5.07 The Big Sleep No More – PREVIEW


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13 thoughts on “5.07 The Big Sleep No More – PREVIEW

  1. I can’t wait for tonight! Chuck so knows what Blair is up too.

  2. BrandNewChairfan:) says:

    Uh oh, Blair what are you doing? – poor Chuck. Blair is being awfully unfair to him. Just ditch the dead weight named Louis and get back with Chuck already!

  3. maddtown says:

    Can it be? Are we actually getting a chair-centered eppy after the crapfest that’s overtaken this show? Now I REALLY can’t wait for tonight.

    So, it looks like Blair is working extra hard to convince herself that she wouldn’t choose Chuck over Louis in a heartbeat if he asked her to. 🙂

    Oh, and I think someone in the writer’s room has been re-watching season 2. This all reminds me of early season 2 when Blair is in full-out denial mode with regards to Chuck vs. Marcus. It’s also very reminiscent of her yelling at Chuck at the end of season 2 for trying to sabotage her being named Prom Queen when really he was just making sure that she won/had the time of her life.

    We all saw Blair’s face during the apology scene. It moved her. That’s why the lady doth protest too much now. 🙂

  4. maddtown says:

    Oh and Blair is dreaming about Chuck!!! Yaaaaaaaay!!! I hope it’s another wet dream. 😉

  5. Jasmine says:

    At least Chuck already had a little success: Blair admits that his apology turns up even in her dreams. Even when she not yet believes it completely. I mean, she is absolutely right to be careful, because when she wanted to come back to him in end of season 4 and told him he was her great love (why is it always her to say those big things and not him), he sent her away into louis´arms. And even if he really did it for her happiness´sake. He might have thought that he acted very noble, but i find that this was the wrong way to “love”her. And he has hurt her very badly, I am sure, letting her back feeling somehow humiliated (he chose FOR her and made a decision she didn´t want) and rejected. And just now, short before her wedding, he appears again and apologizes and leaves her behind with the unspoken three words hanging in the air. And of course she has her choked feelings coming up in her heart and is right to leave him a bit in suspense, she has him on her hook ( and always will) . And now propably she wants to see if his apology was meant honestly and in case she really decides to go back to him, she needs to know for sure that he doesn´t play an on and off game again. Of course I can´t wait until this great love couple is back together soon…but last episode was the beginning…they are getting closer from now on again and for sure will start some games as usual ( I hope) 🙂 …We only have wait some few hours to see them kiss..jippieeh

  6. M1504 says:

    I personally think she just tries to convince herself that she doesn’t love Chuck anymore since she is engaged to Louis and pregnant (whoever the father is) so she can’t break up easily because he is from a royal background it could cause a lot of drama (along with ruining her reputation) and she still wants her fairytale to happen.
    She was also probably tired of her on/off relationship with Chuck which is why she choosed Louis to settle down since Chuck was still immature to her but she is starting to realize that Chuck isn’t probably who she thought he was (monkey, apology, ask her about the baby and how she is doing) so that’s why she tries to convince herself with stupid thoughts and acts (preview above) but we can also notice that she says the apology thing is haunting her when she sleeps and let’s say it, i love dorota “apology not seems so fake to me”!
    I think the kiss we saw in promo 5×07 will definitely have a big impact on her and her feelings towards Chuck, even more if the baby is his but i feel like the producers totally forgot about it, it has been mention only once or twice since the paternity test.
    Anyway, we all know she still cares for him, still loves him deeply (even if she denies it) and that it is just a matter of time until they’re back together because they are meant to be together (and i can’t wait).
    And if it is not happening.. well, i can’t even imagine it’s not gonna happen.

    (i’m sorry if i did mistakes, my english is not that good, i’m french)

  7. lw says:

    that preview gives me hope!

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      She could simply be going out of the hotel to reach the church… if only we had a set vid we would know if she’s running or not.

    • lw says:

      she wouldn’t be running out of the building like that if she was going to her wedding. remember the real royal wedding? the middletons rented out an entire hotel and had a canopy thing constructed to block the paparazzi from getting shots of kate until she arrived at the church! it’s a big deal for the bride not to be seen until she’s at her wedding.

  8. Jasmine says:

    strange look…open hair…the hairstyle isn´t what blair used to wear..I would have assumed both be much more elegant. .. more rock chic than royal chic…also the dress..but perhaps chuck´s chick ? 😉
    perhaps the bachelorette party is, like the wedding, after a time jump. and blair has a complete new styling

  9. Jasmine says:

    for all outside US: watch live at http://www.azwatch.tv/view/21636/ (at last I found a link that works for me…that means waiting an hour less until tvlinks metavideo has uploaded)

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