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Question: So you answered a Gossip Girl question a few weeks back saying they were doing a wee time jump (yes I’m Scottish) and I was wondering if you had any further details on that ? —Emma

Ausiello: Ah dinnae ken. (That’s Scottish for I don’t know.) But based on what I’m hearing about the fall finale on Dec. 5, don’t be surprised if the time warp happens then. “It [ends] you with a huge cliffhanger – perhaps our biggest cliffhanger ever,” exec producer Stephanie Savage told Matt Mitovich at the show’s 100th episode bash over the weekend. Added fellow EP Josh Safran: “It is both emotional and personal. It will have you wondering what happens next, for sure.”



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16 thoughts on “ASK Ausiello

  1. Caroline says:

    The end of the season finale is going to be about the paternity test…and is going to be a baby bass…

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      Yeah thought about the baby too. Wonder in which form: miscarriage, premature birth (if they do is the beginning of Dec she should be almost 7th months and babies can survive), hide the baby?

      • El says:

        The word “emotional” makes it seem like it will be something bad, i.e. a miscarriage. :/

      • `toomuchpurple says:

        Well not only that as I think the cliffhanger may be: will the baby survive? And we’ll find out in Jan. You know like we may have a scene of B feeling ill but 510 would end like 322 where we didn’t know if Chuck would live or die…

  2. El says:

    Found an awesome Tumblr page…


    Yes Dan…run after Chuck and stay away from Blair lol………

    Anyway, I am really liking the Chuck & Dan friendship/scenes from this season! I never thought that I would enjoy it as much.

    I like that they’re strengthening their friendship on the show too, because this way, Dan will know how much Chuck has changed and how genuine he is (i.e. he would realize that he’s not the one for Blair, and would help her realize his genuineness..wishful thinking, but hoping it’s true lol).

    • mar says:

      El, hun, you made my day with that Tumblr page, lmao! And I totally agree with your comment about Chuck&Dan friendship. Everything has its purpose, and the purpose is Chair FTW!

    • Chair Love says:

      maybe they will give duck a rain scene lol, i have to agree i like duck heaps as well, they are good as friends I like it more than date and also chuck/nate and the matrix scene was funny as they are soooo different yet given a chance good be really good mates xxx

  3. S says:

    Thank you for suggesting other theories other than Miscarriage.. at 6-7 months its hardly the case. But I’m tired of seeing this as the only theory everyone can come up with,,. It’s not unheard of for babies to survive at 6-7 months and to be honest would much rather see this storyline play out.. It will still draw B and C together and force them to deal with their feelings and insecurities if the baby is revealed to be his.
    It could also explain the time jump for the wedding to be now set in Jan 2012…She could very well be dealing with a premature baby in the hospital..
    As far as the wedding goes maybe L is all forgiving of B and so she feels like she owes it to him to stay. Who knows…
    It appears to be that the wedding may not happen, actually it sounds very much like its not going too but maybe this is when B decides that she rather give up her dream of being a Princess and go back to C…her true love and now father of her child.
    I think the Cliffhanger will definitely be revolved around the fate of the child

    • El says:

      I would like there to be other possibilities too, but this is Gossip Girl. The writers have no idea what they’re doing, AND they like annoying the fans. So, it’s kind of hard to think of other theories when you know that the writers aren’t going to think outside of the box. I’ll try to keep positive though, because I definitely DO want the baby to be Chuck’s, and to survive too.

      One thing that worries me is the lack of acknowledgment for the baby on Blair’s and Louis’ part. Besides 5×07, Blair didn’t really talk about the baby/pregnancy that much. In 5×08, she didn’t even mention it once (or at least not that I can remember). So yeah, I’m not sure where they’re going with this…

  4. bitmma says:

    I think shes actually only 4 months as it is only the beginning of november in the show right now.

  5. Anya says:

    I’m scared to think what writers could do with B’s baby! 😦 Please don’t kill it!
    And when do we finally know who the baby daddy is? Should be before the hiatus, right? So maybe on Dec.5.

  6. El says:

    Check out @GGWriter ‘s Twitter page for some question/answers.

    • Je t'adore says:

      I’m sorry but Chair and Dair fans can’t all win, right? We all want our ships to be endgame, we can’t all win except if CBD had a 3some and if it becomes legal to have a 3 person marriage so GG writers better stfu and stop playing with one of the fandomes, the one that won’t get their happy ending.

      • Missy says:

        The writters are just saying instead of bashing each others ship get along and resperct that Chair love Chair and Dair love Dair. Its just a show and when we start attacking people the ones behind the show its not right

  7. Missy says:

    For the person with the paternity question. The writters said we will have no question who the dad is in the next two episodes. They said in the next two episodes one will answer that question final and we will not question it any more

  8. BrandNewChairfan:) says:

    I don’t know if Blair will have a miscarriage. I would like to know what the point was of showing Chuck taking care of the dog (also his responsiblity) if they were just going to have the baby turn out to be Louis’s and miscarry. I don’t see the point of that besides from depressing everyone. What a wonderful way to go on hiatus!

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