More from the GG 100th Episode Party

Nobody gives good love triangle like Gossip Girl. It’s one of the biggest reasons the show has made it to a whopping 100 episodes, which the cast celebrated this weekend in (where else?) NYC. And E! News was on hand to dish with Chace Crawford, Penn Badgley, Leighton Meester, Blake Lively and the rest of the cast.

So do the show’s über-popular duo Chuck and Blair still stand a chance? What about Dan and Blair? And which guy is Blair’s “soul mate?” Penn’s answer may surprise you…

“I think they will always have feelings for each other in a certain capacity,” Penn says of Dan and Blair. “I can’t really say where it is going to go, nor do I know even because they have had plans for them since the beginning, only in the sense that they are a certain intellectual match for one another and I think Dan is unfortunate in that he loves Blair and I think Blair is his soul mate but he is not Blair’s soul mate, because Blair and Chuck belong with each other obviously. I think that the fans all love Chuck and Blair together, but you know, maybe you’re wrong.”

So is Badgley bummed that Dan’s not Blair’s soul mate? “Well, that is my personal opinion, but my opinions are biased.” Still, he says, “They are an intellectual match for one another and even though it’s not physical, it’s this completely heady thing, which I think is fun because it’s a show with heady campy dialogue. I think they fit together well in that sense that they don’t fit together and all they do is bicker. I think that’s fun for people to watch.”

While Meester and Westwick were tight-lipped about the love triangle and what’s ahead for the show’s most popular couple, Chuck and Blair, Westwick says Chuck is still “very much” in love with Blair.

Though Westwick tells us he has “no idea” what the future holds for “Chair,” he, like many fans, personally hopes they find their way back to each other. “Yeah, I like kissing Leighton,” he says. “She’s so great. Leighton is gorgeous. I like working with her. She’s very talented and she’s fantastic to work with. Sure, why not?”

As for Nate’s love life on the show, Chace Crawford revealed a possible spoiler when he told us,” Hey, I love Ivy/Charlie and I love Kaylee DeFer, but where’s Elizabeth Hurley? Bring her back! It’s been great!” Hmmm…So where does Ms. Diana Payne head off to? The mind reels…

Any true Gossip Girl fan savors moments when the original five, Blake Lively, Badgley, Meester, Westwick and Crawford, all get to be in scenes together as it doesn’t happen too often, so we were thrilled when Lively dropped this nugget of info: “We just shot a scene yesterday with the original five of us and it was amazing to all be together and still feel like the same weirdos!”



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17 thoughts on “More from the GG 100th Episode Party

  1. Lauren says:

    *dies* This is the best interview ever. *falls over*

    Ed gushing about CB & Leight. Dan admitting defeat that Chuck is B’s soulmate & CB belong together. Confirmation that Chuck is still “very much” in love w/ Blair. This is just…it’s…*wipes away multiple tears as they pour down face* so beautiful!!!

    • maddtown says:

      It truly f#@!$#g is! I love my Ed so much on regular days, but I’m about to poster my room with his sexy face right now.

      And Penn is getting on my nerves. He just doesn’t want to kiss his ex-girlfriend so he’s holding onto Leighton with dear life. Let it go, Penn. Blair is Chuck’s and Leighton is Ed’s. <–God, it feels so good writing that and having a small piece of evidence to back it up with. “Yeah, I like kissing Leighton,” he says. “She’s so great. Leighton is gorgeous." Oh, Ed. I heart you so bad.

      • El says:

        LOL! I just thought about that too…
        If Dan and Serena get back together, then that obviously means that there will be a kissing scene between the two. Talk about awkward, since it doesn’t seem like they’re close friends anymore.

      • maddtown says:

        Upon watching the interview video…I take back my annoyance I may have felt with Penn…the disbelief on his face when E!Online tries to make more out of Dair than it is and the way he says “I think most Gossip Girl fans love Chuck and Blair” won me over. You are forgiven everything in my eyes Penn, closet Chair shipper that you clearly are.

  2. El says:

    “”Selfishly, I love working with Ed [Westwick], I love working with Penn [Badgley], and I love working with Hugo [Becker],” said Leighton Meester.”

    Please post this article too. It has new bits of info. 😉

    Yay that she said Ed’s name first!! 😀

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      No White Noise is my king. lol

    • Chair Love says:

      Bahahaha OMG that is great and it could not have described how I was feeling any better love it ! lol

      And El you should be proud to know that I am doing my part as a loyal CHAIR shipper and I have stepped outside my comfort
      zone and signed up for twitter specificly to push CHAIR and our Rain scene to gg writers wohooo!!!!

    • maddtown says:

      Lmao. I think I was the second graphic all day today haha. This is too much for one day. I won’t be able to sleep tonight at this rate!

  3. El says:

    Ed’s and Leighton’s new comments have restored my faith!! I take back my “f-this show” type of comments from before lol.

    • teeting says:

      Glad to have you back!!! You had me worried, I know our fangirl hearts have been through hell the last 24hrs!

      • El says:

        Oops, I forgot to write “and Penn’s comment” too. The fact that he said that he doesn’t really know where the Blair and Dan relationship will be headed tells me that nothing significant has happened so far… and that’s enough to make me want to watch the show again LOL.

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