Gossip Girl Party 100

This post will be updated once more pics are available, so stay tuned.

Special thanks to my wondeful Deby. Thanks for the pics girlie, love you, you wonderful Dair shipper.


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42 thoughts on “Gossip Girl Party 100

  1. maddtown says:

    Oh gosh, they’re both so sexy! Does Ed have a new hair cut? Me likey!

    • Anya says:

      Ed looks sexy! Leighton looks fabulous! I guess her hair extensions stay.

      Oh yeah, bring on Dair! Their occasional interactions are somewhat amusing, ’cause Blair never misses a chance to humiliate Dan and his ridiculous muppet hair lol.

  2. El says:


    Looks like Ed has his Season 1 hair-cut back…well almost. 😛
    I prefer him with Season 3’s hair-cut the most.

    I love Leighton’s dress, but the bangs are making her look average (which is actually so not true, since she is super duper stunning!!).

    • Andrea says:

      @EL Were you just hit in the back of the head?? “AVERAGE” I take it you must be an absolutly perfect person whols looks are angel like to be comenting like this. Very vain comment and catty

      • El says:

        Andrea, I said THE BANGS are making her look average; not that SHE is average. If your further read my comment, I stated that “she is super duper stunning”.

        So please, it’s not in good taste to bash someone else’s opinion, especially if that person is a huge fan of the person too(!!!!)! We are allowed to have our own opinions. I never bashed her character or her personality; I simply expressed my distaste in her hairstyle.

        I am also disappointed that your comment got approved. I hope that the admins are able to maintain a warm and welcoming environment; one which does NOT include personal attacks.


        Even though I have officially stopped watching the show now, I hope that I can still keep up with this blog. After all, I am still huge fans of the two.

  3. El says:


    “Meester herself said, “[Blair]‘s engaged to a prince, so what could be better than that? But then you realize that the fairytale isn’t 100-percent perfect.” So which gent does she think could offer a better chance at giving the would-be princess a happy ending? “Her and Chuck have had ups and down, and as much as everyone loves them together I think that them having time apart has actually helped Blair grow — and weirdly helped me grow, too,” the actress offered. She then continued, “The one relationship I’d love to see play out is Blair and Dan — just selfishly, honestly, because I love working with Penn. So we’ll see!” ”

    Wow, just wow. I’m actually sad reading that. 😦
    Apparently it looks like we’re the only ones that want Chuck and Blair.

    • El says:

      Two more negative things:

      1. “The producers were quick to note that the scene Leighton Meester shot could be but a dream.”
      2. “And then as we approach the altar, there’s the whole cast, everybody who’s been there for all these five years.” Oops?”

      Key parts: Blair as a “runaway bride” is part of a dream (“could” is most likely a “really is” in this case) AND Blair will be walking down the aisle…

      All of my excitement for the 100th episode went down the drain. This 100th party turned out to be a party crasher for Chuck and Blair fans…

      • El says:

        Don’t be shocked if the future ratings end up being below 1 million viewers.

        I know that we shouldn’t expect this to be the “Chuck and Blair” show, but seriously, where is the logic in the Louis and Blair pairing?

        So Blair apparently wants to be powerful on her own, and she wants to be a prince’s sidepiece.

        Louis comes looking for Blair with a shoe.

        Clap, clap to the writers. I couldn’t be more proud of their writing skills.

      • El says:

        What would make this night worse is if we found out Leighton and Penn were dating each other. Oh jeez, don’t even get me started with this one lol. Good thing Penn already has a girlfriend!

        Anyway, come on Leighton, you’re supposed to ship Chuck and Blair until the end! There’s no changing of ships allowed. :p

      • El says:

        Anya: I am sure that Chair will be endgame, but I have a problem with the following things:
        1) You know they’re NOT going to show Chair until the very end, which means we have to endure Blouis and Dair until that very final point (i.e. Chuck and Blair won’t happen until the final couple of episodes)
        2) The runaway bride was a dream, and Blair actually does end up walking down the aisle. Talk about a double ouch.
        3) Leighton herself isn’t even that enthusiastic about Chuck and Blair. Again, she wouldn’t just start rooting for another couple.
        4) The “helped me grow, too” part is something I can’t get past. No comment on this…

        I hope this show gets canceled. The only reason that I ever wanted a season 6 was just to see Ed and Leighton together some more, but apparently Leighton would rather have scenes with the (refraining myself from using unnecessary adjectives) Penn.

