5.08 All the Pretty Sources – Recap

Usual recap this week!

I was really surprised by this episode. The fact that I wasn’t expecting much because of personal annoyances, helped a lot. It was surprising, good scenes between Blair and Serena and Chuck and Dan. MANY Louis hate – I think we can all agree the despise we feel towards him grew more in this ep also because it’s true colors are becoming clearer.

I don’t have much to say about that. This episode looked shallow from the previews, but it was surprising. There was only a CB scene but it was enough. There’s still next week anyway, a CB centred promo, YAY!

I’d give a 7 to this episode. What did you think?

We learn that Chuck and Dan weren’t invited to Blair’s bridal shower. Well, expected.

Chuck is walking Monkey in Central Park when the wanna be minions approach him saying that “No wonder Blair chose Louis” because he had adopted a mutt, and that he’s the opposite of royalty. They don’t wonder why he wasn’t invited to Blair’s shower. Chuck answers he’s tried to be good and that he’s trying so hard not to unleash Monkey because he has taught him how to go after fake Prada (lol). So he lets the leash fall and the dog growls, and the girls leave.

Louis gets back to Blair… bearing gifts… apparently perfumes from Florence, Santa Maria Novella church (I’ve been there!). Awkward how he pronounced that… he practically told her she smelled badly. lol. “I know I did bad things before I left, but I come back a better man” … Sorry but you are a bad liar and actor. SMH. And Blair is too shallow to believe him. I don’t get why she believes Louis the way she believed Nate in S1/2, but many times she has doubted of Chuck. SMH SMH SMH. Blair, don’t let the guy fool you with his poor pouty lips. It’s the second expression he knows.

Louis doubts the shower will be perfect because he believes Blair’s friends don’t have her best interests at heart… yeah right because he knows Blair’s friends WELL. He’s been here since the beginning and we didn’t know? He was probably stalking Blair since she was at kindergarten thanks to a P.I from NYC he hired? You’re ridiculous.

He complains that Blair didn’t want to convert and move from NYC, and he claims the source of her decisions were her friends. Blair interjects saying it’s not true, and truthfully this is half-true (sorry for the repeat, lol). We all know Blair is not ready to move on to Monaco and leave Serena, Chuck and her other friends, behind. “It’s like the sacrifices you make for your partner!” Louis says with that angry pout expression we all find annoying. Blair asks him what did he sacrifice for her, and Louis the tool again says he distanced his family a bit but they’re still his family after all. He suggests Blair should do the same with her “so-called friends”. My suggestion is to dump your “so-called future husband”, Blair. He’s trying to control you with that bad stare.

Gossip Girl sends a blast and Louis receives it (UH-OH you subscribed moron, you aren’t exactly as sure of Blair as I thought you were 10 episodes or so ago). The blast says Blair has taken a paternity test, he believes someone of her friends spilled the beans. Blair tells him she believes it was Beatrice who did that, but Louis the frog protects his lovely sister (WELL he indeed does because apparently in Louis’ opinion your sister is much more important than your fiancée). SMH SMH SMH SMH … This was really hard to recap. I do wonder why none of B’s friends had to say about the test. Plot hole?!

Finally something funny (Thank Goddess).

Dan comes to Chuck’s suite and he asks him if he’s lost. lol. Chuck gives Monkey his food and Dan suggests since he’s the other person not invited to Blair’s shower, they can perhaps hang out together. Chuck wonders if Dan wants to see a movie no one’s heard of, or go to Shakespeare and Company to see who’s not buying his book. Dan tells him since he’s the new and improved Chuck Bass, he could help him overhaul his own image.

“You’re willing to get a haircut and change your clothes?” Chuck asks (lol that is what a lot of the fanbase thinks too), and Dan says no. Chuck says then he doesn’t know what he can do. He’s reading a newspaper and opens it right where there’s a photo of BLOUIS (cheesy, bleah). He seems convinced to do something with then and he closes the newspaper.

Chuck and Dan are watching The Matrix, and drinking and smoking various stuff. Well I guess Chuck is only drinking the usual scotch, while Dan is eating and smoking too (seeing the hands). Dan tells Chuck the food is awesome and that the bruschetta is good. Weird how they pronounce that because it is an Italian word and we say it ‘brusketta’. Uhm. Dan is surprised Chuck likes Matrix, and starts to ramble.

