5.07 The Big Sleep No More – Recap

Heya everyone. Last week we only did the audio recap, but this week I also wanted to do a written recap too. Wait for the audio recap later in the day after I run some errands with my sis that broke her pinkie finger and now has to do physiotherapy and she is a minor so I’ve got to accompany her *nods*.

I honestly expected more from this week’s episode. Loved the CB scenes and the whole thing around the Sleep No More play. It made me want to go to NYC and see it. I’m also interested in what Diana is up to… calling Grandfather Vanderbilt? For a moment I thought it was Bart. My heart seriously skipped a beat because my not so secret GG dream would be Bart coming back on the show again.

Whatever, I’ll give this episode a 6.5. I expect better from next week.

What did you think?

Let’s start this recap describing the beautiful “Sabrina” dream Blair had. I have no idea if this movie was one of Blair’s favorites, but since it’s a Audrey Hepburn movie it definitely should be.

This one is one of my favorite Audrey movies. Blair is of course Sabrina Fairchild, the daughter of a chauffeur who is in love with a wealthy man called David. He looks interested in her, but he is engaged so he tries not to be invested much in Sabrina even if he finds her nice and attractive. David’s brother Linus, notices how his bro’s interest in Sabrina may make his engagement with a wealthy woman, go into pieces. He decides to then try to be nice with Sabrina and take her out so that she would try to stop having interest in David. This makes Linus fall in love with her in the end. He realizes it after he gives Sabrina a ticket to go on a cruise to Paris, because Sabrina loved Paris. He understands that he loves her, and reaches her boat before it ships, and they end up together.

In the dream, Chuck was Linus. Like Sabrina, Blair in that moment wasn’t invested in him because she was dazzled by David, but in the end they end up together. May be this an indication that even if now Blair doesn’t trust Chuck’s changes, they will end up together?

Anyway Blair wakes up from her dream and tells Dorota about it. She is scared because in the dream Chuck behaved like a perfect gentleman and this was weird. She doesn’t think the apology he gave to her few days before was true. She thinks Chuck just apologized to ruin her relationship with Louis and to get her back. Blair doesn’t actually realize Chuck is turning into the man that she’d need right now, she doesn’t trust him, this is the problem.

Dorota isn’t of the same opinion, she thinks Chuck was sincere and Blair comments “that’s why English is your second language” (let me roll my eyes at you, B). She picks up the newspaper and Chuck is on the cover, he is also on Gossip Girl’s website… he’s everywhere, and Blair is annoyed by his “faux-lantropy and love for animals”. More than annoyed, Blair, I think you can’t believe Chuck would ever do such things. He is indeed changing.

Blair decides to relax and asks Dorota to pick up the bread to go feeding the ducks.

At the Empire, Nate wonders if Chuck has just got back. Chuck tells him he went to an early charity event, and Nate is surprised to hear this news. “Seriously?” he asks, and Chuck comments that if he does good things he can keep himself busy and so avoid doing bad things instead. Nate seems to have faith in Chuck about this. They talk about Diana and bla bla bla and then Chuck calls Monkey to go out. (His voice sounded so throaty. lol)

Dorota and Blair arrive to Central Park to feed the ducks and find a surprise.

OH! Chuck saved a duck! lol. After paparazzi take pics of him, Blair asks him, startled, what the hell is he doing there since their treaty from 2010 states that the duck pond is her domain… lol Blair, did you forget that Chuck destroyed the treaty right before you pianosexed last year? To remember the treaty, guess you’re just using it as an excuse because you wouldn’t expect Chuck to save an animal. There’s the cute moment of Blair talking to Monkey trying to distract her with its puppy do eyes (haha) and then Chuck explains that the duck was about to be eaten by a labrador since it reached the dog park, so she assumes he had to rescue the duck in front of photographers… I honestly have no idea whether Chuck and Dorota had already agreed about this like about the kiss. It was obvious that Chuck’s gesture was done for publicity.

Chuck leaves and Blair tells Dorota that in her opinion Chuck is trying to manipulate her so that she’ll see how much he became good, and break her relationship with Louis before he gets back to NYC. What she wants to do now is expose his fraud and auto convince herself that he hasn’t changed.

Dorota finds Blair few hours later at home, analyzing Chuck’s pros and cons and Louis VS Chuck pros and cons, and it also had a point “good with children” and it said no for Chuck, and said yes for Louis. HOW THE HECK DO YOU KNOW? Have you ever seen one of them around a baby?! HAVE YOU? Auto convincing… denial… bla bla bla. She is annoyed by Blair’s behavior and thinks she is maybe doing this because Blair was upset with Louis before he left. Blair says she forgave him because she got he did what he did against Chuck out of love (SERIOUSLY? I mean… SERIOUSLY?)… Okay not gonna comment further because this Blair is seriously making me roll my eyes.

