5.09 Rhodes to Perdition CANADIAN Promo


15 thoughts on “5.09 Rhodes to Perdition CANADIAN Promo

  1. El says:

    “Can’t imagine the day I won’t.” Canadian promo
    “I only want you to be happy…with me.” CW promo

    Wow, for the FIRST time, I can’t decide which promo is better!!! Ninety-nine percent of the time the Canadian promos are always better lol.

  2. El says:

    *spoilers* About tonight’s episode:

    1) Phew! Hope this means that Diana will not be returning to the show!
    2) Did anyone find the ‘you love Blair’ comment by Chuck to be so forced?? Like where exactly did that come from, and HOW EXACTLY did he just know that? I need an explanation on this, because it just looked like horrible writing to me.
    3) Serena’s comment to Blair about ‘Chuck was the good guy’ seemed forced too. The dialogues could have been better, because it seemed so random and did not flow properly. I guess I am making a big deal out it, because I wanted Blair to realize that Chuck has been the good guy all along…but in a more “special” way if that makes sense.

    Seriously, who was the writer for this episode? :/
    I kid you not…the fans can come up with better dialogues and plots! :p

    • El says:

      So in sum, the writing could have been loads better. It was a pretty average episode IMO. The Chuck and Blair moment at the end was lovely, but it was too short. 😦

      Now we get to wait 1 whole week for the next one…great lol……

  3. wow, that promo seems to promise a lot ……:-D jippieh… now their real meant kiss can´t be so far away.. 😀 And I even look forward to this wedding party, we all know she doesn´t stay with Louis. So that´s fine. just hope Blair decides to be with Chuck because it´s her own decision and not because Georgina crashed the wedding and her prince got lost. (And by the way.. I liked it how Dan also loves her in the last episode.. Also if you are all gonna scream out now, but I find that kind of sweet…after all, she is Queen B and needs to have her guy fans! But them two getting together is out of question for me. I think that will not happen and I also DON´T want that to happen. In the end Dan will go back to Serena I think. The first hint was when she said he´s the love of her life, even if he´s loving Blair at the Moment. But can you remember how quickly those characters changed their partners every episode in the first two seasons? Wait a few episodes and he´ll be back to Serena and Blair back with Chuck. Cross fingers.;-) )

  4. Missy says:

    Just noticing the pictures where she is filming with Dan and shes in blue. Shes not wearing an engagment ring(I know that was talked about) That would mean though she doesnt get married at all..so not even to Chuck..right? :O(

    • well…I would hope she will be getting married to Chuck at this season´s finale. They deserve their own wedding episode.
      Then there will be a nother 10 episodes in between where there are scenes without a ring. Poor Chuck, he has tried to give her his ring already so often…next time it will work 🙂

      • deciding to be with chuck doesn´t have to mean she will get engaged to him the day she actually wants to marry louis. scandal !!! 🙂 perhaps it´s the episode after that. one soon day she will

  5. Missy says:

    I will sit patiently then for my Chair wedding ;o)

  6. flo says:

    I want Chuck and Blair to marry each other, not just end up togehter, however they have been very childish about their love, the prince fairy tail should be a wake up call for them, though they love each other, it does not neccesarily mean they should be restless with each other’s hearts…I gotta agree waching their love pains me…n I broke up with my boyfriend bcz of it

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