He wonders why Serena didn’t invite him to the party. First he killed his movie, then she killed his social life. Chuck asks him if he wonders that it may be his own fault, not of another person. Dan answers no, and Chuck explains that it’s no wonder now he’s an outsider, he has written an entire novel about him being that. If he doesn’t want to be one anymore, he should perhaps change, but he should be the one wanting to change. He suggests him to be a “man of action” like Neo in the Matrix, and enjoy the two girls that appear from the corridor (lol) in Nate’s room, while he goes out for a stroll with Monkey.

Blair is meanwhile gone to a boutique to buy some clothes for the night. She is in the dark about how the shower will be, so she hasn’t a clue what to wear. Her three minions are there with her, and she tries to get infos from them. Badly for her, the minions were taught by Serena and didn’t say a thing. They make Blair believe the shower will be informal and people can wear casual clothes like a jeans, and Blair is horrified. They also say that probably the food is also going to be typical and not excellent… Greek food. Blair can’t believe what she’s hearing so she decides to try on an outfit and kill herself with her credit card. lol.

Blair goes out of the boutique after a while, and she talks with Lily on the phone. Lily pretends she’s surprised Blair has found out about the Greek food at the shower, and Blair asks her why Serena doesn’t pick up her phone. Lily tells her she won’t forget this night.

Chuck gets back at the Empire and he’s surprised to see the two girls he paid to be with Dan, watching a movie on the couch. They tell him that they tried to convince Dan, but he couldn’t stop complaining about Serena and wanting to be a man of action. The girl says he mentioned something about a shower, so they literally did one but Dan never joined them and was gone when they were done.

Blair has got ready for her shower. She goes to Serena’s room to find Louis next to Serena’s computer. He’s looking at the mails Nate hacked thanks to Eric’s ex boyfriend Jonathan (reference to 2.25). He tells her he was checking some emails while she was getting dressed. Blair confesses him that perhaps he was right saying her friends don’t have her best interests at heart because it seems they’re not thinking of her and that they don’t care about her shower at all. Louis is convinced she’s talking about GG and “friends talking behind your back” but Blair is referring to another thing. She checks her phone saying it’s late and they have to go, so she goes to tell Dorota to get the car. Louis-bot goes back to the room and checks the computer again… BUMMER.

They arrive at the shower and it is none of what B expected. It is Breakfast at Tiffany’s themed, with waiters dressed like Audrey. Louis is surprised too, I wonder if he knew about Serena’s plan or not… UHM. Ugh I do not appreciate Blair’s kitty voice when she gushes about things. Sorry. Serena eventually says few words dedicated to Blair bla bla bla we don’t care but everyone seems distracted because Louis the troll has sent the whole GG mails to the NYSpectator site via Serena’s account. Blair sees that no one is actually caring about the party and wonders why.

Chuck arrives to Blair’s party after Dan has already got himself a drink. Louis cockblocks Chuck and tells him he knew he couldn’t stay away. Chuck explains this is the last place he’d want to be right now and if he came is only to look for Dan. Louis is such a douche acting like he owns the place SMH SMH SMH that is also Chuck’s home but you don’t know SMH SMH SMH. He lets Chuck pass and go to Dan next to the bar.

Blair is thanking people but they are not paying attention to her, so she goes to the minions that are checking who wrote what about who. Blair asks Penelope why none is caring about her, and she gives her phone. There is a long ass list of mails sent from Blair to GG containing blasts about a lot of people. The three girls ask her about why did she confess some of her ‘secrets’ and Blair says “you’ve all said more things than John Galliano after a couple of cocktails”.

Chuck tries to get Dan out of the party, but he eventually goes to Blair. She says at least he’s not mad at her, but he says that is not entirely true because he wants to know the real reason why she didn’t invite him to the shower. He doesn’t believe it’s about his book because he didn’t write a bad word about her… Chuck appears from behind and Blair asks Louis to handle this so they escort Dan out of the party together.

Blair goes to Serena and asks why did she try to sabotage GG because she is convinced it was her since she saw the webpage on her computer earlier. She says Louis is right that none of them there is really a friend, they just like to talk behind each other’s backs (omg Louis stop brainwashing Blair, PLEASE and GTFO). Serena explains it wasn’t her fault by Diana’s since they and Nate were the only one that saw the page, and Louis…

Meanwhile Chuck finds Dan sitting on the stairs in the street. “You’re really going to make me sit on the stairs with you?” he asks, and wonder why did he try to antagonize Blair at her own wedding shower. Dan explains he was just trying to get some action, but it didn’t work. “I told you to get some ass, not to make one of yourself” (lol) and he adds he had it all wrong, and declares Dan is in love with her. He denies it but Chuck tells him that he can blame it on his book and stuff, but Blair doesn’t care about it that because she only follows her heart, and her heart chose Louis. They both lost. “At least this time you have someone outside with you” Chuck says and asks Dan to leave before someone sees him sitting there like this (lol).