At the Empire, Chuck informs Nate that on the GG site they opened a poll on whom between Diana and Charlie will end up with Nate. He says apparently the cougar is winning, and Nate tells him he didn’t choose anything and he’s just confused and that he thought he left that stuff back in HS. Chuck comments that maybe they are maturing too fast, and Nate asks him then why is he doing “Phantom of the Opera” sex games?

Chuck explains that the mask is for the benefit screening of Sleep No More he’s sponsoring that night. Everyone of the audience will wear them, and since the set is really big and in the dark, he is sure that he won’t run into Blair and probably regress to his old self. He asks him if he wants a ticket, but apparently Charlie has already got him one.

At the Waldorf’s, Blair is on her bed trying to get where is Chuck at the moment. Serena gets in and wonders why when GG posts something about her, she doesn’t say anything to take it back. Blair complains that even the Chuck Bass Spotted page is broken. Serena wonders why she wants to know where is Chuck, and she explains that is because he wants to destroy her relationship with Louis because he knows it’s vulnerable.

Serena gives an answer I liked and as much as we know, the truth. “The only war Chuck is waging is with his own demons”. She adds he hired a new therapist and he’s doing charity and that she shouldn’t worry about him but work on her relationship with Louis while Chuck will work on himself. Blair believes that Chuck did the party in the dark on purpose to reveal his true self, but Serena isn’t of the same advice. She makes her promise that she won’t bother Chuck, and Blair agrees, but when Serena leaves, Blair calls to get a ticket for the SNM performance.

Finally the party. Chuck gets in and a man tells the audience that the card they’ve got at the entrance is their ticket. If they got an Ace, they’re going to the left. They can’t talk, can’t take photos, can’t talk on the phones. They are free to explore because “curiosity shall be rewareded”.

Chuck has an ace and goes to the left, Blair cheats and takes an ace too and follows him. Dorota comes after Blair and follows them both. Dorota surprises Blair and tells her the trick with the pillows doesn’t work with her (lol) and that she had promised she would not bother Chuck. Blair thinks Chuck is getting away “with a secret double life” but Dorota affirms that she can’t accept the fact that Chuck is good now. Blair thinks that he wants people to think he is good so that he can destroy everything in secret, and distracts Dorota when she sees him walking away from where he was.

Blair finds Chuck in a room eating what it looks like candies, and before she unmasks herself he knows it’s her. She wonders if it was her perfume that made him guess. She tells him she is safe there with the new Chuck Bass, but he wants to go out of the room to see the play. Blair asks him if he remembers when they used to play dress up, and he says he can’t forget. Blair teases him showing the nape of her neck, but he seems to resist. Blair teases him with a red hot candy and then he gives up and they kiss, while Dorota is looking from the corridor.

Blair slaps him and tells him she was right, he hadn’t changed. The apology was fake and bla bla bla and Chuck agrees with her. She leaves him there and Chuck sees Dorota from the outside of the room and then leaves too.

Blair gets back home and she’s all “OMG I WAS RIGHT CHUCK IS AN ASS” but Dorota knows better and texts Chuck  a “thank you”.

We see Chuck and Nate in his suite, and Chuck explains that he kissed Blair to set her free. He wanted her to believe he hadn’t changed so that she would move on with her life. Nate comments that is the most selfless thing he’s ever done, and Chuck answers that “I’ve never been more good and less happy about it”. He seems happy but bittersweet about it because it is hard to let people you love go. Imo he’ll get his reward in the future, and Blair will see the change too.

“We all wear different masks for different reasons. Some masks we put on because it’s truly who we want to be. Some we wear because we can’t bear to face what’s really underneath… Or because it’s what someone else needs us to be. And some masks we wear because we hope to stay hidden. But that’s the problem with wearing masks. They can be ripped off at any moment.”


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30 thoughts on “5.07 The Big Sleep No More – Recap

  1. Love your recaps. Chuck loves Blair so much he is even willing to make her think the worst of him. But he will get her in the end.

  2. TheSophster17 says:

    I so thought it would be Bart in the limo too – it would have made a lot of sense, as we know that him and Diana have some kind of history, and his death was quite sudden and shady.

    Not a big fan of Blair in this episode, not like her at all, and I couldn’t stand a lot of things she said either (like Louis doing it all out of love, WTF? At least he wasn’t in the episode..)

