ASK Ausiello Spoilers

Question: I’m dying for new a new Gossip Girl spoiler. Please tell me something good about Chuck and Blair! —Tina
Ausiello: You do not want to miss the show’s fall finale on Dec. 5. Trust me. When I spoke to EP Josh Safran a few weeks back, he described the hour as “a tense one” — and man, he wasn’t kidding. (Speaking of GG, did you see this?!)


Blair Waldorf, a runaway bride?!

That appears to be the case based on a just-leaked Gossip Girl photo, which shows the soon-to-be Princess of Monaco doing one of two things: B is (literally) running late to her nuptials, or she’s headed for the hills and ditching the increasingly annoying Louis. (Let’s hope it’s the latter!)

Regardless of what Blair’s up to, the wedding — which as we first reported is the centerpiece of The CW soap’s 100th episode — is going to be a doozy. Executive producer Josh Safran recently told TVLine’s Michael Ausiello that the royal affair will be “big and lavish and twisty and juicy,” with tons of Easter eggs for longtime GG fans.



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3 thoughts on “ASK Ausiello Spoilers

  1. mar says:

    I’ve just seen some set pics of Georgina, in one of them she’s holding New York Post and there’s Blouis on the cover and I must say that this blouis photo makes me sick. They look exactly like Kate and William on their engagement photo, except from the fact that K&W looked happy and in love and both B&L have these fake smiles, Blair looks trapped and her ring is hideous. There are no words to describe how much I hate all that Blouis storyline. GG producers should get rid of Louis the Frog asap, no one can stand that guy. Also if Blair will actually marry L and then they will have annulment or even worse divorce – instead of becoming the next Catherine of Cambridge, she will become next Kim of Kardashians lol. I definitely don’t want the writers to ruin my favourite character like this. I have 3 more words to add: CHAIR.BACK.NOW

  2. BrandNewChairfan:) says:

    Sounds like we could be finding out who the real baby daddy is! well at least I hope so. Frogs can’t procreate with humans so the baby has got to be Chuck’s!.

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