Blair confronts Louis and he admits that he posted that page because he wanted her to see how her friends were really like. SERIOUSLY? SERIOUSLY? Louis can you stop pretending to know things better than Blair? You are an ignorant and presumptuous IDIOT. “You wanted this to happen, it was more important to prove your point than our shower” Blair says, and Louis with his idiotic frog face rebukes that Blair is not exactly innocent there… I see the Prince trying to get the dirt off his royally screwed shoulders… Louis says that he checked the mails and that she and Chuck went to the theatre while he was gone. She says she did it to prove Chuck hadn’t changed, and says Louis was right with an auto convinced face. He wonders why now he’s not right (You wanna be always right?!) and Blair tells him it was his sister who sent the blast about the paternity test… BUMMED? Louis is a tool again and blames it all on Blair’s “New York cycle” (as if the Grimaldis aren’t bad enough? SMH). Blair is convinced it’s all because of their relationship. He asks him to leave with the people abandoning the party.

“You see those people leaving? Why don’t you join them?”

Louis leaves and the scene is cut to Blair and Serena sitting on chairs eating cake. They comment about how many mails they sent and Blair is sorry she had believed Serena had sent the blast. This because Louis had put ideas in Blair’s head and made her believe her friends were the destructive force. She believes he’s self-destructing and that is taking their relationship down with him. She doesn’t know what she will do about it and makes Serena promise she won’t tell Louis was the one who revealed the GG sources. Serena is okay with it apparently, and asks her about Chuck. Blair says that in her opinion he just had to find an excuse to crash her party that night. Serena tells her he wasn’t crashing anything, he was trying to help Dan. He was doing her a favor, believe it or not. Blair looks surprised, very surprised. “I thought you realized” Serena says.

“Whatever I choose to do to win back your trust, one thing is certain — This is not the end between us. ‘Cause try as you might to fight it… you know you love me.”

Chuck takes Dan to his suite and helps him to lie down on the couch, he also tucks the covers on him (how sweet) and Blair sees him doing so. “You shouldn’t be here” Chuck says, and she answers that she knows but she had to come.

“You’ve really been good this whole time, haven’t you?”

Very short scene but intense. I am glad Blair finally realized that Chuck had been changing and tried to be good for real. She seemed happy of it. GAH next week looks promising, I hope it will be.


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11 thoughts on “5.08 All the Pretty Sources – Recap

  1. TheSophster17 says:

    Argh Louis, there are just not enough words to describe how annoying he is! He makes me mad every single time I see his face! And when he starts talking it’s even worse! Gah I can’t believe we’ve still got to bear him until the 100th, can’t wait for him to gtfo xD

    Cute scene at the end, though far too short! Though yes, next week looks promising, fingers crossed! 🙂

    And as for Diana leaving, we still don’t know how she’s linked to Chuck and Bart! She’ll probably reappear at some point.. That could be interesting (only for that reason, not really bothered with her and Nate’s storyline :P)

  2. El says:

    I think that the writers really must dislike us…they keep forcing Louis on us, and it stopped being funny a long time ago. The Chuck and Louis confrontation was so awkward and unbearable. Luckily it didn’t last for too long! :/

    Great recap, but if I may add a suggestion:
    Could you please add more of your thoughts of the episode rather than just recap what happened? I know that a recap is summarizing the episode, of course, but would just like to read more of your thoughts. 😀

    Just my usual Tumblr randomness of the day lol…



  3. mar says:

    great recap!
    5×08 episode was great imo. Even the Dan parts, lol – must be the power of invincible Chuck Bass:) The best quote of the episode for me was B to L :”you see the people leaving? you should join them!” I was like :HELL YEEEAAAH!
    Of course the writers will mess with us for some time though (sigh). As we all know Blair will be engaged to Prince Boring for 5 more episodes (I really hope that after 5×13 we’ll never have to see that dude again) and we are still in the dark about how the writers plan to get her out of this stupid SL. But as for now I am soooo happy for Chair. With the 5×08 behind, both promos and cast interviews (seems that even Penn is a Chair shipper lol), this is the first week of season 5 when I’m going to wait for another episode with the calm fangirl heart knowing that my Chair is in the good place! xoxo

  4. sarah says:

    I love the Duck scenes. Chuck is the best and Blair will find her way back to him. Love your recaps!