    • Anya says:

      Disappointing 😦 But… c’mon guys! NO WAY Dair is happening. Not after Chuck’s apology anyway. 😉

    • Anya says:

      El, true! They will probably keep Blair and Chuck apart for a while. But hopefully not too long!
      He doesn’t seem to have a new love interest (except for Monkey, aww). In every episode he’s there alone drinking scotch and looking pretty miserable. 😦

      Cheer up. There are more Chair scenes coming! And every scene is like a breath of fresh air. So let’s hope for the best. It doesn’t really matter what Leighton thinks, does it? She’s not the one writing scripts. 🙂

  4. CHAIRonCHAIRS says:

    If ever the incredible Leighton Meester could ruin my night, that day has come. I reeeeally hope she’s just in the mentality of several episodes ahead because Blair has made absolutely zero growth this season. I was honestly convinced that the writers were purposely making her look like she’s become a tragic version of herself with Louis. Leighton’s wish for Dair isn’t exactly rocking my world right now, but at least she’s acknowledging that “EVERYONE” wants Chair. Besides the Chair scene confirmed by Ed, I’m not too hot about the big 1-0-0. Wedding and baby specs/spoilers are wearing me out. I desperate need that #positivity.

    On another note, Ed looks like he has Nate’s haircut to me. He just doesn’t spike his in the front. Although, it is very similar to season 1. Either way, it’s making me very nostalgic. Baby-faced Ed FTW!

    • El says:

      Yes, but the key word is “everyone” BUT her, and that’s what makes it disappointing. If she really wanted Chair to be endgame, then she would have stuck with it all of the time. You can’t just root for another couple.

  5. Jessica :) says:

    OH.EM.GEE. the Chuck hair cut on season 1 is kinda back! LOLOLOLOL xD

    and now, im totally NOT excited to watch the 100th episode. makes me sick, I only love and loved Chuck and Blair. and if in the future they’re planning (or should I say planned) to ruin them. I’ll never EVER EVERRRRRRRR watch Gossip Girl again. Even if I’m also a DAIR shipper. 😀

    • El says:

      No offense, but a true Chair shipper isn’t also a Dair shipper (romance-wise). Just my opinion. 😛

      • Jessica :) says:

        HAHAHA. LOL. okay okay, sorry about that! but i really love chair the most.

        oh and I’m agreeing on what you said (scrolls to the top of the page) about you hoping the show will get canceled coz I dunno seeing Blair without Chuck not endgame will def make me stop from watching the show. and also good thing Penn has a girlfriend. LOL.

      • Jessica :) says:

        Oh I forgot, makes me sad that Leighton’s not a Chuck and Blair shipper anymore. 😐

      • El says:

        Oh, no need to apologize. 🙂 I just find it hard to believe that you can be a Chair shipper AND a Dair shipper at the same time (again, as romantic couples). I don’t mind Dair as friends, but whenever I see posts about people wanting them to become a romantic couple, I get super annoyed. I guess I’m just a crazy Chuck and Blair fan, so that’s why I get so annoyed, and delusional enough that I can’t see how one could be a Dair fan at the same time. Ah, don’t mind me. 😛

      • Anya says:

        LOL true! 😀

      • Jessica :) says:

        HAHAHAHA. no worries. I truly understand you! Coz also DAIR fans can’t believe that I can actually love chair at dair both at the same time. LOL.

  6. El says:

    Just when I thought that it couldn’t get any worse…

    The 100th episode:
    ” “The title is ‘G.G.,’ as in the movie Gigi” ”

    Plot synopsis of the movie “Gigi”
    “Weary of the conventions of Parisian society, a rich playboy and a youthful courtesan-in-training enjoy a platonic friendship, but it may not stay platonic for long.”

