5.08 All the Pretty Sources – Canadian PROMO


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26 thoughts on “5.08 All the Pretty Sources – Canadian PROMO

  1. lw says:

    uh yeah, she had to come. you know why? this time, she’s going to set the record straight with chuck…he IS the father. haha

  2. Mayra says:

    OMG Come on! Be together now!

  3. teeting says:

    Thank you Canada!!

    Honestly I feel like the US promos actually turn people off the watching the next week.

    Another week I’ll be dying to watch the next eppy! Thanks to Chair related content ๐Ÿ™‚

    • maddtown says:

      On behalf of Canada, you’re welcome. ๐Ÿ˜€ Never more proud to be Canadian than every Monday night after Gossip Girl. ha ha.

      It’s so true though. The US promos make me angry…the Canadian ones make me happy and excited. Someone’s not doing their job right south of the border.

  4. love & chairriage says:

    I am very excited for next week’s episode. I’m hoping this will be a real Chair moment and not just creative preview editing. Tonight’s episode disappointed me. I don’t like that Dorota set the whole thing up. I would think she of all people would want Chuck and Blair to be together, as she knows Chuck is really the love of Blair’s life. Guess I’ll be waiting for next week.

    • maddtown says:

      Yeah, Dorota’s involvement made no sense whatsoever. Half the episode she was practically walking around with “I luv Chuck Bass” written on her forehead and then suddenly we find out she wants Chuck to let Blair go?

      Besides that bit, I was actually quite happy with tonight’s episode. I know that it didn’t appear to end well for Chair, but I really felt that Blair’s tirade and Chuck-bashing were symptoms of her wanting to be with him, but not knowing how to be. This isn’t her first time turning her love for Chuck into hate (hell, she does it twice every season)…we even got one of her famous plays on his name this episode. Anyway, I feel like this is what Chuck and Blair do when they can’t be together but want to be.

    • s says:

      I think Dorota’s purpose was to get Chuck to kiss Blair so she would finally confront her feelings to herself.. she needed to be reminded of her love for Chuck.. Dorota knows she wants to be with Chuck and Dorota knows she still loves him.. That kiss will make Blair question herself even more now which is what i think Dorota is trying to prove..

      • love & chairriage says:

        Maddtown you are perfectly right, I am sure the kiss was just the beginning of the door opening for them. I am just so impatient, uggh! I am ready for them to stop playing gamees and just BE together. S, I never thought of that, but it makes total sense. I have always thought that Dorota wanted Chuck and Blair to be together, so her being the one to set this up just seemed a bit inconsistent, but getting Blair to kiss Chuck would definitely serve as a great reminder, even if Blair refuses to admit it.

  5. Jasmine says:

    Uh oh … the donut is back

    • Jasmine says:

      crushing the party? great! hopefully on a mission with chuck to rescuing her from marrying the boring forever-a-frog-prince
      (I like Dan, but just as a best friend for Blair. Then he even is much more sympathetic than in a love affair with Serena)

      • maddtown says:

        Here’s hoping 90% of that “everybody’s shocked and dismayed” mash-up had nothing to do with Dan and his pathetic crush on B. Go away, Dan. Just please. Go away.

  6. maddtown says:

    Woah, Woah, Woah….whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat???

    Please don’t give her up again this time, Chuck. There’s selfless and then there’s stupidly selfless. You’re getting close to that line.

    Why does Blair go back to the Arch Douche after this? She doesn’t want to be with him. Everyone can see that except Chuck (and apparently Dorota…although, can you say character inconsistency??? First she’s trying to hint to Blair that she doesn’t want to be with Louis and then she’s glad that Chuck forced Blair back to the frog Prince’s side?)

    • lw says:

      i agree with you on the dorota plot inconsistency. however, dorota might just want blair to forget chuck so that she won’t have to listen to her harp on about it. ha!

      • s says:

        like I said above i think that was Dorota’s way to get Blair to face her feelings for Chuck, Blair was very into that kiss and now its gonna be a constant reminder for her.. I think Dorota knows she wants to be with Chuck and gave her a little push..

      • Anya says:

        Well, Dorota believes (and Chuck believes it too!) that Blair is pregnant with Louis’ baby! No wonder she tries to help Blair and Chuck let each other go.

    • love & chairriage says:

      I totally agree about Chuck being too selfless. I do not want him to decide that he is “over” Blair and prolong our suffering.

  7. El says:

    Haha, I knew it was Dorota (masked person).
    I don’t know what the writers are doing, but it’s very confusing. I neither really dislike it nor do I really like it. I’m just kind of neutral!

  8. El says:

    By the way, does anyone have a high definition screen-cap of the list that Blair made about Chuck? I couldn’t make out what she wrote.

  9. El says:

    I’m just crossing my fingers that the ratings from last night’s episode is better than 1.3 million viewers (compared to last week’s ratings). I still can’t believe that 90210 gets more viewers…

  10. Monika says:

    I don’t like Blair in this epi. He appologised her treating her like property, etc, but he didn’t tell that he doesn’t love her any more.
    She provoked him. In this season he’s not playing ‘their’ games, so she was cruel without reason and i don’t like it ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Chair Love says:

    I’m excited about this episode I didn’t think we would get any chair in this one but we do Wohoooo!!!!! so here is what I saw for us to look forward to
    1. Donut makes an ass of himself lol, Although we have had the threat of Dair looming over us this season I can’t help but enjoy the bromance that is developing between Duck I enjoy them more than Date and for some reason I love the dan that comes out when he is around chuck It’s like chuck is showing him how to let out his darknight and dan is showing chuck how to let the nice guy out.
    2.B and louis have yet another argument, I love it they have had a disagreement in every episode this season and yes that is what we want although my head aches when pimple prince comes on the screen I cam’t help but notice that the closer this wedding gets the further away B gets and by the looks of this promo by the end of it the only thing keeping B with him is the baby.
    3. Chuck and louis toe the line, This is what I want to see the most I have been waiting for this all season louis is driving me crazy soooo I’m hoping chuck puts him in his spot after all the UES is chucks stomping ground and B is chucks queen so louis can step the hell off!!!. Josh also said that things will start to unfold after chuck and louis exchange words hopefully this is the exchange and from here we get to see Blouis crumble
    4.B runs to chuck, this is interesting and I suppose this is were they set up the shrink scene in the following ep so I’m very interested in why B “had to come”
    ok now I will stop but I will be waiting, hoping and dreaming of our chair reuniting cause thats all I want for xmas santa ! pleasssse

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