  5. El says:



    “Gossip Girl” (1.48 million viewers, #14; adults 18-49: 0.7, #T13)

    Read more: Ratings – Monday’s Broadcast Ratings: “Men” Still Reigns Over Adults 18-49 | TheFutonCritic.com http://www.thefutoncritic.com/ratings/2011/11/22/mondays-broadcast-ratings-men-still-reigns-over-adults-18-49-884502/broadcast_20111121/#ixzz1eSFPP92l


    Of course, ~1.5 is nothing to brag about, but compared to last week, it’s pretty good! I just wish that the demo. rating was higher, since that’s apparently the one that counts the most.

  6. El says:

    “In the netlet’s target demo (women 18-34), “Gossip Girl” delivered a 1.3 rating while “Dixie” posted a 1.3 rating.”

    Read more: Ratings – Monday’s Broadcast Ratings: “Men” Still Reigns Over Adults 18-49 | TheFutonCritic.com http://www.thefutoncritic.com/ratings/2011/11/22/mondays-broadcast-ratings-men-still-reigns-over-adults-18-49-884502/broadcast_20111121/#ixzz1eSGaRy8Y

    Wait, so which demo. rating counts more? So I guess the 0.7 is for both males and females, but the 1.3 is only for females?

  7. grace says:

    It was a fine episode.

    I confess, i enjoyed Duck scenes just because Chuck mocked Dan but still suspicious about this bromance.Chuck knows that Dan is in love with Blair and i just don’t want to hear “In safe hands” again.It’s nice to see Chuck being selfless, acting like Morpheus (Matrix reference) and stuff… I don’t know.Wait and see.
    I will not to mention Chair final scene.Simply the best.
    About Blouis, i’m not even waste my time because this relationship is doomed.
    Great recap as always.

  8. BrandNewChairfan:) says:

    I thought it was a very good episode actually. I know Kermit the frog has offically upped the annoyance level way past Vanessa and Jenny now but actually all these lame stunts he’s pulling in an attempt to be a poor man’s version of the old Chuck Bass are helping Blair see the light so PLEASE Louis keep on doing what you are doing you huge tool and then please leave. Forever preferrably.

    I LOVED how Blair finally realised Chuck was good and had been changing this entire time. I also find it very interesting that this is the second episode so far where it ends with Lous and Blair on bad terms and Blair thinking about Chuck (longing for him more like it if you ask me). I also find this very reassuring. Whilst they are dropping Dan loves Blair hints all over the place, I see no hint whatsoever that Blair feels the same. In fact the only hints we’ve been given is that Blair and Chuck still love each other and they are end game. I am judging from the two episodes this and episode 6 where we have gotten hinty voice overs from gossip girl with scenes featuring Chair.

    Finally I think the writers did something right this season, believe it or not. I was very surprised.

  9. El says:

    So does someone have an explanation on why Chuck suddenly knew that Dan loved Blair? I took it as Chuck knowing that Dan was mad that he wasn’t invited to Blair’s wedding, but from where he did he make that conclusion? Was this discussed in a scene between Dan, Serena, or other characters? I usually only watch Chuck, Blair, and Chuck and Blair scenes, so I’m wondering if I missed something…. Anyway, this is just annoying me lol.

    • Anya says:

      Well, I think he just did the math! He knew it back in season 4, when Chuck and Dan talked about Blair (after Chuck found out she kisses someone!), Dan was all like Blair is sweet, she deserves to be loved, etc., then Chuck read the book, and at B’s shower he just realized it wasn’t about Serena when Dan went straight to Blair to ask why she didn’t invite him. So yeah, he figured it out.

    • Chair Love says:

      I think chuck had and idea that dan had feelings for her when he found out they kissed in season 4, then when dan made the comment about being the last one to kiss blair and he replied that he was the last one to be with blair before she left and it wasn’t just a kiss, when dan went to the party chuck thought it was to confront serena but then when dan went to blair to confront her he realised that it was blair dan wanted to see and i suppose it feel into place from there, we have to remember that chuck is the best con man of them all If any one can read people by their words and actions it is chuck.

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