    Anyway, we’ll see what happens in the next few episodes, with them going to therapy together in the ninth and then looks like some kind of secret meeting with help from Dan, probably not going to be super-exciting as we know that there’s still the wedding to come, but hey, as long as we’re getting CB scenes that’s fine with me!

    & last thing (before I ramble on for too long), about the pictures of Leighton in the wedding dress, they seem misleading to me. They love doing that to us most of the time, and as there are so many pictures I doubt that the plot would be that obvious. Also, where’s the baby bump gone? There was an article here http://news.instyle.com/2011/11/15/gossip-girl-blair-waldorf-wedding-dress-designer/ where Eric Daman said that he doubted she would be wearing white because of the bump, but can’t see much in these pics? Ahh well we’ve still got until end of January to figure this out! 😛

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      Blair was really unbearable this episode. Too much doubt, too much denial. I know she can’t trust Chuck’s changes because it’s too early, but a good way to give him positiveness to be better with the therapy, would be believe him. I know she is scared, but a bit of trust won’t kill her relationship with Louis after all. And yes, I am eager for the upcoming episodes because they will still have scenes, and that is the important thing!

      About the wedding pics, they are misleading for sure. She looks like she has the wedding band, but where is Louis? Some speculate that she may run from the reception because Chuck gets in an accident (well Ed was spotted at the church but at the moment he is not in NYC). Or Blair is about to put the ring on Louis’ ring and has second thoughts? Though it’s weird because then she should be going out of the church, not the hotel. Uhm.

  3. CB fan says:

    Always great recaps on episode, I am alwaus waiting for them.
    Thos, if I soooooooo willing to see C and B ended up together, I always think about a serie in particular “Secret Diary of a Call Girl”.
    The two we want as a couple, as the last episode of the serie, did not make it at all.
    I am scared that it happens the same for C and B…..

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      Nah I don’t think so. Many of us don’t trust the writers, but they have had an idea in mind of how certain things should end, so I believe CB will make it.

  4. GFF says:

    Hmmm I actually expected an angsty filled episode for CB since it is the traditional seventh or am I just being an ungrateful fan… I enjoyed Dorota the most this ep, her scenes with Blair are gold.

    Finding out that Dorota and Chuck were in a scheme together made me think that when Blair was trying to seduce Chuck i.e teasing with the nape of her neck and hand feeding him the candy, was Chuck just acting like he was aroused because he was already in on the plan? Or he was still scheming and was still can’t help but be tempted by Blair. I’m thinking she will always turn him on and will never deny her a steamy kiss no matter whom she’s engaged to.

    Chuck doing good again this ep without Blair knowing reminded me of senior prom when he helped her win prom queen. This hints to me that the reason Chuck is doing all this good is not only for himself, it’s also to slowly prove that he is growing to become the man Blair can be with forever. She keeps saying oh no I can’t be with Chuck cause he’ll never change but little does she know he is progressing…very important to keep this in mind for the rest of the season.

    Surprisingly enough there are some really good CB stuff coming our way. I’m glad the writers did not continue to make the same mistake in not having CB’s stories revolve around each other in previous seasons.

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      Dorota is amazing and her faces are priceless. lol.

      I didn’t get whether Chuck and her were already scheming before the play started or not. I am also confused if Chuck saving the duck was done on purpose for Blair or not. It was clear he was doing it for publicity, but I wonder if Dorota had already contacted him… uhm probably not. I guess Dorota called Chuck after Blair told her that she wanted to expose the real Chuck at the party because she got that Blair would do a big teasing. IMO Dorota told Chuck and he behaved like that because of this. I am sure that if Dorota hadn’t suggested him to behave like the old!Chuck, he wouldn’t have kissed her back. He would have left. This would have make Blair doubt more.

  5. Chair Love says:

    Im feeling very happy with CB developments I think Dorota will play a big part in B not going through with this joke of a marriage, she knows that B loves chuck and she also knows that chuck was aware that B was there too prove to her self that chuck hadn’t changed also I really loved the way she looked at chuck when B walked out like “OMG what did I just do “.
    I think that the pivot point of us getting our chair this season is the baby chuck is not going to break up a family even if he knows that B still loves him I don’t want her to miscarry but i feel that the baby needs to be chucks if he is going to step up and fight for her but at the moment all chuck can see is the love of his life carrying another mans child and he is trying soooo hard to be the bigger man.
    Finally (because I’m starting to dribble ) I loved how Dorota sent chuck the message and he smiled when he read it he soooo loves Dorota too and knows how important B is to her it just sooooo cute how he will even go out of his way to do the right thing by B even when it’s the help asking him too.

