Feelings are Exposed… #missmychair


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8 thoughts on “Feelings are Exposed… #missmychair

  1. Annalino says:

    I can’t wait to see Chuck and Blair passionate kiss,hope it will last like during the episode “the dark night”!

  2. Laura says:

    But what is Blair trying to do before Chuck kisses her?I can’t see very clear.He seems a little irritated.Like in 4×07

  3. maddtown says:

    I think it’s because he’s trying hard to resist Blair’s seduction of him…he looks the most irritated right before he grabs her and kisses her. She’s obviously working hard to get him to cave if she’s tapping at her neck and touching the side of his mouth like we saw in the US promo. She wants him so bad. 😛

    What we’ve seen so far of the kiss scene reminds me a lot of 2.08 when CB started the “say it” seduction games and Blair was pulling out all of the stops to get Chuck to sleep with her without having to tell him she loved him. That was one of my favorite CB-centered episodes.

    I have to give it to the writers…I haven’t been this excited over a GG episode in a while (except for the premier because I thought for sure we had a baby Bass on our hands). Yay for it being Monday (even if I do have to write an exam today). 😛

    • Laura says:

      yes but why would Blair try to seduce him?she is supposed to get married and she says she loves Louis.And she seems like she holds smth and gives it to Chuck…What;s that?

      • maddtown says:

        Hmm, she is? I see her touching his face and when she slaps him she puts something down (a cup?), but where is she giving him something? Can you tell me at what second this happens so I can try to look more closely?

        As for the why…who knows? Maybe the apology deeply affected her? Maybe it’s part of the scheme? If it’s the second, I guess that raises the question of whether Chuck’s simply irritated by whatever scheme Blair is pulling him into? Somehow, I doubt that’s what has him frowning. Whatever her reasons, I think Blair is truly trying to seduce him. I could be wrong though…just guessing at this point.

      • maddtown says:

        Oh, and in light of the preview that I just watched. It could be that Blair is testing Chuck when she sets out to seduce him. Maybe she wants to see if he only apologized to her for selfish reasons? That would explain why Chuck might say afterwards that he kissed Blair to set her free…meaning that he knows that Blair wants to believe he’s only interested in sex or in breaking her and Louis up and he kissed her to let her believe the worst of him and, in doing so, forget about him…

        So sad. I hope it’s an uplifting epi even if it ends less than perfectly for CB.

  4. simona says:

    Non ho ancora visto l’episodio purtroppo, ma questa scena sembra davvero epica come tutte le scene tra questi due attori, che riescono a trasmettere sul piccolo schermo tutta la loro sintonia e la loro chimica!! Blair nn riesce a stare lontano da lui e viceversa lo dimostra il fatto che Chuck come le si avvicina un pò di più nn resiste nel baciarla deve farlo è più forte di lui….essi sono inevitabili, sono endgame ed è ora che i signori scrittori della serie se ne rendano conto. Lunga vita a Chair :))

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