!

    Oh wow, I need to stop spending so much time on Tumblr lol.

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      Nothing of this genre is legit until Ausiello says it in February.

      They paraphrased the writers’s words of last week. There’s nothing sure. Believe me if I say a random site would call it renewal without any network confirmation.

      • teeting says:

        That’s what I thought, that we had to wait until February. Deep breathes, this is one hell of a crazy season and I’m about spent with all the info we’ve had recently. I probably should take a couple days away from Chair stuff, but honestly, I don’t think I can!

      • El says:

        It seems to be 98% sure though. Producer Safran just said that no one has approached them to conclude the series. I predict that it will be like One Tree Hill, where they will have 1/2 of a season (i.e. it will start in January instead of September).

  20. El says:

    This is an interesting tumblr page where the author posts confessions (sent by people from the Ask box) on pictures:

    This one speaks the most truth:

    (but secretly, I also agree w/ the person who wrote: “I don’t care about the confession, just reblogging for the hot pic of them!” haha)

  21. El says:

    Hey mar, is this your tumblr:

    If it is,

    LOVE it! 😀

  22. Susy says:

    They say that 5×10 will end with a MAJOR CLIFFHANGER! I guess it’s Blair being rushed to the hospital or something like that!

    • El says:

      Set pics & the word “emotional” indicate it as such. Hopefully it’s not *too* emotional though! I don’t think we’ve had anyone verify those hospital set pics, but it did certainly seem like Blair had on a hospital gown underneath her jacket.

      • Susy says:

        Could you pass me the link for those set pics? I think I missed them (or maybe i just can’t remember seeing them!)!

    • Anya says:

      Well, if she’s rushed to the hospital we’d all know how that’s gonna turn out. Wouldn’t be a MAJOR cliffhanger now would it? Not after all those spoilers and set pictures of Blair w/no baby bump.

  23. Nichole says:

    Gosh! Where have I been? LOL This post is jumping with comments. I wonder if they allowed Margaret Colin to say those things to stir the pot a little. It seems like something that TPTB would do in order to get buzz and ratings going again for the final epis before the break.

    If they had no intention on having it as Chuck’s baby or having Blair pregnant, why do the storyline in the first place? I mean as far as I can tell the pregnancy storyline has not been a major part of the plot so far and it remains to be a plot that is wanting…so what gives, GG Writers? Not good storytelling on their parts.

    I bet there really will be no pregnancy and we will find out that the child was really Louis’s and that is why he will not be in the picture any longer because the tension and stress of losing an heir to the throne will be too much for the couple. She will probably turn to Dan or Chuck to talk about this and Louis will be fed up and leave. That is how I see that going down. Of course, Dan is going to still be in the picture and that makes me madder than the non-baby they seem to be leaning towards. ~sigh~ I am just sick of Dan. I don’t want to be a downer, but it just seems like Dan will still be very much a part of Blair’s story for a lot longer and that to me makes no sense! But this is Gossip Girl where the stupid happens and happens very often. I just hope the bait and switch will eventually be Chuck and Blair go off together and live their deliciously rich, beautiful and powerful Upper East Side lives–together!!!

  24. El says:

    Be still my heart loll

    I need to personally thank the person who made that, seriously.

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