  7. El says:

    LOL You’re kidding right……………………………………

    “The cast and crew of Gossip Girl partying it up at Cipriani on Wall Street in New York in honor of the show’s 100th episode, which airs Jan. 30. But fans also have reason to celebrate: While the show has yet to be officially picked up for another season, Gossip Girl executive producers told to EW just prior to the bash that they believe a sixth season is imminent — and are planning accordingly.

    “We’ve had no one saying to us, ‘Wrap it up. This is the last season.’ So we’re not [treating the season finale] as such,” said EP Joshua Safran, hoping to quell some fans’ fears that their favorite teen drama would soon fall victim to dwingling ratings.”

  8. El says:

    Apologies for my rant, but seriously…
    Penn… really……………………………..

    He seems like a bore to me lol.

  9. El says:

    Does Safran have a Twitter? Someone needs to inform him that Gossip Girl has THE LOWEST ratings on T.V. right now (of the main network channels). Why is he so confident? That just makes me laugh more than anything. & now because of his false confidence, the show’s finale will be horrible (due to cliffhangers).

  10. maggie says:

    oh my god sexy…

  11. Monika says:

    1) Whyyy Blair hasn’t got hair like Leighton on private? In S5 Blair looks worse than previous seasons, especially her hair:P
    2) I’m so sad about this news….

  12. Audrey says:

    Has anyone paid attention to Ed’s comments. he said that Chair fans “will not be disappointed” …”for sure”. he also suggests that Blair will be wisked away but “not on a horse”. Call me optimistic but I’m sure that Ed has been mentored to ship Chair and Leighton has been told to ship Dair to create ambiguity.

    Furthermore, if you research Gigi deeply, Dan does not fit the description of the “rich playboy” at all. Chuck definitely does!

    • Anya says:

      I personally think G.G. episode might have little in common with the Gigi movie plot. I fail to see any resemblance between “The fasting and the furious” and “The fast and the furious”, too. LOL.

    • BrandNewChairfan:) says:

      LOL I totally agree! First of Leighton wanted Dair because she likes working with Penn, not because she actually ships them.

      Second of all, Ed Westwick hinted that Chuck although not using a horse may whisk Blair away lol.

      Thirdly, Gigi totally descibes Chair! Seriously how could Dan possibly fit the description of rich playboy in any shape or form?

      Fourthly, remember the producers themselves said that Chuck/Blair/Louis is the triangle this season.

      And fifth, just because she makes it up to the altar does not mean that it goes further than that. I mean Julia Roberts made it up to the alter several times in runaway bride but look how that kept turning out! lol.

      Finally, Ed Westick looks hot in those pictures. And Penn’s curls out of control. He reminds me of a depressed poet for some reason, lol!. E’nuff said.

    • Chair_fan says:

      but it’s not the rich playboy the one who wins!!! 😦 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gigi_(1958_film)

    • El says:

      Yes, but the plot is mainly about how a platonic relationship turning not so platonic, of which Chuck and Blair do not fit.

      • BrandNewChairfan:) says:

        Oh well Chuck and Blair are too awesome not to be endgame so makes no difference to me! lol.

        I refuse to even promote the possiblity of Dan/Blair. I honestly do. I may be wrong but I am going to go down with my ship.

  13. I'mtheBitcharoundhere says:

    @Monika – seriously? :O I think her hair looks really great this season, finally dark brown and curly again like it used to be in the show’s first season. And it really can’t get far more worse than her somewhat unwashed-looking hair in season 4:

  14. Sara says:

    Ed’s hair is reminding me a lot of Chuck’s hair S1.

  15. rena says:

    Wow! Ed and Leighton look HOT!

  16. to the first picture above: Leighton´s face (the make up) looks so beautiful, I love her hairstyle with the fringe and so fluffy, she is just absolutely superpretty. She should wear that hairstyle as Blair. Chuck would love it 😉 Only thing I find not so perfect is the dress- the top of the dress seems to be a number too small

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