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      Dorota and Blair are definitely like a mother and her daughter. Sometimes Blair doesn’t realize how much her maid is loyal to her and does many things to help her. Love Chuck and Dorota as well, she trusts him and imo she roots for him 😉

  6. Chair Love says:

    I just love how Chuck has Dorota in his contacts he truly sees how much she means to B I think more than B realises her self lol, It reminds me of 2×12 when they make a bet that they can find the perfect date for each other and B says if she wins she gets his limo for a month and in reply he adds if I win I get Dorota for a month and then goes to leave and tells Dorota on the way out that he takes his breakfast in bed the looks on B and Dorota face was just priceless lol

  7. maddtown says:

    I think it’s also worth noting that now Blair owes CHUCK an apology!

  8. Nichole says:

    I voted, “It lacked something.” I still don’t understand what happened last night or last week for that matter. I may be sleep deprived, but this season is really confusing to me. LOL I just don’t know where the writers are going and the preview for next week looks even more confusing. LOL

    However, your recap–ON POINT!!! I tell you if it weren’t for your recaps I would be really lost. So, thank you and please continue them because I am so confused by what I see on the show. *shaking my head* Season 5 is all over the place!

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      Haha thank you! Last week we did an audio recap, but I would make a recap if I can. I love writing them because as the logical person I am, I like trying to have a better idea of what happened. Sometimes I am confused too because there are plot holes… I wonder where do they want to arrive.

  9. El says:

    One thing that annoys me a lot………………………

    is the fact that Blair wants to be a princess, yet she “wants to be Blair Waldorf first”. A princess accompanies the prince; she doesn’t stand by herself.

    The writers are slaughtering Blair’s character. First she wants to be powerful by herself first, and now suddenly she wants to assume a secondary role (by being a princess).

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      Yes what I think is that Blair in 4.09 said that she didn’t want to be Chuck Bass’s girlfriend, she wanted to be a powerful woman first. Marrying Louis she is getting a title but her power won’t be the way she wants. She will be Blair of Monaco the princess who like Grace Kelly was chosen by a Grimaldi. The press may be already criticizing her. She will live a stressed life following Louis anywhere and do annoying burocratic things. Is this the life she wants? She wants to be put in a cage? Because this is what is going to happen if she marries a Prince. Obligations. I think Blair is a free spirit and she wouldn’t resist. I hope she realizes that the fairytale crap is just… crap. Fairytales don’t exist and Princes and royalty in real life is not as the one of the books.

  10. El says:

    Great recap as always! Thanks for the screen caps too! 😀

  11. El says:

    Here’s the song from the Chuck & Blair scene:

  12. El says:

    What’s the new Ausiello spoiler? I couldn’t find anything. I read that it has to do with a dream sequence.

    So we know that there will be a dream sequence in the 100th episode, right? Didn’t he already say that?

  13. El says:

    Found it:

    To be honest, I am not excited at all. I could care less actually, since Safran already said that the Blair and Louis wedding is still on. OR was he just saying that to fool everyone??? I wonder…

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      IMO if they said it this early when still many episodes have to air, is because the wedding will be the main plot of the 100th, but the lamest thing of the epi.

  14. El says:

    Is there a credible source confirming that Louis leaves after 5×13? Is anyone a fan of Hugo and keep up with his news? *hears the sound of crickets* lol

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      I really don’t know and I have no idea if after they film the 100th they will shoot outside and Blair will have no ring at all.

  15. Grace says:

    ” When you gonna realize, it was just that time was wrong?”, Romeo and Juliet (Dire Straits).

    It’s all a matter of patience and timing.During this season, we will see Chuck making progress and also, some regressions – for the benefit of certain plots that the writers want so desperately explore and Blair pursuing her “happiness” and sometimes convincing herself that Chuck is not trusty and all that he wants is try to sabotage her.It’s perfectely normal and “in character”.

    I found the episode nice because i didn’t feel like the writers were throwing a bone to the Chair Fans this time but giving us an idea about how will be this “new beginning”: Chuck and Blair waging a war with their own demons apart, a few ups and downs, eventually helping each other but in the end of the day (or the series) find the way back naturally.Again, all we need is just a little patience and timing is everything.

    By the way, amazing recap.

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      Right now we are having Blair regressing from where she was last season. Her fears are becoming real as the day pass, and it’s obvious she is in denial about Chuck, about her wedding and everything.

      I’m sure Chuck will regress somehow too. None of them is perfect but imo they’ll find their balance sooner or later, because it’s obvious that they both care. Blair above all in this episode showed how she still cares despite 6 episodes with no POV where Chuck looked the only one carrying the story. Her doubts make me think she is insecure about her choice because Chuck is revealing to be the guy that could make her happy now.

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